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What are the best 12-inch drill presses in 2017?


If you don’t have time to browse through all the reviews and excellent buying advice prepared by our researchers, then this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best 12 inch drill presses. By reading about various models mentioned by user feedback, expert websites, and about their reliability tests, we came to the conclusion that the Craftsman 12 in. is the product you should consider if you want nothing but the best. You will not be able to tell much difference between drilling holes into metal and drilling holes into wood or any other softer material, because the drill press is powerful and capable of doing the same fine job, regardless of material, due to its powerful motor. The drill press comes equipped with a LED light and laser that offer you maximum precision, so you will be able to maximize your productivity and cause little to no waste of material. For precise drilling, the depth adjustment feature will surely come in handy, and there will be no project you will not be able to tackle. If the Craftsman 12 in. is temporarily unavailable, you should go for the Jet JDP-12 as it is almost just as good.




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If you want to expand your versatility as a craftsman and the repertoire of services that your workshop can offer, you ought to invest in the best 12 inch drill press. The drill press is one of the most multifaceted pieces of equipment in the metalworking and woodworking industries. It enables a professional worker to do more than just cut holes. The drill press can also be utilized to perform sanding, mortising, and repetitive hole drilling. This type of tool ensures speed, accuracy, greater functionality, sustained power plus security and safety.

A drill press enables you to discover more ways to become an accomplished metalworker and woodworker.


About the Craftsman and JET brands


Both the Craftsman and JET brands have been recognized through the years for having been part of the many 12 inch drill press reviews throughout the world. Both companies have managed to establish themselves as being at the forefront of a continuously growing industry.


Craftsman tools have always been part of many a maker’s journey. Since it was acquired by Sears in 1927, the Craftsman brand has continued to represent an unwavering dedication to durability and quality. Craftsman has successfully inspired do-it-yourselfers, builders, weekend warriors and virtually anyone in between. The brand now boasts more than 80 product categories including its own Craftsman 12 drill press line. With more than 6,000 products under its name, the Craftsman brand endures as the bestselling tool brand in the US.


JET has been committed as well to being a most dependable company when it comes to the highest levels of innovation, quality and service. Since the first JET products were brought to the market over half a century ago, the brand has offered a greater variety of product lines, more innovative products, industry recognized professional manuals and top warranty terms supplemented by more than 750 authorized service centers.

Both the Craftsman and JET brands adhere to reliably tough workmanship in their various tools for the modern workshop.


Our recommendations:


Craftsman 12 in.


1.Craftsman 12 in. Drill PressWith its steel and cast iron construction, the Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press enables you to drill holes in wood, plastics, aluminum, steel and plenty of other materials with remarkable ease and precision. The robust ½ horsepower 3.5-amp motor powers this drill press to rip through wood and slice through metal with dependable accuracy and speed. The LED light and laser allow you to move flawlessly from one project to another with virtually zero material wastage and with greater productivity levels. The variable speed drill press offers high speed with smooth turning and high torque spindle settings varying between 355 and 3065 revolutions per minute, so you can accomplish more in less time.

The Craftsman 12 in. Drill Press boasts a rigid frame and a sturdy steel post that both ensure superior durability and long term use. It is a perfect temporary jobsite or bench top accessory thanks to its easy mechanism for depth adjustability along with pin point X and Y axis positioning, ideal for jobs that require precise machining results. You can cut slots for a mortise-and-tenon frame, drill bolt holes while twisting out metal shavings, give a super smooth finish to an almost perfect carving using a sanding drum, or even simply kick up some saw dust. This machine provides accurate and long-lasting operation. It makes a perfect addition to any workshop with its strength, adaptability and versatility.

What is the best 12 inch drill press from Craftsman? It is this very tool that is built with a rugged heavy duty construction to ensure vibration-less operation for a smooth finish in every job every time.

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Jet JDP-12


2.Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill PressEquipped with a bench top design that’s compact enough for problem-free transport from workshop to jobsite, the JET drill press is engineered to provide more than adequate power to handle big jobs. Geared with a highly capable 1/3-horsepower motor, the drill press is able to push through nearly anything that you throw in its direction. It boasts an over 3 1/8-inch spindle travel that enables maximum depth cutting. The machine is also equipped with an innovative X-shaped XACTA laser that provides remarkable drilling accuracy. This device is the perfect choice for a stationary workshop or a perpetually mobile contractor.

The 12-inch drill press is outfitted with an industrial-duty 5/8-inch drill chuck that allows you to tackle multiple drilling applications. The oversized ergonomic knobs ensure ease of use coupled with superior control. Tackle a wide range of drilling applications confidently with the digital read-out that displays the current spindle speed. The LED work light increases visibility for even the most intricate applications. The 12-inch drill press has a retractable roller extension that provides support to the entire machine while enabling quick adjustment of the work piece.

The large paddle switch offers an easy shut off mechanism plus reliable lockout protection. Maintain consistent drilling depths with the clear linear scale with depth stop. The 11-1/2″x16-1/2″ cast iron base offers space-saving capability thanks to the way it fits neatly on work benches with limited space. You can easily reposition the machine on the work bench due to its stable base design.

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