Best cordless drill screwdriver


What are the best drill screwdrivers in 2017?


If you’re after a quick suggestion for a good cordless drill screwdriver but don’t have the time to go through all the cordless drill reviews out there, then the following paragraph should tell you everything you need to know. Among all the similar products we’ve looked at, the Tacklife SDP50DC seems to come out on top thanks to the great convenience it offers. Customers appreciate its small size and lightweight, which makes it very easy to use when assembling furniture or performing light duty drilling around the house. It has a large battery life and a battery level indicator, which will remove the inconvenience of having the drill run out of power while in use. If you are looking for something a little more heavy duty, then the 18 Volts Worksite CD312-18N-CB might just fit the bill.


Buying guide


Whether you are looking for the best cordless drill screwdriver to replace your old manual one, or something more versatile that can punch a hole through masonry walls, there are several things to take into account when browsing what’s available for sale.



What do you need it for?


Needless to say, you always have to consider this before buying. Drills come in various shapes and sizes, and while their function can sometimes overlap, there is hardly any drill that fits any task perfectly.

Small models are essentially electric screwdrivers that can sometimes be used to drive holes through soft materials. They are extremely light and comfortable to use, but their power, expressed through the voltage output of the battery, is not enough for heavy-duty work.

These generally run in the 3 – 5 V ranges (3,6 V being the most common), but cordless drills can get as powerful as 18 V. These would be able to handle any sort of home improvement job, from screwing on a chair leg to mounting fittings in a concrete wall, but don’t expect their bulk and weight not to get in the way while you’re assembling furniture.





Most cordless drills run on either Lithium Ion or Lithium Cadmium batteries. These take around 3 or 4 hours to recharge and a little less to drain working at full capacity. Since the drill will lose effectiveness as the battery drains, a good thing to look for in a model is a battery charge indicator.

The figure that shows you how long a battery takes to drain is expressed in milliampere/hour, or mAh for short. The higher this value is for the battery, the more use you’ll get out of it before needing to recharge.  





For small models, convenience and ease of use are generally more important than high specks. Regardless, there are some figures that might still be relevant in their case. Revolutions per minute (RPM’s) which measures the speed at which the chuck rotates, will let you know how fast you’ll be expecting to drive the screws, and also serves as a general indicator of the quality of the item.

Heavy-duty models should put out high torque and high RPM, with preferably as many speed settings as possible, so it adapts well to both high speed/low resistance jobs — like drilling through masonry — and to driving screws into hard essence wood, which requires low speed and high torque.   



Our recommendations


After consulting dozens and dozens of drill screwdriver reviews, we found that the following products outshine the competition in regards to either ease of use or performance.



Tacklife SDP50DC


At only 1.3 pounds in weight, this Tacklife model is extremely portable, and can basically be wielded with the same ease as a manual screwdriver while offering the benefit of a 200 rpm electric motor.

The convenience it offers doesn’t stop there, however. It also has its own LED light for those dark nooks and crannies and its rubber cap can be disassembled so you can fit in different bit holders.

It already comes with a set of 30 driver bits, both classic and tubular, as well as a USB charging cable and a user’s manual. It doesn’t have its own adapter, but you can use the USB jack with any mobile phone charger or connect it to your personal computer.

Its Li-ion battery has 2000mAh, significantly higher than most other models and it also has a three stages indicator to let you know how much power is left.

While ideal for driving screws, users have commented it’s powerful enough to be used for drilling into softer walls or wood, with the appropriate bit.

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Worksite CD312-18N-CB


This Worksite model classifies as a mid-to-heavy duty model with an output of 18 V of power and a 3/8 -Inch bit holder.

However, it won’t tire your hand too since it’s more on the lighter side for its category at only 4.4 pounds in weight.

It’s portable enough to effectively be used as an electrical screwdriver, but it can also drive holes through most masonry walls, with a maximum torque of 15 N/m and 10+1 clutch position.

As a testament to its adaptability, it comes pre-packaged with 6 pieces of drill bits, 6 screwdriver bits and 30 expansion screws to cover any job you will need doing around the shop or house.  

It has two Ni-Cd batteries with their own charger so that you won’t have to stop working after one of them begins to drain. Battery life is estimated by the manufacturer at 3-5 hours for 1200 mAh and users appreciate its ability to hold a charge for a long time.

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Black+Decker Li2000


Ease of use seems to be the name of the game with this Black+Decker model. The handle is swept back so it’s easier to use in tight places while the bit can be locked in place to use it as a manual screwdriver if the need might arise.

It only weighs 1.2 pounds which means it won’t put any strain with extended use.

The 3.6 V Li-ion battery has an average life of around 2 hours but the product comes with its own charger, and you can basically keep it plugged in when not actively using it.

What’s exceptional about the battery is the high time span it can keep a charge for, which is around 18 months.

This is very convenient since it means you can simply get the Li2000 out of the box whenever there’s a need for some impromptu handiwork without having to wait for a couple of hours for it to charge beforehand.

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Best lightweight drill for women


What are the best lightweight drills for a woman in 2017?


Because ladies who do craft work often do not have the time to read our buying guide and product suggestions, we designed this short paragraph to provide enough information that can help them find the best lightweight drill for a woman. We believe the BLACK+DECKER LDX120C provides a good option in its class because of how it utilizes Lithium Ion technology that provides lossless power while offering a longer life and a compact build. It comes with no memory so it enables you to set the proper speed every time. The 11-position clutch enables you to select a suitable drilling speed that matches the material or the project. Since the tendency for the BLACK+DECKER LDX120C to run out of stock is huge because of its popularity among consumers, we also suggest getting the second best one on the market, the Little Pink Tools 501150.



Buying guide


DIY woodworkers are not all brawny as even ladies and those with small builds can also do projects using power tools. The problem there is, there are so many models and brands available that choosing a compact drill is not an easy task. You have to know what to consider in this kind of machine.



Ergonomic, lightweight design


Even those who have been working with heavy-duty power tools read the lightweight drill reviews to find a handy tool they can use to do quick repair or drilling work without having to take out a large power tool. This is where a machine with a lightweight, ergonomically design option makes a good alternative.

Thankfully, to support that need, most machines in this class now boast lithium ion technology, which means cordless functionality and a smaller, lighter motor. This means the machine can be held for a whole day of drilling without causing hand fatigue too easily. The small size also enables you to drill in tight spots.





A good lightweight drill also needs to offer flexibility in use. This comes in the form of variable speeds via a multi position clutch. With that component, you can use the appropriate speed that matches the application or the material to be drilled into.

You can’t possibly be stuck with just a single speed because different types of projects require different levels of bit rotation velocity. This also enables you to work on a wider range of projects to help you optimize your skills and creativity.

A multi-position clutch also lets you work on wood as well as metal and plastic stock. You can also handle screw-driving tasks without over or under-screwing, which can damage the material itself.

The chuck has to accommodate different drill bit sizes for added versatility.



Other helpful features


A cheap lightweight drill might not carry enough features that you can really optimize in your workshop. However, some moderately priced models feature a battery that can be used with other tools in their product lines, which use the same fuel cell for operations. That means you can enjoy expanded functionality from the battery, considering that it tends to come at a higher cost.

Unlike self-tightening chucks, a keyless chuck enables the manual tightening of the bits to give you total control from the get-go. A LED work light illuminates the drilling spot so you know exactly where to position the bit and start drilling. A power indicator light lets you know how much energy the battery still has. This prevents the premature cessation of operations just because you did not anticipate how much power the battery still holds.



Our recommendations


While we cannot point out the exact tool you should pick for your needs, we do have some ideas of our own about some of the popular products in this category. They have been given critical acclaim by users and can, therefore, enhance your workshop productivity.





Leveraging Lithium Ion technology. The LDX120C runs on a powerful battery that can be used on a variety of other tools in the BLACK+DECKER cordless tools line. This option comes with the iconic 20V MAX that powers a variety of machines from the brand so you need not worry about limited functionality.

Made lightweight and compact, the tool can be used effortlessly in tight spots so you can handle difficult projects with confidence. The lightweight and compact design of the tool also facilitates hassle-free carrying and storage. It won’t weigh your hand down so you can handle a whole lot of drilling without experiencing severe hand fatigue. This also enables you to drill holes upward with comfort.

Because the machine comes with no memory, you start safely at the lowest level. You will not be jerked by a high drilling speed at the onset when you switch it on. You also have a precise control when drilling into a variety of materials such as metal, wood, and plastic. What is even more impressive is how the machine enables you to use it for screw-driving tasks too.

For those who would like to explore what projects they can do, the variable speed is a nice feature. Aside from ensuring no damage to the material, the variable speed also lets you choose the right velocity of bit rotation to use for the application.

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Little Pink Tools 501150


Running on any one of the supplied pair of lithium ion batteries, this handy tool easily fits in the hand of a woman or even a kid learning how to use a power tool. The two supplied batteries enable you to use the tool with one while the other recharges. This means you always have backup power so you can do more drilling.

The fast charger juices up the batteries in just 1.5 hours. It also drives the two-speed motor to run at either 0 to 400 RPM or 0 to 1350 RPM to suit the needs of the project, material, or application. With 18 torque settings, this tool offers a wide array of drilling applications. The element also enables you to choose the perfect drilling speed to use to match the workpiece.

You will also love the variable speed forward and reverse trigger that prevents damage to the material.

It also enables you to take the drill bit out safely. The package comes with five drill bits and four screwdriver bits for versatility. It also means you won’t have to go to the store to buy those items. Just start drilling when you get the package and after charging the batteries.

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Ryobi HP108L


Easy to hold in the hand just like a handgun, the Ryobi HP108L lets you handle those drilling jobs with confidence and style. This handy power tool runs cordless on a lithium ion battery. There is less clutter from cables. It also enables you to work easily with no cord trailing behind you.

You can drill upwards or in tight spaces without worrying how the tool will fit. Thanks to the variable speed trigger, you can match the application with the proper drilling speed. No need to worry about damaging the material or ruining the project any longer. You can control the drilling speed according to the demands of the project.

Designed as a versatile tool, this option can also be used to drive into a variety of materials. It doesn’t limit you to basic hole drilling alone. The handle has an ergonomic design that ensures comfort. You can work long hours using the drill because of that.

The ⅜-inch chuck accommodates various sizes of drill bits no bigger than its capacity. This gives you expanded functionality to handle a variety of projects. Use the machine for plenty of household applications that include putting up curtains, cabinet making and remodeling, and other DIY tasks.

Buy from for ($29.45)




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Best hand drill


What are the best hand drills in 2017?


For those who have no time to go over our buying guide but still want to find the best hand drill on the market, this short paragraph should have enough information to help you make a sensible buying decision. We did our own product comparison and research and based on our findings, there are several reasons why the Fiskars Manual 85167097J is a definite consumer favorite. For one, it can bore holes into plastic, wood, acrylic, sheet metal, mixed media, and other materials for craft projects. It has a hand crank that turns easily and even offers cord-free, battery use. The enclosed gears deliver seamless operations as well as a consistent drilling pressure. In case searching for the Fiskars Manual 85167097J turns up nothing because it is out of stock, the A B Tools TE138 makes a good second option.


Buying guide


Finding a good hand drill is not easy. That said, you should be able to have an easier time searching for the right tool for your needs if you know exactly what to look at in this kind of device.



Manual or power?


In its most basic form, a manual hand drill transforms and magnifies the circular motion of a crank into the rotating motion of a drill chuck. While most applications of manual drills for sale have now been replaced by power drills, many woodworkers still prefer the manual model. Manual hand drills can be the egg-beater type, T-handle auger type, or hand brace type.

Although old fashioned, manual units still offer an irreplaceable woodworking functionality.

Manual drills give you total control, for starters. They also help you develop your woodworking skills to the full and optimize your natural creativity. There’s just something about a project being totally handmade that gives it a certain appeal.

However, battery-powered drills save you time. They do not require too much elbow grease to begin with, so the workload is reduced and you can do more work in a short time. The results are often cleaner too. You can get cordless or battery-powered models.

Some models give you the option to operate them manually or using batteries.



Dependable performance


You should be able to bag a cheap hand drill easily but how sure are you that it can go the distance? The components of both a manual and a power hand drill should be of high quality.

For those who would rather save their arms from the strain of working a manual model, a power drill should still come with some capabilities that are required for certain jobs. It just makes the work easier.

Some models enable you to cut holes into different types of material, not just wood. You can use plastic, acrylic, sheet metal, mixed media, among many other types. The hand crank should allow easy turning.

Battery-powered models should feature enclosed gears to prevent damage to the sensitive drilling components. This will also ensure a consistent drilling pressure and flawless operations.



Safety and ease of use


It should be easy to loosen and tighten the chuck to put in a suitable drill bit for your project. The chuck should ideally accommodate different bit sizes for versatility. Most hand drills need a special tool for tightening the chuck securely.

The tip of the bit should be placed at the spot where the hole is to be drilled. The bit should be at the same angle as the target hole. Do not apply too much pressure on the handle when using smaller drill bits.

Little maintenance is needed by the top hand drills. That said, they can be easily damaged if used improperly. This includes using the tool with excess pressure or with the wrong drill bit. To obtain maximum efficiency from your hand drill, drop a bit of light oil in the chuck gear and on the chuck pinions.



Our recommendations


We have seen how the products below have earned rave hand drill reviews from users. They seem to provide the serviceability and performance that craftsmen look for in their workshop tools.



Fiskars Manual 85167097J


Designed to simplify hole drilling into a variety of materials, the Fiskars Manual 85167097J enables you to create genuine and unique works of art. It comes with the convenient features you want in a hand drill while providing effortless control and optimal functionality.

The tool features a hand crank that is effortless to turn so you use less elbow grease to work the device. The hand crank also eliminates the need for batteries and cords that only cause clutter in the workshop. The best thing is, you get smooth and consistent operations from this simple hand tool.

As an added treat to buyers, this model ships with four standard drill bits. You wouldn’t have to head to the shops just to get started on that project the minute you get the hand tool. Choose from ⅛, 3/16, 5/32, and 3/32-inch bits. The machine’s comfortable grip enables you to work on complicated projects the entire day and not be bothered by hand fatigue.

This implement is not just suitable for wood but also for plastic, acrylic, mixed media, paper, sheet metal, and other materials you would like to turn into masterpieces. To ensure consistent drilling pressure along with smooth operations, the machine features gears enclosed protectively.

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A B Tools TE138


The A B Tools TE138 is a basic model that offers ease of use and full control in drilling. It requires no electricity to run so you save on your utility bills. It doesn’t require batteries either since its egg beater-style design just needs hand cranking to enable the machine to bore into the stock. This means you have a lot of possibilities on your hands to make pieces of art you can show off to everyone.

Fitted with an 8mm or ¼-inch keyless chuck, this tool accepts smaller drill bits so you can work on a variety of projects using different ones. The three-tooth chuck provides a secure and firm hold for safety during operations and to offer extended tool life. Enjoy a smooth hole drilling action thanks to the double-pinion mechanism.

With its gear ratio of 3.6:1, the bit rotates 3.6 times for every turn of the crank handle, which means faster drilling in less time. At just 285 mm long and 1.7 pounds heavy, this tool is easy to hold in the hand, carry, and store. It won’t cause hand fatigue quickly unlike some power tools. It is also easy to manipulate or handle because of its small and lightweight design.

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L.F.Z Semi-Automatic Mini Manual


The L.F.Z Semi-Automatic Mini Manual is a work of art in itself. Made from aluminum alloy, the tool is designed to deliver lasting serviceability and dependable performance. It is versatile enough to hold small drills, wires, deburrers, reamers, and files so you can explore your woodworking and crafting skills fully.

This model makes a great helper for DIY woodworking, carving, tool making, electronic assembly, and model making. You can work on a variety of projects in your shop using the supplied 10 pieces of micro drill bits. Choose from 0.5, 0.8, 1.0, 1.2, 1.3, 1.5, 1.8, 2.0, 2.5, and 3.0mm to match the material or the job.

Easy to use, this machine doesn’t require advanced woodworking skills to help you create masterpieces with your hands. It is lightweight so it guarantees effortless handling. Your hands won’t feel fatigue easily and neither will you. Changing drill bits is also quite easy because of the smooth working chuck that provides a tight and firm hold for your safety. It is easy to loosen the bit from the chuck as well.

The clamping range provides versatility as it accommodates from 0.3 to 3mm to suit the included bits.

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Best cordless drill for the money


What are the best cordless drills for the money in 2017?


Not many people have the time to read our buying guide and product suggestions so we offer this short paragraph to help them find the best cordless drill for the money with less effort. Based on what we have gathered from ratings and reviews, the Dewalt DCD771C2 offers good value and quality for a number of reasons. It has a compact and lightweight design that enables it to fit into confined spaces. This also means the tool is easy to carry and store in your toolbox. Delivering 300 unit watts out, the tool is outfitted with a high-performance motor. It offers the right power level for a range of applications. Thanks to the high-speed transmission, you enjoy two drilling speeds to suit the material and task. Because many people seem to like the Dewalt DCD771C2, it can run out of stock easily. However, the Makita FD02W makes a good second option.


Buying guide


If you don’t particularly like reading too many cordless drill reviews, then just let this handy buying guide help you find a suitable machine for your needs. These are the aspects to look at when making a choice for this type of tool.





To ensure you find a quality cordless drill, take a good, long look at its motor. This is what drives the drill to do its job. Unless this component is performance-driven, do not expect the tool to do really well in drilling.

Some units are outfitted with a highly capable, strong motor for completing a variety of applications. You can drill, fasten, or drive screws using such tools.

Although the machine might be a cordless unit, it has to be equipped with a rechargeable battery that has the capacity to drive the drill as it should. You cannot afford to be stuck with a machine that has a lousy battery. The fuel cell should hold a charge long even when not in use.





A single speed can be a hassle if you need to work on different types of materials and projects. It limits your productivity as well. If you are stuck with just one speed, the limited RPM only allows you to handle a few applications. You may not even be able to do more than just drill into wood.

On the other hand, a good cordless drill enables you to explore your creativity by giving you at least two transmission speeds. More speeds are better. This way, you can handle drilling and even fastening tasks or driving jobs.



Other features you might not even know you need


An ergonomically shaped drill ensures problem-free handling. You can hold it in your hand for long periods without getting hand fatigue. You will even be able to drill on high spots and it would probably be just your neck that will feel tired. An ergonomic design also lets you drill with uniform pressure every time.

Sometimes, lighting is not at optimum levels so a built-in LED light is useful. It shines a light on the spot so you can ensure precise drilling results at the exact spot. This also helps prevent wastage due to damaged materials.

Some drills for sale come with an entire package of accessories such as screws, drill bits, ratchets, and more. That’s real value for the money. Some units also come with a carrying case or bag for a problem-free transport and storage.



Our recommendations


While we cannot dictate what model or brand you should buy, we do have some product suggestions that should satisfy your needs. While a generic, cheap cordless drill might be a huge bargain, you ought to check out these models from some of the market’s popular power tool makers.



Dewalt DCD771C2


With its keyless chuck, the Dewalt DCD771C2 enables the manual insertion of the right drill bit and still ensures a secure hold for safety. It comes with a compact, lightweight design that enables easy handling. You can use it to drill upwards, into tight areas, and even small spots where precision is a must.

The high-performance motor delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power to help you work on a wide range of applications. Thanks to the high-speed transmission, you get two speeds. Choose from 0 to 450 and 0 to 1,500 RPM to help you complete various drilling and fastening applications.

In addition, the ½-inch single-sleeve ratcheting chuck guarantees a tight gripping strength on the drill bit. Your safety is assured because of this. Comfort and control are provided by the ergonomic handle.

At just 3.6 pounds, this power tool is lightweight. It lets you do drilling without getting hand fatigue that easily. Because it is cordless, the machine prevents clutter in your workspace. It also allows you to drill without being tethered to an electric socket.

The package includes a durable contractor bag for easy storage and transport. The two supplied 20-volt Max compact Lithium ion battery packs enable you to work continuously. You can insert the charged one in the machine while the other juices up on the compact charger.

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Makita FD02W


With its variable two-speed motor, the Makita FD02W provides you a wide range of drilling and driving applications. Choose from either 0 to 350 RPM or 0 to 1,300 RPM to suit the task as well as the material. Get the exact drilling speed you need so you can do more projects with just one power tool.

Furthermore, you will appreciate the extra-compact design of the machine. It enables you to drill into tight spaces without being bothered by bulkiness. Weighing in at just 2.2 pounds, this power tool is easy on the hands. It won’t cause easy muscle fatigue and is also very easy to handle. You can drill and drive all day using this lightweight implement.

The built-in LED light is a nice bonus. It helps you work more easily during poor lighting conditions. The component illuminates the work area to prevent costly mistakes. You get 200 inch-pounds of maximum torque plus 120 inch-pounds of Peak Torque Initially (PTI) despite the small size of the machine.

Thanks to the ergonomic shape, the drill is easy to handle. You can apply consistent drilling pressure because of this factor. This model is suitable for use by repairmen, electricians, maintenance professionals, remodelers, cabinet installers, and general contractors who want a handy power tool that does the job.

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Black+Decker BDC120VA100


One of the reasons you should consider this choice is that it comes with as many as 100 accessories. What this means for you is that you will truly get your money’s worth. The product has been equipped with a Lithium-Ion battery that can hold a charge up to eighteen months, provided that you use it judiciously.

It’s also worth adding that the BDC120VA100 can be used with a broad array of materials. So, whether you intend to drill some holes through plastic, wood, or metal, you can safely rely on the services ensured by this Black+Decker model.

When it comes to the feedback garnered by this choice, it appears that most of those who have selected have only good things to say about its performance and reliability. There have been complaints from some users who say that they would have liked the drill to come with more than just one battery, especially as it needs to be bought separately.

Other consumers note that the BDC120VA100 is among the lightest cordless drills they’ve laid their hands on, so it seems to be a winner in terms of usability. For light-duty projects, this Black+Decker alternative appears to be a good option.

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Best cordless combi drill


What are the best cordless combi drills in 2017?


Finding the best cordless combi drill is not an easy task especially if you can’t take the time to go over our detailed buying guide and product suggestions. However, to simplify the decision-making process, we have evaluated some of the popular products on the market, which thankfully led us to a good choice in this category, the Bosch CLPK232A-181. Ideal for those who seek nothing less than value for the money, this option features two hand tools both equipped with an innovative 18-volt canned motor that offers more power despite the compact build. The impact driver features a 7.0-inch head along with a 3.5-pound weight. The drill/driver is also lightweight at just 3.8 pounds and with its 5.7-inch head length. If locating the Bosch CLPK232A-181 takes a lot of searching and turns up nothing, you can go for the Makita XT273R, the second best option.


Buying guide


We understand that it’s not a simple task to find a combi drill for sale that suits your needs to a tee. However, we urge you to look at the essential aspects below when comparing what the market offers to consumers.



Power in a compact tool


Cordless combi drills and impact drivers should not just compromise on running power and performance in favor of drilling and driving capacity. A cheap cordless combi drill definitely saves you cash on getting two tools in one package. However, this does not mean the devices should be any less powerful than when they are bought separately or in full size.

You want professional-level drilling and driving from two complementary tools in the kit. Both devices should be tough. This will ensure longer tool life and optimal functionality as well, which, to us, really means value for the money you spend on your workshop equipment.

As a driving and fastening machine, the impact driver should deliver the ideal level of torque. The drill/driver should also provide additional torque transfer from a powerful motor to ensure a long run life as well as an efficient, sturdy design.



Flexibility and performance


You can’t totally avoid having to drill or drive onto compact spaces. This is where a lightweight impact drill/ driver and impact driver should come in handy. Both tools in a good combi drill package should be able to finish the job without damaging the workpiece or surface.

With more than one speed setting, you are able to use either a high torque or a high drilling speed. This offers the best option for contractors or installers who want nothing less than a dependable performance for either drilling or driving applications.

The lightweight design also enables overhead drilling and driving when needed. An efficient and sturdy design and a long run life enable you to finish the job in less time.



Other helpful features


An auto-lock metal keyless chuck enables you to carry out one-handed bit replacement when working. With onboard LED lighting, dimly lit work areas get some form of illumination to help you see better. A quick-change chuck enables you to change the bit with different fasteners.

Slimpack batteries contribute to a seamless, compact design. An included carry bag provides easy carrying and storage of the tools and accessories in the package.

The tools should each come with their own batteries so you can use them together. This also allows you to use just one tool and have constant power because while one battery recharges, the other can be used to power the tool.



Our recommendations


We have featured some of the top choices in many cordless drill reviews. We believe having them in your tool box can ensure that you have just the right tool for your needs.



Bosch CLPK232A-181


There are various reasons why the Bosch CLPK232A-181 is often chosen by customers. It delivers the professional drilling and driving flexibility you want because of the two complementary tools in the package. You get the compact and tough ½-inch drill driver as well as the equally robust ¼-inch Hex Impact driver.

Designed with an upgraded chuck, the drill/driver delivers additional torque transfer from the state-of-the-art 18-volt canned motor. This means a long run life in an efficient and robust design. On the other hand, the impact driver serves as both a fastening and driving machine that provides 1,500 inch-pounds of torque.

You can get the job finished easily because both tools are powered by separate 18-volt 2.0 Ah SlimPack batteries. You can use both devices at the same time. You can also choose to recharge one battery using the handy 18-volt charger while using the other one installed in any one of the tools.

Both tools offer power in a compact footprint. On the drill/driver is a heavy-duty chuck that ensures an exceptional robustness along with torque transfer. The canned motor is geared with a lighter design compared to others. However, it still provides the same power that conventional 18-volt motors can give.

Buy from for ($179.99)




Makita XT273R

Thanks to the Makita XT273R, you get two tools in one single package. It makes a good option for those who want value for the money they spend on their DIY equipment. Carry out home repairs and small projects confidently. The package ships with a drill/ driver and an impact driver. Both are powered by their own battery.

This enables you to either use both tools together or just one of the devices while waiting for the other battery to juice up if only one of the machines is needed.

The hammer driver/drill offers variable two-speed functionality so you can choose from 0 to 400 and 0 to 1,500 RPM to match the application and also prevent damage to the workpiece. The Makita-manufactured 4-pole motor provides a maximum torque of 480 inch-pounds. Lightweight at just 3.4 pounds total with the battery, the ½-inch hammer driver-drill does not cause easy operator fatigue so you can drill the whole day.

The variable speed impact driver offers from 0 to 2,300 RPM and 0 to 3,200 impacts or blows per minute along with 1,420 inch-pounds maximum torque. All that from a lightweight machine weighing only 2.8 pounds including the battery.

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If you need a drill/driver and a circular saw and do not really have the time to do your own research to find the best machines for you, the BLACK+DECKER BDCD220CS should provide a good option. Since this product comes as an entire kit, you get not just one but two devices: a drill/driver and a circular saw.

Optimize 310 inch-pounds of torque from the drill/driver. It is equipped with a two-speed gearbox to ensure dependable flexibility. The LED work light illuminates the workspace so you won’t need to cease the task when lighting is poor. The 11-position clutch provides easy control. You can enjoy easy use because of the lightweight design.

The high-torque motor drives the 5.5-inch blade of the saw to do its cutting task with ease. Adjusting the depth of cut and the cutting bevel requires no tools.

Both machines leverage lithium ion battery technology so they can deliver lasting runtime despite their small size. The battery can hold a charge up to 18 months so both tools are always ready to use even when stored.

Engineered for mobility and easy use, both tools can be used in tight or confined spaces. One battery can be shared by the two machines so you can certainly save on storage space and have ease of transport too.

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Best 18v drill


What are the best 18V drills in 2017?


Few people really have the time to read our in-depth buying guide and product descriptions so we designed this short paragraph to carry enough information to help consumers find the best 18v drill. To accomplish our objective, we went over a number of popular products to compare them in value and quality. This has led us to a good choice, the Makita XFD10R. It should come as no surprise that this option has earned wide acceptance by consumers because of its robust 4-pole motor. This element provides 480 inch-pounds of maximum torque to drill strongly and swiftly. Thanks to the mechanical two-speed transmission, you can choose from 0 to 600 and 0 to 1,900 RPM. It will enable you to perform a variety of drilling and driving applications. You should not wonder if the Makita XFD10R runs out of stock repeatedly because of how it has become a widespread choice among DIYers like you. However, there’s still the Bosch DDB181-02 as a good second choice.


Buying guide


It is not quite easy to spot the top 18v drills on the market. You either have to know this kind of machine thoroughly or just take note of some features that are quite important like the ones outlined here.





Just like any regular power tool, a compact 18-volt drill should really offer the stamina and energy needed to complete the task without compromising on performance.

The motor is a critical element. Unless it is designed to drive the bit with more than enough power, holes will take forever to cut. You also want maximum torque from the motor so it will not take long to complete the task.

This will allow you to drill holes into different types of materials, which can include wood, plastic, and metal. Most top-rated options in the 18v drill reviews can even be used for screw  driving into different kinds of stock as well.

The bottom line is to choose a machine that can be used for daily drilling needs as well as the more difficult ones when needed.





A good 18v drill does not only provide a high torque and speed for drilling but it should also be suitable for fastening and screw-driving tasks.

If you have to drill into tight spots, the machine has to enable you to do so. That is how important a lightweight design is. It enables you to cut a hole or drive screws underneath or above. The lightweight build also lessens fatigue so you can do plenty of drilling without getting pain in the hands and arms.

Look for models that provide multiple speeds or at least a mechanical two-speed transmission. This allows you to select the exact drilling velocity needed for the application or the material.



Other great features


Sometimes, the workspace is not optimally illuminated. A LED work light provides the needed component to overcome the difficulty of working in such settings. Some models even provide a LED light with afterglow for easy space focusing.

A rubberized soft grip on an ergonomically designed handle enables you to hold the machine and control it easily with just one hand.

Some 18-volt drills for sale come with exclusive technology that ensures good water and dust resistance. This enables you to use them confidently in harsh conditions on the work site. It guarantees the tool won’t just die on you because the sensitive components are protected well from external elements.



Our recommendations


We have featured some of the market’s popular choices below. Unlike any cheap 18v drill, these options are made by top brands. This means you can enjoy lasting functionality and dependable performance from any one of the choices.



Makita XFD10R


What sets apart the Makita XFD10R from cheaper, generic drills is its high-quality components and craftsmanship. It is outfitted with a Makita-built, 4-pole motor that drives the chuck to deliver 480 inch-pounds of maximum torque. You get enough power to cut holes cleanly or drive screws easily.

You are also assured of 350 inch-pounds torque to get powerful fastening results. The tool runs at 1,300 RPM to facilitate speedy drilling. Optimize the two-speed transmission so you can use the proper bit rotation velocity to carry out drilling and screw driving. This tool is useful for putting up curtains or cabinet making.

Lightweight and compact, this implement offers easy handling in confined spaces. It also ensures less fatigue during daily usage. You can do drilling and fastening for extended periods of time without getting pain and soreness in your muscles or hands too quickly.

The LED light allows you to complete tasks in dark work spaces. Thanks to the mechanical two-speed transmission, you get optimal speed and torque for drilling and screw driving. You will surely appreciate the Extreme Protection Technology in this model. It has been engineered to be resistant to dust and water so it can be used even in difficult job conditions.

Click to see the price on Amazon!



Bosch DDB181-02


Offering an optimized performance, the Bosch DDB181-02 is ideal for everyday drilling and driving purposes. It is equipped with a two-speed transmission to enable you to do heavy-duty driving as well as high-speed drilling. The lightweight tool provides 350 inch-pounds of maximum torque that works with the motor brake to allow accurate and continuous screw driving.

Thanks to the 1,300 RPM, you are guaranteed fast drilling into a wide array of materials. Weighing just 3.0 pounds, the device makes a great tool for electricians and HVAC contractors who have to do plenty of overhead drilling and driving. You can expect ample power even for tough drilling and driving jobs.

If you have to work in dark spaces, there’s a LED light to illuminate the spot. This model is compact so it can be carried in a pouch and stored easily. The 7.1-inch head length provides easy control in tight corners as well.

Thanks to the ergonomic soft-grip handle, this tool provides a reliable solution to daily drilling and driving needs. The two 18-volt Slim Pack batteries do not add weight to the tool while contributing to the compact design. You can count on the 20+1 clutch settings to match the speed to the application.

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Black & Decker GCO18SB-2


The Black & Decker GCO18SB-2 offers cordless convenience for drilling and driving. The drill/driver can accommodate a variety of materials. It can be used for cutting holes into metal, plastic, and wood. It can also drive screws into those materials. Thanks to the variable speeds, you can select the perfect bit rotating speed to suit the task or the material.

Changing bits is effortless thanks to the keyless chuck. With the 24-position clutch, you have easy control of the task. Thus, you won’t have to worry about overdriving and stripping of screws. The kit includes two HPB18 Batteries batteries so you can enjoy continued operation. You can install one of the batteries while waiting for the other one to recharge.  Storage and transport are hassle-free because everything in the kit can be carried in the supplied storage bag.

Despite not being a heavy-duty model, this drill/driver can be used for making the occasional hole, doing odd jobs around the house, hanging a photo frame, and other light-duty tasks. Because it’s cordless, the tool eliminates the need to stay tethered to an electric socket. It also eliminates clutter in the workplace because there is no power cord trailing after you when working.

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Best drill press for knife making


What are the best drill presses for knife making in 2017?


We can certainly understand if you don’t have the time to read our guide and product descriptions below, but let this short paragraph give you the necessary information for a wise shopping decision. After having studied the merits of some of the popular products on the market, we have found what many consider to be a great choice as the best drill press for knife making, the Klutch 2705S060. With its ⅝-inch chuck capacity and 1-inch maximum drilling capacity, this model will definitely be able to handle the complex task of making knives. It can bore through tough metal while still being easily controllable via its 6-inch vertical stroke. You can work on the intricate curves of the knife you are creating thanks to the 45-degree table tilt of the power tool that provides a variety of drilling angles. Not being able to find the Klutch 2705S060 because it is out of stock should not cause you to worry since you can still get the second best option, the WEN 4214.


Buying guide


One of the most difficult challenges that a knifemaker might face is finding a quality knife making drill press. The huge range of products on the market can create a lot of confusion in the first-time buyer. Through this buyer’s guide, we hope the process becomes a little less complicated.





Knife making is a task that requires precision. It involves sanding, hole drilling, and polishing. If the drill press is to handle that range of jobs, it has to be equipped with a robust motor. While some people do not really care if they get a floor standing or a benchtop model, their most important consideration is the motor power.

The heavy-duty ones for sale feature a 1.5 HP motor, but you can also get models with a ⅔-HP, ¾-HP or a 1-HP motor. The size of the machine is not really as critical as the size of its motor. That said, look for quality in the motor.



Dependable performance


When comparing all the different models in the best drill press for knife making reviews, pick one that is able to bore a hole into thick steel, so a large maximum drilling capacity is ideal. The best ones offer a ½-inch to 1-inch maximum drilling capacity.

A large swing also enables the machine to handle large pieces of steel from which to cut your knife out or make a large and long one. A larger swing also makes the machine more versatile since you can fashion different knife designs.

The vertical stroke should enable the easy control of the speed travel, which also supports safety.



Versatility and ease of use


A large chuck capacity enables you to use a variety of drill bits so you can find a suitable one for the knifemaking task. This will be difficult if the chuck capacity is too small to allow you to use bigger bits or specialty ones just for the job.

A tilting worktable allows you to work on the various nuances of a well-made knife, such as its curves and edges. The variety of angles the beveling worktable provides is convenient for shaping the knife.

A depth lock allows you to drill to the exact depth every time, which is very important because of the precision work involved in knife making.

The most critical element in a knifemaking drill press in terms of versatility is a variable spin speed. Being stuck with a single spindle speed won’t enable you to use the proper RPM for the various tasks or procedures in knife creation.

Other secondary elements that make the machine easy to use include an integrated chuck key storage that keeps the chuck within easy reach and prevents loss or misplacement.



Our recommendations


Some of the consumer favorites in this product category are showcased below. They have the features that customers look for in the best knife making drill press.



Klutch 2705S060


This 17-inch floor mount drill press is suitable for drilling metal or wood. It provides the versatility, accuracy, and power needed to handle the intricate task of knife making. The sturdy floor mount base provides ample support to keep the machine steady during the creative process.

The powerful 1.5HP, 120-volt motor drives the drill press to deliver variable speeds that generate 600 to 2,400 RPM. This enables you to choose the exact rotating speed for the drill bit to perform the cutting task. This element also allows you to do the other tasks involved in the knife creation process including sanding and polishing so you can make a product you can be truly proud of.

The head swivels 360 degrees to accommodate a variety of applications.

This is a CE certified drill press with a generous 14×14 work table that handles a large stock. The ⅝-inch chuck size and 1-inch drilling capacity enable the power tool to utilize a variety of bit types and sizes for the task. The gooseneck LED light enables you to work in a variety of lighting conditions.

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WEN 4214


The WEN 4214 is another top-of-the-line machine from the brand known for producing genuinely powerful tools. Engineered with mechanical variable speeds, this drill press delivers a consistent torque throughout the range so you get clean and smooth functionality as well as the expected results.

To facilitate the operations, the LED readout displays the current running speed. This eliminates the guesswork and enables you to see the critical information at a glance, helping you focus on the delicate task. The 3 1/8 -inch spindle travel provides easy control of the chuck to prevent damaging the surface of the stock.

For accurate and consistent results even during repetitive hole drilling, the drill press features a locking linear depth stop that is also easy to read. Powered by a durable ⅔-HP induction motor, this model also features a 9.5 by 9.5-inch cast iron worktable with a rack-and-pinion height adjustment to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes of workpieces.

You can perform angled drilling as well thanks to the beveling capability of the worktable. Get up to 17 inches of support for large stock via the table roller extension.

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Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B


Get a full range of speeds from the Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B, which is engineered with mechanical variable speed to enable you to find the proper one for the application. This power tool simplifies speed changes using no belts. The 6-inch quill travel enables problem-free control with one revolution of the handle to move the stock closer to the chuck with ease.

Thanks to the adjustable fence system, you obtain a precise 90-degree orientation with the worktable while ensuring the speedy alignment of the stock. Repetitive drilling actions are done accurately and quickly because of the adjustable material depth stop.

This model provides ease of use with its digital RPM readout that enables you to simply glance at the speed display to check the rotational velocity without taking your focus away from the operations. To indicate the tool entry point, laser guides are projected onto the surface of the workpiece.

This model features a keyless chuck that facilitates any drill bit changes so you wouldn’t need any additional tools that can easily get misplaced.

The reversible handles mount on either side of the drill press to ensure comfortable task completion based on your needs.

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Best drill machine for home use


What are the best drill machines for home use in 2017?


If you need to find the best drill machine for home use but can’t spare the time to go over our meticulously prepared buying guide, this short paragraph is designed to make your search simpler. We did the hard work of product research and comparison so we could present you with what we consider a quality choice among the market’s popular products, which is the BLACK+DECKER LDX120PK. To enable you to handle a variety of home projects, this kit comes complete with a 20-volt lithium ion battery operated drill, which is always ready to go. The battery itself can hold its charge up to 18 months to ensure power efficiency. You can easily prevent overdriving screws and stripping thanks to the 11-position clutch, while the 66 supplied hand tools and accessories accommodate a variety of workshop applications. No need to worry when stocks of the BLACK+DECKER LDX120PK run out, as the DEWALT DCD780C2 makes a good second option.


Buying guide


Having a handheld drill machine enables you to handle basic drilling tasks without the need to invest in a heavyweight, full-size drill press. To enjoy the best features in this kind of implement for sale, you ought to look at the following aspects:



Pick a product in the best drill machine for home use reviews that offers versatility


You can’t go for a machine that only does drilling. The best products ship with a whole range of accessories and hand tools to allow you to perform more than just drilling. You can work on your bike, mount home furnishings and appliances, or do all-around home repairs and DIY projects because of the many tools that come in the package.

The best ones ship with an entire set of drill bits, which enables you to drill into a variety of materials and surfaces. What is even better is those products that come with screwdrivers, a hammer, wrenches, pliers, and a level tool, just to name a few.



The best drill machine for domestic use offers trouble-free functionality


You can work on even more home projects if the drill machine you get is always ready to do its job. Many drill machines are powered by a lithium ion battery but only a few of them have this component capable enough to hold a charge for a long time. Having to juice up the power tool too often can be exasperating, especially when you have to work on a huge project.

You want the power tool to have a compact, lightweight design that enables it to fit into hard-to-access spots. An ergonomic handle provides effortless control and comfort, effectively preventing the early onset of hand fatigue.

Any supplied drill bits should start drilling on contact to prevent nasty pilot holes for clean results. Most models come with their own carry bag for the easy transport and storage of the tool and its accompanying accessories.



When deciding which is the best drill machine for home use, find one that provides a dependable performance


You also wouldn’t want to overdrive or strip screws so a multi-position clutch is a crucial feature. This provides the precise control you need for smooth functionality.

The power tool should enable you to work on a variety of materials including wood, metal, and plastic.



Our recommendations


With the variety of options on the market, finding the best drill machine for your needs can take a bit of time. To simplify the shopping experience, we have featured the best products below.





Truly the ideal project pack, the BLACK+DECKER LDX120PK provides the handyman with every tool needed to handle a large range of home projects.

You can drill holes, fasten objects, tighten, mount, do repairs, hammer things down, ply objects loose, along with a variety of other tasks using every tool and accessory in the kit.

Thanks to the ability of the drill’s 20-volt lithium ion battery to hold a charge, you won’t have to juice up the tool that often and still be assured there’s enough power to finish the project.

Worried about blotched screw driving? The 11-position clutch prevents the overdriving and stripping of screws for error-free results.

You have every tool and accessory you need for simple home projects as this kit comes with 66 components in all, stored in their very own carry bag to guarantee worry-free transport as well. Because it’s from Black & Decker, this tool pack is engineered for dependability and durability.

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Boasting a compact and lightweight design, the drill machine in this toolkit enables you to handle a variety of DIY and home repair projects so you save money on professional technician fees. The small footprint of the drill enables it to get into those difficult-to-access spots. Its lightweight design, together with the ergonomically designed handle, prevents the quick onset of hand fatigue.

The drill is equipped with high-speed transmission to deliver two speeds, 0 to 600 RPM and 0 to 2,000 RPM, to accommodate drilling and fastening tasks. It features a heavy-duty ½-inch ratcheting chuck that holds the bit with exceptional strength for operator safety and dependable drilling capability.

The power tool employs an Energy Star qualified charger to ensure environmental friendliness. Each drill bit is expertly engineered to start on contact so you can drill clean holes every time.

The supplied drill bit set comes with units equipped with a Titanium Pilot Point for longer life. The bits have no-spin shanks to ensure durability and strength and to ensure clean pilot holes as well, preventing the costly waste of materials.

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It’s time to get the BLACK+DECKER BDC120VA100, the tool kit that saves you money on having to buy separate tools for doing home repairs. This tool package features a cordless drill machine that runs on a lithium ion battery, which holds a single full charge for up to 18 months when not in use.

The drill has a convenient 24-position clutch that ensures clean screw fastening results with its capability to prevent overdriving and stripping of screws. It serves well for drilling or screw driving into metal, wood, and plastics, among a variety of other materials.

You will surely appreciate the 100-piece variety of accessories that ship with the power tool, as you have everything you need for basic home repairs and DIY projects in a single package. Find out what kinds of tasks you can work on using the rich array of items in the kit.

To keep all the items in the pack well-organized and easily transportable, you also get a convenient carry bag for storage.

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Best woodworking drill press


What are the best woodworking drill presses in 2017?


We can certainly understand if you do not have the time to read our carefully researched buying guide and product descriptions below but this short paragraph should have all you need to make a wise buying decision. We have gone through countless expert review sites for workshop equipment and compared the reviews and ratings in them with the actual user feedback for various products. According to consumer surveys, the WEN 4214 is a great choice for sale because of its infinitely variable spindle speeds varying between 580 and 3,200 RPM to handle different projects and types of material. Thanks to the mechanical variable speed, you get equal torque throughout the entire velocity range. The LED readout conveniently shows you the running speed. The locking linear depth stop offers an easy reading to ensure repeatable and precise drilling operations. Because of the high likelihood that the WEN 4214 would run out of stock due to how popular it is with customers, we recommend the second best option, the WEN 4208.


Buying guide


If you are exploring the joys of woodworking, you definitely need a good drill press to enable you to handle various projects more easily. A handheld drill does not offer the same level of accuracy and versatility as a woodworking drill press. To find a great machine for your needs, these are the aspects to look at.



The best drill press for wood projects boasts a superior construction


Plastic, flimsy parts won’t go the distance if you intend to use the drill press to provide years of service and functionality. You want every component and part of the drill press to be made of high-quality materials such as cast iron. The base, column, work table, and head should be constructed of quality materials for dependable mileage.

Every part of the drill press should offer smooth operations through premium-quality components that are rugged enough to withstand easy wear-and-tear considering the type of drilling applications and materials you will be working on. The entire machine should feel solid from top to bottom and not wobbly and unsteady on the benchtop.

The motor should offer a heavy-duty functionality, with at least ½ -HP, ¾-HP, or ⅔-HP to operate under demanding conditions when needed.



Choose a product featured in the best woodworking drill press reviews that boasts exceptional versatility


There will be times when you need to drill into other kinds of materials aside from wood. Fortunately, plenty of drill presses are able to bore holes into metal, plastic, and ceramic, along with regular wood. Furthermore, the machine should be able to cut holes into different shapes and sizes of stock if you are to make the most of your creativity and productivity in the workshop.

This is where an articulating worktable comes handy. If you have to drill holes at an angle or to work with irregularly-shaped or various sizes of stock, you will surely appreciate a beveling work table. In addition, the table should be raised or lowered to the exact height so as to avoid mistakes that only cause you to waste materials because of improper drilling results.

A ½-inch chuck size is useful for holding a variety of drill bit sizes to match the material you use. Plenty of drill presses come with variable spindle speeds so you can find the proper rotational velocity for cutting a neat, perfectly-sized hole into the stock.



Pick a product in the best drill press for woodworking reviews that delivers a good level of functionality and accuracy


With a large quill, you are assured of drilling accuracy because there is always a decent level of clearance when the drill bit digs into the stock at the precise spot. The spindle assembly should come with permanently lubed ball bearings that provide smooth operations along with durability.

A large column delivers reliably outstanding support for all the other components at the top. It also reduces any vibrations when the motor is running and when you do the drilling.

When you have to perform drilling of multiple holes when doing elaborate projects such as furniture-making and the like, you will appreciate locking depth stops on the machine. With one-handed belt tensioning, you can easily make changes to the speed.

The worktable should be large enough for a secure holding of the stock in place. An onboard chuck key storage keeps the chuck key handy at all times while preventing its loss or misplacement.

To complement a power switch, some models feature a paddle-style off-button for safe operations. A LED display and a LED work light contribute to greater precision.



Our recommendations


There is certainly a wealth of options on woodworking drill presses on the market. While we take efforts to be as impartial as possible, most consumers consider the following as good choices.



WEN 4214


Offering versatility and a dependable functionality, the WEN 4214 is a remarkable machine that provides a maximum swing of ten inches so it can drill a hole into the center of a 10-inch workpiece. The unit comes with a spindle travel of 3 ⅛ inches for effortless control and a dependable drilling performance.

The machine comes with infinitely variable speed ranging from 580 to 3,200 RPM so you can set it to the proper drilling level to suit the material and the application itself. You can expect equal torque throughout the entire velocity range thanks to the mechanical variable speed. Most importantly, there is no guesswork because of the LED readout display that shows you the operating speed at a glance.

Driven by a ½-HP induction motor, this machine runs with more than enough power and torque to plow through the material to the exact drilling depth so you won’t be wasting stock every time a mistake is made in the drilling. The table bevels to a maximum of 45 degrees left and right for drilling at an angle, or into variously sized and shaped materials.

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WEN 4208


Powered by a rugged ⅓-HP induction motor, the WEN 4208 is capable of drilling into different kinds of materials including wood, helping you work on a variety of projects to increase your workshop productivity. It comes with a number of remarkable features that work together to ensure a dependable functionality.

This reliable power tool runs at five different spindle speeds so you wouldn’t need to worry about using an improper spinning velocity of the chuck when using different types of materials. Choose from 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, and 3140 RPM to suit the workpiece as well as the drilling project. The ½-inch keyed chuck accommodates different sizes of drill bits to suit every application.

The two-inch spindle travel provides an easy control of the quill to bring it to the precise point for drilling. The locking linear depth stops are easy to read so you are assured of less effortful setting to the right drilling level to prevent costly operational mistakes. You can also do repetitive hole drilling because of the depth stops that enable you to cut holes to a uniform depth every time.

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Craftsman 12”


This Craftsman drill press provides the functionality you want in a workshop power tool. It offers consistent accuracy, a straightforward performance, and problem-free use for many years of service. It enables you to perform fast yet consistently accurate hole drilling using a variety of materials.

The adjustment of the drilling depth can be done quickly and effortlessly as well as both the X and Y axis positioning with pinpoint accuracy. This machine enables you to drill holes into wood, plastics, steel, aluminum, and many other types of materials with remarkable precision and ease.

You can count on many years of use because of the machine’s solid steel and cast iron build. This product provides vibration-free operation thanks to its heavy-duty, rugged construction that also speaks of high quality.

Driven by the tough ½-HP, 4.8-amp motor, this machine will handle nearly any drilling work you can think of using various materials. The laser guide and LED work light ensure drilling at the exact spot from the onset.

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Best low cost drill press


What are the best low cost drill presses in 2017?


Because we are aware that most people don’t have time to read our detailed buying guide and product reviews below, we designed this short paragraph to provide enough information to the consumer. We have studied products based on the ratings and reviews they have gotten in expert review sites for workshop tools for sale and compared them to what actual owner feedback says about the products. Based on our intensive research, the WEN 4210 is a clear consumer favorite because of how it allows the drilling of holes with exact precision using one of its five spindle speeds. This machine is suitable for a wide range of projects and materials thanks to the variable speeds as well as the ½-inch chuck that accommodates different drill bit sizes. The rigid frame construction comprises a cast iron base, head, column, and worktable for sturdiness and reliability. If the WEN 4210 is unavailable, you can opt for the second best choice, the Genesis GDP1005A.


Buying guide


A drill press wins hands down over a regular handheld drill in terms of precision and repeatable drilling accuracy. That said, not all drill presses are created equally. What does the top-rated yet cheap drill press have that others don’t?



A good drill press for DIY is made of quality materials and construction


Unless the machine is solidly built, you can’t expect plenty of mileage for the device to go the distance especially since it will be subjected to continuous vibration while drilling. Make sure that the head, column, base, and worktable are made of quality materials such as aluminum or cast iron.

A rigid frame construction delivers the support you need along with the necessary sturdiness and reliable performance from a genuine power tool. A powerful induction motor drives the machine to deliver the exact spindle speed needed to cut through a variety of materials. Some models have ball bearings in the motor for extra durability and a smooth and balanced performance.

A large-diameter quill and column provide firm support to the head and the entire machine as a whole.



The best low cost drill press offers versatile functionality


Not all types of stock can be drilled using the same speed. In the same manner, not all workpieces are made of the same kind of material and are of the same shape and size. Thankfully, most drill presses feature a beveling worktable that allows the raising and lowering of the stock to the ideal height for precise drilling. You can even perform angled drilling when needed.

You also want the chuck to hold a variety of drill bit sizes that suit the operations and the type of stock. In addition, various spindle speeds enable you to set the drill press to bore holes at a precise rotational setting so as not to waste your materials due to unwanted drilling mistakes.



Look for the products in the best affordable drill press reviews that ensure precise hole drilling


A power tool is engineered to simplify the tasks you have to do in the workshop. Making sure the hole is to a precise depth will be difficult with a regular handheld drill. This is not the case with a quality drill press.

A good drill press comes with linear depth stop and depth stop adjustment knobs, which are quite useful when you have to bore holes of the same size and levels when working on elaborate projects. Rack-and-pinion table height adjustments enable you to drill at the exact spot every time. Some models even come with a LED display for the speed plus a laser to pinpoint the exact drilling spot. A work light illuminates the area for drilling.



Our recommendations


There is a huge number of drill presses on the market. We hope the above buying guide has enlightened you about the essential aspects to consider in this kind of purchase. The best products are also featured below for even more shopping assistance.



WEN 4210


Drill with laser precision using the cutting-edge WEN 4210. This is a power tool engineered to be genuinely powerful. It even boasts advanced drill press features that very few, if any, products generally are outfitted with. This model features a ten-inch swing that enables it to cut a hole in the center of a ten-inch workpiece.

This model handles a variety of materials from wood, plastics, metal, to ceramics and more. It comes with five variable spindle speeds so you can handle various kinds of stock using the exact drilling velocity to avoid damaging the workpiece because of lousy results. Use the exact RPM to suit the application and the material.

The rigid frame construction consists of cast iron that delivers the necessary sturdiness and reliable support for all of the drill press components.

The robust induction motor powers the drill press to deliver the stamina you need for precise hole cutting. The motor is equipped with ball bearings that ensure lasting tool life while ensuring a smooth and balanced performance.

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Genesis GDP1005A


The Genesis GDP1005A is equipped with a strong 4.1-amp induction motor that drives the machine to provide sufficient torque and power to cut holes through a variety of stock. Enjoy a smooth and quiet performance from the five-speed gearbox that allows the machine to deliver different speeds to suit every drilling application or project.

The ⅝-inch chuck accommodates different sizes of drill bits specifically the larger ones, so you can cut through the most difficult materials with enough power and the right level of stamina to prevent burn outs on materials. This model is superbly easy to use with its easily adjustable work table that features a rack-and-pinion height adjustment to bring the stock close to the drill bit or lower it when needed.

The table rotates 360 degrees out of the way when not needed, and also 45 degrees left and right to enable angled drilling when working on sophisticated projects or on various sizes and shapes of stock.

This machine looks and feels sturdy thanks to its high-quality construction in addition to its dependable functionality.

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WEN 4208


The WEN 4208 provides a remarkably balanced and smooth drilling performance to satisfy the needs of the avid DIYer or shop worker. This is a device that is designed to be actually powerful like all power tools are supposed to be.

This drill press is made compact enough to use up only a small amount of space on your bench top so you have space for other essential workshop tools. Despite its compact dimensions, this device is still powerful enough to auger holes through different kinds of materials such as wood, metal, plastics, and others.

You can drill a hole as large as ½ inch into heavy-duty cast iron. The strong induction motor powers the drill to deliver five variable spindle speeds to prevent damage to the stock. You can drill using the exact speed to suit the material as well as the needs of the project.

The ½-inch JT33 chuck takes on different sizes of drill bits so you can work on different materials as well. The locking depth adjustment makes it possible to drill holes with the same size and depth.

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