Klutch 17in. Floor Mount




You will find this drill press ideal for making holes through metal and wood, which means that it is highly versatile and eliminates the need for two separate tools that would cost you extra.

The floor mount base is an excellent addition to a top quality product, and it will offer you the stability you need to make sure that your drill press is easy and safe to use.

Equipped with a 120V motor that comes with variable speeds, this unit is guaranteed to help you with a broad range of projects.

A 45-degree tilt will let you drill holes at various angles, which increases the outstanding versatility of this unit.

Many buyers appreciate the depth lock that allows users to drill holes that are consistent and precise each time.





Bear in mind that this is quite a heavy piece of machinery, which means that you will need to enlist some friends’ help to assemble it.

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Main features explained


Many people appreciate having a drill press that can make holes through various types of materials. In this case, you will be pleased to learn that this unit is a good option for metal and wood projects, as its powerful motor allows you to work with harder materials. You will not have to worry about any project posing any kind of difficulty from now on.

Stability is crucial for making sure that your drill press does not end up sliding from its mount and hurting someone. One thing that buyers appreciate in this model is that its floor mount base is sturdy and reliable. You will only have to mount the drill press on it and start working while knowing that your safety is guaranteed.

Change the speed of the drill press as you see fit, as there is a possibility to adjust it. The speed varies from 600 to 2,400 RPM, which gives you a lot of leeway in regards to the type of projects you can undertake.

Further versatility is guaranteed by the possibility to tilt the table at a maximum of 45 degrees, something that allows you to drill holes that are not at perpendicular angles. Some projects may require you to drill holes at unusual angles, so you can rest assured that this feature comes in handy. Once again, this unit proves its versatility and ease of use.


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Klutch 13in. Floor Mount




A drill press should be able to offer excellent versatility, and this is exactly what this unit provides, as it is ideal for projects that involve working with metal and wood.

You will be able to use various drilling angles when you work with it, as the table tilts at a maximum of 45 degrees; no project will be able to stand in your way when you’re using this drill press.

The depth lock feature is an added plus, and it will give your projects a professional look you are after; use the provided knob handle to decide on a drilling depth and then proceed to drill holes at the same depth every time.

Users can pick from 16 different speeds that vary between 260 and 3,410 rpm, which is quite outstanding for a unit that is not intended for professional use only.

Another thing you will surely appreciate about this model is the LED light installed on the gooseneck that will let you examine your work without the need for additional light.





The floor plate is not heavy enough to eliminate the possibility for the unit to be tipped over; one user offers a solution, which consists of placing some heavy weights on the plate.

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Main features explained


What kind of projects do you intend to undertake? Will you use wood and metal for what you have in mind? Then the Klutch 13in. Floor Mount is the solution you have been waiting for. Its ease of drilling holes through any material adds to its appeal and makes it an excellent choice for anyone who likes to get involved in more complex projects. The powerful motor guarantees its strength and versatility.

You will be able to choose from 16 different speeds, another aspect that significantly contributes to the fantastic versatility of this unit. You can use a low rate, for projects that require more finesse or pump up the power at 3,410 RPM for those that need extra power.

Having a LED light to assist you by providing you with the necessary illumination for examining your work from up close is a great plus. This light is installed on the gooseneck of the unit, so you will have it ready each time you start drilling. Not many drill presses include a light in their construction, so you can rest assured that you are making a good deal.


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JET J-2500




Precise spacing and depth control are two things the JET J-2500 excels in delivering, and also the main reasons why so many users consider it an excellent choice.

A single-phase motor powers this machinery and allows you to change the speed by choosing from 16 different values that offer you versatility and convenience when working with this drill press.

You can tilt the table up to 45 degrees for drilling at different angles, something that comes in handy when you want to work on various projects that require such a thing.

The necessary stand is included, which means that you will not have to worry about extra purchases to start working.

Durability is what makes this model stand out, as its cast iron head will not wear off anytime soon, and the manufacturer also offers a 2-year warranty.





While metalworkers may find this unit a good deal, not the same thing can be said by woodworkers, according to some reviewers who have tried using the machinery for various projects.

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Main features explained


When working on your DIY projects, you may notice right away that one of the most difficult things to achieve is the ability to space your drill holes with maximum precision, and also perform at the same depth every time. Due to its features, this model offers both precision and depth control so that your final work looks as if it has been released from the hands of a professional.

This drill press offers you the possibility to pick from 16-speed settings, which is a lot, seeing that you are not going to sacrifice an arm and leg to purchase it. The possibility to adjust the speed is a must for most DIY-ers because they often get involved in projects that either require more finesse or more power, depending on circumstances.

You will appreciate the possibility to tilt the work table at a maximum of 45 degrees, as you will want to be able to drill holes at different angles. This type of versatility makes this model a must-have among DIY-ers.

Another thing that you will like about this particular model is that it comes with a stand included, which means that you will not have to invest extra money so you can start working with it. Affordable and versatile, this drill press is the kind of equipment you should have in your shed.


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Best jigsaw for cutting metal


What are the best jigsaws for cutting metal in 2018?


If you only want to learn about the best jigsaw for cutting metal, without going through the entire buying guide below, here is the information you need. Our research points out that the DEWALT DW331K is the model that is worth the money. This model comes with a powerful motor that will allow you to cut through the sturdiest materials available. The variable speed can be adjusted from 500 to 3,100 strikes per minute. The blade clamp is safe and lets you switch blades with great ease. If you cannot find the DEWALT DW331K anymore, we can offer you a reliable alternative: the Bosch JS470E comes as a second best.

Buying guide


After reading numerous reviews of jigsaws for cutting metal, we discovered the features that can make a model stand out from the crowd. We share them here with you, so you can quickly take your pick without a problem.



A powerful motor


You cannot have a good quality jigsaw for cutting metal if it doesn’t come equipped with a powerful motor. The corded models will have the power of the motor shown in amps, while the cordless models, in volts.

Why does the power of the motor matter? The answer is simple. The more powerful the motor of your jigsaw is, the more capable it will be to cut through thicker and denser materials. Depending on the kind of project you want to undertake, you may choose a motor power that fits the profile of your DIY work.

Normally, a model with a motor of 5 amps should be the ideal choice, as this covers the smaller profile DIY projects. However, if you intend to get involved in something that is more heavy duty, a more powerful motor will do.



How to choose variable speeds and settings


You will notice that most jigsaws for cutting metal on the market are advertised as having variable speeds. Different types of materials require a different approach when you need to cut through them. For instance, dense wood needs a fast jigsaw, while cutting through metal works better at lower speeds.

It is important to have numerous variable speeds and settings, but only if your DIY projects are varied. If they are usually repetitive and you work with the same type of material each time, you don’t have to spend extra on such features.



Why orbital settings matter


If you are looking for a top-notch jigsaw for cutting metal, you should search for one that comes with orbital settings. This feature will give you extra precision when cutting through various materials, as you will be able to adjust the jigsaw and the way it cuts with ease.

The same rule as the one for speed settings apply. If you work with different materials all the time, it is a good idea to get a model with multiple orbital settings. However, if you are very consistent in your DIY projects, and there’s no need for you to change your settings, then you should consider getting a less expensive model, with fewer settings.



Our recommendations


There are plenty of jigsaws for cutting metal available for sale, but only one is the right model for you. We want to help you pick the ideal product, which is why we list here the most critically acclaimed models.





The DEWALT DW331K is a good jigsaw for cutting metal, and that shows in all the features and details it comes equipped with. The motor on this model has 6.5 amps, which means that it is very powerful and it can cut through a broad range of materials.

As expected from a jigsaw this powerful, it also comes with variable speeds, which can go from 500 strokes per minute to 3,100 strokes per minute.

You will quickly switch between applications without a bother, as the model allows it. The blade clamp is activated by a small lever, so you can switch the blades as the need arises.

The gear case is made of metal, and it is very durable.

The keyless lever for blade removal and switch makes this tool sit on part with other models on the market that are more expensive.

The 4-position orbital settings allow you to approach more difficult cuts with maximum accuracy and speed. Flush cuts are easy to execute using this tool.

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Bosch JS470E


You will surely appreciate this model for its efficiency and convenience. The keyless blade system allows you to switch from one blade to another without touching the hot blade you have been using to that point. The orbital-action feature lets you vary your cuts, and choose from smooth or aggressive, for more complicated tasks.

You are the one in control when you are using this tool. You can pick the right speed for any application by using the variable dial.

The lock-on button ensures that the tool is stable while you’re using it, and you will feel more comfortable while using it.

The die-cast foot comes with a steel insert and a bevel wrench, giving the tool stability.

The blade clamp deals well with T-shank blades and keeps them in place.

The low-vibration construction will allow you to focus on the task at hand, while the machine will ensure maximum accuracy.

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SKIL 4495-02


Equipped with a powerful 6-amp motor, this tool is an excellent choice for DIY enthusiasts who want to go beyond the regular projects they usually handle. You will find some extra features on this model that will help you be more accurate and faster when performing various tasks.

The laser guide, for instance, allows you to cut consistently and with maximum precision. The 4-position orbital control lets you operate fast cuts, or smooth cuts, depending on the type of project you’re working on.

You will also appreciate the variable speed trigger that provides you with the ability to cut through various materials and thicknesses.

The stable foot construction offers extra control. You no longer have to worry about ragged cuts. They will become a nuisance that you’ll no longer have to care about.

All in all, this is a powerful tool that will not let you down. We can safely say that the SKIL 4495-02 is a sound investment.

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This rotary hammer comes equipped with a brushless motor that extends the durability of the model.

Bit jams are a hassle, which is why this model comes with a factory-set clutch whose primary role is to reduce unexpected reactions when such mishaps occur.

One of the most important features of this model is SHOCKS, which deals with reducing the vibration you can experience when using this tool.

The ergonomic design is what makes this model so popular with users; it is lightweight, and due to its vibration reduction features, it can be used in many home applications.





Some of the reviewers mention that this particular model tends to get hot, and that means that you will need to take breaks from time to time.

Also, some buyers say that it is a real power hog, so be aware of this aspect before making a purchase.

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Main features explained


A powerful motor

Delivering 3 joules of energy so that you can perform any DIY task with great ease, this rotary hammer will help you when you need to take down bathroom tiles, or chip away at brick and concrete walls. The 8.5-amp motor is powerful enough to help you with such tasks without a glitch. Also, the brushless design contributes to the durability of this rotary hammer.

The clutch will reduce the negative impact of bit jams

When a bit jams in a rotary hammer, it’s never a good thing. However, one of the problems that may make this even more problematic is that the tool can jerk in your hand if that happens. This manufacturer solved this problem by employing a factory-set clutch that will prevent the sudden moves of the tool so that you can continue to control it, even if you have to deal with a bit jammed in the rotary hammer.


SHOCKS – vibration reducing feature

One of the most unpleasant things that can happen when you need to work with a rotary hammer is the vibration experienced in the handles. This model has a unique feature called SHOCKS, which deals with the normal vibrations so that you can comfortably use your tool.


Ergonomic design for the DIY enthusiast

Not everyone needs heavy tools when they must deal with home-based DIY projects. That is why the DEWALT D25263K is so appreciated by buyers. Its lightweight, ergonomic design helps them approach such projects without any worry that they will strain themselves while using the tool.


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Bosch RH328VC




This tool is compact, but delivers superior performance, mainly due to its powerful motor that offers excellent power to weight ratio.

The Active Vibration Control feature will reduce the usual discomfort caused by the tool vibrations, and will provide you with the ultimate comfort.

You will get more than just a rotary hammer if you pick this one, as it comes with three different modes of operation and 12 positions.

The tool comes equipped with an integral clutch which will reduce torque reaction, thus offering you extra flexibility for all the DIY tasks you want to perform.





Some buyers claim that they experienced a bit of a nuisance with slips of the depth guide that caused them to make deeper holes than intended.

Others also say that, for heavy-duty tasks, this one is not powerful enough, but seeing how compact the tool is, that is the kind of compromise most DIY-ers can live with.

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Main features explained


Superior power to weight ratio

The 8-amp motor is powerful enough to help you perform DIY tasks with great ease. While compact, the tool can deliver 2.6 ft-lbs of impact energy. This superior power to weight ratio recommends this particular model for people who want a tool for everyday tasks.

Active Vibration Control

One of the most important features you can find in a rotary hammer is vibration control. Nothing can become more annoying and uncomfortable than the constant vibration produced by the tool you are using. When you work with the Bosch RH328VC, you will have nothing to worry about in this respect.


Extreme versatility

A rotary hammer can be useful, but what if your tool came with extra functionalities? This model from Bosch can be used in three different modes: as a hammer, as a rotary hammer, or you can use it in rotation only model. The Vario-Lock feature puts the rotary hammer in a neutral position, and, from there, you can pick from 12 positions, depending on the kind of work you intend to use the tool for.


Torque reaction is reduced by the integral clutch

You surely do not want your tool to jerk in your hand when you least expect it. Given the powerful motor, such jerky movements may even cause accidents, which is why you need to purchase a tool equipped with safety features. In this case, the integral clutch will take over the impact and reduce the torque reaction.


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Bosch 11255VSR




You can use this rotary hammer for most heavy-duty applications, as its 7.5-amp motor will produce enough rotations per minute to get you through any task.

The tool is extremely versatile as its SDS-Plus system will allow you to change bits with ease, while the Vario Lock feature lets you pick from 36-bit positions.

You will appreciate the comfortable handle that lets you operate the rotary hammer without experiencing the usual strain associated with this type of tools.

The model comes with a patented cord turret that will let the cord pivot while you use the tool so that it does not get damaged with extended use.





Some users report some mild vibration when using this rotary hammer.

Others say that it tends to be a bit noisy, so, if this is something that could bother you, just bear it in mind.

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Main features explained


The right tool for heavy duty applications

The motor of a rotary hammer is extremely important. That is why a closer look at the motor on this Bosch model is needed. You will be pleased to find out that the 7.5-amp motor can deliver up to 1,300 RPM and up to 5,800 BPM, which means that you will be able to approach heavy-duty applications without a problem. The tool delivers two ft-lbs impact energy to ensure superior performance.

Bit changing system and Vario Lock

You will also like how easy it is to change bits while working with this tool. You will not need any unique tool, as the SDS-Plus system offers automatic locking. It also helps with keeping dust at bay and for transferring impact energy with maximum efficiency. You will also get the Vario Lock feature that offers maximum versatility when you need to choose the right chiseling angle; 36-bit positions are available.


Comfortable operation

While you need your rotary hammer to be powerful and efficient, you also need it to be comfortable. The D-handle on this model offers extra control and comfort, so you will find it easy to use in downward drilling operations.


Extended durability with cord turret feature

The patented turret design for the cord allows you to move around while the cord pivots. It does that without putting extra strain on itself, and it ensures that you will get to enjoy this excellent tool for a long time.


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Best budget drill press


What are the best budget drill presses in 2018?


If you want the best budget drill press, and you’re in a hurry, we have here all the info you need for buying a tool that will offer you excellent performance at a great price. Our research involved looking at customer reviews, expert comments, and sales figures. The decision we reached is that the WEN 4214 will help you with all the woodwork you have lined up, without a glitch. The model works with variable speeds, which you can adjust as you see fit; the speed varies between 580 and 3200 RPM, making this tool extremely versatile. The LED display will let you see exactly what speed you are using. The depth stop feature is an excellent addition as it allows you to repeat the same operation over and over again with remarkable accuracy. Should the WEN 4214 be out of stock, we have another excellent recommendation: the SKIL 3320-01 is a tool that is almost just as good.

Buying guide


What features do you need most in a tool, if you want the best cheap drill press? Performance can meet budget-friendly prices, but you will have to know what to look for. If you are the kind of woodworker that only indulges in their hobby in their spare time, you should consider a model that is affordable, yet practical and useful.



Variable speed


One of the most important features your affordable drill press should have is variable speed. Bear in mind that not all holes must be drilled using the same velocity, and that is why you should focus on getting a model that allows you to adjust its speed.

The speed of such a tool is estimated in revolutions (rotations) per minute, and, as you may well suspect, the higher the number of rotations, the faster the drill press will be. However, this does not mean that you should pick a drill press that works only at high speeds.

Some projects need you to use a lower speed, which is why you should focus on purchasing a model that has a wide range of variable speeds, instead.



The depth stop feature


No matter how seasoned you may be in using a drill press, making sure that each hole is drilled at the same depth is not something you can easily achieve. The depth stop feature takes out the guessing game, and it allows you to drill holes that will be the same from the first to the last.



Is it suitable for angle drilling?


You might not expect a cheap drill press to come equipped with too many extra features, but still, you may find some excellent models that offer more than what you might expect for the money. For instance, the critically acclaimed models available allow even angle drilling.

There may be projects that require you to drill holes at an angle. This is where such a drill press will come in handy. Also, when working with curved surfaces, you will need to make sure that you will be able to drill the holes correctly, and this extra feature will serve you well.



Our recommendations


There are plenty of drill presses on the market for sale, but only one must be the right drill press for you. We want to help you find that model, and that is why we think that the following shortlist will offer you a few ideas on the topic.



WEN 4214


Do you want a good drill press on a budget that will offer you outstanding performance at an unbeatable price? Look no further than the WEN 4214, a drill press that can help you attack any woodworking project with a can-do attitude. This model allows you to adjust its speed and offers quite a wide range of customization.

The lowest speed available is 580 RPM, and the highest is 3200 RPM. A cool thing about this model is that it does not work with speed levels, but lets you adjust it down to a tee.

You can check the exact speed on the LED display available.

There are many good reasons why you should consider this model out of the many out there. The induction motor is reliable, and the drill press also comes with many features that you will find useful.

For instance, the cast iron table comes with a height adjustment feature, and it also allows angle drilling, as it can tilt left and right up to 45 degrees.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($329.81)




SKIL 3320-01


As you go through several budget drill presses reviews, you will notice that a lot of people mention the SKIL 3320-01 as being among the most popular choices. Besides the excellent pricing, the model has a plethora of features and functionalities to offer. The model has five speeds that vary from 570 to 3050 rotations per minute.

You will appreciate how versatile this model is. Its depth stop feature allows you to drill holes at the same depth over and over again so that your projects look professionally done once you are finished.

The work surface can be tilted to 45 degrees so that you can deal with curved surfaces without a glitch.

Are you worried that you won’t be able to align the holes you drill properly? Fret not; this model comes equipped with a proper beam laser that will guide you to drill the holes along a line without any mishaps.

The high precision of this model recommends it.

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WEN 4208


WEN drill presses are famous for their versatility, accuracy, and ease of use, so it should come as no surprise that we include a second model here. The model lets you pick from 5 speeds, with the lowest being 740 RPM and the highest 3140 RPM. The onboard key storage comes in handy and allows you to keep everything you need easy to access.

The induction motor is capable of developing enough power so you can approach different woodworking projects without fear that you might not be able to see them through their end.

You will appreciate the height-adjustable worktable that also bevels left and right up to 45 degrees, for easy angle drilling.

The model comes equipped with a depth stop feature so that you can easily drill holes that are precise and accurate.

You can deal with various materials and thicknesses if you use this specific drill press. Everything about it is designed to make your job easier and more enjoyable.

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Best affordable drill press


What are the best affordable drill presses in 2018?


Do you need the best affordable drill press, but you have no idea where to start? This short paragraph will tell you all you need to know to make an educated choice. After perusing through the models available on the market, the customers’ reactions, and the comments expressed by experts, we concluded that the WEN 4210 should be first on anyone’s list. This one comes with a complete kit so that you can start working the moment you have the tool assembled and ready to use. You can adjust its speed by choosing from five available, and you will appreciate how versatile and accurate it is. Angle drilling is possible, and the worktable will adjust so that you can easily work on your project. Is the WEN 4210 no longer in stock? You can also try the SKIL 3320-01, a model that comes with almost the same amount of features.

Buying guide


If you read the reviews of affordable drill presses left by other buyers like you, you may notice that the same characteristics are recommended over and over again. We did all the heavy lifting for you, so you don’t have to waste precious time and effort digging up these basic recommendations. Here is what you should look for in a drill press, in a nutshell.



Power ratings


The drill press you intend to purchase, no matter how affordable, should come with a powerful motor. Without a motor that can handle going through thick materials, you will be limited in your options. The higher the power ratings on the motor, the more reliable the drill press will be.

There are some other considerations to bear in mind when you pick a drill press with a powerful motor. Such a motor will allow the drill press to work without a glitch, so there is a lower risk of damage and repairs.



Versatile and compact


Always pick a drill press that will allow you to work with different materials and different thicknesses. A drill press, even an affordable one, is an investment, and that is why you should not settle for less than you could get. A model with variable speeds is an excellent pick that will not let you down.

You can pick one that allows you to choose from multiple speeds, while others will allow you to adjust the speed you want, within a range. Go for the model that you feel caters most to your needs.



Precision and accuracy


Do you want your drill press to help you get excellent results every time? Pick one that is precise and accurate. Certain features are needed if these two characteristics are important for you. For instance, a laser beam for hole alignment is a must, as is a depth stop feature.

You will be more than pleased with how your projects will come to life if you use such a high-performance tool. The good news is that you don’t have to spend a fortune on such a tool.



Our recommendations


Are you afraid that you might not pick the right drill press from all the models for sale out there? Check out our shortlist of critically acclaimed models that have already been tried and tested by other passionate woodworkers just like you.



WEN 4210


The WEN 4210 is a good affordable drill press that comes packed with features you will surely love. The speed can be adjusted between 600 and 3100 RPM, and there are five speeds available. This will let you use materials of different thicknesses in your project.

The manufacturer supplies all the tools needed for assembling this drill press, and you will also receive a few extras with your purchase, such as a keyed chuck and a laser.

The depth stop functionality lets you repeat the same hole size and depth with maximum accuracy. The motor is capable of developing enough torque to let you deal with more demanding projects.

You will love the worktable that allows you to adjust the height and the angle. Your drilling operations will be accurate, and you can repeat the same hole without a problem.

If you are looking to be more than just a simple hobbyist, or if you are serious about your hobby, you will find such features a must. Angle drilling is also possible.

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SKIL 3320-01


The SKIL 3320-01 should be on your list if you decide that you need a new drill press. The keyed chuck makes the model more practical, and the bump-off switch will not let you accidentally start the drill press without a clear intention to do so. The versatility of this model will surely convince you that this is the model worth spending money on.

The work surface can tilt to angles of maximum 45 degrees, which means that you will have no issues with drilling holes on curved surfaces.

Some projects may require such functionalities, and, even if you do not plan to undertake such a project right now, it is a nice thing to have.

The laser beam will guide your moves so that you can perfectly align the holes you want to drill. Accurate and precise, this drill press will help you increase your overall performance when working in wood.

It must be said that this is better than a handheld device, and superior in every way.

Buy from Amazon.com for ($154.37)




WEN 4208


Powerful and compact, this is the ideal drill press for a hobbyist who wants to undertake projects that require more than a few basic tools. The versatile speed range on this model will allow you to deal with different thicknesses, and you will love how easy it will become to drill holes.

The five speeds available go from 740 RPM to 3140 RPM and contribute to the versatility of this model.

The linear depth stop is an excellent addition and will let you drill holes in a precise and accurate manner. Now you no longer have to deal with uneven holes that never seem to be at the same depth.

The induction motor is powerful and develops enough torque for more complicated projects. You can adjust the height of the worktable, and you can also tilt it to the left or right when you need to drill holes through a curved surface.

The rigid frame is a guarantee that this is a reliable drill press that will last for a long time.

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Worx WX550L




Its pivoting head allows the Worx 550L to act as a 2 in 1 tool, both a jigsaw and a reciprocating saw.

It’s also significantly lighter than most other jigsaws on the market, making it easier to use freehand or carry around.

It operates on a 20 V Li-Ion battery (not included) which is interchangeable between all Worx power tools.

The powerful motor can drive the blade at speeds from 0 to 3,000 SPM, and its placement, in line with the transmission gears, ensures an overall smoother operation.





The pivoting head doesn’t allow the blade to tilt on the vertical axis, which means that bevel settings aren’t available.

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Main features explained


What sets this Worx model apart from other cordless jigsaws is that its head can tilt to a full 90 degrees, effectively turning it into a reciprocating saw. This feature can prove very useful, as the 2 cutting tools can’t be said to totally overlap in functionality, with the reciprocating saw being the faster and easier to handle when cutting items placed vertically.

To better act as a horizontal saw, the WX550L is also significantly lighter than most other 20 V jigsaws currently available on the market, and it also comes packaged with two separate blades for each function. Besides accepting both a T-Shank and a reciprocating blade, the chuck is keyless, meaning it will require no tool to change between blades.

Due to the pivoting head, this unit doesn’t really allow for a shoe bevel, so you will have to tilt the whole tool for cutting wedge sections, which might not make this item so popular with woodworkers. There are several orbital settings, however, useful for a wide variety of tasks, including applying rounded cut-outs on flat material.

Like most items of its type, this works with steel, various types of wood, copper, aluminum PVC pipes and a whole lot more, and it will finish the job quickly thanks to the high maximum speed of 3,000 SPD it’s 20 V motor can develop.

Speaking of the motor, this is placed in an innovative fashion on the side of the tool, which allows it to rotate simultaneously with the gearing for a smoother transmission. This system also eliminates the possibilities of slippage and misalignment inherent in a drive shaft.


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