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What are the best drill press vises in 2017?


If you don’t have time to browse through all the reviews and excellent buying advice prepared by our researchers, then this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best drill press vises. In the process of finding the best products around, we have looked at consumer reviews, sales figures, reliability surveys and we discovered that the IRWIN 226340 is currently the one worthy of being called the best in this category. The product is made of forged iron, which grants it great sturdiness and durability, so you can rest assured that you will be able to use this model for a long time. Capable of accommodating various widths, and with a clamping capacity of 4.5 inches, this is the type of tool you should get when you need to deal with thin layers of material that must be drilled in a vertical position, for more complex DIY projects. Equipped with a heavy weight, the drill press vise reviewed here keeps your stock where you need it, without any problems. If the IRWIN 226340 is temporarily unavailable, you should go for the Wilton 69997 as it is almost just as good.




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Serving as a reliable component for use with the best drill press you can find on the market, a drill press vise holds down the work piece and keeps it still during your hole cutting operation. It can serve both as a manual component or a drilling device. A lot of workshops use machining vises for applications that require tight tolerance levels and high precision. Manual vises boast plenty of merits, but a drill press vise is more suitable for holding down a stock during high-speed drilling. With the amount of vibration that is experienced during drill press use, you will need your vise to be capable of dampening vibrations and providing excellent stability.


Design and Construction


You want a product featured in drill press vise reviews to be optimally constructed as a heavy-duty component. Typically, drill press devices are made of cast iron. They have replaceable steel jaws. Aside from that, you want the unit to be designed to hold your stock stationary during grinding, shaping, drilling and milling. A swivel base is a distinctive characteristic of heavy-duty vises, and so are smooth jaws. This is a premium aspect compared to medium-grade machine vises that only have one smooth grooved jaw.

The vise should easily adapt to any drill press. It should be suitable for the primary purpose of your drill press machine.





For extreme flexibility, you may find a drill press milling vise that is of the any-angle precision variety a good unit to own. It offers up to 45 degrees angle tilting capability in both directions.

A so-called “any-angle” precision machine vise is extremely flexible, offering up to 45 degrees of angle tilting capabilities in either direction.

An ultra-precision vise is generally used for inspection and grinding operations, and typically has one grooved and one smooth jaw.

A self-centering vise comes with two movable jaws that center themselves fully on the stock.

A cross slide drill press vise is perfect for applications that require the stock to be precisely centered.





Owning a pin vise drill might enable you to do small drilling applications or do-it-yourself projects but if you have a workshop, you will have to use a powered tool such as a drill press to perform regular, heavy-duty hole drilling.

You need an any-angle precision drill press vise with a 90-degree vertical tilt so you can position your stock at a right angle to the work table surface.

For grinding or inspection operations, you will need an ultra-precision vise that can be fastened to a workbench. This kind of device typically comes with a steel body, and one grooved plus one smooth jaw.

For drilling and milling applications, especially where an accurately centered work piece is needed, a self-centering vise is perfect.

Drilling, light milling and other lighter applications, along with variable angle drilling and milling can be carried out using a cross-slide drill press that moves on two axes.


Our recommendations:


IRWIN 226340


1. IRWIN 226340 4-Inch Drill Press ViseMade of forged iron, the IRWIN 226340 4-Inch Drill Press Vise has been proven to be a well-engineered device that is also effortless to use. It offers reliable functionality for precise drilling or for thin projects that have to be drilled at a vertical position. The four-inch jaw width accommodates typical work piece widths, as does the 4.5-inch clamping capacity. The1/2-inch throat depth offers precise pressure for drilling operations. Made of forged iron, this drill press vise provides a clamping pressure of 1000 pounds to ensure exceptional clamping and stability of your work piece during the drilling operation.

For this size, the drill press size comes with a heavy weight to ensure that it can hold your stock in place really well. It offers the necessary flexibility for mounting almost anything to your drill press table. It saves your fingers from injury and is easy to hang on the side of the drill press table.

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Wilton 69997


2.Wilton 69997 4-Inch Drill Press Vise With Stationary BaseAlthough it is designed to fit most drill presses, the Wilton 69997 4-Inch Drill Press Vise is an excellent large vise for use with a 10-inch drill press. The 4-inch vise has a tank-like solid build and can easily hold down a 4-inch by 4-inch work piece. The unit has easy mounting slots and a special pivot handle structure that provide added clamping pressure. Made with hardened steel jaws, this drill press vise is engineered to handle fine work thanks to the moving jaw that operates off one screw, ensuring that it does not position the sides of the jaw along a parallel line.

The design of the drill press vise enables it to allow the drill bit to pass through the work piece, through the vise itself and through the hole in the drill press table. Any part of the vise will not be struck by your drill bit as long as the stock is positioned at the center between the jaws.

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Woodstock D4082


3.Woodstock D4082 4-Inch Cross-Sliding ViseHefty at 22 pounds, the Woodstock D4082 4-Inch Cross-Sliding Vise is built solid with an exclusive slide bar that prevents the jaws from tilting sideways or up when the stock is being tightened. It features adjustable gibs that take up any slack on both the bottom and top slides. The vise can be used with your drill press when doing light milling jobs and cutting keyways. The jaw width is 4 inches and the jaw opening measures 3 ¾ inches, for easy centering and positioning of your work piece.

Both the bottom and top slide travel are at 4 inches, accommodating thick stocks while ensuring problem-free centering. The two aluminum adjustment crank handles offer sufficient durability with their cast aluminum construction. They are virtually unbreakable. If you are looking for a reasonably well-made drill press vise that is built heavy for ample stability and reliability, the Woodstock D4082 4-Inch Cross-Sliding Vise should be the first item on your list.

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Wilmar Performance Tool W3939


4.Wilmar Performance Tool W3939 Drill Press ViseMade with grooved or edged jaws that prevent slipping of the clamped work piece, the Wilmar Performance Tool W3939 Drill Press Vise offers exceptional support to your drill press. It is built with a pivot handle that facilitates effortless turning to position your stock securely in place. The slot design elongated mounting holes enable problem-free attachment to your machine, as they match right up to those on your drill press table. The Wilmar Performance Tool W3939 Drill Press Vise comes with a durable construction. The solid build ensures smooth operations and full performance from your powered equipment.

You won’t imagine doing drilling applications without this component to support your drill press. Keeping the work piece stationary, the drill press vise has a maximum opening of less than 2 ¼ inches, enabling you to execute thin applications with ease. Holding the work piece securely is a breeze, as is attaching the component to your existing work table.

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