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Last Updated: 17.07.19


What are the best drill press chucks in 2019?


If you have no time to spare trying to locate the best drill press chuck, we hope this short paragraph makes things simpler. We have done a lot of research on this product category by looking at ratings and reviews for workshop equipment to enable us to compare various products. Thankfully, our in-depth research led us to what is considered by consumers as the best drill press chuck, the South Bend Lathe SB1372. Crafted to close tolerances, this drill press chuck stays solid and secure in holding drill bit sizes 5/8 inch and smaller. This product is made in the genuine South Bend tradition of excellence in craftsmanship to be as beautiful as it is functional. It comes with a durable finish that ensures years of life and dependable service. It is ensured to offer ample accuracy for use with a mill or lathe. The South Bend Lathe SB1372 can easily become unavailable because of how popular it is with consumers, but the Z Live Center 09801-MT2 makes the second best option.



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Like any workshop owner knows, buying a top-quality drill press chuck can be as difficult as getting a good-quality drill press. There are just plenty of factors that differentiate one from the other. How will you know you have found the right drill press chuck for your needs?


When going over the best drill press chuck reviews, figure out which product comes with a solid construction


You want the drill press chuck to be constructed to tight tolerances to ensure a level of solidity that cannot be questioned. Although often abused in the tool-making industry, tighter tolerances ensure that your drill press chuck easily pairs with a variety of drill bits and is able to deliver the much-needed element of security and safety in the applications that the entire machine is used for.

Thanks to tighter tolerances, the drill press chuck clamps securely and uniformly around the shank of your drill bit. Some models utilize a special quenching treatment to ensure durability for maximum tool life.

A well-constructed drill press chuck ensures precision and virtually limitless mechanical advantage for loosening and tightening drill bits as well as for drill press use.



A quality drill press chuck with key should be easy to use


Because there is a wide range of types of bits that can be utilized on a drill press, you want the drill press chuck to support that with greater precision and versatility. It wouldn’t be advisable to use a hand-operated drill fitted with a Forstner bit to carve out a flat-bottomed hole into a workpiece. However, a drill press outfitted with a quality drill press chuck makes the perfect tool for the job.

Typically, a drill press chuck is a clamp with three jaws that hold the drill bit in a solid grip through the drill bit’s shank. The majority of drill press chucks have an opening size of at least ½ inch to accommodate a drill bit shank of the same size. Many come with up to ¾ inch of opening.

Tightening the chuck is done using a geared wrench called a chuck key. Installation of the drill bit is carried out by simply inserting the shank of the drill bit into the chuck and then tightening the collar manually till the bit is securely and evenly held. The chuck key is then inserted into one of the holes on the chuck above the collar, with the gears on the chuck aligned with those on the key.

The drill press chuck should also be easy to clean inside out using a dry, lint-free cloth. A small quantity of drying lubricant can be used on the chuck’s jaws till the substance gets worked into the mechanism. The removal of the drill press chuck should be easy as well, with some models using a chuck removal key.



The drill press chuck should provide dependable functionality


It is not a tall order to ensure that the drill press chuck is designed to deliver reliable working order every time. It should provide a good, secure grip on the chuck and not be stiff or out of alignment. This ensures the drill press operates properly. That is aside from guaranteeing that the holes you drill will be precise and be of repeatable depth and size.



3 Best Drill Press Chucks (Updated Reviews) in 2019


An efficient drill press chuck contributes to the success of any workshop project, so it is crucial that you get a high-quality one to replace what your drill press came with or to serve as a backup implement. Through the above buying guide and the best products featured below, we hope you are able to find a great product for your needs.



1. South Bend Lathe SB1372 Drill Press Chuck


The South Bend Lathe SB1372 answers the need for premium-quality replacement tools to go well with a top-rated drill press. You can’t afford to use inferior components with your drill press, as this type of machine is engineered to deliver more heavy-duty functionality and precision compared to a handheld portable drill.

This drill press chuck is produced to close tolerances to ensure that it is able to perform its task with fantastic efficiency. It is able to hold the drill bit securely and solidly for safe, powerful, and dependable tool use. The jaws are smooth and can hold the shank of the drill bit tightly and securely, ensuring that the drill bit does not wobble or ‘walk’ once it hits the drilling point.

The durable finish ensures that the chuck surfaces can deliver years of life. You wouldn’t need frequent replacements of the drill press chuck because the tough finish protects the surfaces well from chipping and corrosion. Designed with an ample level of accuracy for your mill or lathe, this drill press chuck is designed with a perfect balance of versatility and performance in mind.

It is manufactured in the genuine South Bend fashion to be as great-looking as it is functional. The tool is the perfect partner to a high-quality drill press.

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2. Z Live Center 09801-MT2 Drill Press Chuck


Tested with an accuracy of 0.005 inches, the Z Live Center 09801-MT2 offers reliable functionality with your drill press. This drill press chuck is engineered to be versatile and to provide superior functionality. It comes with a clamping capacity range of 1/32 to ⅝ inch. This means you can use a variety of drill bit sizes with your drill press to handle different applications.

This drill press chuck comes with a heavy duty design that enables it to handle plenty of drilling applications on a variety of types of workpieces. The key parts of the tool have been subjected to a special quenching treatment to provide a higher degree of durability, which guarantees long-term use.

This product is geared for use with a lathe machine or drill press. It accommodates MT2 shanks. The jaws are exclusively engineered to achieve balance for a secure and solid grip on the drill bits. The chuck is JT33 mounted, which means it has a shank connected to the head and not to the spindle. This ensures a strong and solid grip for user-safety.

The tapered shanks of the drill press chuck stay balanced and rigid even at high speeds and during heavy-duty applications. With a smaller diameter than a straight shank, the JT33 mounted chuck offers greater stability.

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3. Woodstock D3455 Drill Press Chuck


Designed with a 1/32 to ⅝-inch bit clamping capacity, the Woodstock D3455 enables you to expand your creativity using your drill press. This drill press chuck is geared with fluted grips to deliver a smooth and solid grip on the drill bit without sacrificing versatility and balance.

This drill press chuck is JT33 mounted to accommodate a range of sizes of drill bits, as the small diameter provides a firm grip on the head of the shank and not the spindle. This means wobble-free drilling without the drill bit entering the workpiece at the wrong point.

The included chuck key provides a means for the effective loosening and tightening of the drill press chuck to guarantee the safety of the machine operator. Pins can be obtained separately if you intend to use the tool with a morse-taper bit.

Perfect for people who gravitate towards standard keyed drill chucks, this model guarantees precise drilling and virtually boundless mechanical advantage for loosening and tightening the drill bits as well as for tooling.

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