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What are the best drill press stands for hand drilling in 2017?


Because we understand that you do not have the liberty of time to do your own research and evaluation on the best drill press stand for hand drill, we have done the hard work ourselves to give you the information you need in just this single short paragraph. The Dremel 220-01 is truly the best on the market because of its high versatility as an articulating drill press that can cut angled and perpendicular holes in 15-degree increments, giving you the ultimate workstation you need in your workshop or garage. This is a versatile tool holder that secures your tools in place for sanding different shapes, polishing metal objects and grinding metal pieces. If the Dremel 220-01, we don’t hesitate to recommend another unit that is just as good, the Wolfcraft 4525404.


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What a drill press stand can do for you


A drill press stand for a hand drill is extremely useful when you have to carry out work with your power tool for extended periods of time without the inconvenience of having the tool constantly in your hand and causing unwanted fatigue. It can enhance your level of productivity and help you do more. The power tool is kept stable and secure and at a comfortable working height, allowing you to focus on your task rather than holding the device in your hand all the time



What great drill press stands can offer: features


When buying and using a tool workstation, there are some factors to consider. It needs to enable you to carry out various tasks easily, such as angled or perpendicular drilling with your hand drill. The best drill press adapter for hand drill offers adjustability so you can drill holes at exact points in graduated increments. They can hold tools horizontally to enable you to sand variously shaped workpieces, grind different sizes of metal pieces or polish metal objects with different shapes and aspects. They offer telescopic adjustment to deliver different drilling heights and let you work with different power tools. You should be able to change the angle of the clamp for the tool holder, with easy swiveling ability while locking down rigid when needed to give you precision. You want the workstation to have a good maximum height to accommodate different tools.

Some premium models even feature cord management clips for easy organization of power tool cables, along with tool storage or tool trays to keep your small hand tools such as wrenches, along with small items such as drill bits and accessories within easy reach as you do your work, so you won’t have to be constantly rummaging in your tool box. The best ones also include markings for drilling depth to ensure accuracy. The workstation needs to have a sturdy and strong base with ample load capacity and overall rigidity.

You will want the workstation to feature quick release clamps that operate easy. The clamp/s should come with a wide opening diameter to hold various shapes and sizes. You should be able to finely control the clamping tension for greater accuracy and speed. The best workstation lets you have an instant drill press for hand held drill while being easy to assemble and set up. It offers comfortable use of your power tool and ensures safety every time. It enables you to explore maximum functionality and efficiency in your power tool along with efficient use of resources in your workshop.



Our recommendations:



Dremel 220-01


1.Dremel 220-01Offering a variety of adjustments for height and angle, the Dremel 220-01 is highly useful for hobbies, crafts, metalworking and various household jobs. Easily transforming any Dremel rotary tool into a more powerful tabletop drill press, this device can easily be bolted to a workbench to give you the versatility to run as a drill press or just to serve as a flex shaft holder or tool holder.

Compatible with some cordless tools and all corded rotary ones, this unit operates as an articulating drill press that slices angled and perpendicular holes in 15-degree increments for up to 90 degrees horizontal, allowing you to effortlessly grind metal pieces, sand different shapes and polish metal objects.

Enjoy telescopic adjustment on this flex shaft tool stand that accommodates any height between 16 and 29 inches. The workstation has a convenient crow’s nest or tool tray for hassle-free onboard storage of different items that should be kept handy while you work, including wrenches, drill bits and other accessories. You can safely store the power cords for your tools using the cord management clips on the workstation.

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Wolfcraft 4525404


2.Wolfcraft 4525404Lightweight at just 9.6 ounces, the Wolfcraft 4525404 is the ideal accessory for your power drill, ensuring precision hole sawing and drilling at specific angles in any situation, whether overhead, on the wall, in round stocks, on slants, battens and shaped sections.

The tiltable double guide bars feature a scale for precision drilling up to 45 degrees, complemented by an infinitely adjustable depth stop. The springs on the guide bars ensure a quick return when you have to do repetitive drilling.

This unit can be connected for dust extraction so you can enjoy precise and free drilling in every position. The straight guide allows you to drill a number of holes in a line for uniform and clean results. The drill guide is outfitted with an additional handle to ensure precise placement and prevent skidding while drilling.

The four holes in the base plate let you transform this mobile drill stand into a fixed or stationary drill. This unit features an integrated V-groove so you can securely fix round or cylindrical workpieces for safe drilling. The base plate also comes with a centering mechanism that allows centered drilling every time.

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Milescraft 1097


3.Milescraft 1097Weighing in at just 1 pound, the Milescraft 1097 features a sturdy metal head to accommodate most Dremel style rotary tools. Equipped with a spring loaded metal rack-and-pinion gearing for smooth controlled drilling, the device ensures greater productivity and efficiency for your power tool.

The scale has a depth stop to allow precise depth control and task repeatability while ensuring uniform results. This model has a broad 36-inch metal base with planed surface plus mounting holes or clamping platforms to provide rigidity, support and stability. You can easily lock tools in a horizontal position to enable hands-free use.

Built solid and rigid, this tool stand ensures safe use of your rotary tool while effectively preventing easy onset of hand fatigue. It anchors your tool solidly so you can confidently drill on metal objects, work on jewelry items or drill into wood without worrying how to keep the rotary tool and the workpiece straight and stationary.

The tool stand is easy to assemble and offers out-of-the-box functionality. It comes with an illustrated user guide that is easy to follow, and the components come together easily and in a straightforward manner.

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