Makita HM1203C




If you are looking for a demolition hammer ideal for horizontal work, this model is right up your alley, as it packs superior performance in a more compact frame, compared to other models on the market.

You will enjoy extra control and accuracy due to the speed control features that this model comes equipped with.

Users are pleased with this demolition hammer because it does not break frequently and also has features that cater to reducing maintenance.

Extra features ensure a long lifespan for this model that does not require a lot of maintenance and ensures that there won’t be too much downtime when using it for hours.





While this demolition hammer is lightweight compared to other models, after hours of use, it will still feel heavy and strain your arms, according to some buyers who have already tried it.

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Main features explained


Not all demolition work requires you to apply pressure by holding your demolition hammer in a vertical position. Horizontal demolition work needs a particular type of tool and features, and that is exactly what this model offers. The 25.5J of energy developed by the hammer will go through almost any construction and masonry, and the good news is that all this power is packed in a tool that weighs 20.3 pounds. You will be able to hold the tool and use it with ease and convenience.

There are two critical things anyone who handles demolition jobs needs: control and accuracy. It is an excellent thing that this model comes with so many features that cater precisely to these requirements. The soft start eliminates surprises, and you will be indeed in control of your tool.



You will not lose speed and power when dealing with more complicated areas that must be destroyed as the motor will adjust on the go. Also, you can change the speed so that your tool receives the right amount of power. Because it comes with service lights, as well as indicators to warn you about damage occurred to the cord or switch failure, you can expect this model to last more than a run-of-the-mill demolition hammer.

Also, the automatic brush cut-off takes care of protecting the commutator so that the tool has a longer life. The Makita Motor Advantage is the name given for the particular type of technology used to ensure an efficient transfer of energy, which, in turn, leads to a longer lifespan for the tool.



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Makita HR2641




If you want a rotary hammer that can deal with more demanding applications, the Makita HR2641 is right on the dot, with a powerful 8-amp motor.

You won’t experience the usual vibration and discomfort as you would with other similar tools, because this one comes with the Anti-Vibration Technology employed in its construction.

Users are pleased with the fact that a tool hook is included, which allows them to secure the unit on the tool wall when they’re not using it.

The function selector is placed away from the housing so that it does not get damaged. As a result, you get a tool that is sturdy and reliable.

Three different functions are available, which makes this tool versatile and a sound investment for the casual DIY-er.





You will not receive any drill bits with this model, and you will have to purchase them separately. However, that is not a usual occurrence with other models from the same category, which means that you’re not getting a less optimal deal if you choose this one.

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Main features explained


Do you want a rotary hammer drill that can deal with demanding applications? Casual DIY-ers might not need an extremely powerful model, but something that is right in the middle, like this one, will fit them like a glove. The powerful 8-amp motor is ideal for most tasks, and it is capable of delivering 2.1 feet pounds of impact energy.

Comfort is paramount when using power tools, which is why we need to talk a little more about the Anti-Vibration Technology that this model comes equipped with. This technology consists of a counterbalance system that prevents the vibrations created during operation to reach the handle and thus to cause the user discomfort.



A damper spring is located at the base, and this simple component takes the vibrations caused by the drill bit and absorbs them. This tool is convenient in many different ways. One is that it comes with a tool hook, and while this aspect may not sound like much, it can save you a lot of headaches because it will let you store the tool securely when you’re not using it.

What buyers love the most about this particular model is that it is three different tools in one. You can use the mode selector to use it either in the rotation-only mode, hammering with rotation, or chipping only.



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Makita HR2641X1




The outstanding 2.1 feet pounds of impact energy developed by the 8-amp motor of this model ensures that no applications will stand a chance.

Versatility is what makes this particular model stand out, as it can be switched from three different operations modes, letting you choose the one most suitable for your task.

It can go through concrete, metal, or wood, with the same precision and efficiency, so you will be able to use it in a wide range of applications.

Users much appreciate the D-grip handle design that provides the casual DIY-er with extra comfort during operation.

A particular type of technology is used to reduce the level of vibrations so that the user doesn’t have to stop working to reduce the discomfort experienced.





You will not receive drill bits with your purchase, and you must bear in mind that you must purchase them separately.

Someone comments on the fact that the grinder accessory is not of the highest quality possible, but that, otherwise, the tool is everything it is supposed to be.

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Main features explained


Power is one aspect that you should never compromise when it comes to choosing a tool that you will use for tough applications such as drilling through concrete and masonry. The Makita HR2641X1 comes with an 8-amp motor that can develop 2.9 joules of impact energy. There is nothing more you should need for projects that you can carry at home.

Which mode do you need most? Do you need to use the tool in the ‘chipping only’ mode? What about switching to ‘rotation only’ or ‘hammering with rotation’? This tool does them all, and there is nothing left to desire. If you want to make a sound investment, look no further than this model.



It is a good thing that this manufacturer thinks about the user’s comfort when creating power tools. For instance, the D-grip on the handle with which this tool is equipped provides excellent comfort during use. The rubberized texture feels nice and ensures that the user will not drop the tool by accident. Also, the tool hook comes in handy when you don’t need to use the tool, but you want to secure it in place.

Take advantage of another extra comfort feature provided in the shape of the Anti-Vibration Technology. Using a counterbalance system that consists of a damper spring, the tool is capable of absorbing the vibrations caused by the drill bit, which, in turn, allows the user to continue to use it for a long time without breaks.



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Bosch SDS-Max 11321EVS




Weighing a bit under 14 pounds, this demolition hammer is a great option for people who need a reliable and easy-to-manipulate tool.

Comfort is paramount for customers, and that is why Bosch thought about installing a feature such as Active Vibration Control on this model, to ensure that you can use it for hours.

A plethora of features are employed on this tool, to make sure that its lifespan is increased; such features include the Constant Response and the startup control.

A speed dial will help you adjust the right value for your tool, depending on the type of project you want to undertake. Use the Vario-Lock feature to ensure that your tool is positioned correctly for angle chiseling.





The switch seems to be placed in an inconvenient spot, and some users say that it is possible to turn the hammer off by accident.

Other buyers comment on the fact that they wished the tool was more powerful.

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Main features explained


A demolition hammer is supposed to be somewhat comfortable to use, or otherwise, you will not be able to use it for prolonged periods of time. The fact that this model from Bosch weighs only 13.7 pounds is a plus, as powerful demolition hammers are usually more massive. That means that you will be able to use it without a glitch. Developing 6.1 feet-pounds of impact energy, it is quite a powerful tool for its size.

One of the main challenges of using a demolition hammer for extended durations is the vibration that can affect your overall comfort. Again, Bosch thought about this and installed the Active Vibration Control technology on this model. Even when used extensively, this model will not cause as much vibration as others, which means that you will be able to use it without a glitch for any project you want.



You surely need your tool to serve you for a long time once you make such an investment. The Bosch SDS-Max 11321EVS has a Constant Response circuitry that allows the machine to maintain the same speed even with more challenging tasks. The overload protection and the startup control increase the lifespan of this model.

Chiseling work often requires working at an angle, and the bit of your demolition hammer should follow that direction, instead of just having you sit in uncomfortable and awkward positions to get it right. That is why the Vario-Lock feature comes in handy; chiseling at an angle has never been this easy.



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Hiltex 10504




You will appreciate the fact that you’re getting three tools in one; this tool can act as a hammer drill, it can chisel, and it can penetrate masonry and concrete.

Don’t be surprised to see this drill going through one inch of concrete as through butter; you can even use it to drill through steel.

A feature many users like is the depth stop feature that doesn’t allow the hammer to suffer damage during use.

The quick swap chuck is spring-loaded and uses SDS Plus shanks, which adds to the overall safety factor of this tool.

Because it is a corded model, it is worth mentioning that the cord has six feet, allowing you to move around, and without having to depend on battery life.





One reviewer comments on the fact that this tool is suitable only for small DIY projects, and it does not have enough power to take on more challenging tasks.

Another thing that you must bear in mind is that the machine requires special bits, and it won’t work well with others.

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Main features explained


One thing many DIY-ers want is to purchase tools that are capable of doing more than just one type of operation. This saves up space in the tool shed, and versatility also helps when dealing with projects that include multiple stages.

The Hiltex 10504 is a wonderful choice, if that is what you want, for the simple reason that it is three tools in one. It can break through concrete and masonry, it can chisel, and it can penetrate, which means that you are getting an excellent price for taking advantage of such versatility.



Performance is no issue for this tool, although you should bear in mind to use it only for small projects around the house, and not for demolition tasks that usually involve the use of large power tools. That being said, it will have no trouble going through one inch of concrete. It develops enough energy to deal with this type of endeavor.

You will like the fact that this model comes with a depth stop feature. That will prevent the drill from going too deep into the masonry so that it doesn’t get damaged. This simple feature prolongs the lifespan of this tool.

The tool comes equipped with a 6-foot cord that provides you with plenty of freedom to move around. The great news is that you won’t have to depend on batteries to use this rotary hammer drill.



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Hilti 228061




The D-grip design helps with the ergonomics of this model, and you will be able to use it for hours without experiencing any discomfort.

You can rest assured that this model is a significant investment, as it is engineered with durability and a long lifespan in mind.

While you can use it for concrete chiseling jobs, this model is capable of drilling through both wood and steel, which makes it versatile and a great value for the money.

The 6.26-amp motor is powerful and capable of developing a lot of impact energy, which is precisely what you need from this type of tool.

Another thing that counts toward the versatility of this unit is the fact that it comes with a forward and reverse switch.





Be aware of the drill bits you are using, as, according to some buyers, you might experience some bogging down with your machine, if you aren’t careful. The same people say that they do not usually experience such problems, and it may be the fault of the drill bits used. As usual, the best recommendation is to use good quality accessories.

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Main features explained


Comfort is paramount when you’re using a power tool, and this rotary hammer drill is no exception to the rule. The D-grip on this model makes it ideal for prolonged usage, and, as a DIY-er, you will surely appreciate being able to use your tool without a glitch and without straining your hands.

When you purchase a power tool, you want to know that you’re making a sound investment. There is nothing to worry about if you opt for this model. Engineered to last, it is highly reliable and expected to have a long lifespan. A lot of people agree that the investment in this particular tool is worth it.




Another thing you will surely love about this tool is that it goes through concrete with ease. While it is recommended for chiseling work and creating small openings in masonry and concrete, it appears to be even more powerful than the manufacturer gives it credit. Many buyers say that they are pleasantly surprised with how easily this tool works.

If we’re talking power, this model comes with a 6.26-amp motor. The maximum speed that can be achieved is 740 rpm, while the impact performance goes as far as 4,200 bpm.



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The optimized 2.6J mechanism ensures that this rotary hammer drill is faster than corded alternatives, as this is a cordless option.

Even when the applications for which it is used are demanding, the tool will maintain the same speed, which means that you will never feel that you are losing power.

You will love the fact that this is a compact model and you can use it for applications in cramped spaces without a problem.

The speed varies between 0 and 1,500 rpm, and the tool can deliver up to 5,550 bpm, which puts it in the same league with corded models without a glitch.

Ideally created for working with concrete, it can drill through 3/16 – 5/8 inches of concrete without looking like it’s working hard.





You must bear in mind that this is a bare tool, which means that it does not come with a battery included and you have to purchase that separately.

There is no tool hook included in the design, and that is said to be the only flaw by many of the people who have tried and tested this model.

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Main features explained


The model reviewed here is cordless, which means that you don’t have to worry about being close to an electrical outlet or using extension cords when you have this tool with you. While you may expect a cordless model to develop less power than a corded model, the company making this device employed expertise and innovation in its creation, to make it as powerful, and even faster.

You will notice, by perusing the specs, that this DEWALT tool comes equipped with electronics that guarantee its excellent performance. The same electronics let it maintain the same speed, no matter what applications are involved, and even when using large bits, you will not notice your tool losing speed or power.



One of the significant challenges for any DIY-er is the fact that many projects involve working in cramped places. Using a large tool for such situations is never an option, and this is where the DEWALT DCH133B comes in handy. Because of its portability and small size, you can use it for applications that require you to work in narrow spaces.

Another aspect that is appreciated by many buyers is that this model is made specifically for working with concrete. It can deal with 3/16-5/8 inch concrete without a glitch, which makes it the ideal tool for many DIY-ers that need to demolish concrete walls without having to call a professional team to do the work.



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Best pocket hole system


What are the best pocket hole systems in 2018?


Do you want the best pocket hole system, but you’re too much in a hurry to read the entire buying guide below? Read this paragraph, and you will be set for making a good purchase. We compared the critically acclaimed products on the market and concluded that the Kreg R3 Jr. is the model worthy of your consideration. One of the most significant advantages is that you can adjust it to fit material thicknesses that vary between ½ inch and 1 ½ inches. You will get everything you need into this kit, such as five different size screws, a clamp pad, and a depth collar. The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this product. If you cannot find this unit anymore, pick the Kreg Jig K4 instead, as it provides almost the same amount of benefits.

Buying guide


Any joinery task requires a bit of finesse, and, as it is true for any project that involves the use of tools, this one needs the right tool for the job. A pocket hole system will make your life as a woodworker much more straightforward, as it will help you perform the joinery tasks with great ease and maximum efficiency. If you take a look around, you will notice that there are models on the market that offer different benefits. We will teach you how to pick the right one.



What sort of materials will you be working with?


Depending on the project you undertake, you will have to deal with wood of different thicknesses. It is crucial that you know in advance what sort of material thickness you will be dealing with. Some pocket hole systems can be adjusted to work with different wood thicknesses, and they are great to have.

Before making a purchasing decision and picking a cheap pocket hole system, without comparing it to other products on the shelf, you should take a moment and think what sort of project you are going to work on. This way, you will be able to pick the right tool for the job without a glitch.



Why do you need the drills to be included?


In your quest to minimize the costs of new tools, you might feel tempted to get a pocket hole system without drills, as you might already have some at home. However, certain advantages cannot be denied concerning the use of the included drills in such a system.

First of all, when compared to regular drills, you will notice that these are longer, and it makes sense why it is so. The drills need to go through the pilot holes and take into consideration the thickness of the material the pocket hole system is made from. Of course, they also need to go to the desired depth, hence their longer length.

Second, you will get a variety of drills that quickly adjust to any project. And last, but not least, the kits including them are usually not that expensive to justify that you could save up a lot of money by just using regular drills.



Get all the needed accessories


When you sit to perform a task, you don’t want to be bothered by not having this or that tool or accessory. That is why all the pocket hole systems reviews recommend getting a pocket hole system with plenty of accessories. Clamps, screws, bits, and other accessories are present in such kits, and they prove quite handy.



Our recommendations


It may be a bit daunting to decide on a single product and go with it, especially since there are so many pocket hole systems available. To make your choice easier, we include below the most appreciated units at the moment.



Kreg R3 Jr.


Anyone in need of a good pocket hole system will not go wrong with the Kreg R3 Jr. This model is designed with versatility in mind, as well as durability, seeing that the manufacturer doesn’t hesitate to offer a lifetime warranty, as well.

For all the repair jobs that included joinery you have in mind, this one will prove to be an indispensable tool.

One of the things that will convince you that this is the model for you is the ease of installation and use. You will also appreciate that the system adjusts to material thicknesses that can go from half an inch to one and a half inches, with increments of only 1/8 inches.

Another thing that contributes to the versatility of this product is the presence of positioning sliders that let you pick from 9 depth levels.

You will get a depth collar gauge with your purchase, and the way it is integrated into the storage case makes it easy to use. Another thing users appreciate is how the dual wood-chip holes keep your work clean.

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Kreg Jig K4


Of all the pocket hole systems for sale, this one makes a great impression on any woodworker, due to how easy it is to use.

Even if you are a novice, you will be able to use this model without a glitch. The drill guide is ideal for the times when you need to use the pocket hole system with a benchtop, and it can be removed for added portability.

It can deal with materials of different thicknesses, which is another great plus. You will appreciate that the drill guides are made from hardened steel, which means that you will get to use this unit for a long time.

Furthermore, the manufacturer doesn’t hesitate to offer a lifetime warranty for this model, solid proof of how durable it is.

You will not need clamps, or to make use of advanced mathematics, only to work with wood. This product makes everything simpler, and you will appreciate both its versatility and its excellent durability.

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Milescraft 13210003


This jig is created for woodworkers who need a simple, straightforward tool for their joinery work. You will notice that the tool comes with four board thickness settings that are directly built into it.

That means that you will be able to use the reference marks when you set up your pocket hole system for smooth operation, and increased accuracy.

The model comes with a clamping magnet that allows you to secure it to the piece you’re working on.

Another thing that many users love about this model is that it has a no fence design and it is compact, which means that getting it to work in cramped spaces is a walk in the park.

It comes with hardened steel bushings that increase the precision of your drilling tasks.

You may also notice the tight tolerance between the bit and the bushings that does not allow too much mess while keeping your work area as clean as it can be.

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Best pocket hole jig


What are the best pocket hole jigs in 2018?


If you only want the best pocket hole jig, without reading all the information we make available below, see this paragraph, and you will be good to go. After looking at the sales figures, customer reactions, and social media comments, we decided that the right recommendation is the Kreg R3 Jr. This model makes your job more comfortable when you have to get under a table or other cramped spaces for quick repairs. One thing you will love about it is that it is easy to adjust to working with materials of different thicknesses from half an inch to 1 ½ inches. The manufacturer includes all the needed extras, from the drive bits necessary to a clamp pad adapter. If this model is out of stock, the Kreg MKJKIT Mini is an excellent second choice, as it offers almost the same advantages.

Buying guide


Regardless of whether you are just a novice woodworker or a seasoned one, you will recognize the advantages offered by a pocket hole jig system, without fail. No matter what project you’re working on, you will need to hide your joints, and the easiest way to do that is by using this type of tool. We will show you right away what aspects you should focus on when you want to buy this type of product.



What are you going to use the pocket hole jig for?


It is crucial that you have clear in mind what you intend to use the tool for. That can mean multiple things. For instance, you should ask yourself if it is a good idea to go for a cheap pocket hole jig, or you should get something more expensive instead. If you are going to use this type of tool only once in a while, there’s no point in spending a lot of money.

However, this doesn’t mean that you should just pick whatever comes first to your attention. The pocket hole jig should be made from durable materials. Also, since we’re talking about the purpose for which you intend to use it, we recommend you to take a look at what thicknesses it can handle.

Search for a versatile model. There is no way you can say what kind of thickness of the material you will have to deal with. A pocket hole jig that is easy to adjust, as the situation requires, should be first on your list.



Included bits are a nice touch


While this may not sound like a big deal to you, the truth is that it never hurts to have a pocket hole jig that comes with its bits included. The thing with these bits is that they are longer than what you usually use. They have to go through the guide holes, and also through the wood up to the desired depth. That is why it is recommended to get this type of product.



Buy a kit that is as complete as it can be


You don’t have to read all the pocket hole jig reviews available to realize quickly that it is always a good idea to get a complete kit. Get one that has all the clamps, screws, or wrenches needed for you to get the work done (besides the bits mentioned earlier). You will find it much easier to work with something like that than with a product that requires that you purchase all the extras separately.



Our recommendations


Any DIY store has plenty of pocket hole jigs for sale, so you should have no shortage of options at your fingertips. However, if you are interested in getting a model that is reliable, pick one of the models we have already identified as being the most useful and versatile.



Kreg R3 Jr.


The Kreg R3 Jr. is a good pocket hole jig kit and will serve you for many DIY projects you might have underway without a glitch. Your tool collection needs it just as much as you need it.

One of the things that recommend it, especially for novices, is its ease of use. The unit is also easy to install, so, all in all, you will find it an excellent ally for what you have in mind.

Whenever you need to hide a joint in your work, or just operate some simple repairs, you will discover that this unit is exactly what you need. You can adjust it to fit thicknesses of material that can go from ½ inch to 1 ½ inches.

The metal drill guide is designed for durability, and one of the greatest things about this kit is that it comes with everything you need for your DIY projects.

All the bits required, along with a depth collar, and five different screw sizes, as well as a clamp pad adapter, and a case are provided. On top of these, the manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty for this kit.

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Kreg MKJKIT Mini


All the joinery work you need to perform will become much easier if you opt for this pocket hole jig. You will notice right away that the no-fence construction works to your advantage; you will be able to position the jig with ease, and you will be able to see what you are doing.

This is your one-stop solution for all the repairs you need to operate on your furniture or at floor level.

As far as the extra accessories included are concerned, you will be pleased to learn that the model comes with a 3/8-inch drill bit, a depth collar, and an Allen wrench.

Whenever you are limited in your moves by the nature of the project you are working on, you will find this kit to come in handy.

The manufacturer offers a lifetime warranty, which means that this model is built with durability in mind. You can adjust the jig for any thickness of material, and width positioning is not a problem, either. The nylon body is glass-reinforced for added reliability.

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Kreg K5


Whenever you need to hide the joints in your woodwork projects with ease, the Kreg K5 will prove that it fits like a glove.

Adjusting the jig is a breeze, as it comes with a clamping handle in the front, and a ratcheting clamp mechanism which allows you to put it in place without the need for extra tools.

Regarding the type of extras included, you will find it fantastic that this kit comes with 675 screws of different sizes.

You will get self-tapping screws that work well with the type of tasks you are going to undertake. Everything comes packed in a nice case that is easy to carry around.

You will also get storage wings that offer proper compartmentalization for all the bits, screws, and other accessories you might need in your work.

A pin with a quick release will keep the drill block unmoved as you work.

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Best hole saw kit


What are the best hole saw kits in 2018?


If you are interested in getting the best hole saw kit and nothing else, we are here to offer you the right information. According to our research, the model that you should pick from the many available is the DEWALT D180005. You can use this kit for a wide variety of applications, such as plumbing, electrical tasks, and others. Users appreciate the deep cuts they can perform with the help of this tool, as it adds efficiency to their projects. Since this is a kit, it comes along with many extras, such as 11 hole saws, two mandrels of different sizes, and some replacement parts. Should you discover that this model is no longer available, the  DEWALT D180002 is the next logical choice, as it is almost just as good.

Buying guide


There are projects and applications where the need for perfect round holes appears, and no other tool save for a hole saw can perform such holes. Any passionate DIY-er can tell you that such a tool is indispensable for many different tasks, so, if you are serious about your hobby, you should learn what exactly makes a great hole saw kit.



Purpose and versatility


One of the first things to bear in mind, regardless of whether you want to purchase a cheap hole saw kit or you don’t mind going after a more expensive product, is what you are going to use the hole saw and its accessories for. In many plumbing and electrical tasks, the need for a hole saw appears, but they aren’t the only ones.

Some serve well for door lock installation tasks. That means that a kit can cover well a broad category of DIY projects. If you are unsure what exactly you are going to use the kit for, it is ideal to pick one that offers tremendous versatility. This way, you will know that you are making a sound investment.





If you’re only a weekend warrior and use your tools every once in a while, you might not feel tempted to choose an expensive product. Nonetheless, what we recommend, as well as all the hole saw kit reviews written by consumers and experts alike, is that you get a durable model.

Take a look at the housing. If it is made with durable materials, that is a clear sign that the respective model is built to last. Check the design for backing plates, as these ensure that your power tool will remain in good working order.



What size do you need?


Should you be just a hobbyist in search of a hole saw for projects of small dimensions, you would do well with a small hole saw kit. However, it is crucial to choose a kit over a single hole saw so that you can pick your fights better. Sometimes, you might need to make small circular holes, while other times you would have to work with something bigger. Based on your needs, see what kits offer the degree of versatility needed concerning hole size.



Our recommendations


Getting a good hole saw kit is not complicated, but it is not easy, either, since there are plenty of models available. We went through the most popular products and chose the ones that have, so far, managed to convince everyone that they are the real deal.



DEWALT D180005


Being a craftsman demands certain sacrifices, such as investing in good quality tools. The DEWALT D180005 is the most indicated choice, due to the extreme versatility it offers.

This 14-piece hole saw kit is ideal for anyone willing to take on projects of different types. If you intend to use your hole saw for plumbing projects, or for electrical tasks, this one is the right choice.

Also, for door-lock installation, this model proves to be reliable. Made by a company with a long-standing tradition in creating power tools, this model is reliable and offers the possibility to work on different projects without a problem.

In the nice case provided with your purchase, you will find 11 hole saws, a small mandrel, a large mandrel, and some replacement parts.

You will feel that no project is too daunting when you have this kit by your side. Built with durability in mind, the model comes with hardened backing plates that prevent damage to the unit.

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DEWALT D180002


If you’re looking for an electrician hole saw kit, look no further than this model. Designed with durability in mind, its housing is toughened by backing plates. You will notice many features of this model that you will love.

The tooth and set guide will lend any project you undertake the precision that you want. Furthermore, the M3 steel construction allows you to put pressure on the unit.

The kit contains nine pieces, and it provides you with all the basics for a good performance, regardless of the type of project you intend to undertake.

The replacement parts are a great thing to have, as you will be able to prolong the lifespan of your hole saw kit. The pilot point bits add value to the kit and help you with accuracy.

You will get a door lock kit in the same case; it uses an alignment window, to ensure that you are always precise when you need to drill holes. Ideal for a variety of projects and tasks, the DEWALT D180005 is one of the most popular choices at the moment.

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Bosch HB19EL


With so many hole saw kits for sale, you might not find it easy to pick one and be satisfied with your purchase. But, if you select the Bosch HB19EL, you won’t have to worry about having second thoughts. The superior versatility and accuracy of this tool can convince anyone that he or she made the right choice.

You can use this model for any wood and metal tasks, and you will appreciate how quickly the pilot bit snaps into the mandrel, for secure operation. Another thing that must be mentioned that the threaded design avoids the bits getting caught into the mandrel, while the lock design ensures that you will not experience any wobble.

You will get two pilot bits, and a variety of hole saw sizes, chosen based on what the most popular choices are right now. For electrical tasks, this one is exactly what you need. A mandrel and a plastic case also come with your purchase.

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