Best drill bit sharpener


What are the best drill bit sharpeners in 2017?


This short paragraph contains compiled information on the best drill sharpener for sale so you won’t need to go through our detailed buying guide and helpful product descriptions below if you just don’t have the time. To collect as much information as possible on the various products in this category, we consulted consumer surveys and ratings and reviews in a variety of owner feedback. Based on the preferences of consumers, the Drill Doctor DD750X is a definitely good choice because of its ability to create and remove split points, aside from sharpening 3/32 to ¾-inch standard twist bits. It offers adjustable point angles ranging between 115 degrees and 140 degrees to give you the exact level needed for the drill bit. Get superior pointed drill bits after sharpening whether they are high-speed steel, cobalt, carbide, masonry, or tin-coated ones. To give you a good second best option should the Drill Doctor DD750X run out of stock, look for the Drill Doctor DD350X.


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Sharpening drill bits by hand properly does not guarantee that the dull item you work on will get to be as good as new and able to handle the work you intend to do with it. When you use a quality drill bit sharpener, your handheld drill or drill press will be singing your praises as the power tool goes through the stock with precision and slicing power. How do you know you have a terrific drill bit sharpener among the ones for sale on the market?



Choose a product among those featured in the best drill bit sharpener reviews that is easy to operate


Throwing away dull drill bits might be easier, but it can get rather expensive in the long term. It can also drive you crazy to have to drive to the store to get a replacement. Having your own drill bit sharpener provides the ultimate solution to maintaining shop equipment and to preventing the use of bad tools.

Now that we have set that aside, you will have to remember that the sharpening tool should offer ease of use and convenience. If the unit takes too much time to set up and use, why bother having it at all? It should not take too long to save the life of a 10 to 15-dollar bit.

The entire sharpening process should take no more than a mere minute or so to do. Typically, it starts with the insertion of the bit into the sharpener holder or jig, much like when you’re sharpening a pencil on a pencil sharpener. After a simple alignment procedure, you just have to select how much material is to be removed, and then make sure the bit is positioned correctly against the grinding wheel.

After that, you just run the machine for 10 to 15 seconds, and then remove the holder, turn it upside down. After reinsertion, you have to wait for just another 10 to 15 seconds to sharpen the bit on the other end, and it is now ready for use again.

The actual sharpening procedure is not much more complex as described, but a good sharpening machine gives you great results every time.



The best drill bit sharpener tool should accommodate different kinds of bits


You won’t get a lot of mileage from a sharpening tool that can only work on certain kinds of drill bits and not much else. In the same manner, as a good drill press, the bit sharpener should offer versatility. Fortunately, you can get great bang for the buck from units that can sharpen standard twist bits as well as tin-coated, carbide, masonry, and high-speed steel (HSS) bits.

Look for sharpening tools that can handle a variety of bit sizes, with the best ones suitable for 3/32 to ¾ or ½ -inch bit sizes. Some can even create split points for good measure, aside from accommodating wood, spade, and light metal drill bits.



The best sharpener for drill bits should provide dependable results


Quick, robust, and easy to use, a good bit sharpener provides longer tool life every time you save a bit. There will be a need to replace the diamond grinding wheel on a regular basis, but think about how much you will be saving on costlier, high-quality bits.

The sharpening device should reproduce the grinding procedures used at the factory for honing drill bits. At the end of the whetting operation, you should get a tip that is the same on the day you got it from the store.



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The market is not short on sharpening tool choices, and this could make the buying process more complicated than it really is for the average consumer. We hope the above buying guide provides the enlightenment you need to be more informed. A number of great products are also featured below for more shopping guidance.



Drill Doctor DD750X (B000BKTA00)


Engineered to be versatile and flexible to use, the Drill Doctor DD750X works with metric, English, and letter gauge bits. It handles cobalt, carbide, masonry, high-speed steel, and tin-coated drill bits. You can sharpen 3/32-inch to ¾-inch standard twist bits with it and also remove or create split points when needed.

This machine is easy to use and will not eat up much space in your workshop. It helps you save time and money by sharpening broken and dull drill bits, making your tools perform better and more safely during use. It enables you to have high-quality work output while preventing damage to work materials and shortened tool life.

This model employs an industrial-strength diamond sharpening wheel to do its job effectively. It offers intuitive use so you only follow a short and easy sharpening process. It puts an edge back to broken bits so you can enjoy real value for the money out of your workshop equipment. This device is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA, which serves as your assurance of great quality and service.

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Drill Doctor DD350X.(B000BKX9CU)


The Drill Doctor 350X is designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA so you are assured of dependable service and functionality. It is suitable for high-speed steel, tin-coated, cobalt, carbide, and masonry drill bits varying from 3/32 inch to ½ inch in size. Use it for standard twist bits with a set point angle of 118 degrees.

Saving you time and money, this bit sharpener eliminates the need to purchase new bits every time your old ones get dull or broken. It gets the job done faster and more efficiently and is the ideal choice for avid DIYers and first-time workshop craftsmen.

This device offers smooth operations and is a compact device. It will not take up a lot of space in any modern workshop. The ergonomic, low-profile design enables you to work it comfortably. The machine is suitable for various types of bits used in light metal and wood work. It comes with reliable stability not to wobble or ‘walk’ away with the vibration when you are sharpening large, difficult-to-sharpen bits.

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Drill Doctor DRDDD750X (B01IT0MMEY)


Helping extend the life of your workshop tools, the Drill Doctor DRDDD750X provides the flexibility you need to sharpen a wide range of drill bits when they get broken or dull. Use it to work on high-speed steel, split points, cobalt-coated, titanium-coated, carbide, and masonry bits.

With its easy, front-loading chuck, this sharpening tool offers quick and easy results while saving money on having to get replacement bits every time the old ones get dull or broken. It features an Adjustable Material Take-Off (MTO) that performs deep grinding of damaged bits and also touches up dull ones.

This tool comes with an E-Z Align System that assures a correct sharpening alignment for precise points in the sharpened drill bits that can contribute to longer tool life. In addition, the variable alignment allows you to adjust the relief and chisel angles, so your bits get the needed edge fast.

You won’t have to toss out your dull, old bits and obtain replacements since you can simply sharpen them to work like new.

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Best drill press chuck


What are the best drill press chucks in 2017?


If you have no time to spare trying to locate the best drill press chuck, we hope this short paragraph makes things simpler. We have done a lot of research on this product category by looking at ratings and reviews for workshop equipment to enable us to compare various products. Thankfully, our in-depth research led us to what is considered by consumers as the best drill press chuck, the South Bend Lathe SB1372. Crafted to close tolerances, this drill press chuck stays solid and secure in holding drill bit sizes 5/8 inch and smaller. This product is made in the genuine South Bend tradition of excellence in craftsmanship to be as beautiful as it is functional. It comes with a durable finish that ensures years of life and dependable service. It is ensured to offer ample accuracy for use with a mill or lathe. The South Bend Lathe SB1372 can easily become unavailable because of how popular it is with consumers, but the Z Live Center 09801-MT2 makes the second best option.


Buying guide


Like any workshop owner knows, buying a top-quality drill press chuck can be as difficult as getting a good-quality drill press. There are just plenty of factors that differentiate one from the other. How will you know you have found the right drill press chuck for your needs?



When going over the best drill press chuck reviews, figure out which product comes with a solid construction


You want the drill press chuck to be constructed to tight tolerances to ensure a level of solidity that cannot be questioned. Although often abused in the tool-making industry, tighter tolerances ensure that your drill press chuck easily pairs with a variety of drill bits and is able to deliver the much-needed element of security and safety in the applications that the entire machine is used for.

Thanks to tighter tolerances, the drill press chuck clamps securely and uniformly around the shank of your drill bit. Some models utilize a special quenching treatment to ensure durability for maximum tool life.

A well-constructed drill press chuck ensures precision and virtually limitless mechanical advantage for loosening and tightening drill bits as well as for drill press use.



A quality drill press chuck with key should be easy to use


Because there is a wide range of types of bits that can be utilized on a drill press, you want the drill press chuck to support that with greater precision and versatility. It wouldn’t be advisable to use a hand-operated drill fitted with a Forstner bit to carve out a flat-bottomed hole into a workpiece. However, a drill press outfitted with a quality drill press chuck makes the perfect tool for the job.

Typically, a drill press chuck is a clamp with three jaws that hold the drill bit in a solid grip through the drill bit’s shank. The majority of drill press chucks have an opening size of at least ½ inch to accommodate a drill bit shank of the same size. Many come with up to ¾ inch of opening.

Tightening the chuck is done using a geared wrench called a chuck key. Installation of the drill bit is carried out by simply inserting the shank of the drill bit into the chuck and then tightening the collar manually till the bit is securely and evenly held. The chuck key is then inserted into one of the holes on the chuck above the collar, with the gears on the chuck aligned with those on the key.

The drill press chuck should also be easy to clean inside out using a dry, lint-free cloth. A small quantity of drying lubricant can be used on the chuck’s jaws till the substance gets worked into the mechanism. The removal of the drill press chuck should be easy as well, with some models using a chuck removal key.



The drill press chuck should provide dependable functionality


It is not a tall order to ensure that the drill press chuck is designed to deliver reliable working order every time. It should provide a good, secure grip on the chuck and not be stiff or out of alignment. This ensures the drill press operates properly. That is aside from guaranteeing that the holes you drill will be precise and be of repeatable depth and size.



Our recommendations:


An efficient drill press chuck contributes to the success of any workshop project, so it is crucial that you get a high-quality one to replace what your drill press came with or to serve as a backup implement. Through the above buying guide and the best products featured below, we hope you are able to find a great product for your needs.



South Bend Lathe SB1372


The South Bend Lathe SB1372 answers the need for premium-quality replacement tools to go well with a top-rated drill press. You can’t afford to use inferior components with your drill press, as this type of machine is engineered to deliver more heavy-duty functionality and precision compared to a handheld portable drill.

This drill press chuck is produced to close tolerances to ensure that it is able to perform its task with fantastic efficiency. It is able to hold the drill bit securely and solidly for safe, powerful, and dependable tool use. The jaws are smooth and can hold the shank of the drill bit tightly and securely, ensuring that the drill bit does not wobble or ‘walk’ once it hits the drilling point.

The durable finish ensures that the chuck surfaces can deliver years of life. You wouldn’t need frequent replacements of the drill press chuck because the tough finish protects the surfaces well from chipping and corrosion. Designed with an ample level of accuracy for your mill or lathe, this drill press chuck is designed with a perfect balance of versatility and performance in mind.

It is manufactured in the genuine South Bend fashion to be as great-looking as it is functional. The tool is the perfect partner to a high-quality drill press.

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Z Live Center 09801-MT2


Tested with an accuracy of 0.005 inches, the Z Live Center 09801-MT2 offers reliable functionality with your drill press. This drill press chuck is engineered to be versatile and to provide superior functionality. It comes with a clamping capacity range of 1/32 to ⅝ inch. This means you can use a variety of drill bit sizes with your drill press to handle different applications.

This drill press chuck comes with a heavy duty design that enables it to handle plenty of drilling applications on a variety of types of workpieces. The key parts of the tool have been subjected to a special quenching treatment to provide a higher degree of durability, which guarantees long-term use.

This product is geared for use with a lathe machine or drill press. It accommodates MT2 shanks. The jaws are exclusively engineered to achieve balance for a secure and solid grip on the drill bits. The chuck is JT33 mounted, which means it has a shank connected to the head and not to the spindle. This ensures a strong and solid grip for user-safety.

The tapered shanks of the drill press chuck stay balanced and rigid even at high speeds and during heavy-duty applications. With a smaller diameter than a straight shank, the JT33 mounted chuck offers greater stability.

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Woodstock D3455


Designed with a 1/32 to ⅝-inch bit clamping capacity, the Woodstock D3455 enables you to expand your creativity using your drill press. This drill press chuck is geared with fluted grips to deliver a smooth and solid grip on the drill bit without sacrificing versatility and balance.

This drill press chuck is JT33 mounted to accommodate a range of sizes of drill bits, as the small diameter provides a firm grip on the head of the shank and not the spindle. This means wobble-free drilling without the drill bit entering the workpiece at the wrong point.

The included chuck key provides a means for the effective loosening and tightening of the drill press chuck to guarantee the safety of the machine operator. Pins can be obtained separately if you intend to use the tool with a morse-taper bit.

Perfect for people who gravitate towards standard keyed drill chucks, this model guarantees precise drilling and virtually boundless mechanical advantage for loosening and tightening the drill bits as well as for tooling.

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Best cross slide drill press vise


What are the best cross slide drill press vises n 2017?


If you are to optimize your drill press, you ought to invest in the best cross slide drill press vise, but finding it is easier said than done. To help consumers find the best product, we did the hard part of checking actual owner feedback and expert reviews for a variety of workshop equipment, and this led us to what has been a top-rated model by consumers, the Capri Tools 10520. Equipped with four-inch wide jaws, this drill press vise holds the stock securely to prevent it from flying off the table and causing immeasurable injury in the workshop. Made of strong cast iron, this tool ensures long-term durability for years of use. The vise adjusts forward and sideways via the swivel crank handles to ensure versatility. Because of the strong tendency of the Capri Tools 10520 to run out of stock quickly, we confidently recommend getting the second best option, the Wilton 11694.



Buying guide


While a drill press provides greater versatility and functionality than a handheld drill, it will still need to be fitted with a drill press vise. This type of gear is an effective means of securing the stock firmly in place using rigid jaws that don’t allow the material to move when drilling. Although finding a good-quality vise is difficult, you might want to check out these aspects when purchasing this kind of gear.



The best cross slide drill press vise provides dependable functionality


A good-quality drill press vise is able to deliver a fantastic degree of pressure coupled with stability to suit the drilling task. The clamping pressure should be more than enough to prevent the workpiece from flying toward you or a glass window, but not too tight to prevent the drill press from working properly.

A premium-quality vise is great for a number of applications such as reaming, drilling, and tapping. It should ideally have a low-profile clearance that contributes to a less cluttered workspace. The vise should be able to keep variously-shaped stock in place, both vertically and horizontally. The tool should be relatively smooth and tight.

It should be accurate enough to move in both directions for the precise positioning of the workpiece.


The products that get the top ratings in the best drill press vise reviews are geared to be durable


Check out drill press vises that have strong, cast-iron construction. The side knobs should also be made of cast iron as you will be handling them regularly. Some high-quality vises have hardened V-grooved jaws that hold objects vertically and horizontally.

If you are into consistent mobility, choose a drill press vise that is not heavy. Some models are just not built for handling fine work. The vise should be of the right size, not too big or too small to make it suitable for a variety of applications. Experts recommend getting at least two differently-sized vises to optimize the functionality of the drill press.

Some models are built small but are constructed solidly enough to fulfill drilling, filling, and sanding tasks. Steel jaws are a winner, and there should be minimal noise during operations. If you feed the stock slowly and only take small cuts, the vise should offer decent-level results.

Some models are handy but tend to have tighter tolerances that can prevent object maneuvering. These tools should not be pushed too hard. Some vises have a cradle design and a tommy bar for the secure locking at manageable increments.



The best vise for drill press is fairly easy to use


Some drill press vises ship with the needed hardware to attach them to the base of the drill press. The vise should open quickly, with adjustments easily made in small increments for easy control and management of the task.

The vise should also close quickly to save time. You want a versatile and flexible vise that shows at just a glance that it deliver years of service.



Our recommendations:


There are plenty of drill press vises on the market. We designed the above buying guide to help make you a more informed buyer. The featured products below are some of the best in this specific category.



Capri Tools 10520


Geared with 4-inch wide jaws, the Capri Tools 10520 is a durable and tough piece of gear that enhances the functionality of a high-quality drill press. The 3.7-inch jaw opening makes it easy to hold the stock in place for effortless drilling tasks.

The tool is made of durable cast iron, which ensures a dependable functionality, strength, and durability through the years. The cast iron construction provides a solid and stable structure that holds the workpiece in place for safe drilling every time.

The swivel crank handles enable effortless forward and sideways adjustment as needed to suit the stock. This vise is suitable for use as a metal milling machine and also for the precise drilling of the stock.

This cross slide vise is ideal for all types of drilling, sawing, metalwork, woodwork, and gluing of objects together. It is a great fit for medium-duty tasks. This tool ensures that the stock doesn’t get propelled through the air to strike you, a coworker, another piece of equipment, or the window.

The smooth, black finish provides a neat and clean look as well as easy visibility of the workpiece.

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Wilton 11694


With a jaw width of 4 inches, which is also the maximum jaw opening capacity, the Wilton 11694 delivers a superb object holding capability to ensure safety and security in the modern workshop. This drill press accessory is designed to move the stock accurately for precise positioning on the longitudinal as well as the horizontal axis.

This tool is built with cast side knobs that enable the accurate dialing in of the holding dimensions in small 0.1mm increments to support the need to drill with dependable precision. This model also features hardened V-grooved jaws that can secure round-shaped objects in vertical and horizontal positions to prevent drilling mistakes that can be quite expensive.

This model boasts a rugged construction with its fine-grain cast-iron castings to ensures years of use. The black oxide-coated screw delivers a uniform and secure clamping pressure every time. The five bolt lugs on the durable base support easy mounting on the worktable of a quality drill press.

This model enables repeatable tapping and drilling into a workpiece by sliding the two axes to eliminate the guesswork and costly wastage of materials in the workshop.

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Wilton 11693


If you need to do repeated drilling or tapping into a stock, the Wilton 11693 vise provides the clamping down functionality for the workpiece. This amazing product moves the stock accurately in the longitudinal and horizontal axes to ensure precise positioning for fail-safe drilling. This also eliminates the guesswork that could lead to the wastage of workpieces.

The cast side knobs allow the accurate dialing in of hole placement measurements in convenient 0.1 mm increments. This model also features hardened V-grooved jaws that hold circular objects in place both vertically and horizontally. It comes with fine grain cast iron castings that guarantee a durable construction for many years of service.

To ensure a uniform clamping pressure, this vise is equipped with a black oxide-coated screw that holds the stock firmly in place without damaging it. To enable easy mounting on the table of the drill press, this model has five bolt lugs on its durable base.

This cross slide drill press slides the workpiece accurately in two axes for effortless positioning and accurate drilling.

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Genesis GDP805P





This Genesis 8-inch drill press is the perfect choice for people looking to engage in some DIY projects in their spare time.

The versatility offered by the unit simply cannot be denied as it boasts five speeds that can be selected with ease.

The tiltable table that the model has been outfitted with can give you all the freedom you might require.

Since it has been built using high-quality materials, the Genesis GDP805P can withstand the test of time and serve you for as long as possible.





Some owners might argue that this machine is a bit too expensive compared to others, but we’ve seen that the user feedback is excellent, which seems to point out that the value offered by the unit is outstanding.


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Main features explained


A user-friendly choice for hobbyists and amateurs alike

Getting an 8-inch drill press is a good idea if you have multiple DIY projects on your to-do list. Both jewelry making and other applications can greatly benefit from the use of such a product, and so it’s important to note just how useful it can be.

Given that not all models are made the same, some are more versatile and convenient than others. The same rule applies in the case of this Genesis drill press as it comes with a tiltable table as well as five speeds that you can select from in order to tailor the unit to the material and the thickness you’re drilling into.

Performance at its best

Power matters a lot when it comes to making the difference between one drill press and the next. Luckily for you, if you’ve decided to select the Genesis GDP805P, you aren’t in for a disappointment as it has been equipped with a powerful 2.6-amp induction motor that takes performance to a whole new level.


It can do its job quietly

While the metal or woodworker tends not to be bothered by the noise made by the machines that he or she is using in the workshop, chances are that there are other people residing in the proximity of that particular workshop. Prospective buyers who have children understand just how important it is for them to select the right tools for smooth performance and quiet operation alike. Here’s where the Genesis GDP805P takes the cake.


Made of durable materials

Last, but not least, the sturdiness of a drill press needs to be addressed before finalizing your purchase as you have to make sure that you will be choosing a unit that will last for a reasonable amount of time.

Unlike many of its competitors, the Genesis GDP805P is all-metal, which means that it does not even have a top cover made of plastic. In fact, its ruggedness has been emphasized by a satisfied buyer who couldn’t find enough words to express his or her enthusiasm. Meeting your project needs, the GDP805P appears to be here to serve you for as long as possible.


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Best drill bit for drill press reviews


What are the best drill bits for drill presses in 2017?


If you don’t have the time to go through our buying guide and you just want to find the best quality drill bit set for your drill press, this short paragraph is all you need to read. After extensive product research and comparison, we have found what we believe is the number one product on the market, the Irwin Industrial Tools 80181. This alternative is one of the most extensive choices out there as it comes with as many as sixty pieces, each of which can be utilized with great results for both portable and stationary drill press applications. Having been constructed out of high-speed steel, it goes without saying that these bits are made to withstand the test of time and any kind of abuse that they might have to take from your activities, hobbies, or profession. If the Irwin Industrial Tools 80181 is unavailable and if you’re more into woodworking rather than metalworking, you could get another great option, the Bosch B14616.



Buying guide


Whether you’re looking for the best drill bit set for home use or a rather professional option, you’re in the right place. We’ve performed extensive research on the topic. Since we know that the market is overflowing with machines, accessories, and bit sets, we have created an easy-to-read guide that can help you make an informed decision.



Your needs should come first


Just like not all drill presses or drill bits are made the same, not all consumers plan to use the same material or want to drill the same size of a hole. Right off the bat, it’s easy to see that some people are metalworkers whereas others are woodworkers. Let’s not forget about those hobbyists and DIY-ers who make handmade jewelry and other items which have decorative purposes.

The point here is that you should first take the time to read the product description to understand the kind of bit set you’re going to buy. Some are sturdier than others merely because they are made to go through thicker and more resilient material. Others are smaller and finer, and as such, they can be utilized for performing detailed work.



What type are you looking for?


As mentioned above, there are many kinds of drill bits just because they can’t all achieve the same goal. Twist drill bits are particularly common if you want an all-around alternative that works for most types of materials. With some, however, these bits might have a bit of trouble as they tend to overheat and even become dull if they’re used on metal with a drill press on high speed, for instance.

Wood boring choices can be Brad-point, Spade, or Forstner, depending on the type of hole they produce and its size. Specialty drill bits are another alternative to bear in mind, especially if you’re focused on performing the same kind of work every time; some of the typical ones you’ll find are unibits, center drill ones, countersink units, and straight-fluted options.



Other important factors to consider


Even the best drill and bit set should allow you to understand the basics about the lengths of the bits, the material they’ve been made out of, and whether they’ve been coated with a unique material like zirconium nitride or titanium nitride. Such coatings enable the products to last a reasonable amount of time and remain sharp and lubricated.

It stands to reason that the length comes down to your preferences and purpose. As for durability, it originates from the material that the unit has been constructed out of, so be sure to look for models crafted from tungsten carbide or high-speed steel.


Our recommendations:


In case you haven’t made up your mind, perhaps you’d benefit from throwing an eye on our selection. It consists of the units that have garnered some of the best drill bit for drill press reviews, so you might want to check them out.



Irwin Industrial Tools 80181


This set is by far one of the top rated choices in the line which should give a pointer as to whether or not it’s been useful to buyers. Seeing how every bit was engineered using premium high-speed steel, it goes without saying that these drill bits are made to serve you as best as possible.

Besides, they will not disappoint you when it comes to durability. The 118-degree chisel-point tip that can be found on every drill bit means that it’s been tailored for a variety of applications. You can utilize these units for everything ranging from metal to woodworking and even to drilling through plastic material if that is what you intend to do.

Users report that they are reasonably sharp and get the job done, which means that they offer more than enough value for the price. If you’re wary about purchasing products manufactured in China, perhaps you might want to know that appear to be made in Brazil.

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Bosch B14616


Unlike the model that we have showcased earlier on, this particular Bosch alternative cannot be used for multiple types of materials. Instead, it is designed to offer the best results for woodworking. In fact, these bits are perfectly crafted so that they leave behind only the smoothest and cleanest holes.

Since they have been outfitted with extra-wide flutes, you won’t be bothered by a tedious process of removing the chips from the bits. As is the case with the formerly mentioned Irwin option, this Bosch one works just as well when employed with portable and stationary drill presses alike.

From what we have noticed, the customer feedback regarding the quality of these drill bits seems to be favorable as there have been no complaints reported in this sense. Most owners say that they offer excellent value and that they are exactly as advertised. They seem to drill perfect and clean holes.

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WEN is one of the best-known brands in the industry of manufacturing drills, drill presses, and accessories for such machines. With that in mind, it’s easy to see that the company invests a lot of time in the design process of its products, which is the reason that this set turned out like this.

The neat thing about this titanium-coated drill bit set is that it comes with fifteen pieces that can be used for multiple purposes especially as their size ranges from 1/16 to ¼ of an inch in 1/64-in intervals. Besides, the bits are compatible with both power drills and drill presses, which means that nothing is stopping you from getting the most of them and utilizing them with both.

Finally, it is important to note that this particular choice works with woods, metals, as well as plastics. So, if you are truly a versatile drill press user, be sure to give this option a go.

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Best drill press worklight reviews


What are the best drill press worklights in 2017?


If you don’t have the time to go through our buying guide and you just want to find the best drill press worklight, this short paragraph is all you need to read. After extensive product research and comparison, we have found what we believe is the number one product on the market, the FAJ Multipurpose.  This model stands out because of its ability to brighten your work surface for less stressful completion of your project. This cost-efficient model just needs the magnet to be placed on a metal surface to ensure it won’t slide nor move out of place for a secure positioning and illumination. The light can be adjusted exactly as you need it to be thanks to the flexibility of the 12-inch neck.  The ultra-strong magnetic base ensures easy but secure attachment and equally effortless removal. If the FAJ is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the Rockler Snake Arm.


Buying guide


Let’s face it. No matter how well we plan them, garages almost always have poor lighting. It could be due to the variety of clutter around the workshop that makes it impossible to place lighting optimally. That said, with the availability of various work lights for drill presses out there, how do you know you have the perfect one for your needs?



Look for the models in the best drill press work light reviews that feature LED technology


Extremely energy-efficient, LED work lights can consume up to 90 percent less power compared to standard incandescent bulbs. Using just a fraction of the energy of an incandescent light bulb, LED work lights can give dramatically reduced power costs.

Energy and money get saved in replacement and maintenance costs because LED lighting offers a long lifespan. In fact, thanks to the low power consumption of LED lights, they have become exceptionally popular as light sources in faraway areas where solar panel energy is utilized.

Despite the higher acquisition costs, LED lights pay for themselves in usage because of the decreased electricity costs. As solid-state lighting devices, LED work lights don’t employ neon gas or filament but basic semiconductor material, which makes for a sturdier design.

.LED work lights also ensure safety in use because they generate virtually no heat even after hours of being left on. Compare this to incandescent light bulbs that give off 90 percent of the energy in the form of heat.



Get the best work light for garage use that provides flexibility


Fixed worklights on a drill press tend to cast ugly shadows right onto the work surface, which means your useful area won’t get illuminated enough especially if the built-in worklight is behind the quill.

Get a garage work light with a flexible neck so you can illuminate the exact spot that needs brightness to reduce errors in drilling. Some models come with a magnetic attachment system on their base so you can stick the worklight onto a suitable surface to keep your hands free to do work, for optimal placement every time.



The best automotive work light provides versatility


You want your work light to be useful for a variety of applications and garage tools. The best ones not only accommodate lighting requirements for a drill press but also for a sewing machine, lathe and other devices with metal surfaces onto which you can attach an ultra-strong magnet.

The worklight should attach securely to the metal surface without sliding down or falling off.

Some models allow you to choose the type of light to replace the existing one in them. This way, you can go for the type of light you are comfortable working with.

Although it is easier to find corded work lights, you may still be able to find the best cordless LED work light if you don’t want the clutter of cables.


Our recommendations:


There are plenty of work lights for garage and home tools. Do consult the above buying guide to facilitate your decision-making process. Take note of the products described below for even more shopping assistance



FAJ Multipurpose


Equipped with a magnetic mount plus a flexible neck, the FAJ provides dependable lighting solutions for any work setting. Geared with a strong magnet, the worklight can be stuck to a metal surface without moving or sliding, ensuring stable illumination.

The 12-inch flexible neck enables adjustability of the light to the exact spot where illumination is required, and without drooping or sagging for sustained brightness. Versatile in design, this worklight has an ultra-strong magnetic base.

This enables the use of the device on a drill press, sewing machine, lathe or any other metal surface that requires illumination during work. The magnet leaves no ugly marks on the surface where it is stuck on.

With no batteries to replace, this worklight offers sustained brilliance for years thanks to its LED lighting technology. More importantly, the LED technology it runs on ensures electricity savings from 75 percent and greater compared to other forms of lighting.

With this worklight, you can make the most of your DIY projects while being assured you don’t get eye fatigue easily. The LED bulbs ensure safety even after extended use. The convenient, strong and magnetic mount ensures the worklight stays in place whether in the garage, kitchen or office.

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Rockler Snake Arm


Equipped with multiple mounting options, the Rockler Snake Arm comes with two bases. The magnetic base enables attachment to any metal surface for easy use with power tools, sewing machines, and other items with a suitable external aspect.

The clamping mount design enables attachment to a workbench or other non-metal surface while ensuring secure holding to shine a light on to your work area. This affordable unit is able to enhance shop lighting so you can work more easily and ensure nice and neat results in projects.

Perfect for use with drill presses, bandsaws, workbenches and other applications, this innovative work light comes with a 24-inch flexible arm that enables easy adjustment to the proper lighting angle to shine on the exact spot that needs illumination.

This work light utilizes a standard light bulb up to 100 watts or a compact fluorescent bulb, so you can save energy and also reduce heat for added safety. Put this work light anywhere that requires enhanced and focused lighting.

Because it’s corded, the light stays consistently bright, with no batteries that run out of juice and that need to be replaced regularly. It’s the perfect complement to any power tool that needs to operate with consistent accuracy.

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Rex TD-33


Suitable for use on sewing machines, workbenches, drill presses, lathes and other applications, the Rex TD-33 comes with a secure magnetic mount that enables attachment to suitable surfaces while staying securely in place.

This work light is geared with 33 daylight LEDs that offer long life for lasting use. LED lighting also saves on energy costs compared to other forms of illumination. The flexible gooseneck arm allows you to position the lighting source directly on the spot that needs brightness for successful work results.

This 110-volt unit ensures sustained light intensity without dimming, which is unlike what battery-operated models have an issue on. The magnet allows placement at the optimal lighting position that is most comfortable for the user.

The on/off switch allows control of the lighting as needed. The 3-inch head won’t interfere with your view of the work you are doing. The 55-inch long connection line ensures you are always within reach of the power outlet or extension cord.

The LEDs on the work light are protected by a plastic/glass cover to shield them from damage due to dust and other elements. The magnetic mount attaches with a screw to ensure secure placement on the suitable surface without falling off or loosening.

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Maxtech 53385MX






With this 75-piece set, you get value for money with the best drill bit set from Maxtech.

The drill bits in the set are titanium-coated high speed steel types.

The 135-degree split point reduces bit walking while the variety of sizes makes them ideal for the DIYer.

The rounded shanks facilitate attachment to the chuck of your spinning mandrel.





Lauded in Maxtech 53385MX drill bit set reviews, the drill bits work fine in a bench drill press but tend to grab and snap when not properly lubed. However, one user used one bit from the set to drill consecutive holes without waiting for the bit to cool down and without using any cutting oil and he was happy that he was able to get pretty much done at the end even though he couldn’t get the entire task completed.

One user recommends the drill bits in the set be used as replacement bits, which is not such a bad idea. The drill bits work fine as designed, slicing through aluminum, plastic and wood and doing okay on steel especially when used with drilling oil. The size of each drill bit is engraved on the shank, facilitating easy picking during the job.


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Main features explained


If you want value for money in your drill set, this product is your best bet. The set comprises the following: 10 pcs 1/16″; 6 of 5/64″; 9 of 3/32″; 6 pcs 7/64″; 16 pcs 1/8″; 6 of 9/64″; 6 pcs 5/32″; 3 pcs 11/64″; 7 of 3/16″; 2 pcs 7/32″; 2 of 15/64″; 2 pcs 1/4″. This gives you a wide variety of drill bits to use for any material and application.


These titanium-coated HSS drill bits will keep drilling a line of perfect holes, so even if your arm gives out after continuous drilling, the bits won’t do so easily. Thanks to their impressive metal formulation of titanium nitride applied as coating to HSS drill bits, they ensure incredible high surface hardness while being corrosion resistant. Friction between the material and the drill bit is significantly reduced so they can work on metal, lasting around 6 times longer compared to standard HSS drill bits.


The 135-degree angle point is complemented by a flatter configuration to make each drill bit in the set suitable for cutting through hard material. The split-point tip also ensures better drilling accuracy by keeping the bit from wandering so you can drill centeredly when you start the task. No worries about the bit slipping out of the intended point.


The round shank on each drill bit enables you to center the bit in the chuck accurately. This will not only assist in chip control but also eliminates any stress points while drilling. The round shanks boast low torque transmissions so you can drill through harder material more effortlessly and work you way up.


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Mastercraft 054-3692-6




Easily the best drill bit set for metal from Mastercraft, this product comes with drill bit sizes ranging between 1/16 inch to ½ inch for genuine value for money.

The drill bits are made of titanium coated high speed steel for optimal durability.

It is easy to keep the bits organized in the supplied heavy duty storage case.

The drill bits offer versatility in suitable applications.





One user reminds other buyers that the drill bits in the set, though superior to basic steel and black oxide bits, are not designed to serve as concrete or masonry drill bits. They can be used for different surfaces including wood, which steel and oxide types are not geared to handle owing to the fact that the more inferior types tend to become dull quickly and end up being useless. This means you only need a drill bit from this set and no back up.


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Main features explained


The range of bit sizes in this drill bit set provides you with everything you need for a successful project. The set includes 18 bit sizes in all including the frequently used ⅛ inch size, which, along with the other larger bit sizes, comes with 135-degree split points. This makes them suitable for handling harder material and capable of improving drilling accuracy since the bit is kept from wandering from the drilling point when you commence doing the task.


Tougher than basic high speed steel bits, these titanium-coated bits ensure less friction while drilling and also boast high resistance to heat. This increases the life of the bit up to 6 times for longer life while enabling faster drilling speeds. The bits also boast higher surface hardness, staying sharp longer compared to standard HSS bits.




The included heavy duty storage case makes it easy to keep the drill bits in the set organized. The case features neat compartments with the sizes printed on the tray so you can just refer to that when picking out the right drill bit for your application. This eliminates the guesswork and also prevents wastage of resources in your workshop. There are multiple quantity bits of every diameter, ensuring you don’t run out of any drill bit just in case you lose some.


The perfect set for DIYers and professionals alike, this product comes with every drill bit you need for drilling a variety of materials including PVC or plastic, metal, wood and fiberglass. The bits start drilling on contact with the surface of the workpiece so there are no worries about wandering or walking from the drilling point.


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Makita T-01725






This is undoubtedly the best drill bit set from Makita that ensures genuine value for money.

Each drill bit is given a black oxide coating that resists corrosion.

The drill bits are compatible with electric or battery-powered drivers/drills, quick-change connector systems and impact drivers.

The drill bits are given exclusive heat treatment to ensure they are sharper and have longer lasting life.





The drills bits in the set are good as replacement bits and are not to be used for heavy duty projects. They are fine when drilling simple holes or if you want to drive screws in quickly. They are not for detail work.

A great set for any novice do-it-yourselfer and moderate technician applications, the drill bits seem to have a greasy black oil residue covering them, which is due to the black oxide coating that keeps the bits from easily breaking. This does not detract from the performance of the pieces in the set for general purpose drilling. The drill bits do what they are designed to do and not much else.


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Main features explained


This professional quality 70-piece bit set offers real value for money for the do-it-yourselfer. The bits offer functionality as replacement items when you want to supplement an existing drill bit set. There are 70 drill bits in all so you have lots of alternative pieces to use in case you want your old drill bits to get a rest after exhaustive drilling.




The black oxide coating is designed to enable the bits to resist corrosion. Rust won’t be a problem since the bits are treated to black oxide coating at the factory. The finish also increases durability so they can last longer compared to basic high speed steel bits. Black oxide coated HSS bits also work well on a range of materials such as hardwood, metal, PVC, softwood and fiberglass.


The drill bits can be used on a variety of tools in your collection including an impact driver, battery or electric-powered drivers and drills and quick-change connector systems. This means you don’t have to be picky about which tools can be outfitted with the bits, and this helps you perform plenty of tasks and complete different projects using tools that require the use of drill bits.


The drill bits also get proprietary heat treatment that makes them sharper and last longer. They are made of high speed steel and are equipped with precision 135-degree split tip points that are flatter and are designed for drilling tougher material despite requiring a pilot hole to keep them from wandering. Get improved drilling accuracy from the split-tip points that keep the bit from walking when you commence drilling.


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DeWalt DW1361






Every piece in this best drill bit set from DEWALT is equipped with a titanium pilot point that ensures longer bit life, perfect for use as an accessory with any top quality drill press.

The drill bits start on contact to ensure drilling of cleaner holes, with less likelihood of tearing and ugly splinters when making the pilot hole.

The tapered web of each drill bit in this 21-piece set is designed to offer reliable durability, which is the trademark of DEWALT quality.

The shanks ensure no spin for effortless connection into the chuck of a spinning mandrel.





One user rues that although this is a good quality drill bit set, the drill bits do not perform quite well on hardwoods, stainless steel and other hardened material. However, this observation is disputed by the fact that some users have found the drill bits to slice through steel like butter, despite the fact that the manufacturer specifies they are to be used on plastic material. Those successful enough to drill on steel with the drill bits recommend starting at a lower torque setting and working one’s way up from there.

The same user says the points get dull quickly. However, another user points out that the bits are nearly as sharp as machine-shop drill bits when new. The titanium coating serves to keep the edge usable for plenty of drilling. These are pilot point drill bits that can last through many holes but once they become dull, sharpening removes the tough coating and this can influence the longevity of the edge, reducing functionality to just 5 to 10 holes before they turn dull again. It is recommended that once sharpened, the bits be used only to drill wood.


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Main features explained


Each piece in this best DEWALT drill bit set is equipped with a titanium pilot point that ensures longer bit life, making them high-speed steel (HSS) bits that are tougher compared to basic HSS bits so they last longer. Able to stay sharp longer, the titanium pilot point tip produces less friction so entry into the workpiece is smooth. Although the manufacturer specifies they are suited for plastic, there’s no reason you can’t use them on fiberglass, metal and wood along with PVC.




The titanium patented Pilot Point bits start on contact so you can just let the tool do most of the work. This means you won’t have to apply too much pressure but only steady pressure directly parallel to the drill bit. Producing accurate, clean holes, the drill bits come with incredible high surface hardness while being resistant to corrosion, reducing the friction between them and the material being drilled through for instant start ups. Once your drill enters the workpiece, you have continuous contact till the tool breaks through the bottom or is taken out of the hole.


The tapered web will not hamper chip flow and cause tool failure. The constant web construction makes the flute area consistent as well so the chip will not need to ‘climb a hill’ when exiting the material. The high hardness level of the drill bits also contributes in this aspect.


The drill bits boast no-spin shanks to ensure they lock securely to the chuck. This ensures good centering and high torque capabilities while delivering reliable durability to reduce bit breakage. Moreover, the drill bits come in sizes from 1/16 inch to ½ inch and are housed in a tough plastic case for versatility in use and easy portability. They can drill through non-ferrous metals, wood and plastic and can be used for residential and commercial applications.


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