DeWalt DCK240C2




Both impact driver and drill/driver are light and easy to handle

The whole package makes for remarkably good value

Versatile, this kit will allow you to approach a wide variety of home improvement projects

Some special features on the impact driver can make your work a whole lot easier





The battery life on the 20 V Li-ion used isn’t remarkable, but this is somewhat made up for by the fact you’ll get two of them, together with a charger.

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Main features explained


There are mainly two things people found impressive about this kit from DeWalt, one is the remarkable ease of use of both tools it contains, the other is the great value they got for the money.

For a price that lands itself in the affordable category, you’ll get a bundle comprising of a DCF885 impact driver and a DCD771C2 drill/driver, together with two Li-Ion batteries, a battery charger, and a soft bag to hold them.

Both drills are remarkably light and compact, with the impact driver measuring in at just 5.5” front to back and 2.8 lbs in weight. This will make it very easy to fit in tight areas, and since these spaces tend to be dark, special attention had been given to the lighting feature on the 885.

This consists of 3 LEDs placed in a ring to minimize shadows, and operated by a 20-second delay switch so that the light doesn’t just get cut while the machine is working if this gets triggered.

The ¼ inch hex chuck on the 885 allows for bits to be replaced using just one hand, so the operator won’t have to leave his position and inconveniently place the tool on a stand every time the bits need to be replaced.

The ½ inch drill driver offers all the versatility you would expect from such a device, with a 2-speed transmission and 15 adjustable speed settings. In the lowest gear, this will deliver 450 RPM for plenty of torque, while the second stage will allow the chuck to rotate at a maximum of 1,500 RPM.

DeWalt is notoriously shy with data regarding torque, but they do provide a general value for power in unit watts out (UWO), which should tell you how well the unit will handle regardless of speed. In this case, the 300 UWO available from the brushed motor should be enough for most home improvement applications.

The most notable critique we encountered surrounding this product has to do with the 20 V Li-Ion battery, which at only 1.3 Ah doesn’t provide the longest working time available. This is however circumvented by the fact that you’ll get two of them in the pack, together with a charger.


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Bosch HDS182-02




As a rather reliable machine, it uses a brushless motor and an electronic protection system to ensure resistance to stress and long operating life.

It has a very tough housing and has been tested to resist drops on concrete from up to 10 ft.

One of the most compact items in its class, it can be conveniently used in narrow spaces.

Very easy to handle, light and well balanced, some added convenience features like a bit holder.





Not exactly what you would call a defect, but its performance specifications are fairly average, with the notable exception of maximum torque.

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Main features explained


The German manufacturer accentuated reliability when designing the 182 series of hammer drills, outfitting it with a brushless motor and an electronic protection system. Removing the brushes from an electric motor decreases friction, which makes for a lower running temperature, thus less risk of over-heating and an overall longer lifespan.

Bosch boasts that their powerplant should last up to 2x as long as a classic layout, which only time can tell if it’s true or not, but what’s certain is that a brushless motor is also significantly more energy efficient than a more traditional design.

This can only be a good thing for the HDS182, as the 18 V Li-Ion battery it works isn’t the best you’ll find out there in regards to holding a charge, with only 2.0 Amp hour of energy. This is also used to power the aforementioned electronic motor and cell protection, which is intended to safeguard against overloading and overheating.

Another notable feature of the HDS182 is its compact size, with only 7.4 inches front to bottom at a weight of 3.7 lbs. Users also remarked that it’s well balanced and very easy to handle with only one hand, despite the relatively high torque it produces at the slowest speed of 0-500 RPM.

Its transmission allows for two speeds (and reverse) with the highest setting going up to 1,700 RPM with no load. This might not seem that much for an item in its class, but the fact that lightweight and resilience seemed to have been priorities should be considered.

The hammer and drill function, which can be selected for alongside a drill only setting, doesn’t hit it out of the ballpark either, with a maximum of 25,000 beats per minute.

The ½-inch auto-lock chuck allows for one-handed bit changing and the clutch has 18+1 settings, which further increase the ease of use. As an additional convenience feature, you’ll also get a bit holder at the base of the handle.


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Bosch CLPK22 12-Volt 2-Tool Combo Kit




This product is a very versatile bundle that should offer all the boring tools required for casual DYI applications, like fitting external wires or carpentry.

Both tools are light and easy to handle, well suited to be used for hours on end in confined spaces.

The snub-nosed PS41 impact driver is one of the shortest models of its kind.

Highly adaptable drill driver with 20+1 torque settings and 2-speed transmission so it can comfortably be used with bits of various sizes.

Like most Bosch products, both the drill and impact driver are well built and tough.





It’s very hard to find something wrong with these two. Some users complained that the power delivered is lower than expected, which has limited validity as a criticism considering the intent behind this kit.

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Main features explained


The CLPK22 toolkit from Bosch is aimed at meeting all the demands of a regular handyman but can also be useful to professionals who value ease of use over raw power. It contains the PS31 drill driver and the PS41 impact driver, both of them running on 2.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries that are included in the package alongside a charger and a holding bag.

The PS31 is an average sized drill driver with a ⅜-inch chuck and enough power to handle most domestic applications. It has a 2-speed transmission, from 0 to 350 RPM for optimum torque and up to 1,300 RPM for non-intensive tasks, like boring through any plastic material or driving screws into soft wood.

Its versatility is further supplemented by allowing for 20+1 clutch settings, with the +1 meaning reverse, and the speed can be adjusted from the regular nose dial as well as the trigger for added convenience. Needless to say, it’s very comfortable to use with one hand in any position, and it weights at just over 2 pounds so it won’t prove tiring either. The bits can be changed one-handed as well.

The snub-nosed PS41 impact driver is even smaller, so you can fit it anywhere and is well balanced enough to be comfortable used overhead. Well adapted to low visibility spaces, it has a 3 LED lights (instead of just one for the drill) placed in a circular position, so it’s easier to zero in when using long bits.

Its specifications will make it a good complement for the drill, with 930 in-lbs of torque and a maximum RPM of 2,600. The hammer function goes up to 3,100 beats per minute with no load, which should handle most backyard woodwork well.


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Best Makita hammer drill


What are the best Makita hammer drills in 2018?


If you’re looking for the best Makita hammer drill and don’t have the time to look through all the reviews available, then we’ll start out by mentioning that out of their current line of products the Makita HR2475 has the biggest chance of meeting most demands. This is because it delivers all the power you will want from a rotary hammer while still convenient enough to be used as a regular corded drill. Adding to its versatility are the three operating modes, which among other things, allow it to be employed as a gas operated hammer for removing tiles or for cracking through stones/masonry. To top it off, it also features some of the latest in proprietary Makita technology. If you’re looking for something with a bit more heft and power, then the Makita HR2641 is sure to deliver.


Buying guide


Before deciding on a model, it is important to consider what specific tasks you are planning on using it for, because even the best hammer drill by Makita will prove insufficient if not properly employed. If unfamiliar with power tools, it is important to know a few things about the items you’re buying, since they rarely serve the same function.



Types of drill hammers


There are two main categories of items commonly referred to as a drill hammer, the gas piston variety, also known as a rotary hammer, and the more common disc one, frequently used by handymen around the house.

The rotary hammer is meant to take on heavy-duty jobs, like boring 1-inch holes through concrete or removing floor tiles, but it can also be employed for drilling through wood, steel, driving screws, or sinking construction screws, among many other tasks, as long as its weight doesn’t prove prohibitive.

The more common drill hammer uses disks instead of a piston to deliver the punching action. This makes it a lot lighter and easy to handle, while it can still be employed in all but the most difficult jobs you would use a rotary hammer for. These won’t endure as well through punishing regimes, however, as the two disks tend to wear from grinding on one another.





Between the two types discussed above, the disk hammer can be said to offer better versatility as its lightweight and compact frame will make it better suited for occasional home improvement projects, where it can do some of the lighter masonry work, while also acting as a regular drill.

This is especially obvious for cordless models, that offer superior portability as well as the freedom to use them with the power turned off, which will be a common situation when working around the house. These are admittedly poorer performing than equivalent corded models, but a lot of good Makita hammer drills work on batteries, for the reasons mentioned above.





Makita hammer drill reviews might mention some specifications in regards to a drill’s performance. Revolutions per minute (RPM) refers to the speed at which the chuck rotates and is important for a wide variety of tasks with drilling through light material premiere among them.

Torque, expressed in inches per pound (in.lbs.), lets you know how good the unit will be at driving long screws through hard surfaces, among other things.

The impact force, expressed in feet per pound or joules is a general measurement of the power of the unit, while the beats per minute (BPM) lets you know the frequency at which the hammer will “punch” every minute.



Our recommendations


With so many quality Makita hammer drills out there it can be hard finding the right one. Not to worry, we’ve looked through scores of reviews of Makita hammer drills and selected a handful of the best received models available for sale.



Makita HR2475


The HR2475 offers a lot of force from a relatively low powered but highly reliable motor. It primarily does this by maximizing the efficiency of its transmission through some advanced engineering, which includes the use of interlocking steel laminations and dual armature for the ball bearings.

It also employs something called “sequential impact timing,” which can increase the drilling time by up to 50% by minimizing the overlaps between bit impacts.

Customer reviewers find this to work surprisingly well, and can significantly reduce the time required to finish a job.

The unit also offers a good level of versatility, with three different operating functions that can either allow it to work as a simple drill; to hammer while the bit is rotating; or to hammer with a static bit, like an automatic chisel.

To safeguard its transmission from potential accidents, like the bit bending and substantially increasing the load, the HR2475 operates an automatic system that decouples the gears when sudden stops occur.

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Makita HR2641X1


The HR2641 uses an 8 Amp motor to deliver up to 2.1 ft.lbs of impact, which should make it as powerful as the 2475 we’ve already looked at. But this model could be said to have an ace up its sleeve since it’s somewhat easier to operate, including for overhead drilling.

The 2641 model does this by employing an internal counterbalance system for minimizing vibration, and an integrated damper spring at the base of the impact bolt.

As is usual with Makita, users report that this works discernibly well, and only light vibration is felt, even when employed for difficult applications.

Otherwise, it offers a similar degree of versatility to the 2475 rotary hammer, with the same three functions for drilling, hammering + drilling and hammering.

Since it’s also relatively light, at only 7.1 lb of net weight, it can be employed for lighter work around the house, in case a drill driver isn’t available.

Not in the least, it comes packaged together with an angle grinder, which makes it of great value.

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Makita XPH07Z LXT


This is the premium model in the already well appreciated XPH series of light drill hammers from Makita, and it performs as well as one would expect.

Its motor delivers up to 1,090 in.lbs of maximum torque, which it’s an impressive figure for a battery powered unit.

The battery is sadly not included, but what you can buy separately from the company will hold its charge for a significant amount of time, as this uses a brushless motor which is 50% more energy efficient than traditional designs.

This highly efficient and reliable motor is linked to a 2-speed transmission, which can spin the chuck at 0-550 or 0-2,100 RPM, depending on the requirements of the task.

Like any small and compact drill that uses a disk system, it provides a great degree of versatility for home improvement, where it can be employed for anything from driving screws to punching ½-inch holes through bricks.

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Best hammer drill


What are the best hammer drills in 2018?


If you’re looking for the best rotary hammer out there but don’t have the time to go through our tips and reviews, then we’ll tell you right from the start that the Makita HR2475 is the model we found to be the best appreciated. While not particularly powerful with a 7 Amp motor, this unit is highly efficient, designed to deliver the greatest amount of force for the least amount of energy used. Furthermore, its is remarkably durable thanks to its elongated brushes and a torque limiting clutch, which disengages gears to prevent overwork if the bit happens to bend. Somewhat unusual for a rotary hammer, it offers great versatility with three operation settings: drilling; drilling+hammering, and hammering only. If the convenience and affordability of a quality hammer drill are what you’re after, then our recommendation goes to the DeWalt DW511.


Buying guide


The first thing to consider when shopping for a good hammer drill is the kind of use it will most commonly see, as there’s hardly a “best hammer drill” to choose from, but rather models that are most suited for the task you have in mind. Probably the most important element of distinction between what’s currently available on the market is the system used for the hammering action, and these fall into two types.



The piston hammer drill


Also called a rotary hammer, this type of drill uses a powerful gas piston to beat away at hard material while the spinning action clears away the surface layer. While not as powerful as a pneumatic hammer, these are generally used for heavy-duty jobs, which involve drilling holes through concrete or cement for plumbing or electrical cables.

Since these are expected to work under heavy load, it is especially important for rotary hammers to have some features that would extend the life of their various components, such as extra-long brushes or automatic clutch disconnectors, which separate the bearings if the unit is working under too high a load.

Expectedly, these are not exactly light, and the addition of a gas piston makes them long and cumbersome. Furthermore, a lot of the cheaper models don’t offer much versatility, lacking in a drill only setting which will allow them to be used effectively on wood or steel.



The disk hammer drill


Simply referred to as a “hammer drill” in most online hammer drill reviews, this system employs two overlapping discs, one static, and one moving, that are covered in ridges. The hammering action is achieved by the ridges on the two surfaces pushing each other away while rotating under pressure.

An obvious problem with this is that the disks will invariably wear out with use, although very tough materials are employed for their construction. The hammer drill is not intended to be used under the same demanding conditions as the rotary hammer, and despite being significantly cheaper, it might prove to be poor value for professional contractors.

Nevertheless, even a cheap hammer drill might provide great service around the house, especially as they are fairly easy to handle.



Other things to consider


A multiple speed gearbox, either adjusted by a knob or from the trigger, is a good thing to have for better control of the machine when drilling on various surfaces. There is a small downside to this, as the extra gears will provide additional things to break or wear down. Also, the best single speed hammer drills do offer variable speed settings although to a more limited degree.



Our recommendations


With the wide array of options available, it can be a chore to choose the right power tool for your needs. To come to your aid, we’ve looked through some reviews of hammer drills and picked up some of the most popular models available for sale.



Makita HR2475


A spinning hammer is supposed to handle some tough tasks, but luckily, there’s little doubt regarding reliability when it comes to Makita.

Their HR2475 model has extra long brushes so that they wear slower, and a feature that decouples the transmission gears when the chuck encounters too much resistance.

A lot of thought has been put into the efficiency as well, with the proprietary Makita Motor Advantage, that assures optimum energy transfer to the drilling bit by employing interlocking steel laminations, dual armature for the ball bearings and extra copper commuter bars.

Makita also boasts that by carefully synchronizing the hammering and rotating action, this machine completes a job 50% faster than most other units out there.

Considering the overwhelmingly positive reviews this received, the manufacturer’s claim appears to be truthful.

Somewhat unusual for an item in its category, the HR2475 also allows for a great degree of versatility, with a variable speed trigger control and three operation settings, that will allow it to be used as a basic drill, as a hammer drill for masonry, and as a simple hammer for breaking tile.


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DeWalt DW511


With a 7.8 Amp motor, this DeWalt unit is a little more powerful than the Makita, but this doesn’t mean it will be as well suited for heavy-duty tasks.

It uses a disk system for the hammer, which allows it to be light and fairly compact, and at only 4.3 lbs in weight coupled with a variable speed trigger, it should be a breeze to handle even by the most inexperienced handyman.

The front grip also rotates to 360 degrees, so it provides good ergonomy from every position.

At a maximum wattage out of 650 W, the chuck can go from 0-2,700 RPM under no load, and it can generate as much as 46,000 BPM (beats per minute) when in use, which will be enough for light concrete, wood, and steel.

Durability-wise, this comes with an overload-protected motor, like many of the more expensive DeWalt models, and people who’ve used it found it can take a lot of beating for the price.


Buy from for ($53.49)




Skil 6445-04


Since DeWalt isn’t in the best circumstances a purely budget solution, we’ve included this small and convenient hammer drill from Skil for those that don’t expect to put their power tools through much use.

It has basically the same functionality as a name brand model and can work with a wide variety of bits, up to ½ inch in diameter for drilling small holes through masonry.

With no load, its 7.0 Amp motor can achieve 3000 RPM, which would make it effective for every drilling task around the house.

This will allow you to use it as a regular drill without worrying that the hammer disks — the most sensitive part on this type of drills — will wear out and need replacing.

Other than that, it’s light, compact, and reported to be easy to handle, with a variable speed trigger but only two speeds, a regular forward and reverse.


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Best DeWalt hammer drill


What are the best DeWalt hammer drills in 2018?


If you’ve already decided upon a DeWalt hammer drill for your purchase but don’t have the time of inclination to browse through their vast product list, then the following short paragraph will provide you with the quick suggestion you might be after. After going through scores of DeWalt hammer drill reviews, we found the DeWalt DW511 to be the most popular product from their current line-up. It’s a corded hammer drill, so it will provide you with a lot of power without adding the weight and price of a battery to the deal. Extremely versatile, it will go through light concrete walls with ease while still comfortable enough to use for common drilling applications on wood and steel. If the portability provided by a cordless model is something you can’t do without, then the DeWalt DCD985B will make a good pick.


Buying guide


The best DeWalt drill for your needs is not necessarily the one with the best specifications since, like any other item out there, these should be adapted to the task. A piston-powered hammer drill, for example, will often prove too cumbersome to use for minor applications around the house, requiring a more generalist power tool be bought and more money spent. With this in mind, what are some of the things to look for when buying a good Dewalt hammer drill?



Specifications and the “unit watts out” measurement


The rotation speed of the chuck is important for all sorts of applications, but higher values in this regard are considered primarily important when boring holes through softer or more porous material, that doesn’t offer much resistance to the bit. This is measured in RPM, or revolutions per minute and a value of about 3000 should prove plenty nearly all tasks you’ll encounter when working on a house.

Torque, usually measured in in/lbs will be useful when drilling or driving screws through harder surfaces since it refers to how effective the drill bit will be at pushing material out of the way. Torque is usually inversely correlated with speed, so it’s not always easy to specify in the case of drills with multiple speed settings.

That’s why DeWalt and a few other manufacturers use a general metric called Unit Watts Out (UWO) to let you know how much power will be delivered to the bit regardless of the speed settings. The UWO value can be used for an estimation of the two discussed above.





A hammer drill already offers an additional function over a regular model, by adding in concussive force through its spinning disks, which makes it easier to use on masonry. But there are a couple of other features which greatly increase its range of potential uses.

More generalist models can have a 2 or 3-speed gearbox to adapt it more effectively to any given task. Hammer drills can also offer a number of modes of operation, depending on whether or not the percussive mechanism is activated.





A lot of home users prefer battery powered models for their great portability and their independence of an outside power source. This should definitely be considered since it will increase your range of operation outside the limits of an extension cord and will also allow for the drill to be used with the power off.

Otherwise, special LED lights, a compact frame, multiple speed settings, and an adjustable grip for easy handling are all things to look at for potentially making the job easier.



Our recommendations


Choosing the best hammer drill by DeWalt might not be the easiest job in their wide range of products. That’s why we’ve taken a look through some reviews of hammer drills from what DeWalt has for sale and highlighted some of the better ones for your consideration.



DeWalt DW511


Although battery technology has advanced in strides, you still can beat a corded hammer drill when it comes to power.

The 7.8 Amp motor of the DW511 can generate as much as 650 Watts power out while still small enough to keep the unit at under 4.5 lbs so that you’ll be able to use that power for extended periods of time without tiring.

With the hammer function on, the DW511 can bore 3/8-inch holes through concrete at up to 46,000 blows per minute, but there’s also the possibility of using it as a regular drill, in which case the chuck might reach speeds as high as 2,700 RPM.

This is more than enough for the vast majority of domestic applications, for which you can adjust the speed by the trigger (not the same thing as a 3-speed transmission) while the 360 degrees rotating handle will offer ample grip.


Buy from for ($53.49)




DeWalt DCD985B


This is a highly versatile battery-operated model that can be operated from anywhere without the hassle of setting up a power cable.

Despite the fact that it uses a Li-Ion battery, the DCD985B weighs effectively the same as its corded cousin, but the body is significantly more compact, to better fit in tight spaces.

This ability is further facilitated by the presence of an LED light, which isn’t so remarkable into itself, but this one has a 20-second delay, so the lights won’t just go out when the machine is in use if you accidentally switch it off.

It won’t really compete with the DW511 in terms of power since its 20 V fed motor only generates 450 UWO, but it can be effectively adapted for a variety of tasks, as it has a 3-speed transmission and 21 different speed settings.


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DeWalt DCD996B


The most expensive of the drills covered, the DCD996B can be seen as a premium version of the 985, and it has a couple of extra features to justify the price.

First, it uses a 5.0 Ah Li-Ion battery, which gives it significantly better charge retention, both when idle and in use.

This is further supplemented by the presence of two such batteries in the pack, which gives you the possibility of continuously keeping one of them in the charger, so the work won’t need to stop as the battery begins to dry out.

Another thing it’s got over the 985 is a brushless motor, which is significantly more energy efficient than a traditional layout and also more resilient since it will take longer to wear out due to less internal friction.

The LED light is further improved with the addition of 3 distinct working modes, including spotlight.


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Best drill sharpener


What are the best drill sharpeners in 2018?


If you are looking for the best drill sharpener but don’t know exactly which model to go for, then you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve looked at various models, checked specifications, materials, performance, and selected the ones that offer the best value for the price. After having analyzed and compared countless sharpeners, we decided to recommend the Drill Doctor 750X as the model you should consider. This product can help you keep all your drill bits sharp, it can work on bits of various shapes, sizes, and materials, and it also comes with sharpening wheels to give you several hundred sharpenings. In case you find that this product is sold out, you could also take a look at the Drill Doctor 350X.


Buying guide


In case you have dozens of dull drill bits lying around the garage and you don’t know what to do with them, then you should know that getting the best drill bit sharpener will allow you to bring them back to life. Rather than throwing them away, you can sharpen them and make them almost as good as when they were new.

However, picking the right drill sharpener can be quite challenging. Here are are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for one.



Restore your drill bits with a quality sharpener


By choosing a good drill sharpener, you can restore a lot of drill bits and ensure that you get smooth performance every time. With extremely sharp bits, you won’t risk damaging expensive materials, and neither will you spend hours just to drill a few holes.

Just make sure that you get a model for sale that features a solid construction. You also want a machine that’s precise and that can work with many bit sizes so you don’t need to buy more than one.



A high-grade sharpening wheel makes all the difference


You should read a few reviews of drill sharpeners and choose the model that comes with industrial-grade diamond sharpening wheels. These are able to sharpen bits that are made of strong materials and with coated tips.

A quality wheel should be able to sharpen between 200 and 400 drill bits. You should also ensure that the model you’re getting allows you to replace the sharpening wheel so that you get to use the machine for years and years while being able to keep all your drill bits in top shape.



Get a machine that’s easy to use


While you do want a drill sharpener that is precise and versatile, you also want to make sure that it is easy to use. Fortunately, there are some reputable brands that offer devices that are really easy to use. You only need to use the proper chuck and then rotate the bits inside the machine to sharpen them.

These machines have guides and other features that ensure you can only keep the bits at the correct angle so you can maintain the geometry of the bits.



Our recommendations


Because finding the right machine can take quite a lot of time, you should be glad to learn that we have prepared a list of the most popular drill sharpener reviews so you get to choose the one that offers the best performance for the price.



Drill Doctor 750X


The Drill Doctor 750X is a sharpening machine that can help you keep all your drill bits in top shape. This device can sharpen a wide range of bits from 3/32-inch to ¾-inch variants and ensure a precise cut so you get superb performance every time.

This machine comes with a special chuck that you can use to sharpen high-speed steel, cobalt, masonry, carbide, or TiN-coated bits with ease. You can sharpen the bits at any relief angle and extend their service life, or you can even create split point bits for various applications.

The 750X is made of quality components and cast aluminum parts which makes it extremely durable. It also comes with an industrial-grade diamond sharpening wheel to make sure that you can sharpen even the dullest bit.

The wheel should be able to provide you with at least 400 sharpenings. You also get a hard-shell carrying case to safely transport this machine.

Click to see the price on Amazon!




Drill Doctor 350X


If you’re looking for a quality machine that can sharpen your dull drill parts but don’t want to break the bank to get one, then the Drill Doctor 350X is just what you need. This device is made of durable materials and should provide you with years of precise sharpenings. This unit can sharpen various bits used for light materials such as wood or some metals.

This machine comes with an industrial-grade sharpening wheel that can restore dull or even broken drill bits to life. You get to save money by being able to sharpen bits of different sizes, from 3/32 to ½ inches. The provided chuck makes it easy to hold the bits at the right angle for a perfect sharpening.

The strong diamond sharpening wheel won’t change its shape even after prolonged use, and you can expect it to be able to sharpen at least 200 drill bits so you get to save a lot of money in the long run.

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Drill Doctor 500x


The Drill Doctor 500x is a drill sharpening device that comes with a professional design and a robust body. Made of high-quality materials and with an industrial-grade diamond sharpening wheel, this device can help you sharpen dull bits or restore to life broken bits you were thinking of throwing away.

You get to save money as well as improve the performance of your bits as long as they fall within the 3/32 to ½-inch size. You get a machine that provides cutting edges that are perfectly angled so the original geometry of the bit is maintained.

You can sharpen all sorts of bits such as cobalt, steel, carbide, masonry, and even split-point variants. This device is simple to use, you need to place the bit inside the provided chuck, place the chuck in the right position in the machine, and then turn the chuck at the right angle to obtain a finely sharpened edge.

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Best drill for DIY


What are the best drills for DIY in 2018?


If you’re good with your hands and want the best drill for DIY, then look no further. We’ve scoured the market in search of some of the most popular tools so we could choose the best. We’ve looked at technical specs, power ratings, as well as design and price in order to select the ones offering the best bang for the buck. After comparing many models, we recommend the DEWALT DCK240C2 as the product you should buy. This kit contains a powerful impact driver and a drill driver which will help you drill holes and power screws with ease. These also come with durable designs and ergonomic grips, and the package includes two batteries and a charger. In the unfortunate event that this product has run out of stock, you might also want to consider the WORX WX176L Switchdriver.


Buying guide


Whether you’re a professional or a hobbyist handyman, you can benefit from buying the best DIY drill. With a reliable tool, you can drill holes, hammer down masonry, or drive screws with ease. If you don’t know exactly how to choose the right model, here are a few things you might want to consider.



Power and functions


A good drill for DIY projects will have enough power and functions to get any type of job done. You need a powerful motor to drill holes or to blast through concrete walls. You should be looking at rpm ratings of at least 1,300 or so for drilling and at least several thousand bpm or beats per minute for the hammer and rotary hammer modes.



Get a model with versatile functions


Especially since you’re getting a tool for do-it-yourself projects, you might want to get a model for sale that can drill, hammer, as well as drive screws well. While a normal drill will be able to use screws, it won’t have the specialized specs for efficiently powering screws, and you’ll also risk stripping screws.

The good news is that you can find quite a few quality models that can work well at these tasks, but also kits and combos that actually have both drills and impact drivers included.



Extras matter


One of the details that might make your life a lot easier is a drill with a reliable chuck. You should check reviews of drills for DIY and make sure you get one with a chuck that’s compatible with most bits, which has a safe locking mechanism and that allows you to change bits fast. There are also some models that feature dual chucks that you can switch in an instant.

Other extras you might be looking for is replaceable batteries, charges, bit sets, LED lighting systems, etc.



Our recommendations


With so many quality drills on the market, deciding on which one to buy can be quite tough. If you really have no time to read dozens of DIY drills reviews, you can take a look at our top 3 list and see which models are being considered to offer the most for the price this year.





The DEWALT DCK240C2 is a combo kit that gives you a drill driver and an impact driver. Both of these benefit from a solid construction that will keep them working in the toughest conditions. The impact driver has a ¼-inch hex-chuck that can work with a wide range of 1-inch bits so you can power screws with ease through dense materials.

The drill driver can perform at top speeds of 1,500 rpm, and you get 2 speeds to work with so you can choose the right one for the job. This unit is capable of an output of 300 unit Watts out or UWO, which is enough to drill through a wide range of masonry, wood, or metal.

Both of these tools come with an ergonomic design that offers a good grip that’s also comfortable so you get to work in narrow spaces or at tough angles for hours on end without getting your hands tired.

The impact driver also comes with 3 LEDs to work in dark spaces, and you also get 2 batteries and a charger.

Buy from for ($149.99)




WORX WX176L Switchdriver


If you’re looking for a great drill for do-it-yourself projects, then the WORX WX176L is just what you need. This 20V switchdriver is versatile and can help you drill holes or drive screws with incredible ease.

This tool comes with two ¼-inch hex chucks that you can fit with bits in just a matter of seconds. The chucks can rotate at 180 degrees so you can instantly switch to the one you need for the moment. With this tool, you can get the job done incredibly fast since you are able to drill holes and then follow up with screws in record times.

This drill is lightweight and compact so using it for hours on end should be a breeze. You get variable 2-speed to tackle any project, as well as precise control over torque for the best possible results. This product also comes with 2 20V batteries and a charger. You can use the batteries to power other tools from the Worx family.

Buy from for ($79.98)




Bosch HDS182-02 Compact


The Bosch HDS182-02 is a tough drill and driver that comes with a solid body and intelligent design. This highly versatile tool can drill holes and drive screws, as well as chip away at even hard concrete thanks to the hammer and rotating hammer modes.

This drill comes with a powerful motor that can deliver 1,700 rpm and 25,500 bpm, making it the perfect choice for most home applications. This device can also generate a whopping 442 in.-lbs., which gives you a lot of torque for driving screws through dense materials. You get clutch settings, variable speed, as well as a chuck that makes it easy to change bits on the fly.

This drill has a strong case that’s tested to withstand a lot of abuse both in your home or on the construction site. The handle is comfortable to use, and it offers a good grip for overhead applications. This package comes with two batteries, a charger, and 4 bits for various applications.

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Best drill for concrete


What are the best drills for concrete in 2018?


Whether you’re an experienced handyman or just someone who needs to repair stuff every now and then, buying the best drill for concrete is one of the most sensible purchases you can make. With a powerful drill, you get to chip away at hard materials and drill holes with ease. However, how can you know which drill is the best for your needs, with so many models on the market? This is a question we’ve tried to find out. We have studied some of the most popular drills on the market and compared power, versatility, features, and price. Our top choice is the Bosch 11255VSR Xtreme. This drill can produce 1,300 rpm and 5,800 bpm, it comes with a versatile and safe SDS system, and it has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to work with. In case it is sold out, you might also want to consider the DEWALT DCH133B Brushless.


Buying guide


If you need to get a trusted tool for various applications around the house or for construction work but don’t have enough time to read loads of drill for concrete reviews, then this short guide should help you find out what you need to look for in a drill so you can get the right one for your needs.



Choose a versatile drill with more functions


You should make sure that you get a versatile drill for sale that comes with different settings for drilling and hammering. You should look for a model that has 2 or 3 settings to get the job done. The most common modes are the rotary or drilling mode, hammer, and rotary hammer.

You can use the rotary mode for drilling holes through wood, metal, or other materials that are light. The hammer mode is useful for chipping away large chunks of concrete, masonry or other hard materials, while the rotary hammer enables you to drill holes through the toughest materials.



Design and ease of use


A good drill for concrete is also going to have a reliable design, with an SDS chuck that’s optimized for blasting through hardened concrete and masonry. The chuck should allow for safe locking so you don’t risk getting the bit stuck halfway through the drilling operation, or even breaking.

You should also look for a model that has a comfortable handle, and perhaps even an additional front handle for easy maneuvering. These can come in handy, especially when the drills are large and heavy, as the handles give you more flexibility and a better grip for overhead or downward drilling, reducing fatigue in your hands.



Make sure you have enough power


While you can get by with a less powerful drill for light applications, you surely need a capable motor to drill through concrete or even reinforced concrete. Get a powerful tool that’s able to deliver a high rate of bpm or beats per minute, as that’s the most important feature you’ll be using for drilling or blasting through hard materials.

A model should have at least a few thousand beats per minute, as well as over one thousand rotations per minute.



Our recommendations


Finding the most reliable drill can be a challenging prospect, especially considering the sheer amount of offers on the market. If you don’t have hours to spend on reading dozens of reviews of the best drills for concrete, then you can check our list which features some of the most appreciated tools available.



Bosch 11255VSR Xtreme


The Bosch Xtreme is a versatile drill that comes with the power and functions to help you complete any renovation project. This device comes with a powerful 7.5-amp motor that can produce up to 1,300 rpm. You also get up to 5,800 bpm with the hammer mode.

Thanks to the SDS-plus system you can use a wide range of bits for drilling holes or chipping away at materials. You also get an auto bit-locking system for extra safety. The Vario lock offers 36 possible bit positions so you get to work from the best angle for the job.

You get to choose between the rotary, hammer, or rotary hammer modes for the best results in every scenario. The large D handle offers a good grip and support for both downward and overhead operations so you get to work in comfort while also staying safe.

The cord turret has a 35-degree pivot so you don’t risk getting the cable cut off after prolonged use.

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DEWALT DCH133B Brushless


If you’re looking for an affordable drill to work with various materials and surfaces, then the DEWALT DCH133B is the tool you need. This powerful drill can deliver 1,500rpm and 5,550bpm so you can rely on it to get any type of job done. You get to use the rotary, hammer, and rotary hammer functions for increased flexibility.

This tool comes with a 2.6J mechanism that can work just as well as its corded counterparts. You get a portable device that makes it incredibly easy to work, especially at tough angles or on elevated surfaces since you won’t have any cord to stumble upon.

The DCH133B is powerful enough to drill through thick concrete without losing speed in the middle of the drilling operation. You get a chuck type SDS system to use with a wide range of bits for every kind of job possible. This drill is sold without batteries so don’t forget to buy a couple.

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The BOSTITCH BTE140K is a capable drill that’s powered by a powerful 7-Amp motor. You get to use the drill and hammer drill functions to suit even the toughest jobs, while the dual speed transmission will provide you with enough flexibility to get any job done.

You get 2 speeds of 0-1100 rpm and 0-3100 rpm for drilling through different materials, as well as a good support for heavy work, thanks to the side handle that also features a depth rod. The metal chuck uses a 1.2-inch key that will allow you to securely tighten all bits and drills for maximum safety as well as performance.

This reliable tool also comes with a metal gear housing which ensures proper protection for internal components and improves heat dissipation to allow the device to cool faster and thus extend its service life. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and gives you a good grip for any application while also reducing fatigue.

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Best Bosch drill


What are the best Bosch drills in 2018?


Whether you’re a professional or a passionate DIY guy, getting the best Bosch drill can help you power through any kind of work with ease. However, finding the right drill can be quite challenging, especially since Bosch has many great models that you can choose from. We’ve looked at various drills and kits, checked their technical specs and features and selected the ones that offer the best for the price. After comparing numerous models, we recommend that you get the Bosch CLPK22-120 Kit. This kit comes with a drill driver and an impact driver, both of these tools benefit from a robust design and powerful motors, and you also get two batteries for long work hours. In the unfortunate event that this product is no longer available, you might want to check out the Bosch DDB181-02 Kit.


Buying guide


If you’re looking for a good Bosch drill but don’t have any idea which of the numerous models to choose from, then you have landed in the right place. Our short guide should give you all the important information you’ll need to make an informed choice.



Get the right tools for the job


Depending on the jobs you need to perform, you might need to get a quality Bosch drill or an impact driver. The drill is most useful for drilling holes through different materials, while the impact driver is optimized for maximum torque which can help you power screws and fasteners with ease.

The good part is that you can also opt for a kit that comes with both a drill driver and an impact driver so that you get the right tools for any task.



Design and comfort considerations


Especially if you need to perform all sorts of jobs around the home, you will surely want to go for a cordless model for sale so you stay mobile and move fast through tasks with no hindrance. Selecting drills that have compact bodies also enables you to work in narrow spaces, while a lightweight design means you can work for longer hours without tiring your hand.

Also, make sure to choose a model that has a comfortable handle so you can drill holes or fasten screws even from unusual angles.



Stay powered throughout the day


If you want to be able to work for extended periods of time without any interruptions, then you might want to check out some Bosch drill reviews and make sure that you’re getting a kit that offers at least a replaceable battery. You need spare batteries to make sure you don’t get waste time waiting for the battery to recharge.

The good news is that many kits come with fast chargers that can fully charge a battery in 30 minutes or so, as well as spare batteries, which means you’re all set.



Our recommendations


It’s understandable that you don’t have the time to spend hours or even days doing research and reading countless reviews of Bosch drills. This is why we’ve prepared a list of the top consumer choices which feature reliable tools that can be used even in the toughest applications.



Bosch CLPK22-120 Kit


The Bosch CLPK22-120 is a versatile kit that comes with a drill driver and an impact driver to help you get any sort of job done. Both tools are powered by 12-Volt motors, with the drill driver being able to reach speeds of 1,300 rpm, while the driver having a top speed of 2,600 rpm.

These tools have a compact design that makes it easy to work from any angle and on any platform. The robust design is also durable so you can expect them to last in tough working conditions.

The impact driver has a lightweight and ergonomic body that allows you to drive screws with ease in any kind of material from even difficult angles or in narrow spaces. You get to adjust the speed on both drills to suit the specific job you need doing. You also get 2 batteries and a 30-minute charger to keep your tools powered for long working hours.


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Bosch DDB181-02 Kit


With the Bosch DDB181-02, you know you have the right tool for any kind of job both around the house and on the construction site. This drill and driver comes with a powerful 18-volt motor that has 350 in-lbs of torque, as well as a top speed of 1,300 rpm so you can drill through tough materials or power screws with ease.

You get to use a 2-speed transmission that allows you to set the right torque and speed for optimal performance depending on the specific task you’re working on. The robust body of the drill makes for easy holding and handling so you can drill or drive screws from just about any possible angle.

The lightweight body also makes it easy to perform any operations without tiring your hand. The LED light will help you work even in dark spaces, while the 2 included batteries and charger will allow you to work for extended hours without a problem.

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Bosch HDS182-02 Brushless


If you’re looking for a reliable tool to get almost any type of job done, then the Bosch HDS182-02 is just what you need. This drill and driver comes with an 18-volt motor that gives you all the power and speed you need for tough applications.

You can drill holes with a speed of up to 1,700 rpm, while the hammer mode allows you to blast through hard materials with a maximum 25,500 bpm. This drill has a solid and durable body that will give you many years of excellent service. The shield housing has been tested with numerous 10-feet drops so you know you have a reliable tool to work in tough situations.

Thanks to the comfortable handle and compact head length, you can work in tight spaces or drill and drive screws in overhead positions with ease, especially since this device is also lightweight. The cordless design enables you to work without any hindrance so you can get the job faster.

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