Best drill under $100


What are the best drills under $100 in 2017?


If you’re looking for the best budget drill but don’t really have the time for any sort of extensive research, then the following short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. After reading dozens and dozens of reviews of drills under 100, we’ve concluded that the Porter-Cable PCC601LB should best fit the bill for a mid-priced unit to have around the house and for lighter contractor’s work. With a 283 Watts Out motor is powerful enough to handle tasks like mounting a deck or drilling through steel fittings and the 2-speed gearbox gives it the range it needs to cover both drilling and driving applications. The lightweight will make it easy to use, and the already extensive battery life will be supplemented by receiving two of them in a pack. If you want more accessories, then the Black+Decker LDX120PK pack should prove a good pick.  


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Finding the best drill under 100 could prove problematic since this price range includes a lot of options to choose from. There are, however, a few things you could definitely consider to ensure that your budget goes a long way.



A wide range of function is key


A good way of blowing up more money than expected on power tools is by choosing highly specialized items, which are really only good for one or two applications. This would demand you to buy a whole new drill when a task comes around that the model you have can’t handle.

Drill drivers are preferred by domestic users for their versatility since they can be adjusted to handle both the job of a drill — that is putting holes through construction material — and that of an impact driver, which is used to drive long screws through the wood.

They also tend to be light and wieldy enough to act as electric screwdrivers, and some newer models also feature a hammer function, which lets them be effectively employed for breaking or drilling through harder masonry material like brick or concrete.



Cord or battery?


Battery operated models tend to be slightly more expensive and a bit heavier for the performance they deliver when compared to drills that use a plug. However, this is more than made up for by the fact that they are not dependent upon a workable electric installation or a generator to function.   

Since a lot of home improvement applications demand the power in your house be turned off, and long extension cords for outdoors work are notoriously hard to find, we would be inclined to go for battery power, especially as the newer Li-Io models offer substantially increased life.  



Look towards higher performance


Weaker units that have lower specs will naturally be less functional than higher end ones since there might be tasks that the former will just not be able to handle.

A good general indication for the power category a cordless drill fits under is the battery charge, with lighter duty models holding as little as 6-7 V and more powerful ones commonly coming at 18-22 V.

A further distinction is made by looking at Wattage (mechanical power); torque (how well it applies force) and speed (measured in RPM). A large amount of torque, measured in feet or inches per pound, is required for drilling and driving long screws through a hard material, while a lot of speed will come in handy when drilling through soft walls/fittings. A unit of measurement that accounts for both is UWO or Unit Watts Out.

The two also tend to be mutually exclusive so drill drivers will feature multiple settings to account for each.



Our recommendations


To make the task of finding the right one a little easier for you, we’ve looked through a number of budget drill reviews and made a short selection of some of the best models available for sale.



Porter-Cable PCC601LB


This cordless Porter-Cable model offers quite a bit of power for its size class, with 283 Unit Watts Out delivered by the 20 V electrical motor.

Coupled with a remarkably light weight of just 3.2 lb and a relatively compact 8.25”-inch frame it will be useful for any application you might put it to around the house, from building a greenhouse to furniture assembly.  

The two-speed gearbox and adjustable clutch further add to its versatility, and the maximum speed of 1500 RPM will make it great for drilling through soft plastic fittings as well as light wood and metal.

The chuck width places it in the upper range (½ inches) which should allow it to accept bits intended for heavy-duty work, such as paddles for mixing drywall mud.

Battery life should be good since this model uses a Li-Io composition, but even so, the under $100 package we’ve looked at comes with two batteries, to be used alternatively so you won’t have to stop working.

Buy from for ($49.95)




Black+Decker LDX120PK


This is a homeowners kit, that should contain everything needed for handiwork around the house for under $100. Besides the drill driver and a couple of dozen assorted bits, you’ll get a hammer, a wrench key, various types of pliers and some screwdrivers, one of them for hollow heads.

All this means good convenience for someone that’s not too keen on hunting down any little tool he or she might need for basic home repair.

While you shouldn’t expect the best quality, most people who bought this package found the items to be workable enough to give it a good review.

The drill itself comes with all the features you would expect from Black+Decker, like a reverse function, great ergonomy, multiple clutch settings and specs good enough not to frustrate you during home improvement projects.

It’s in the upper ranges of power at 20 V, generated by a Li-Io battery that’s reported to hold a charge substantially well.

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Makita XPH12Z


This Makita model boasts a brushless motor, which is a feature rarely found in its price range.

In performance terms, this means that the motor won’t generate as much heat, making it less susceptible to smoke-outs under extreme stress and it will also drain less charge, making the battery (an 18 V Li-Io in this case) last substantially longer.

The specs achieved by this motor are pretty good, with a maximum of 2000 RPM in the highest speed setting, adaptable to lower values via a 2-speed gearbox to give a maximum torque of 530 in lbs, which would make it suitable for fastening screws in tough material.  

This model’s versatility is further supplemented by a hammer function which allows the Makita XPH12Z to use concussive force when drilling through hard masonry like brick and cement.

All this power doesn’t come at the expense of handling, however, as the drill weighs at a manageable 4.2 pounds, battery included, and measures just above 7” in length.

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Best drill under $50


What are the best drills under $50 in 2017?


If you’re short on time and can’t go through many of the budget drill reviews but still want a suggestion for a competent and affordable product, then the following paragraph should fill you in. After looking through what’s available for sale in the under 50 price range, we have concluded that the Porter-Cable PC600D might be your best pick, mainly because of its good specifications, relevant for both drilling and driving applications. The high 2500 RPM speed will prove useful when drilling holes through soft material such as wood or PVC , and the relatively powerful 6.5 Amp motor will provide plenty of torque for fastening screws. Besides this, the PC600D comes with a couple of extra features to make it easier to use. If this is unavailable, we think that the Black+Decker Matrix BDEDMT will provide an interesting alternative.


Buying guide


There aren’t that many reviews of drills under 50 that stress the product’s resilience and ability to hold under the stress imposed by professional construction work, and that is because they aren’t expected to meet much more than the requirements of an enthusiastic home improver, who might use it for a couple of days a month. You wouldn’t really need anything more expensive for this, and there are some additional things to consider if you want the best bang for your buck.



Cordless vs. corded


We’ll tell you straight out that unless portability is a vital factor, the best budget drill will always be a corded one, although there is no shortage of affordable battery drills out there.

Besides adding a significant amount of weight to the machine, NiCad batteries that generally power cheaper models tend to have a relatively short life and might need a recharge after just 1 or 2 hours of use, while a pluggable model only requires an extension cord to be carried around.

A slightly more important distinction is that corded drills are better performing, since they aren’t limited by the Voltage and Wattage that is put out by the battery, so you will almost always get significantly better specifications out of them when compared to similar cordless models.

This makes them capable of handling heavier tasks, giving you better versatility, which is obviously an important factor if you don’t wish to invest in more than one variety of drill.





As mentioned above, the drill should offer as wide a range of function as possible, so you might want to orient towards middling, ⅜ inch chuck models that are sufficiently adjustable to perform tasks which require high torque as well as those that require high speed.

Since the two are often mutually exclusive, the best drill under 50 should have more than a one-speed setting. Drill driver combos are very popular right now, and they offer precisely this sort of functionality, with multiple clutch positions that can be set for either high torque/low RPM regimes when driving screws, and high RPM for drilling holes.   



Other considerations


Convenience and ease of use should also feature on the list of things to look for. Ergonomics are deceptively vital since you will need good control of the machine to get the job done properly. The handle should fit your hand comfortably (wider ones tend to be bothersome for small-handed people) and be placed close to the drill’s center of gravity for better balance.

Some manufacturers offer additional features, like a lock-on function to keep the chuck speed steady or onboard bit storage so you can change them on the fly.  



Our recommendations


To help you out in making a choice, we’ve showcased some of the best rated affordable drills below. Their good function and high performance made them popular with both casual DIYers and contractors on a budget.   



Porter-Cable PC600D


At 2,500 RPM, the PC600D’s 6.5 Amp motor offers plenty of speed for relatively demanding applications like drilling through hardwood or steel.

This shouldn’t make it less suitable as a driver, however, as the speed adjustment setting will slow the ⅜ inch chuck down to offer enough push for fastening long screws.

The speed can be adjusted on the fly by applying different pressure on the trigger, so you’ll be able to better respond to the different demands imposed by uneven material, such as wood.

When the speed needs to be kept constant for a considerable amount of time, a special button will block the clutch, so the user doesn’t accidentally trigger it.

At just 4.3 lbs, the PC600D is relatively light for all the power it provides, and shouldn’t put much strain on your hands through extended use. This, combined with the mid-sized keyless clutch which should accept a wide variety of bits, opens it up to a lot of possible applications.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Black+Decker BDEDMT Matrix


The most remarkable feature of this product, at least as budgetary matters are concerned, is the fact that it’s modular.

You can attach multiple heads to its motor and pistol grip assembly, each one for a particular task. You won’t have to buy a whole other tool when you need an impact driver, for example, but just acquire the appropriate attachment from the manufacturer.

The item we’ve looked at only comes with a versatile drill and driver, with 11 clutch positions, so it’s easy to adapt for optimum control when fastening screws and drilling through various types of material.  

This is connected to a 4.0 Amp motor, which might not seem like much, but it will definitely outperform a 20 V battery powered model, while never running out of juice.

Black+Deckers are often praised for the good degree of comfort their handles provide, even for people with small hands. Coupled with its central positioning and the remarkably low weight for the entire item — just 3.4 pounds — this will make for a drill that’s very easy to operate.

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Black+Decker DR260C 


Black+Decker is a name that shouldn’t be absent from any list of affordable power tools since they’ve made themselves famous for offering good value products for use around the house.

From mounting picture frames to building decks, the DR260C should cover all your home improvement needs quite nicely.

While granted, the extension cord might get in your way when assembling furniture, the low weight of just 3.2 lb will make it comfortable to use even for tasks that require a lot of hand movements with no base for support.

Furthermore, the switch that controls the reverse function and the clutch lock setting can be easily reached in single-handed use.

The 5.2 Amp motor will add a lot to its functionality since it gives enough speed and torque to drill holes through metal or fasten screws in hard essence wood. It will also be easy to adapt to the task at hand since the variable speed switch allows for fluid control of the clutch settings.

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Best drill on the market


What are the best drills on the market in 2017?


If you’re after a quick suggestion for the best drill on the market to suit most needs without competing in price with a small car, then the following short paragraph should provide you with just that information. After looking through scores of drill reviews to form a clear idea of what’s available for sale, we’ve concluded that the DeWalt DCD771C2 might best fit the bill. First and foremost, it’s remarkably powerful, with a motor that puts out 300 UWO powered by a 20 V Li-Io battery that earned fame for how long it’s maximum charge will last. The DeWalt achieves this level of performance without trading in portability and ease of use since it was kept light and compact enough to be comfortably used at odd angles and in narrow spaces. If you want some hammer functionality added into the mix, then the Makita XPH102 is sure to deliver.


Buying guide


A good drill for general use must be powerful enough to handle any difficult task that it might be put to around the house or on a construction site, while still light and compact enough to be practical for mundane applications like assembling furniture or mounting picture frames. Durability and resilience are of course factors to consider, but these don’t weigh as heavily as they would in the case of professional products meant for daily use.



How to measure performance?


If we’re talking about cordless drills, the metric that puts it in a specific power class is the battery charge, measured in Volts. The lightest models might work with as low as 6-7 V before being considered electric screwdrivers, but if you want something that can really meet any challenge, the 18-20 V category is where you should look.  

Performance-wise, a high amount of torque (in/lb or ft/lb) will be needed in order to literally push dense material out of the way when fastening screws, while a high cyclical speed (RPM) will help when drilling through soft surfaces. The two are mutually exclusive, meaning you’ll usually get high torque at low RPM and vice-versa.

Some manufacturers, notably DeWalt prefer to merge both parameters into a single value, called the Unit Watts Out (UWO) which lets you know the “push” a motor will give regardless of speed.   



Function and versatility


There is, of course, a trade-off between power and weight/portability, but the newer heavy-duty models are closing the gap with electric screwdrivers when it comes to ease of handling by employing compact frames and lightweight materials, making the added functionality they offer all the more attractive.

Arguably the most popular drilling tool out there is the drill driver, thanks to its versatility. They almost always feature multiple gear settings to better adapt to tasks that require either high torque or high speed, as well as multiple clutch settings to prevent stripping and overdriving screws.

A powerful drill driver can be used for most masonry, but some manufacturers prefer to outfit their models with a hammer feature to add some percussive force behind the drill to make the operator’s job easier when dealing with brick or concrete.



The battery


Needless to say, this should be able to hold a charge for long and drain as slowly as possible. The Ah value will let you know how efficient a battery is, with values of around 3.0 Ah considered to be remarkably good.

A battery tends to put out less power as it is draining, which will diminish performance, but this doesn’t happen at the same rate with all models. Some can give peak output even while they are close to draining and this is definitely a feature to look for.



Our recommendations


Whether you’re looking for a good drill for the money or the most popular item out there, the following short list should help you out. We’ve checked out dozens of reviews of drills and picked out the top scorers.



DeWalt DCD771C2


Unsurprisingly for the legendary American firm, one of their most versatile and affordable products is a top seller on retail sites. It’s easy to see why so many people opt for the DCD771C2, since it offers some of the best characteristics out there, both in regards to performance and ease of use.

Its motor puts out 300 UWO, which is an impressive amount even by professional standards. This means you’ll be hard-pressed to find a job that this machine can’t tackle, from fixing up furniture around the house to mounting steel air shafts on a construction site.

Both the operator and the drill will be hard to tire, as this unit only weighs 3.6 pounds, together with a 20 V Li-Io battery that doesn’t significantly reduce the motor’s performance as it drains.

With 1.5 Ah it should give you a reasonably good runtime, but this doesn’t matter that much as there are two batteries included in the pack, so one of them can constantly be kept in the recharger.

Buy from for ($79.99)




Makita XPH102


There’s hard to decide on what’s the nicest feature this Makita provides. The battery is top quality, in line with what we came to expect from the Japanese manufacturer.

It should hold for a fair while under use, at 3.0 Ah and re-charge very fast, in around 30 minutes, which is the time required for the operator to take some rest after hours of work.

The machine itself can handle a wide variety of tasks, driven by a 4-pole motor that offers a maximum speed of 1,900 RPM and 480 In/lbs of torque in the 0-600 RPM gear setting.

It also has a hammer function which makes it put out as much as 28,500 BPM, so it will be easy enough to drill through masonry and drive long screws that require a lot of pressure.

The engineers at Makita managed to keep it quite compact so it fits into tight places, and its weight is also pretty reasonable at 3.9 lbs.

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Black+Decker LDX120PK


If you’re more of a casual handyman and don’t want to spend your time hunting online for all the assorted bits and pieces needed for a task, then this pack from Black+Decker should make you as enthusiastic as it did its many online buyers.

It contains a Black+Decker cordless drill driver together with all the most common heads you will use and a number of essential tools to have around the house — a total of 68 of them, including a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, even a torque wrench!

The drill driver is powered by a 20 V Li-Ion battery, which comes with its own charger and is reported to last for a substantially long time. This is somewhat unusual for such an affordable item, but Black+Decker has always surprised with the value it provides for the money.

Don’t really expect top quality, but the price is a lot lower than what you would pay if buying all these items separately and the drill offers the same functionality as any other product of its type out there.

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Best drill for mixing mud


What are the best drills for mixing mud in 2017?


If you’re not inclined to spend a considerable amount of your time looking through reviews of drills for mixing mud but still want to find out what are some of the best products available for sale, then the following paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. After analyzing feedback from both casual users and specialists alike, our research team found that the Makita DS4012 would be the model most worthy to consider, as it offers a great balance between power and handling. At only 6.2 lb it’s light enough for comfort and the 8.5 Amp motor should give it plenty of torque to cut through thick concrete. If the DS4012 isn’t available, the Hitachi D13 will make for a good alternative pick.


Buying guide


All the better drill reviews out there might provide you with good information about what makes a general purpose drill high performing — a fast spinning chuck, good torque, adaptability, etc. — but mud and concrete mixers can be said to be in a class of their own, as there are certain characteristics they must excel at over more versatile products. What are some of the features to be mindful of when looking for the best drill for mixing mud?





Mud mixers will have to churn through quite a lot of viscous material, with a relatively large paddle bit attached. To do this adequately, the motor will have to put out a substantial amount of torque, so all the heavy mud or concrete gets pushed aside.

The torque is generally measured in feet per pound, and a good value for a mixer should start at around 4.5 ft/lb. As with all corded drills, the overall power of the motor is measured in amps, with most units fit for regular use developing around 6 to 8.  

In order to effectively whip through the mix and make it thinner, the paddle should move at relatively high speed, so RPMs (revolutions per minute) is also a value to look for. The demands, however, aren’t as high as with other drills or drivers, so you wouldn’t be looking at products in the 1000 RPM ranges.





Mixing mud and cement for considerable amounts of time will put the unit through a lot more strain than regular drilling or driving work, so the best drill for mixing drywall mud should be a lot less prone to smoking or overheating than a similarly priced generalist model.

This will also make it suitable to be used as a heavy-duty regular drill, with the appropriate bit attached, although it might not perform the best in these roles due to its slightly lower chuck speed.





As they are supposed to be pointed downwards when operated, most drill mixers feature a spade handle at the end, which is ideally adjustable so you won’t have to hold the whole unit at an awkward angle when moving it around.

A top or side handle is equally common, although some users find this to get in the way often enough for manufacturers to usually make it removable, or at least entirely collapsible.



Our recommendations


To narrow down the list of potential purchases for our readers — which can contain a whole lot of items — we’ve looked through a large number of customer reports and professional reviews and selected some of the products that received the best feedback for your consideration.



Makita DS4012


Very well rated on retail sites, this Makita product offers a great mix of high performance and handling, which will make it easy and comfortable to use for hours on end. The 8.5 Amp motor will prove more than fit for this type of extended usage, as most customers find it particularly reliable.

It also comes with all the features you would expect from a top-end manufacturer like Makita. Its drive is reversible to help you out when drilling and the speed at which it operates is variable, from 0 to 600 RPM, to better adapt to the consistency and thickness of the mixed material.

It has a removable upper handle so that it can be held horizontally to its axis when the situation demands it and a fully adjustable D handle at the end. This can be rotated and fixed into 24 positions, offering a lot of freedom.

Perhaps more importantly when thinking of operator comfort, its full weight is only 6.2 lbs, which is definitely in the lower ranges for an item in its class. The chuck might be spinning a little slow for certain mixes of concrete, but this shouldn’t be an impediment for mixing drywall mud.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Hitachi D13


This Hitachi model seems to lean towards handling and ease of use when weighing this against the maximum power provided. Regardless, with a 6.2 Amp motor it should be able to handle any job an amateur DIYer will put it through when home improvement and most tasks commonly associated with professional building sites.

The 6.2 Amps also seem to be put to good use with an adequate transmission, which allows it to develop 5.5 ft/lb of torque, more than enough for mixing drywall mud, although some users find it suitable enough for drilling through average essence wood.

For increased maneuverability, it has a three position adjustable top handle, which can be easily moved out of the way when the task doesn’t require its use. Like with many similar products, this is supplemented with a “spade” handle, particularly useful when holding the unit nose down for mixing construction material. This can be adjusted to two positions.

A full reverse function is also included, to better drive nails or bits out of walls, as well as auto-stop carbon brushes, to protect the machine’s armature, extending its life.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Genesis GSHD1290


The GSHD1290 includes most of the functions found on premium models and thanks to its high specs might do as good a job as well, but at only a fraction of the cost. It has both a reverse function and variable speed control, which should give it great versatility for whatever material you might be working with.

With 850 RPM, the shovel bit should have enough speed to whip through any sort of drywall mud and most cement mixes used in light construction work. The 9 Amp motor gives it a maximum of 8.9 ft/lb of torque at the optimum spinning rate which definitely places in the upper ranges for its weight class.

Speaking of weight, the Genesis is significantly heftier than other products we found well suited for mud mixing. At 8.8 lb and high torque, it might prove a bit of a handful for such a relatively undemanding task. Regardless, it’s easy enough to hold on to, with three handles to give you plenty of grip for multiple angles.

A more important problem might be the fact that, as with any affordable product, you might stumble unto a dud which stops working after a couple of weeks, so it will be advisable to be careful with the warranty.    

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Best rechargeable screwdriver


What are the best rechargeable screwdrivers in 2017?


If you’re looking to buy the best rechargeable screwdriver out there but don’t have the inclination to go through pages upon pages of research material and would rather have a quick suggestion for a competent product then the following paragraph should prove helpful. After considering the feedback received from professional testers and customers alike, we concluded that the Dewalt DW920K-2 is the product most worthy of your attention from what’s currently available for sale. It offers a great mix of power, functionality, and handling, with a 7.2 Volt NiCAD battery that allows as much as 500 revolutions per minute at an 80 inch-pounds maximum torque in a relatively light and easy to use package. If you’re exclusively interested in a drill for light duty jobs around the house, then the WORK WX255L SD should prove more than adequate.  


Buying guide


There’s hardly a thing as a best electric screwdriver drill that would fit all purposes under any condition. That’s why the first thing to consider when choosing one is what exactly you would be using it for. A lot of casual users, for example, make the mistake of buying a heavy-duty model impressed by its specs only to end up with a four-pound over-priced drill to assemble furniture with. Once you established what purpose the item will be serving, take some of the following things into account.



Performance and where it matters


The clearest indication of a drill’s power output and class is the battery’s charge value. This is expressed in Volts and lets you know how much power the machine will deliver when fully charged. Smaller models under 5 V are mostly good for driving screws through pre-drilled holes and low-density material, 7-8 V would be enough for an intermediary unit, and so on.

The RPMs, or revolutions per minute value, lets you know the speed at which the chuck will be spinning. Higher values will make an electric screwdriver do its job faster and will make a drill go through low-density material easier. For our purposes, RPMs are inversely correlated with torque, which is needed for driving long screws and drilling through hard material.  





To ensure that they will be able to handle a wide variety of jobs, most mid-power models and above feature variable speed settings. This will enable the user to adjust it for low speed/high torque tasks as well as light duty ones that only require speed.

A reverse action function will change the spin direction for removing screws and a spindle lock will fix the chuck in place, allowing for the drill to be used as a regular screwdriver for precision tasks.





The best cordless screwdriver drill should fit naturally in the hand and allow for a good range of movement without tiring the operator. Some models feature adjustable handles to make them easier to use form a variety of positions and some have screw holders to facilitate one-handed use.

A battery that’s fast to charge or that holds a charge for long will be things to look for if you often need to have the drill ready at a moment’s notice. For extra endurance during long work sessions, an extra battery that’s also slow to drain will be the thing to have.



Our recommendations


To make the job of finding the right electric drill a little easier for you, we’ve looked through a number of rechargeable screwdriver reviews and featured the best-rated models below.  



DeWalt DW920K-2


This DeWalt is a highly versatile and well received intermediary model, fit for both light-duty casual use and a wide variety of tasks around a building site.

With 7.2 V of power, it can punch holes through most masonry material and fittings use in construction while the 80 Inch-Pounds of torque makes it suitable for heavy-duty fastening applications.

As you would expect from a drill with a high range of function, it features an adjustable speed setting which goes from 0 to 500 RPM and a reverse action function for driving out screws or pre-drilling holes.

Although a little bit heavier than a low power model, the adjustable handle makes it very comfortable to use with one hand in cramped corners that would otherwise require some wrist twisting.

To make it easier to change between whatever bits you might require, this product features a hex-shank ¼ inch chuck. Since it’s expected to see a lot of use, DeWalt ships it with two batteries to a pack, so you won’t have to stop working if one of them runs dry.  

Click to see the price on Amazon!






While an overall good quality model, ease of use seems to be the main focus behind the WX255L’s “semi-automatic” design. With an innovative revolver 6 spaces cylinder, it allows you to change bits on the fly, without needing to interrupt your work in order to find the right one.

This is a great time-saving function, that will expectedly spare you a lot of headaches, but the WX255L will also spare you the discomfort of having to manually keep the screw in place until it catches a solid grip because it has its own metal clips that will firmly fixate the screw on the bit.

This, coupled with the angled handle and light weight will make it especially comfortable to use with one hand, leaving the other one free, which will prove welcome when you’ll have to follow complicated assembly procedures.

The 4 V power output recommends it for light duty work, where convenience and handling are paramount. The charge is reported to last way beyond the time required for such tasks and the idle holding time is also impressive, at around 18 months.

Buy from for ($34.99)




Black+Decker BDCS30C


Black+Decker is already famous for the great value and functionality its products provide. Little surprise that the 4 V electric screwdriver we’re looking at is one of the best sellers in its class on retail sites.

Coupled with a very light weight of only 1.1 pounds, the remarkably compact frame will make it very easy to use in hard to access spaces with only one hand and under a less than ideal angle — pretty much what you need from a household electrical screwdriver.

To help you around dark corners, the BDCS30 also comes with its own LED light and an in-line trigger to offer better control.

For extra convenience when not in use, the BDCS30 comes with an Ion battery, which doesn’t need a charge indicator because it automatically stops receiving current when fully loaded.

The battery doesn’t need its own adapter because it can connect to any USB and micro USB port, which can be found pretty much everywhere in this day and age.  

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Best drill kit combo


What are the best drill kit combos in 2017?


If you’re interested in finding the best drill kit combo but don’t have the time to check out all the online reviews, then you came to the right place. We’ve taken a look at what the market has to offer and came to the conclusion that the DeWalt DCK281D2 is the drill and driver combo to choose. Both expert reviewers and customers alike appreciated the long running time and resilience offered by its brushless motor coupled with a highly efficient Li-ion battery. The two items also offer good performance for their respective purposes while still light and compact enough to be comfortable to wield for hours on end. If the DeWalt combo is unavailable, a good second option would be the Bosch CLPK22.


Buying guide


The best drill combo sets should handle all the home improvement tasks your average contractor or DIYer is expected to face. The drill is a highly versatile piece of machinery, used for everything from locking screws into Ikea furniture to drilling holes into masonry, while the impact driver excels at what its “pair” lacks — getting long screws through hard surfaces at high speeds. What are the things to look for in order to ensure that they’ll do a good job?



Battery life and power


Redecorating a home can be very stressful and the last thing you’d want is for the tools prolonging the task by forcing you to wait around until their batteries are fully charged. Manufacturers came to solve this impediment by offering more efficient batteries, with a higher lifespan.

The latest and greatest is the Lithium Ion type, used with the best cordless drill combo kits to offer as much as 40% more battery life compared to older systems. Needless to say, this is what you should look for.

Within certain margins, the battery charge also predicates total power output. Most drills intended for household construction function within the ranges of 12 to 20 V for optimum performance. However, the 20 V models don’t necessarily offer higher specs, since there are a lot of other factors, such as the motor, clutch, and transmission to consider.



Functionality and performance


This is where the drill and driver diverge, as it were. For the drill, both the maximum RPM, which allows it to work fast under low-stress conditions and a high number of clutch settings, which adapts it to jobs that require more torque, are important.  

The maximum torque is the definite spec for an impact driver and it’s expressed in pounds per feet. The higher the value, the harder the task it will be able to perform without its motor failing.

Durability, or how long they will be able to handle high-stress tasks without failure is also an important factor to consider for both tools. Most premium manufacturers take great care to include some fail-safes with their products but don’t expect to get the same from more affordable models.



Ease of use


For home improvement applications, power tools should be light and compact, since you’ll often need to reach tight spaces from uncomfortable angles. One handed use should be a given, as well as features like an integrated LED light, that would cancel the need for an additional tool to be used.



Our recommendations


After consulting a high number of drill kit combo reviews from what’s currently available for sale, we found a couple of models to be especially worthy of attention. These are showcased below.



DeWalt DCK281D2


DeWalt combines heavy-duty function with great battery life and ease of use in this top rated model.

It features one of the innovations this premium manufacturer is known for, namely the brushless motor for power tools, which is claimed to give it a runtime that’s over half as long as that of a brushed model.  

While this hasn’t been confirmed by independent testers, most customers do find the 2Ah battery to last for a surprisingly long time. Expectedly for the price range, the two units run on a Li-ion battery each, which provides for a slower draining time, both in use and while idling.

Another remarkable feature is the drill’s compact design. This gives it good balance in the hand, especially for a powerful 20 V model and makes it easy to fit in hard to reach, tight places.

This characteristic is further enhanced by the three integrated LEDs, which provide significantly more lighting than most other models available at the moment.  

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Bosch CLPK22-120


At only around two pounds in weight for each piece and a remarkably compact design, this Bosch combo shines when it comes to handling. You won’t have any problem moving the 4.2 inches “snub-nosed” drill through tight spaces or maintaining leverage while holding it over your head.

With two distinct speeds for its clutch and no less than 20 settings, it should adapt well to any job you have in mind, from driving screws through light plate metal to swiftly drilling holes into porous masonry.

At 12 V for both pieces, this combo can be said to be mid-ranged in regards to power, but the chuck on the drill can rotate up to 1,300 times per minute in the highest setting and put out a respectable 265 In-lbs of torque at lower RPMs.

The impact driver delivers as much as 930 In-lbs under high load and a maximum of 3,100 RPM in low-stress conditions.

Battery life is specified at around six hours and a charger for both 12 and 20 V is included in the package.

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Black & Decker BD2KITCDDI


The name Black & Decker might not be as hard hitting as DeWalt or Bosch but one thing they are known for is offering great value for a reasonable price. This 20V drill and impact driver combo makes no exception.

It offers some of the features you’ll find on a pricier model, like a long-lasting Li-Ion battery under high (20 V) voltage for good overall specifications. The drill has 11 clutch settings so it can drive a wide variety of screws into various materials at a maximum speed of 650 RPM.

The impact driver offers as much as 1375 in-lbs of torque, which will let you drive ½” Inch holes through a ¾” stock of pinewood without even tiring the motor (customer tested)

However, being an affordable product, this Black & Decker probably won’t stand to the constant punishment imposed by a professional contractor’s working schedule, but the comfortable grip and relatively low weight make it ideal for casual use around the house.  

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Best drill for the money


What are the best drills for the money in 2017?


If you’re looking for the best drill for the money and don’t want to waste too much of your time in selecting one, then you came to the right place. After going through the best drill reviews, we could find we came to the conclusion that the Black & Decker GCO18SFB is the product you might want to give the greatest consideration. As a battery operated, mid power range, cordless model it is very convenient and fit for use by casual DYIers. It also features an integrated stud finder to avoid potential accidents with inexperienced users. If you’re interested in something more powerful, then the SKIL 6335-02 would be our first suggestion.


Buying guide


You might not be looking for the best drill on the market, but there’s enough variety when it comes to affordable products for sale to give you a bit of a headache in choosing the right one. Goes without saying, but besides going easy on your wallet the machine must also fit the task you have in mind, or be as versatile as possible to ensure that the money spent will also be put to a lot of good use. If you’re a neophyte when it comes to power tools, then the first thing you should know is what item does what.



The cordless drill…


Since we’ve mentioned versatility the type of item that most readily fits the term is the cordless drill and screwdriver combo. Ranging in power from around 5 to 20 V — yes, you measure power by the maximum charge when a battery is present — they are good at drilling holes through most soft building material commonly employed in building a house and driving short screws through the same.

Weight and ease of use are big factors when choosing one since it can be made pretty light and comfortable due to relatively low-performance demands. Also having a lot of speed would be nice, if you expect to be using it for lots of low-intensity jobs on soft masonry. This is measured in RPM, or revolutions per minute, which is pretty self-explanatory.



…and its battery


For long duration jobs, battery life will be something to consider, with the Li-Ion offering the best specs but the NiCAD coming out on top in regards to affordability, especially if there is a charger included in the pack since some models can operate while being charged.  

Honestly, a workhorse no household should go without, this will most likely offer a lot of value through use.



The corded drill


This is generally heavier and more powerful than the battery-powered variety but not necessarily so. The absence of a battery will cut down on the buying and operating cost (you won’t have to purchase additional batteries) but it won’t really be practical without an extension cord that you can trip on.

Motor power is indicated by amps, and upper-end models are good enough to drill through dense masonry and even concrete walls. Otherwise, it offers similar versatility to its more portable cousin, with a clutch to adapt its speed and torque to anything from driving a screw through soft plastic to putting a hole through hard essence wood.



Our recommendations


If you still have trouble deciding on a good drill for the money then allow us to make a few suggestions for some products we found to fill the “best buy” column of online reviews.



Black & Decker GCO18SFB


Black & Decker made itself synonymous with “good value for the money” throughout the power tooling world and that particular phrase gets repeated by satisfied customers more than one could readily count.

The GCO18SFB won’t entice you to write home praising its performance, but it will offer all the functionality a casual handyman requires from such a machine. It has a good enough NiCAD 18V battery with a charger included in the package, together with a stud finder and a carry bag.

The finder will prove invaluable to inexperienced users, which coupled with it being fairly easy to handle by a comfortable grip suited to hands of all sizes, would make it a great first electric drill for anybody.

It’s versatile enough with a 24-position clutch to give good control at speeds of up to 750RPM, but you won’t find it that easy to hold it with one hand for long since at 5.4 lb, this item isn’t particularly light for its class.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




SKIL 6335-02


For medium to heavy-duty jobs, you can’t do much better than the SKIL 6335-02 on a tight budget. It’s reported to be powerful enough to drill through hard Florida concrete, which is what you should expect from a corded model with a 7 amp electrical motor.

Since you won’t have to carry a heavy battery around, the bare machine weighs in at just 5.6 pounds, which gives it a pretty good power to weight ratio. Due to its length, however, it’s not really suitable for one-handed use, but it features an adjustable side handle that can be placed at any angle.

It also features a variable speed trigger to give you the best control for a wide variety of tasks and a leveler at the top of its hard plastic casing to make it easier to drill straight holes.

Most customers positively remarked on its handling characteristics so it should be fairly comfortable to use, even for those unfamiliar with this type of tool.

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Black & Decker BDEDMT Matrix AC


Modularity is the name of the game for this Black & Decker model, with it being able to adapt to a number of different drilling heads to its pistol grip and motor assembly. You’ll get two attachments included in the package, namely a traditional drill and an impact driver to complement it, but there are a lot more of them available from the manufacturer.

This feature has the potential to be a great money saver since you won’t have to buy a whole different tool to handle a particular job, but just mount the appropriate attachment to the motor you already own.

As we haven’t covered the impact driver above, we should mention that this tool uses both rotation and kinetic impulse to drive long screws at high speed through a high-density material, such as thick, strong wood. They are most often used for outdoor construction projects, like decks or sheds.

The item is corded, which makes it light and inexpensive, but it’s in a whole different power class than the SKIL we featured, at only four amps of power for the engine.

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Best drill impact driver combo


What are the best drill and impact driver combos in 2017?


If you’re not particularly interested in going through scores of drill impact driver combo reviews and just want to get a quick suggestion for a product to consider, we would recommend you look for the Bosch CLPK232-181 Combo. This set features the high-quality DDS181-02 drill with a compact frame and a highly versatile two-settings electric motor that allows both high torque screwdriving and high RPM drilling. The impact driver works at even higher cycles and can deliver up to 1,500 in.-lbs of torque. Both their motors are cell protected, which makes for great reliability since this aspect prevents overheating and smoking. If the Bosch Combo is outside the price range you set for yourself, then we believe the Black & Decker BD2KITCDDI will make a viable alternative.


Buying guide


Cordless drills have been a part of the DIY-ers toolkit for quite some time, and are extremely popular due to their flexibility. But recently, a complementary tool can be purchased along with it, the impact driver. Good drill impact driver combos can be acquired today from almost any power tool manufacturer, but there are some things to consider in order to assure for the best purchase.



What does each do?


A cordless drill/driver has a great range of uses. Its keyless chuck can range from ⅜ of an inch to ½ inches in diameter and accepts a wide variety of bits, both for drilling holes and driving screws. However, if you want to drive a screw through a hardwood surface, you’re going to have to put some muscle into it.

By contrast, the impact driver only does one thing: drives screws and fasteners by using both the rotation of the bit and sheer concussive force. It does this particularly well, however, and can easily handle jobs that would leave a cordless drill overheated and fuming.





The best drill impact driver combo should feature a drill that’s highly adaptable, with high speed and torque ranges under multiple clutch settings, together with an impact driver that delivers a high amount of torque (turning power).

For impact drivers, torque is measured in inches per pound of weight, while the turning speed of the head is measured in RPM for both tools. Higher RPMs are useful when drilling through soft or grainy surfaces but generally limit torque when the surface you are trying to drive a screw through puts out any significant amount of resistance.

The overall power output of the tool is measured in Volts, but this can often be misleading, and it’s mostly useful to get an idea of the overall range of function for a particular unit.



Convenience and ease of use


Consider that the drill shouldn’t be so heavy as to tire your hand with extended use, or that you might have to employ it one-handed when working in tight spots. The size of the grip is surprisingly important, with most manufacturers opting for intermediate sizes to adequately suite both men and women.

Otherwise, look that the product has such nifty features as a battery gage or its own LED light. Also consider battery life, protection against overheating and if the product comes with its own charger.



Our recommendations


After checking out a high number of drill impact drivers reviews, we’ve found the following products to have received the most praise, both for high quality and good value.



Bosch CLPK232-181


This Bosch combo packs a surprising amount of punch in a compact and easy to use package. Both the drill and impact driver are limited in size and are advertised as the shortest nosed tools of this type in their class.

This will allow them to fit in otherwise hard to reach spaces for construction and home improvement work.

The clutch on the drill works under two main regimes, one for high torque from 0-500 RPM, and one that goes to 1,700 RPM for fast drilling. There are 18+1 adjustable settings for both, which will ensure great adaptability and versatility.

The driver delivers up to 1,500 in.-lbs in torque at 2,800 maximum RPM and 3,200 BPM, which makes it suitable for professional contracting work, as well as driving screws through pressure treated planks of wood around the house.

To prevent overloading and overheating during heavy-duty work, the motors on both tools are cell protected and open-frame.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Black & Decker BD2KITCDDI


This Black & Decker combo is more than adequate for DIY jobs around the house and doesn’t come at a cost that will make you consider starting a contracting business to make it worthwhile.  

At 20 V it should deliver plenty of power for its drill to get through masonry or hard wood material.

As for specifications, the impact driver is rated at 1375 in-lbs of maximum torque and works in ranges between 0-3000 RPM and 0-3900 BPM, while the drill achieves a maximum of 650 RPM in its highest clutch setting (out of 11).

Customers find that its weight and ergonomy makes it easy to use by smaller people, who would otherwise experience problems in getting a good hold on a wider grip. The product also features an LED working light, for extra functionality when employing it in poorly lit places.  

The battery life is reported to be good, long enough to handle multiple jobs with one charge, and it can hold its charge for at least five months when not in use. However, there is only one battery provided for both tools in the initial pack.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Porter-Cable PCCK604L2


Another 20V combo drill and driver, this Porter-Cable package delivers both great adaptability for heavy-duty domestic jobs and the ability to handle any type of woodwork without professional help.

With its 1,450 in-lbs of maximum torque, the PCC641 will drive screws into the highest essence wood with little effort.

It works up to a maximum range of 2,800 RPM and 3,100 BPM which makes it fast enough to finish difficult jobs in a couple of minutes.

Both the driver and drill come with their own LED lights for dark work surfaces and are compact enough to be used in tight areas. The customers who wrote extensive reviews of this combo found them easy to wield and well balanced.  

Battery life while in use is specified by the manufacturer as anywhere between 65 and 200 minutes, but the battery can be left in the charger even while in use, so this should give a significant boost to those figures.

Buy from for ($95)




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Best cordless drill screwdriver


What are the best drill screwdrivers in 2017?


If you’re after a quick suggestion for a good cordless drill screwdriver but don’t have the time to go through all the cordless drill reviews out there, then the following paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. Among all the similar products we’ve looked at, the Tacklife SDP50DC seems to come out on top thanks to the great convenience it offers. Customers appreciate its small size and lightweight, which makes it very easy to use when assembling furniture or performing light duty drilling around the house. It has a large battery life and a battery level indicator, which will remove the inconvenience of having the drill run out of power while in use. If you are looking for something a little more heavy duty, then the 18 Volts Worksite CD312-18N-CB might just fit the bill.


Buying guide


Whether you are looking for the best cordless drill screwdriver to replace your old manual one, or something more versatile that can punch a hole through masonry walls, there are several things to take into account when browsing what’s available for sale.



What do you need it for?


Needless to say, you always have to consider this before buying. Drills come in various shapes and sizes, and while their function can sometimes overlap, there is hardly any drill that fits any task perfectly.

Small models are essentially electric screwdrivers that can sometimes be used to drive holes through soft materials. They are extremely light and comfortable to use, but their power, expressed through the voltage output of the battery, is not enough for heavy-duty work.

These generally run in the 3 – 5 V ranges (3,6 V being the most common), but cordless drills can get as powerful as 18 V. These would be able to handle any sort of home improvement job, from screwing on a chair leg to mounting fittings in a concrete wall, but don’t expect their bulk and weight not to get in the way while you’re assembling furniture.





Most cordless drills run on either Lithium Ion or Lithium Cadmium batteries. These take around 3 or 4 hours to recharge and a little less to drain working at full capacity. Since the drill will lose effectiveness as the battery drains, a good thing to look for in a model is a battery charge indicator.

The figure that shows you how long a battery takes to drain is expressed in milliampere/hour, or mAh for short. The higher this value is for the battery, the more use you’ll get out of it before needing to recharge.  





For small models, convenience and ease of use are generally more important than high specks. Regardless, there are some figures that might still be relevant in their case. Revolutions per minute (RPM’s) which measures the speed at which the chuck rotates, will let you know how fast you’ll be expecting to drive the screws, and also serves as a general indicator of the quality of the item.

Heavy-duty models should put out high torque and high RPM, with preferably as many speed settings as possible, so it adapts well to both high speed/low resistance jobs — like drilling through masonry — and to driving screws into hard essence wood, which requires low speed and high torque.   



Our recommendations


After consulting dozens and dozens of drill screwdriver reviews, we found that the following products outshine the competition in regards to either ease of use or performance.



Tacklife SDP50DC


At only 1.3 pounds in weight, this Tacklife model is extremely portable, and can basically be wielded with the same ease as a manual screwdriver while offering the benefit of a 200 rpm electric motor.

The convenience it offers doesn’t stop there, however. It also has its own LED light for those dark nooks and crannies and its rubber cap can be disassembled so you can fit in different bit holders.

It already comes with a set of 30 driver bits, both classic and tubular, as well as a USB charging cable and a user’s manual. It doesn’t have its own adapter, but you can use the USB jack with any mobile phone charger or connect it to your personal computer.

Its Li-ion battery has 2000mAh, significantly higher than most other models and it also has a three stages indicator to let you know how much power is left.

While ideal for driving screws, users have commented it’s powerful enough to be used for drilling into softer walls or wood, with the appropriate bit.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Worksite CD312-18N-CB


This Worksite model classifies as a mid-to-heavy duty model with an output of 18 V of power and a 3/8 -Inch bit holder.

However, it won’t tire your hand too since it’s more on the lighter side for its category at only 4.4 pounds in weight.

It’s portable enough to effectively be used as an electrical screwdriver, but it can also drive holes through most masonry walls, with a maximum torque of 15 N/m and 10+1 clutch position.

As a testament to its adaptability, it comes pre-packaged with 6 pieces of drill bits, 6 screwdriver bits and 30 expansion screws to cover any job you will need doing around the shop or house.  

It has two Ni-Cd batteries with their own charger so that you won’t have to stop working after one of them begins to drain. Battery life is estimated by the manufacturer at 3-5 hours for 1200 mAh and users appreciate its ability to hold a charge for a long time.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Black+Decker Li2000


Ease of use seems to be the name of the game with this Black+Decker model. The handle is swept back so it’s easier to use in tight places while the bit can be locked in place to use it as a manual screwdriver if the need might arise.

It only weighs 1.2 pounds which means it won’t put any strain with extended use.

The 3.6 V Li-ion battery has an average life of around 2 hours but the product comes with its own charger, and you can basically keep it plugged in when not actively using it.

What’s exceptional about the battery is the high time span it can keep a charge for, which is around 18 months.

This is very convenient since it means you can simply get the Li2000 out of the box whenever there’s a need for some impromptu handiwork without having to wait for a couple of hours for it to charge beforehand.

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Best lightweight drill for women


What are the best lightweight drills for a woman in 2017?


Because ladies who do craft work often do not have the time to read our buying guide and product suggestions, we designed this short paragraph to provide enough information that can help them find the best lightweight drill for a woman. We believe the BLACK+DECKER LDX120C provides a good option in its class because of how it utilizes Lithium Ion technology that provides lossless power while offering a longer life and a compact build. It comes with no memory so it enables you to set the proper speed every time. The 11-position clutch enables you to select a suitable drilling speed that matches the material or the project. Since the tendency for the BLACK+DECKER LDX120C to run out of stock is huge because of its popularity among consumers, we also suggest getting the second best one on the market, the Little Pink Tools 501150.



Buying guide


DIY woodworkers are not all brawny as even ladies and those with small builds can also do projects using power tools. The problem there is, there are so many models and brands available that choosing a compact drill is not an easy task. You have to know what to consider in this kind of machine.



Ergonomic, lightweight design


Even those who have been working with heavy-duty power tools read the lightweight drill reviews to find a handy tool they can use to do quick repair or drilling work without having to take out a large power tool. This is where a machine with a lightweight, ergonomically design option makes a good alternative.

Thankfully, to support that need, most machines in this class now boast lithium ion technology, which means cordless functionality and a smaller, lighter motor. This means the machine can be held for a whole day of drilling without causing hand fatigue too easily. The small size also enables you to drill in tight spots.





A good lightweight drill also needs to offer flexibility in use. This comes in the form of variable speeds via a multi position clutch. With that component, you can use the appropriate speed that matches the application or the material to be drilled into.

You can’t possibly be stuck with just a single speed because different types of projects require different levels of bit rotation velocity. This also enables you to work on a wider range of projects to help you optimize your skills and creativity.

A multi-position clutch also lets you work on wood as well as metal and plastic stock. You can also handle screw-driving tasks without over or under-screwing, which can damage the material itself.

The chuck has to accommodate different drill bit sizes for added versatility.



Other helpful features


A cheap lightweight drill might not carry enough features that you can really optimize in your workshop. However, some moderately priced models feature a battery that can be used with other tools in their product lines, which use the same fuel cell for operations. That means you can enjoy expanded functionality from the battery, considering that it tends to come at a higher cost.

Unlike self-tightening chucks, a keyless chuck enables the manual tightening of the bits to give you total control from the get-go. A LED work light illuminates the drilling spot so you know exactly where to position the bit and start drilling. A power indicator light lets you know how much energy the battery still has. This prevents the premature cessation of operations just because you did not anticipate how much power the battery still holds.



Our recommendations


While we cannot point out the exact tool you should pick for your needs, we do have some ideas of our own about some of the popular products in this category. They have been given critical acclaim by users and can, therefore, enhance your workshop productivity.





Leveraging Lithium Ion technology. The LDX120C runs on a powerful battery that can be used on a variety of other tools in the BLACK+DECKER cordless tools line. This option comes with the iconic 20V MAX that powers a variety of machines from the brand so you need not worry about limited functionality.

Made lightweight and compact, the tool can be used effortlessly in tight spots so you can handle difficult projects with confidence. The lightweight and compact design of the tool also facilitates hassle-free carrying and storage. It won’t weigh your hand down so you can handle a whole lot of drilling without experiencing severe hand fatigue. This also enables you to drill holes upward with comfort.

Because the machine comes with no memory, you start safely at the lowest level. You will not be jerked by a high drilling speed at the onset when you switch it on. You also have a precise control when drilling into a variety of materials such as metal, wood, and plastic. What is even more impressive is how the machine enables you to use it for screw-driving tasks too.

For those who would like to explore what projects they can do, the variable speed is a nice feature. Aside from ensuring no damage to the material, the variable speed also lets you choose the right velocity of bit rotation to use for the application.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Little Pink Tools 501150


Running on any one of the supplied pair of lithium ion batteries, this handy tool easily fits in the hand of a woman or even a kid learning how to use a power tool. The two supplied batteries enable you to use the tool with one while the other recharges. This means you always have backup power so you can do more drilling.

The fast charger juices up the batteries in just 1.5 hours. It also drives the two-speed motor to run at either 0 to 400 RPM or 0 to 1350 RPM to suit the needs of the project, material, or application. With 18 torque settings, this tool offers a wide array of drilling applications. The element also enables you to choose the perfect drilling speed to use to match the workpiece.

You will also love the variable speed forward and reverse trigger that prevents damage to the material.

It also enables you to take the drill bit out safely. The package comes with five drill bits and four screwdriver bits for versatility. It also means you won’t have to go to the store to buy those items. Just start drilling when you get the package and after charging the batteries.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Ryobi HP108L


Easy to hold in the hand just like a handgun, the Ryobi HP108L lets you handle those drilling jobs with confidence and style. This handy power tool runs cordless on a lithium ion battery. There is less clutter from cables. It also enables you to work easily with no cord trailing behind you.

You can drill upwards or in tight spaces without worrying how the tool will fit. Thanks to the variable speed trigger, you can match the application with the proper drilling speed. No need to worry about damaging the material or ruining the project any longer. You can control the drilling speed according to the demands of the project.

Designed as a versatile tool, this option can also be used to drive into a variety of materials. It doesn’t limit you to basic hole drilling alone. The handle has an ergonomic design that ensures comfort. You can work long hours using the drill because of that.

The ⅜-inch chuck accommodates various sizes of drill bits no bigger than its capacity. This gives you expanded functionality to handle a variety of projects. Use the machine for plenty of household applications that include putting up curtains, cabinet making and remodeling, and other DIY tasks.

Buy from for ($35.98)




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