10 Best Drill Presses in 2019

Last Updated: 23.07.19


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What are the best drill press on the market ?


If you do not have the time to browse through all the reviews and buying advice prepared by our researchers, then this short paragraph ought to tell you everything you need to know about some of the best drill presses. In order to determine the best products in this line, we have looked at indicators like the user feedback and reliability surveys and we’ve concluded that the Wen 4208 is the model you ought to keep in mind. This unit offers the benefit of as many as five speeds and comes with a spindle travel of 2 inches. The ⅓-HP induction motor that the drill press is fitted with offers it more than enough power and torque, therefore making it capable of raising up to par. The cast iron worktable is height-adjustable and can be tilted up to 45 degrees left and right. In case the WEN 4208 is no longer available, make sure to look at the specs of another good alternative, the WEN 4210.



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What is the best drill press in 2019?


Having a great drill press in your work shop lets you accomplish a wide range of applications using a variety of materials. A drill press is not a simple item that you can simply pick out from a shelf at the store without thinking about how useful the machine will be to you. In order to purchase the best drill press, you will have to get as much information as you can from buying guides and product reviews. It is important to know the essentials of this kind of equipment, and the general functionality of the machine to the everyday DIY individual or professional user.

The market is filled with various brands and models of drill presses. You can buy a unit from a variety of local and online stores, which have a large selection of drill presses you can choose from to suit your needs. As getting the best inexpensive drill press these days can be a challenging task, we suggest you keep on reading to learn more about the features you should look for in it and the type you require.


The product above is SKIL 3320-01



What does a drill press do?


With a good quality drill press, you are able to drill a single hole in an accurate manner. When you do plenty of woodworking, you’ll need precisely drilled holes that are evenly spaced and of the exact depths, angles and widths that your project requires. The drill press provides the speed you want while avoiding mistakes. The powerful motor of the drill press saves on operator effort, unlike when working with a handheld drill.

The drill press enables you to use really large drill bits to bore wider holes. The best part is that you can do this repeatedly and with the exact same precision and size every time. The machine lets you do a variety of tasks safely and securely including: angled drilling; working on elaborately shaped work pieces such as furniture legs; working with a spindle sander for sanding; boring squares and rectangles into a piece of wood; drilling holes into metal for incorporation into wood pieces.


What are the best drill presses? How to choose one?


Because of the large number of drill presses on the market, you may find it difficult to select just one. Narrowing the choices to only one without knowing what makes one model different from another is foolish. To make the search easier and more sensible, you’ll need to consider what aspects to look for that distinguishes the best from the rest.

When buying a drill press, check for the size, capacity or horsepower of the unit. Of course, when checking for those elements, you need to establish what the machine will primarily be used for.

A variable speed drill press offers greater versatility. So do a good number of attachments, accessories and features, which expand the range of usability for the device. You should also get the type or model you believe will be most optimal for your needs.

Those four characteristics are explained in detail in a related article, so check that one out as well.



Types of drill presses


A drill press or drilling machine is commonly found in many modern machine shops. It is a device equipped with a driving tool or cutting tool attachment, typically a driver or drill bit. The power tool is highly useful for cutting holes into a variety of stock or materials. It can also be employed to fasten various workpieces together through fasteners.

Aside from power and capacity, drill presses are categorized under several basic types.


Classified as a light-duty drill press, the upright sensitive drilling machine is typically equipped with a belt-driven spindle head. It is generally employed for doing work of moderate-to-light duty levels. The name of this type of drill press is derived from its capability to be hand fed. The tool is hand fed into the stock to empower the user to get a literal ‘feel’ of the tool’s cutting mechanism. Available in workbench and floor forms, the upright drill press, and all other drill machines, should have a solid build and a stable base to ensure safety for the operator.


An upright drill press is designed for heavy-duty tasks. It typically features a gear-driven spindle head. The upright drill press is utilized for boring large holes on projects with generally larger or heavier elements. This type of drilling machine also enables the user to manually feed or even do automatic feeding of the tool right through the stock. The machine’s power feed system propels the tool deep into the stock. Some upright drill press models are equipped with table height adjustment mechanisms to facilitate tool feeding.


Giving the user the ability to cut angular or intersecting holes in one easy setup, the radial arm drill press can be outfitted with a trunnion table or tilting table, which features a shaft that supports and positions a tilting plate. The radial arm drilling machine can be depended on for heavy-duty hole cutting tasks and is referred to simply as a radial drill press. This type of machine enables effortless positioning of the spindle right over the stock instead of simply raising the workpiece towards the tool. The unique design of this type of drill press provides greater versatility, since it allows the user to work on large parts that can be impossible to position optimally.

A radial drill press delivers power feed on the spindle, along with the automatic mechanism for lowering or raising the radial arm. Mounted on the radial arm is the wheel head, which can be adjusted along the arm to ensure ease of use and greater versatility.


There are also special purpose drilling machines used for a variety of applications. Some models are able to drill 20 holes simultaneously or slice holes as narrow as 0.01 inch.

One example of the special drill machine is the gang style drill press, which features a number of work heads mounted over just one worktable. This model is highly useful when you have to carry out successive hole drilling. The first head may be employed for spot drilling, then the second for tap drilling, then the third used in conjunction with the tapping head to tap a hole. The fourth head can be used to slice out a symmetrical sloping edge or for chamfering.


A multiple spindle drill machine, also called a multi-spindle drill press, features many spindles mounted on a single or main work head. The spindles are fed simultaneously into the workpiece. The multi-spindle drill press makes boring of many closely-spaced holes on a large number of parts much easier.


An exceptionally accurate machine that offers high spindle speed is the micro drill press. Capable of boring holes into very small parts, this type of machine has pretty small dimensions, as well. Most are designed as benchtop machines equipped with chucks that can hold very small tools for drilling.


Several drilling heads on the turret can be found on a turret drill machine, with each turret head capable of being equipped with a variety of cutting tools. The user can quickly position the tool into position thanks to the turret. Modern turret drilling machines are computer-programmable to ensure accurate and quick table positioning.



What is a good price for a drill press?


You will need to establish a budget when buying a drill press. This helps you narrow down the choices even more. It is best to have a good idea of the current market price for the type of machine you plan to get. This helps you set your budget to a reasonable level. Setting a budget that’s too low may mean not getting all the features you want, plus the build and quality you expect from this type of tool. Setting your ceiling too high may only cause you to overspend and not fully optimize the usability of the product you spend on.

Set your budget to a reasonable level. Watch out for product promos, too.

A magnetic/stationary drill press goes for $80 to $130. A laser drill press sells for around $1000. Most benchtop models can be bought from $400 to $500. You can purchase a radial drill press for around $400. The best floor drill press for the money can cost a pretty penny, so you need to understand what kind of expense makes sense for you.

DP-350 USAGE 0012


Usual Issues with Drill Presses


One of the most common complaints is that regular bits skate around and enter the work piece in the wrong place. A related issue is after lining up the brad point with a mark on the work piece and switching on the machine, the stock shifts slightly before drilling commences. The first issue comes from not using a good quality brad point, while the second arises from the vibration of the motor. Using the drill press vise, you can clamp your work piece firmly into position, holding the material at a specific angle relative to the spindle set.

Generally, good quality drill bits provide a clean entry into the wood but with some nasty torn fibres on the exit side, which becomes more pronounced when using veneered stock. Using a backer board with consistent thickness to support the hole’s bottom can help. Even with the best cheap drill press you can encounter these issues.

Another common problem is burning of the wood, which is caused by running the drill too fast and that results in a blackened hole. Try to run your machine at a slower speed as the drill bit diameter increases. Use full speed (usually 3,000 RPM) only when running the smallest drill bits.



11 Best Drill Presses (Updated Reviews) in 2019



1. WEN 4208 Drill Press


2.2 WEN 4208Sold at an amazingly low price yet not running short on genuine value for money, the WEN 4208 Drill Press is a great addition to your workshop.

Providing 5 speeds, the machine lets you choose from 620, 1100, 1720, 2340 and 3100 RPM to work capably with various materials and thicknesses. With a spindle travel of 2 inches and an easy-to-read locking linear depth stop, the drill press provides you accurate and repeatable drilling operations.

The tough 1/3HP induction motor provides adequate torque and power. It features ball bearings that ensure an extended life, and all comes together with balanced and smooth performance even at high speeds. The cast iron worktable comes with height adjustability and tilts up to 45 degrees right and left to enable you to perform angled drilling.

Small yet powerful enough to bore through metal, wood, plastics and plenty of other materials, the WEN 4208 Drill Press offers a maximum drill capacity of ½ inch. It’s the perfect size for a workshop and is designed to be portable for hassle-free transport from site to site. The rigid frame ensures dependable durability. The predrilled holes on the base enable mounting to a work stand or bench. Effective clamping of the stock is assured by the mounting clamps and vises on the slotted table.



The product can be used at five different and fully adjustable speeds, ranging between 620 RPM and 3100 RPM. This way, you will make sure all your products will get your full attention and that you will use the right speed for making holes of different dimensions.

It comes with 0-45 degree tilting work surface to practice your skills and finish all your projects as fast as possible, as well as safe. In addition, the height of the work surface is adjustable to accommodate your own height and help you spend a more comfortable time working on your projects.



According to some of the customers, the drill features a short throat that is extremely hard to adjust. In addition, the drill is rather weak, so it won’t help you finish your products, not even when you work on a smaller scale.

Some other customers complained about the weak motor of this drill press which won’t help you work faster or better by any means.

drill press


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2. WEN 4210 Drill Press


There are several reasons why you should consider the WEN 4210. For one, it’s slightly larger than the 8-inch WEN model we’ve also talked about in this selection, which means that you have a bit more space at your disposal, and this tool can handle more difficult tasks other than jewelry making.

The laser guiding system that the unit is equipped with makes it possible for the user to see what he or she is doing without really making an effort. Every hole will be drilled through any material with as much efficiency and precision as possible. You’ll avoid making any mistakes with the help of this drill press.

On top of everything, the model is adjustable. You can set the speed at any of the five available ones which range from 600 to 3100 rotations per minute. Moreover, the model is fitted with a 3.2-amp engine that enables it to handle every task you throw at it and still want more.

There are loads of drum sanders and mortising attachments compatible with this tool, which means that you can utilize it for a wide array of applications. Besides, it doesn’t even cost a fortune, unlike many of its competitors.



When you’re shopping in this line of products, you need to make sure you purchase a drill press that comes with several speeds. Those of this WEN model will enable you to drill through a variety of materials thanks to the five speeds ranging from 600 to 3100 RPM.

Since it’s constructed from cast iron, there’s no doubt that the WEN 4210 can withstand the test of time. You won’t have to replace it ahead of time.

Another pro you need to consider is that this particular product is compatible with a myriad of accessories and extras ranging from circle cutters to drum sanders.

The laser guide boasted by this alternative makes it possible for rookies to use the drill press effectively, even if they haven’t used one before.



While it does do a great job of drilling through materials like wood and aluminum, this 10-inch drill press has its limitations and one ought to consider that before finalizing one’s purchase.

drill press


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3. Shop Fox W1668 Bench-Top Drill Press


6.1 Shop Fox W1668Outfitted with a strong ¾ HP motor, the Shop Fox W1668 Bench-Top Drill Press/Spindle Sander offers spindle speeds from 250 to 3,050, which enable it to effortlessly handle a variety of drilling and cutting tasks on a wide range of materials. Thanks to the machine’s capability to double as an oscillating sander, the Shop Fox W1668 can also be used for efficient contour sanding. This is a truly effective tool due to it having more capacity, more power and more speeds.

The Shop Fox W1668 is built with a table that has a clearance hole, which proves valuable while sanding. The clever design features a dust collection port that ensures a less messy sanding job.

The ¾-inch drilling capacity is even capable of handling steel, giving you reliable versatility and functionality.

The tilting table bevels up to 90 degrees left and right for angled drilling jobs. The table height and tilt can accommodate any work piece height or deliver special drilling or sanding angles. You can even choose to move the table out of the way and use the base of the drill press as a table for sanding or drilling.

The oscillating capability reduces buildup of heat and leaves a fibre-free, smooth finish when sanding.



The product offers spindle speeds ranging between 250 RPM and 3050 RPM, which means it is powerful enough to handle a wide array of drilling and cutting tasks, according to your specific needs.

The drill press comes with an integrated table with a clearance hole to provide maximum support and be extremely reliable while sanding.

It is also fitted with a dust collection port to help you keep your working place, and the environment clean from debris and dust gathered after sanding. The dust collection port can be easily cleaned and replaced once your job is finished.



Some of the customers complained about the cheaply made motor that won’t last more than a few uses. Every time the motor functions it vibrates, not being able to provide the required stability to perform high-precision drilling tasks.

Make sure to carefully check your package after you order it and address any missing or damaging parts.

drill press


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4. SKIL 3320-01 Drill Press


1.1 SKIL 3320-01Among the many models on the market, the SKIL 3320-01 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill Press has got to be one of the best there is thanks to the onboard LaserX2 2 Beam Laser System.

For the weekend hobbyist who demands greater reliable precision than what a handheld drill can offer, the SKIL 10-inch Drill Press with Laser proves to be a solid choice. The specially engineered X2 2-Beam Laser allows precise alignment of the hole. The integrated Depth Adjustment System enables you to drill down to a consistent level every time.

The machine’s Zero to Forty-Five Degree Left and Right Tilting Work Surface has the capability to bevel right and left from 0 to 45 degrees, giving you precise angled drilling.

Powered by an efficient 3.2-amp motor, this drill press comes with five speeds from 570 to 3,050 RPM to cut holes cleanly through various types of material such as wood, metal and plenty more. The machine has a ½-inch keyed chuck that accepts larger diameter bits for various cutting and woodworking applications.

The three-year warranty is a huge bonus, as it ensures that you get a drill press you can count on for plenty of larger-scale building and furniture projects.



When working with this drill press, you can choose between five different speeds ranging from 570 RPM to 3050 RPM, depending on your requirements and things to fix.

The adjustable depth stop offers accurate measurements and repetitive drilling for series projects. In other words, all your DIY projects around the house or your jobs for your small business can be done easier and faster.

It features a 2-beam laser for precise hole alignment in order to make things easier for you, especially for repetitive tasks.



Although the vast majority of the people who purchased the item were pleased with the quality of this drill press, some of them considered that adjusting the bands is quite difficult, especially if you are not a big guy.

Some other customers complained about the poor quality of the pulleys, which are made of plastic and are not extremely reliable, especially on the long run.

drill press


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5. Delta 18-900L Laser Drill Press


3.1 Delta 18-900LBacked by a five-year warranty, the Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press is made rugged and versatile enough for professional use. It is outfitted with a heavy-duty ¾ horsepower induction motor that provides powerful performance.

For problem-free speed changes, you can enjoy using the machine’s Auto-Tensioning Belt Drive System. Engineered for repeatable accuracy and precision, the Delta 18-900L 18-Inch Laser Drill Press offers maximum transmission efficiency so you can get the job done right the first time.

The onboard full 6-inch quill stroke allows you to perform deeper drilling applications and to manage the machine’s best-in-class capacity. The drill press comes with 16 speeds for dependable drilling performance using a variety of materials.

The micro-adjustable depth stops and independent depth scale allow the operator to zero the scale and set up for repetitive drilling quickly and easily. With its rack-and-pinion height adjustment, the oversized woodworker’s table on the machine has to be one of the best drill press tables you can find on this type of equipment.

The worker’s table carries an exclusive design and tilts from 0 to 48 degrees forward and 0 to 90 degrees left and right. Easy angle adjustments are provided by the adjustable locking levers. The T-slots enable clamping and the replaceable and removable center insert allows through-the-table drilling.



Thanks to the auto-tensioning belt drive system you will be able to change the speeds easily between fast and low without losing the overall transmission efficiency. In other words, you will be able to work with different speeds and still end up with the same quality of the job.

It comes equipped with a fully adjustable Twin Laser that projects a bright red light on the workpiece to help you perfectly set the materials you want to drill.

This is a high-power press drill featuring no less than 16 adjustable speeds, ranging between 170 RPM and 3000 RPM.



The drill is mainly intended for professionals, hence the powerful motor and the large array of available speeds. Although it will make a great addition for everyone, this particular drill press is suitable for those who have large-scale products rather than regular handymen.

drill press


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6. JET 354165 JDP-15M Drill Press


4.2 JET 354165The JET 354165 JDP-15M is a genuine benchtop drill press that saves on workshop space. This unit is incredibly easy to use and offers the best in versatility. It provides 16 speeds from 200 to 3,630 RPM, which enables you to choose the speed that fits the job.

At the heart of the JET 354165 JDP-15M is the 3/4HP, 115/230-volt motor that delivers reliable power coupled with variable speed. The 15-inch swing is supplemented by the adjustable tension spindle return that enables repeatable drilling to the same depth every time.

The rotating table comes with a full 10- by 13-inch work surface and a crank-operated height adjustment mechanism, enabling it to tilt up to 45 degrees. Aside from that, the table also comes with quick-release capability and X-pattern mounting grooves for easy stock positioning across the surface. You can mount a fence in the rear mounting grooves thanks to the reversibility of the table.

To enable easy and quick access to the motor mount, you can use the hinged metal belt and pulley cover. Those components make spindle speed changes rapid and effortless.

The depth stop saves on time by displaying parameters both in millimeters and inches. The quick-set bolt ensures accurate and quick adjustments, as well.



This drill press comes equipped with a bench mount and 16 different and fully adjustable speeds. The speeds range between 200 RPM and 3630 RPM which is extremely powerful and fast, to ensure good quality holes even in the hardest raw materials.

The working surface is exceptionally generous, offering a working space of 10 by 13 inches.

It comes with an adjustable tension spindle return spring.

It also includes a ⅝ inch drill chuck and key, as well as a built-in work light for performing even the most challenging tasks regardless of the light outside or the moment of the day.



The light bulb is not included on this drill press so you will have to purchase one on your own. Make sure to go through the instructions carefully and choose the right dimensions for the bulb.

The drill press is quite heavy, weighing approximately 150 pounds so it can be hard to move it or to work with it if you’re not a big guy.

drill press


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7. Jet JDP-12 Drill Press


5.2 Jet JDP-12Thanks to its compact bench top design, the Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press enables hassle-free transport from site to site and from workshop to anywhere you want to do your woodworking tasks.

The heavy-duty 5/8 inch chuck handles large drill bits so you can use it on thicker materials to drill deeper and larger holes. For optimal drilling and quick checks while working, the digital readout displays the spindle speed. This variable speed drill press has more than enough power to tackle big tasks.

The Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press is outfitted with an LED work light that increases the visibility on your work piece. This is complemented by the clear linear scale with depth stop, which delivers an accurate and consistent drilling depth every time.

The drill press has the power to cut any hole thanks to its 1/3 HP 110-volt motor. You can choose between 530 and 3,100 rpm to go with the demands of your drilling task. The 3.15 vertical stroke and 3 1/8-inch vertical spindle travel deliver maximum drilling depth.

Onboard the Jet JDP-12 12-Inch Drill Press is the revolutionary X-shaped Xacta laser that ensures drilling accuracy. The 360-degree head swivel plus 5/8-inch drilling capacity delivers the capability you want in a versatile drill press.



This is a lightweight drill press specifically designed to meet the requirements of regular handymen and help you perform all your DIY projects around the house easily.

Thanks to the compact benchtop it will be easy to transport this item to different locations and set it up exactly where you want it.

It includes an industrial duty ⅝ inch chuck to handle large drill bits and perform its tasks perfectly.

The included LED work light increases the visibility of the working space and allows you to perform during the day or the night.

The product comes with many adjustable speeds ranging between 530 RPM and 3100 RPM.



The product is not intended for heavy work but is mainly functional for works around the home. In other words, it is not powerful enough to perform duties on an industrial scale.

According to some of the customers, the product doesn’t present a good overall quality with some of its pieces of inferior quality that will break after a short while or simply won’t work.

drill press


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8. WEN 4214 Drill Press


This 12-inch drill press is slightly larger compared to those we have recommended in our selection. However, it’s particularly versatile, powerful, and offers the same amount of power and torque through its whole speed range. On top of that, the machine comes with every accessory you might desire from such a tool.

Since the product comes with a variable speed capability, you will have the freedom to select just the right one for your kind of application. This model is engineered with the needs of users in mind, which means that it will enable you to select any speed from 580 to 3,200 RPM depending on the demands of your task.

The laser centering device boasted by the 4214 makes it possible for both experienced and inexperienced drill press users to make the most of this tool. You will be able to drill through virtually any type of material with as much precision as possible.

Another aspect you might want to know about this product is that it comes with a beveling worktable that can rotate up to 45 degrees right and left, thereby enabling you to perform accurate angled drilling.



If you want a good variable speed drill press, the WEN 4214 should be one of the models you ought to take into account. It’s versatile, efficient, and comes with every feature you might want.

The product boasts an adjustable worktable that can rotate 45 degrees right or left so as to allow you to perform particularly accurate angled drilling.

The neatest thing about this choice is that you can use it to drill through virtually any kind of material. Its speed capability and the fact that you can select any one from 580 to 3,200 RPM is a clue in this sense.

The laser centering device takes the guesswork out of everything as you’ll be able to drill precisely where you want to drill.



There have been users who have complained about several design inconsistencies, so to say.

It seems that there is a spring-loaded pin on the end of the chuck key, which makes it impossible for the user to leave the key in the chuck by accident. However, this component makes tightening the chuck rather hard.

drill press


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9. WEN 4227 Drill Press


The 4227 comes with most of the handy features boasted by other WEN models with the difference that it is slightly more versatile and allows users to select from even more speeds. The product comes with a 14” table made out of cast iron which can give you a clue as to whether or not the 4227 can stand the test of time.

Moreover, the floor drill press boasts twelve different speed adjustments that you can select from in the range of 180 to 2940 RPMs. It’s also worth adding that this product features a laser centering guide, which makes it perfect for both beginners and experienced drill press users.

The product is compatible with drill bits sized from ⅛” to ⅝”. Taking into account both the speed capabilities and the actual size of this tool, it goes without saying that you can use it to drill absolutely anything ranging from wood to metal.

Additionally, you’ll be glad to know that this product has a 1” cooling channel that prevents the tool and the materials from overheating. There are several limitations to this model, but they only consist of a drill depth that can go only to 4 ¾” and a single laser instead of a crosshair one.



There’s nothing more useful in a drill press than the ability to customize it as you deem fit. The WEN 4227 will allow you to do just that thanks to its 12 speeds that vary from 180 to 2940 RPMs.

The size of the worktable of this drill press is next to impressive given that it measures 14”.

There is a cooling channel along the table and chances are you’ll find it particularly useful when drilling through thicker materials, as this feature will keep both the machine and the material from overheating.

The beveling table can be adjusted from 0 to 45 degrees to the left or the right, which will make it possible for you to perform angled drilling.



Several buyers are bothered by the table support arm handle as it is made of soft steel, which means that it might succumb in the future.

The assembly instructions seem to be worthless based on what some owners say about them.


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10. JET J-2500 Drill Press


If you’re in the market for an even larger alternative, this JET unit should be right up your alley. It’s equipped with a decent and powerful motor and has a good voltage. The ¾-HP 115-volt engine enables the 15-inch JET drill press to do its job quite efficiently, and efficiency and convenience are two of the benefits all drill press users are after.

There are 16 speeds in total made available by this product. The lowest one is at 200 revolutions per minute, which means that, much unlike some of the other models we have tackled in our selection, this one can handle drilling through thin metal sheets. The maximum speed is 3620 RPM, so you will also be able to use it for thicker materials.

Probably the coolest feature of the J-2500 is its 360-degree swiveling head. This aspect gives you heaps and heaps of flexibility, and the adjustable worktable that you can tilt up to 45 degrees right or left adds to that flexibility.

There’s a nice-looking steel column that supports the moving head and the working table, so you can rest assured that the drill press is more than stable.



Based on the feedback we’ve found in relation to this model, it seems relatively easy to assemble. The spindle comes with permanently lubricated balls and bearings.

The powerful motor that the J-2500 is fitted with makes it possible for the unit to handle thin and thick materials with just as much effectiveness.

The 360-degree rotatable head is convenient as is the fact that both it and the working table are supported by a steel column.

On top of everything, you have the benefit of the 16 available speeds ranging from 200 to 3620. Both the range and the lowest speed are impressive.



Both the powerful engine and its superior speed capabilities make this drill press somewhat noisy when compared to other models. However, one should expect this from a tool that can deliver this kind of performance, so it shouldn’t be used in the presence of sleeping babies because it will wake them up.


drill press


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11. Shop Fox W1848 Drill Press


If reliability is what you have been looking for, and the drill press you want to spend your precious pennies on mustn’t be poorly made in any sense, then you should look at the specs of the Shop Fox oscillating floor model. It has a solid construction and can provide you with all the reliability you need for your applications.

Moreover, you can clean it easily and effectively, which means that you’ll be able to increase its lifespan. When it comes to the speeds it allows you to select for your purposes, this unit comes with as many as 12 which can be set from 250 to 3050 RPM.

Much like the JET J-2500 we’ve also talked about in this selection, thanks to the lowest speed setting, you’ll be able to drill through thin sheets of metal while the highest one will assist you in drilling through thick material.

The design of the Shop Fox machine makes it possible for you to use the dust ports easily and prevent any heat build-ups from happening. Another detail you might be interested in is that the W1848 is compatible with a wide variety of accessories, including drum sanders.



The sturdy metal build of this product can allow you to use it time and again, without having to worry about it breaking ahead of time.

Probably the most important advantage made available by this product is its speed capabilities. You can choose any of the twelve ones made possible by the machine, with the lowest one being 250 RPM and the highest 3050 RPM.

The 110V 3/4HP motor will deliver all the performance and reliability you need from an oscillating floor drill press.

Another aspect you might want to know about is that the table of this unit can be tilted at up to 90 degrees both left and right, while most other models have tables that can be tilted up to 45 degrees.



With some models, there aren’t any threaded holes on the dust port on the bottom of the table. You can, however, drill your own if you want them to be there.


drill press


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Best brands


WEN has been in the business of developing and marketing affordable power tools of high quality for decades. The company was founded by Nick Anton in 1951. It initially was reputed for merging electricity and tools together, creating genuine power tools. WEN’s talented research and development division has helped craft numerous common everyday tools including the electric jigsaw, chainsaw, electric soldering gun, electric engraver, wet wheel and knife sharpeners. The brand has specialized in random orbital technology, demonstrated in many of today’s buffers, waxers and polishers to give the modern car that spic-and-span showroom quality.

WEN has since branched out to encompass more types of tools in its product lines, including drill presses, bench grinders, tool storage, miter saws, hand tools, nailers and much more.



SKIL has faithfully upheld innovation as part of its business culture. From the time the company came out in 1924 with the Model E, which was the first portable electric hand saw, SKIL has been credited with its own series of firsts in the power tool industry. It introduced the first diecast aluminum motor housing in 1928. In 1949, the company came out with the Varied Torque Clutch, which reduced saw overload and kickback. SKIL introduced the first three-way action Roto-Hammer in 1960. Fast forward to 1976, when the company came out with the first self-contained consumer cordless drill. The company launched the first 12V drill/driver in 1987 and in 2000, produced the palm-size cordless lithium-ion battery powered screwdriver.


Known for a wide range of stationary woodworking tools such as band saws, radial arm saws, electric table saws, scroll saws, planers, joiners, drilling machines and more, DELTA Machinery has been creating innovative power solutions for the needs of professional and advanced woodworking segments of the market. In 1999, the firm merged operations with its sister company PORTER-CABLE, which had been creating portable cordless and electric power tools, compressors, generators, air nailers and pressure washers. DELTA and PORTER-CABLE were acquired by Black & Decker from Pentair, Inc. in 2005.

DELTA was eventually purchased by Taiwan-based Chang Type Industrial Co. Ltd on February 4, 2011, resulting in the creation of a new, independent firm, DELTA Power Equipment Corporation (DELTA PEC). The DELTA brand continues in its pursuit of innovation and quality while being committed to being people-oriented.


JET was born in 1958 through the Founder, Leslie P. Sussman, taking the first Boeing Jet Airplane trip from Seattle, Washington to Japan. The company started as a small dealer of manual trolleys and chain hoists. A single hardware store in Tacoma, WA sold the products. JET launched an entire line of material handling products and industrial air tools at the beginning of the 70’s. Metalworking products had become JET’s core business line by the early 80’s. Five years later, the brand introduced the largest range of product categories in woodworking under its name. The brand employs an elite team of US-based engineers whose work is supplemented by a world-class overseas supply chain to deliver products of impressive quality.


Standing firmly behind its products, IRWIN Tools has been engaged in the promotion and distribution of professional-level hand tools and power tool accessories all over the world. The brand features an impressive product portfolio that includes IRWIN®, Marathon®, Quick-Grip®, Vise-Grip®, Strait-Line®, Speedbor®, Unibit®, Marples® and Hanson®.

IRWIN power tools are engineered for trade professionals who want nothing less than exceptional performance from their circular saw blades, chisels, drill bits, locking and marking tools, hand saws, pipe wrenches, screwdrivers, screw and bolt extractors, pliers and adjustable wrenches, utility knives and blades, and much more. The brand also carries tool storage products, gloves and knee pads.



Drill press common terms


Drilling is the process by which a round hole is cut or originated from a solid material, stock or workpiece. Drilling holes can be carried out using either a compact benchtop drill press, which is useful for small shop use, or a floor-model drill press, which offers greater drilling power and comes with more attachments plus exceptional handling of material compared to a bench top unit. The second type offers greater versatility that avid DIY craftspeople need.


Depth stops -> The depth to which the quill can be propelled down is controlled by depth stops, which prove to be useful when carrying out repetitive hole cutting. You want precise depth stops for greater drilling accuracy.

Drill bit -> The most important component of the drill press is the drill bit, which ensures accurate functioning of the machine.The drill bit has to match the material you have to work with. Generally priced low while being able to work fine through softwood, steel bits can dull easily when used in hardwood. Tougher than steel bits, high-speed steel bits or HSS also stay sharp longer. Carbide-tipped bits are pricier compared to other types, but they hold their sharpness longer than titanium, steel or high-speed steel bits. Titanium-coated bits cost a bit more than HSS bits, but the titanium coating ensures tougher tips and greater retention of sharpness. Cobalt bits distribute heat quickly and are designed with extreme hardness, making them ideal for handling stainless steel and other metals.

Table height -> The adjustable drilling or table height proves to be useful for end drilling, assemblies, and support of one or more jigs, if space is not an issue.

HP -> The horsepower provides the machine with the capability to cut larger holes through the toughest material. Typically, drill presses come with 1/4 HP and greater.

Quill travel -> The quill travel or plunge range is the hole depth that can be drilled.

Swing -> The swing is what drill press standard capacities are measured with and refers to the maximum diameter disk the machine can drill the center of. Fundamentally, the swing is the distance between the center of the chuck and the column’s closest edge multiplied by two, or simply two times the throat distance.

Tilting tables -> Large tilting tables are present in higher-priced machines. The adjustable tilt enables horizontal and vertical drilling at various angles.

Spin speed -> Variable spin speeds are convenient for versatility on the types of stock the machine can handle. Most woodworking experts recommend nothing under 12 speeds from 200 RPM or less and up to 3500 RPM or higher. Variable speed units are convenient but also come with a higher price.



How has the drill press evolved over the years?


Fundamentally invented for boring through metal, the drill press has evolved into a heavily used machine in the modern woodworking shop. Using just one drill press, the operator can do precision hole drilling for repetitive tasks that require it. What used to take a whole team of workers has become more simplified with the drill press. A drill machine can even cut holes at virtually all angles while using variable spin speeds.


History of the Drill

The early humans around 35,000 BCE were able to explore the benefits of using rotary tools for a variety of applications. The earliest drills were crude tools composed of a pointed rock continuously spun between the hands to cut a hole through another material. The hand drill wasn’t far behind, and it comprised a smooth stick, which would sometimes be attached to a flint point and rubbed vigorously between the hands. The Mayans were one of the ancient civilizations to use this crude tool.

The first machine drills are categorized as strap or bow drills. They utilized the back-and-forth motion to create a revolving action. This type of tool can be traced as far back as 10,000 years ago. The ancient people also discovered how a cord tied around a stick with the ends attached to the ends of the stick could enable more efficient and quicker drilling. These types of simple machines facilitated fire creation and were also useful for stonework, woodwork and dentistry.

Bow drills became widely used through Europe, Asia, Africa and North America after earliest evidences of the use of the tools came about around 2500 BCE. Through the years, a variety of versions of strap and bow drills have been used for different applications including cutting holes through stock and fire making.

Later versions include ancient Egypt core drills in 3000 BC and the pump drill created during Roman times, with a horizontal piece of wood aligning the vertical spindle, plus a flywheel to ensure momentum and accuracy.

Utilized around the 13th century, a hollow-borer tip comprised a stick with a tube-shaped metal piece such as copper on the end, which enabled hole drilling while simply grinding just the outer section. The auger, which provided more torque for bigger holes, was used at a certain point between the Roman and Medieval times for cutting of larger holes. Although it is uncertain when the bit-and-brace was invented, the earliest picture of it dates back to the 15th century. The gimlet is a scaled-down version of the auger.

Churn drills came about in the East as early as 221 BC in the Chinese Qin Dynasty. Those tools could reach a depth of 1500 meters. Built of wood and requiring heavy labor, churn drills could bore through rock. This type of machine also came about in the 12th century in Europe.

Isaac Singer built a steam-operated churn drill in 1835. This version was based on the one the Chinese used.

Drill presses were machine tools that sprung from bow drills that were powered by waterwheels and windmills. They were powered drills that allowed raising and lowering into the stock, thus requiring less force from the user. According to some accounts, the first drill presses were used in smithy and machine shops over two centuries ago. They were utilized for boring through metal while being hand cranked for power. The stationary drill press offers the necessary precision that blacksmiths and factory machinists want for creating repetitive cuts with assured accuracy. Proving to work faster and more accurately than hand-operated hand drills, those wall mounted drill presses could be used even without electric power.

The creation of the electric motor led to the invention of the electric drill, which was patented in Melbourne, Australia in 1889 by William Blanch Brain and Arthur James Arnot.



Best Demolition Hammer for Tile Removal

Last Updated: 23.07.19


What are the best demolition hammers for tile removal in 2019?


If you are only interested in finding out what the best demolition hammer for tile removal is, without going through all the recommendations included in our buying guide, here is all the information you need. The XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty is our indicated choice as it scores high in both consumers’ preferences and critics’ reviews. First of all, the model deserves its name as it is made from sturdy materials that can take a beating. While it delivers extra power for difficult demolition jobs, it also has a system in place for reducing vibrations, to ensure your comfort during operation. You can employ this model for vertical and horizontal tasks with ease. Should this model be out of stock, the next recommendation we have is the Goplus HD 3600W, as it is almost just as good.



Comparison table


The Good
The Bad



Buying guide


Demolition hammers can be used for a wide variety of tasks, but one that is made specifically for tile removal will bring you great benefits when this is the kind of task you need to focus on. While reading the reviews of demolition hammers for tile removal, we discovered that certain aspects tend to be more important than others. Here they are below.


Reasonable weight


If there is one thing that demolition hammers seem to have in common, that would be weight. And, for tile removal, it is essential that the model you pick is reasonably lightweight compared to its siblings. For such a tool, it is expected to find models that weigh between 20 and 60 pounds.

As expected, we recommend you to pick a model that you can live with, especially if you need it to work for vertical applications, as well as horizontal tasks. Another thing that must be mentioned here is that a model with a balanced weight can feel lighter than other similar models that have the same weight.





Don’t neglect the wattage when you go shopping for a demolition hammer for tile removal. You will need a powerful tool, capable of delivering the extra power for dislodging the most stubborn tiles. Always check the manufacturer’s recommendations before making a purchase. The wattage can vary from 1000W to 3600W and more.



Are the needed accessories included?


For a demolition hammer you intend to use for tile removal, it is essential that the model has the required accessories for the task at hand. A bull point chisel and a flat chisel are the most useful accessories when it comes to this type of demolition hammer. Other features are also important, such as variable speeds that you can use to make the best out of your tool.



Our recommendations


With so many models available for sale, it can be a bit of a hassle to pick one and have the peace of mind that you got the right tool for the job. We will show you right away three models that have already garnered critical acclaim and have been tried and tested by many people who like using tools for their DIY projects.



XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty 


If you want a good demolition hammer for tile removal, the XtremepowerUS Heavy Duty should be on the top of your list. Powered by a 2000W motor, this tool delivers as promised and even goes beyond the call of duty. Because it is made from superior materials, it can handle the natural wear and tear that comes with the territory when you use your tools for demolition regularly.

However, while it is powerful and can go through any tile, you will not feel the discomfort usually associated with using such a tool. Due to the anti-vibration system in place, it is more convenient to use this model than others. Also, its weight distribution is balanced and makes you feel like you are using a lighter unit than what you really are.

Due to its innovative design, you can use it vertically and horizontally, a significant advantage that not many models on the market offer. The variable speed settings let you approach any task head-on while the included accessories such as a bull point chisel, a flat chisel, and a scrapping chisel offer you the possibility to make the best out of your tool.

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Goplus HD 3600W 


For DIY weekend warriors who want more power in the tools they use, this 3600W model should be right up their alley. There are other things, however, besides power, that make this unit such an excellent pick for demotion tasks that involve tile removal. For instance, the adjustable foregrip that can move 360 degrees, offers you the freedom you need for reaching more difficult areas.

The model is sold with its own carrying case that will keep everything organized so that you can pick the right accessories without a problem. Due to its high wattage, this tool is a good option for both home and commercial applications. You can use it for a broad variety of tasks, including, but not limited to, drilling holes in any kind of material, trenching, demolition, and many other things.

You will get a nice array of accessories with your purchase. The flat chisel and the bull point chisel will help you take down tiles with ease. Protective goggles, gloves, and mask are included so that you can see about your tasks without any safety issues. Other tools, such as hex wrenches and carbon brushes, are available with your buy, too.

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XtremepowerUS Demolition 1000W 


While many appreciate having plenty of wattage power, others value comfort and ease of use above that. For them, the XtremepowerUS Demolition is just the right tool. This 1000W model is stronger than it looks, as its 9-amp motor will deliver 8 feet-pounds of torque without a problem. The tool will generate the necessary power for dealing with challenging tasks. Its 3000 rpm impact rate qualifies it for a wide range of demolition projects.

The unit is delivered along with a storage case that comes with handles for easy carrying around.

You will notice that the demolition hammer is made from sturdy materials that make it a sound investment for someone who wants to use such a tool.

The required accessories, such as a bull point chisel and a flat chisel come in the same package. You will receive, besides the chisels, a set of carbon brushes, and a tool wrench.

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Last Updated: 23.07.19




You will receive a kit that includes an impressive number of 68 tools and accessories to make the best out of your drill machine.

This cordless model comes equipped with a high-performance Li-ion battery that can hold a charge, when not in use, for one year and a half.

Take full advantage of the 11-position clutch that will help you avoid overdriving your screws when working on your projects.

Users like the fact that the manufacturer includes a carrying bag with each order so that they can carry their drill machine around with great ease.





While there are plenty of extras included with this kit, one complaint from buyers is directed at the fact that there are no hex bits.

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Main features explained


One of the best things about this model is that it comes along with a lot of tools and bits that will help you in your work on home-based projects. You will get several screwdrivers, pliers, wrenches, a hammer, and many other extras that will turn any home DIY project into a breeze. Don’t miss the chance of getting a toolbox that contains almost everything you need.

Since this is a cordless design, we should talk a little bit about the battery. This model comes equipped with a 20V Li-ion battery that will be ready any time you want to grab it and get involved in some home or garden project. When not in use, the battery lasts for 18 months, which, for the casual DIY-er is a plus since he or she will not need it all the time.

Among the features that seem to have made a strong impression on users, you will find the clutch with 11 positions. Customizing your working style has never been easier. You no longer have to worry about overdriving your screws, or stripping them, as the clutch design will prevent such problems.

Do you want to have the freedom of taking your drill machine and the rest of the accessories with you when you need to work away from home? Just pack everything in the sturdy carrying bag supplied with your purchase, and you will be good to go. Seeing how the battery lasts without being recharged when not in use for a long time, you know your drill machine will be ready for action anytime you want it to be so.


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Last Updated: 23.07.19




If you are looking for a versatile piece of equipment, the BLACK+DECKER BDC120VA100 will convince you of its abilities, as you can use it for metal, plastic, or wood with the same superior results.

The clutch is essential for any drill, and in this case, you will be pleased to hear that it has 24 positions so that you don’t have to apply additional torque and shorten the lifespan of your tool when the bit meets resistance.

You will get no fewer than 100 pieces in the kit that has this cordless drill as the primary tool; this means that there will be almost no home projects you cannot tackle.

The unit comes with variable speed that goes from 0 to 750 rpm, to enhance the versatility of the drill even further.

It is delivered with a 20V Max Li-ion battery and a charger, so you will not have to purchase such things separately.





Some buyers say that the unit is sort of slow for what they have in mind regarding DIY projects, but otherwise, they are pleased with their purchase.

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Main features explained


Even if you are just a regular DIY-er, you will still need a machine that can do a lot of things and can drill through almost anything. That is why this cordless drill has quite a devoted fan base, as it can go through metal, plastic, and wood without a problem. That gives you the possibility to use the drill for a wide variety of applications without the need to purchase an extra tool.

You will not have to worry about stripping or overdriving your bits, as the clutch is equipped with 24 positions especially to avoid such troubles. That means that you will not have to apply extra torque and you will just adjust your tool to the challenges of the project you are dealing with at the moment. In turn, your machine will enjoy a longer lifespan.

The number of accessories included with your purchase qualifies this model as a pretty good deal. You will get, along with the cordless drill, a 20V Li-ion battery, a charger, and 100 accessories. All these will make your work more comfortable, and you will be able to approach various applications and projects with great ease. You will also receive a good looking carrying bag that will help you take the drill with you wherever you want.


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Last Updated: 23.07.19




This model is equipped with a 20V battery that has been tested for performance and comes up as providing 35% more runtime than 18V batteries.

Dealing with high-torque applications should not be too much of a bother, as the drill machine has a chuck with carbide inserts that will hold the bit firmly without biting into it.

The drill comes with two speed settings so that you can use it in drill or driver mode, depending on what kind of project you must work on.

Many buyers like the overall design of this tool that makes it comfortable to use; its small footprint is a plus in anyone’s book, as well.

You will get a drill machine with a 15-position clutch for more headache-free work.





If there is one thing that buyers don’t seem exactly thrilled with, that would be the chuck; compared to the rest of the design, it feels like it has inferior quality.

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Main features explained


Anyone can appreciate a tool that has a long lifespan and also offers the convenience of a cordless design. DEWALT manages to put everything together nicely in this tool that comes equipped with high-quality electronics that ensure extra durability for the drill machine and its battery. The 20V Li-ion battery offers not only the opportunity to take the tool anywhere with you, without depending on the presence of electrical outlets, but also offers more runtime than standard 18V batteries. You will also receive a charger with your purchase.

The ½-inch clutch has carbide inserts so that it can provide the strength needed for holding the bit without the need to apply extra torque. There are two main benefits to this type of design. First, you will not have to deal with slipping accidents, and second, your tool will have a longer life since you don’t have to overwork at every little obstacle happening in its way.

However, what may convince you more than anything that this is an excellent tool for you is its remarkable versatility. You’re practically getting two tools in one – a drill and a driver – and you can use the two speed variations available so that your tool serves you as intended. The drill speed varies between 0 and 600 rpm, while the driver speed goes from 0 to 2,000 rpm. Not many tools on the market can brag about the same versatility and performance like this one.


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Last Updated: 23.07.19




The powerful 5.5-amp motor makes the DEWALT unit capable of delivering powerful cuts even when working with the hardest materials you may have available.

For optimal cutting speed, the motor delivers a variable speed that ranges from 0 to 3,100 strokes per minute, allowing it to draw just the amount of power it requires for the task at hand.

The unit comes together with a high-quality storage case where you can store the device when not in use, along with some extra blades.

The gear case is built entirely from metal which provides superior durability, allowing the unit to handle even the harshest professional sites.





While most users had only good things to report about this tool, we did find some reviews that talked about this unit’s hook which appears not to be able to hold the blade properly.

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Main features explained


The jigsaw comes with variable-speed controls which allow users to make accurate and quick adjustments and utilize speeds that range anywhere from 0 to 3,100 strikes per minute. The feature allows for application-specific performance which translates to improved control and cleaner results thanks to the dependable 5.5-amp motor that provides enough power for all applications.

In addition to that, the tool also comes with a four-position orbital action for quicker and more aggressive cuts. Along with that, you also get a shoe that allows for beveled cuts and which is very easy to set up for cutting angles that range from 0 to 45 degrees. Since it weighs only 6.2 pounds, you won’t have any difficulty in maneuvering this unit for extended periods.

In spite of the compact design that this unit boasts, users will still be able to enjoy increased durability thanks to the sturdy all-metal gear case. Similarly, the handle has a comfortable and secure grip which will allow users to work with the jigsaw without having their hands grow tired or uncomfortable, and that will allow users to produce the work that they desire with an increased level of precision.

Another feature that we liked about this model comes from the tool-free blade change system which will allow you to switch blades in a matter of seconds. The feature is very useful for users that work with a variety of specialty materials that require different types of blades, or for workers that want to make a more aggressive cut and want to switch to a better blade fast.  


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SKIL 4495-02 Canvas

Last Updated: 23.07.19




The four-position orbital cut control allows you to set the type of cut that you desire, ranging from fast to smooth so that it can meet the requirements of all your projects.

The unique stable foot design will give you more control when starting a cut so that you will no longer have to be troubled by the ragged cuts of the past.

Thanks to the powerful 6.0-amp motor, this tool is more than capable of handling a wide range of tasks even when confronted with new and challenging materials.

It comes with a built-in laser guide which will enable accurate straight cuts with close to no effort.





A few customers have reported that the blade holder is not capable of holding the blade securely which can cause it to wobble too much.

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Main features explained


The powerful 6-amp motor of this unit is capable of reaching no-load speeds from 800 to 3,200 strokes per minute. The power is further enhanced by the four-position orbital cut control that enables you to select the perfect setting depending on the application you wish to tackle. The variable speed trigger will help you reach the right velocity for each project.

Since you are in total control of the speed, you will be able to save on power when cutting thinner materials. Precision will also not be a problem seeing as this model comes with a built-in laser guide that will make cutting straight lines easier than ever. Stability is achieved by the foot design which will prevent jagged edges.

The foot is made with a custom molded rest feature that prevents users from accidentally damaging the work material. The tool-less adjustment can be set to support your bevel cuts in a matter of seconds, and beveled cuts are easier than ever thanks to the two bevel angles that are situated at 22.5 and 45 degrees respectively, in both directions.

Finally, we could not end this review without talking a bit about the versatility that this model offers. The SKIL 4495-02 accepts both u-shank and t-shank blades which is not a usual feature to find in affordable models such as this one.

What this means is that you will be able to use almost any blade that can be found on the market, and that will transform this nifty woodworking jigsaw into a tool that is capable of tackling metal, plastic, tile, or laminate flooring.


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Last Updated: 23.07.19




One of the most important traits of this unit comes from the curve control technology that enables users to adjust the saw orbit in one of the four customized settings.

The new and improved wire guard helps users by increasing the accuracy when cutting the wood or any other material.

The 5-amp motor that powers the jigsaw is not only efficient but also very powerful and can be used to cut a wide range of materials.

Thanks to the addition of the keyless blade clamp, the blades are very easy to change.





Buyers have reported that the trigger is very sensitive and that even the slightest touch can start the blade moving.

When cutting thick materials, it can be difficult to hold the jigsaw steady.

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Main features explained


The BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C is a versatile and stable model that is designed with a curve control technology that will help users adjust the saw’s orbit into one of the four customizable settings. This will enable you to complete any project efficiently.

The same feature will also enable you to move the jigsaw in any direction as opposed to other models that are limited to only an up and down movement. Thus, your speed and precision will be increased, which will result in you becoming more efficient at work. The curve control technology is also quite useful when dealing with different materials.

Since the device is built with a 5-amp variable speed motor that can generate an impressive amount of 3000 SPM of cutting power when used at full capacity, you will get to enjoy increased performance and productivity. You will be able to cut wood quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

The power of the motor will also aid when working with hard materials, as even thicker types of wood will be cut easily. Since the motor switches to adequate strokes per minute depending on the workload, you will end up saving energy when compared to other models that have lesser amp variable power.

Safety is essential when operating any cutting tool and we were pleased to see that the BLACK+DECKER option comes with the new and improved guard technology that gives the user clear sight on the saw to ensure that the cut is straight and precise.

The wire guard will also help make it easier for users to position the blade without having to waste time checking if it hits the correct mark. This way, your work will be more convenient, and you will be able to save time since you will finish projects quicker.


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Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L

Last Updated: 23.07.19




The unit is lined with DuPont Kevlar fiber which gives every inch of the glove, from the top palm to the side of the finger, increased cut and puncture resistance.

The outer of the glove is made from heavy-duty materials that confer it increased performance when handling difficult jobs.

The fingers, palm, and thumb feature a non-slip reinforcement which should give it long-lasting grip and durability.

Thanks to the 3D and ergonomic design, the gloves will fit comfortably on the form of your hand to provide you with incredible dexterity throughout the workday.

If you wish to get a versatile product, the Youngstown model can be used in general construction, landscape work, utility field work, or for gardening professionals.





Buyers have reported that the gloves tend to run a bit small, which means that if you intend to get a proper fit, you might have to go at least one size up than what you usually wear.

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Main features explained


The Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L is a heavy-duty, all-purpose and rugged work glove that is designed to provide users with next-level hand protection for even the toughest jobs. The outer glove features extensive non-slip reinforcement which offers exceptional grip together with lasting durability.

The heavy-duty design is helped even further by the supportive cuff, padded knuckles, and the soft terry cloth brow wipe present on each thumb. The supportive cuff with Velcro closure adds wrist support and comfort to the wearer while also blocking out dirt and debris. The terry cloth thumb will let you wipe away sweat and debris.

We also need to talk a bit about the interior of the glove which is completely lined with Kevlar fiber by DuPont. The use of this high-performance materials will increase the cut and puncture resistance of the gloves and bring it to a whole new level. The result is an increase in the versatility of the unit, opening the door to a wide variety of new applications where next level protection is mandatory.

What’s more, the Youngstown Glove features a palm, top, separate thumb piece, and finger side panels, which will allow the glove to fit securely and comfortably on your hands so that you can enjoy a better freedom of movement. Thus, you will be able to stay comfortable for longer thanks to the ergonomic pattern.


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Milwaukee 48-22-8732

Last Updated: 23.07.19




Customers have praised the durability offered by this option, with many claiming that their pair has managed to survive various jobs and heavy use for many years.

The unit is quite versatile since you can use it for a wide variety of activities, including light yard work and small repair projects.

Thanks to the self-adhesive straps closure, the gloves offer a secure fit so that even if you are wearing the gloves for extended periods, you won’t have to worry about them falling off your hands.

The smart swipe knuckles allow users to use touchscreen devices without having to remove the gloves or smearing the screen with dirty fingertips.

Comfort is achieved thanks to the breathable moisture-wicking lining that provides all-day comfort.





On warm summer days, using the gloves outdoors can be a bit tricky since even the breathable lining can’t handle the heat, making your hands feel a bit sweaty.

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Main features explained


When looking at demolition gloves, it cannot be denied that protection is the most critical aspect. We were glad to find out that the Milwaukee 48-22-8732 seems to have nailed this feature entirely. The unit is very tough, and it can handle a wide range of activities, from the lightest work to the most demanding ones while still managing to protect your hands from injuries on the job.

The molded knuckle TPR pads will protect your knuckles from impact and scrapes, while the Armotex reinforcement on the palms and fingertips will increase the grip so that you can hold objects effortlessly. Even if the object you are holding is wet, oily, or muddy, you’ll always be able to trust the grip offered by the Milwaukee option.

While looking at the customer reviews, we were very pleased to find that this product manages to satisfy the need for a dependable and durable model. Users have commented that their pair of Milwaukee gloves have lasted them for years and this is achieved thanks to the use of high-quality and durable materials.

It should come as no surprise that comfort is another critical feature that should be expected from this model seeing as it boasts a breathable lining that comes with moisture-wicking technology that will give you a comfortable fit for the entire day. Similarly, the gloves feature a customizable Velcro closure for a secure and cozy fit.


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