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Last Updated: 17.07.19


What are the best drill drivers in 2019?


For those who have very little time to spend reading our buying guide and product descriptions, this short paragraph has enough information to help you find the best drill driver. Our research involved comparing the value and performance of some of the market’s popular options and this led us to what we consider a good buy, the DEWALT DCK281D2. With this choice, you get not just one but two power tools: a DCD790 20V MAX ½-inch drill/driver and a DCF886 20V MAX ¼-inch impact driver. Both tools are equipped with a durable brushless motor that can deliver nearly 60 percent more runtime compared to brushed motors. What’s more, they run on XR Li-Ion batteries that feature over 30 percent more capacity than standard battery packs. You also get increased visibility when working in tight spots or dark situations thanks to the LED lights on the tools. To give you the second best option when the DEWALT DCK281D2 is unavailable, we recommend the Hitachi KC10DFL2.


Buying guide


When doing repairs around the house or when working in the construction site, you will appreciate the high value that a good drill driver can provide. When studying and evaluating the various products for sale, these are the aspects you should take a long, hard look at.



The best drill driver combo offers dependable power


The beauty of purchasing a combo kit is you get two products in one, which simplifies your shopping experience since you wouldn’t have to spend too much time checking out the options on two different tools. That said, the power factor is critical. Lithium-ion batteries have easily overtaken the once-dominant nickel cadmium powered units.

Lithium-ion devices have a lightweight design, in addition to greater power plus longer run times. You also have the assurance that you are not harming the environment every time you use the tools in the kit because lithium-ion cells contain no cadmium, which is a toxic material that leaches into groundwater when disposed of in the trash. Lithium-ion cells are recycled instead.

With all that going for lithium-ion tools, make sure the power cells are able to hold a charge for extended times.



The high-rated products in the best drill driver reviews deliver a reliable performance


Brushless motors are able to deliver a quiet performance, with fewer parts that tend to wear out or break down. This means a longer tool life, greater reliability, and more efficiency compared to brushed motors.

You want the drill and driver to provide a good RPM rating for faster and cleaner task completion.

For the ultimate control and precision, the power tools should also come with multiple torque settings via an efficient clutch system. Speed and torque are equally important. The adjustable clutch enables you to select the torque to be applied so the more clutch settings, the greater the control. This also means you don’t damage the hardware.

Monitoring the battery life can be conveniently done with a power gauge, which enables you to recharge in a timely manner before the device dies completely.


The best drill and driver set offers ease of use and versatility


Working in dark lighting conditions or tight spaces is made easier if the power tools come with LED lights to illuminate the workspace. A trigger release delay on the LED light leaves the component on so you can check what you have drilled without turning the power tool on.

Make sure the drill and driver feature a chuck pointing straight ahead and not tilted askew. Check the weight of the devices and how they feel in your hand. You want them to have a good balance when you grip them firmly and lift them to the wall.


Our recommendations


We have featured the top choices on the market in the next paragraphs. We consider their performance in consumer ratings and reviews as effective testaments to what they can do for the DIY and professional craftsman.





Outfitted with a capable brushless motor, the DEWALT DCK281D2 can deliver years of dependable functionality. The motor is designed with fewer moving parts so breakdowns can happen less often and maintenance is kept to a minimum. Thanks to the brushless configuration of the motor, you can expect up to 57% more runtime compared to machines with brushed engines.

The XR Li-Ion batteries boast 33% more capacity than standard battery packs for longer operations. Due to the convenient fuel gauge, you can tell when it’s time to juice up the rechargeable cells so you don’t have to run the battery empty.

With the compact, lightweight design of each one of the two power tools in the package, drilling and driving into tight areas are made easier. Both tools also come with LED lights that have a unique 20-second trigger release delay. This feature allows you increased visibility in dark or confined spaces even when the machine itself is turned off.

The drill delivers 0 to 2,000 RPM while the impact driver provides 0 to 2,800 RPM, helping you get the exact drilling capacity you need for the project.

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Hitachi KC10DFL2


The Hitachi KC10DFL2 is a cordless drill and impact driver combo that gives you value for the money. You get two tools in one package, helping you save half the time trying to find two different machines. You enjoy the assurance of the Hitachi name as well.

The DS10DFL2 driver drill comes with a lightweight and compact design that is easy on the hands at just 2.2 pounds. It allows you to work for extended times without getting hand fatigue too quickly.

The driver drill also features two speed settings and generates 300 inches per pound of torque, helping you get the right level of drilling force to finish your task. The small size enables you to get into confined spaces that need to be drilled.

The WH10DFL2 impact driver is a cordless unit that delivers a torque of 955 inches per pound despite its compact and lightweight size of just 2.2 pounds. It can be used for tightening bolts and sinking screws. Use it as well for various projects such as hanging doors, or for installing windows and cabinetry.

Both included tools are suitable for electrical, HVAC, various installation applications, and other woodworking, trade, and finishing purposes.

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Bosch CLPK22-120


This 12-Volt Lithium-Ion 2-Tool Combo Kit comes with two essential workshop tools that can help you finish a variety of projects quickly and with less effort.

The Bosch CLPK22-120 combo kit includes a drill driver that delivers up to 1.300 RPM of force to cut holes quickly and cleanly. The driver generates up to 2,600 RPM to handle a variety of projects that need the power of an impact driver. Each of the machines boasts a robust yet compact and lightweight design that you will surely appreciate when you have to do extended drilling and driving.

The two batteries in the package allow you to use both tools at the same time since you wouldn’t have to share just one battery between them. The 30-minute charger enables quick juicing up so you can get back to the task in less time.

The PS31 drill/driver is compact enough to fit into tight spots and has a two-pound build that enables its use in challenging settings. It is a suitable tool for prolonged overhead work. The PS41 impact driver also features a handy, compact design and is superbly manageable for overhead work as well.

Both machines feature an ergonomic handle for an optimal grip. Enjoy precise control via the 20+1 clutch settings.

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