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Last Updated: 17.07.19


What are the best drill press stands in 2019?


We know that busy craftsmen like you have little time to spend reading our detailed buying guide and helpful product descriptions below but this short paragraph should contain enough information for you to shop stress-free. We have consulted multiple review sites for workshop gear and compared what we saw there with the different ratings and reviews in actual user feedback. Thankfully, all that comparison and evaluation led us to what is generally considered a premium choice by consumers themselves, the Makita A-36712 Designed to fit any handheld, portable drill using its 43mm collar, this drill press stand provides a stable support while drilling into the workpiece to prevent the drill from wobbling while in use. This implement turns your portable machine into a stand drill for greater hole-cutting precision and clean results. The adjustable height of the stand enables you to raise and lower the drill to the exact spot for a high level of accuracy. If the Makita A-36712 runs out of stock, which should not be a big surprise owing to its consumer popularity, you can go for the second best option, the Milescraft 1097.


Buying guide


A drill press stand converts your handheld drill into a versatile power tool. It enables you to enjoy precision and great performance from your portable workshop implement. These are what to look for in the various products for sale in this specific category.



A good drill press stand for portable drills should boast a solid construction


Considering the level of vibration that the drill press stand should be able to work against, it is to be expected that it is made of high-quality materials. The metal base should have a planed surface that ensures stability and resistance against wobbling or walking when placed on a perfectly flat worktop.

You want a sturdy metal head that can fit most rotary tools. A rack-and-pinion geared height adjustment enables the power tool to be easily lowered and raised to the target spot. Look for models with a carbon steel and aluminum construction for durability.

A cast iron base provides adequate support from top to bottom to eliminate shakiness while drilling.



The products that get high ratings in the best drill press stand reviews offer a dependable functionality


Good-quality drill press stands feature an adapter sleeve that can accommodate various sizes of drills, usually between 38mm to 43mm. Some models feature a copper plug readjustment system for a precise hold on the power tool.

The power tool should be locked in place horizontally so you can carry out continuous drilling operations and hands-free use. The drill press stand should be easily mounted to the workbench or utilized to create your own base.



The best stand for drill press use should ensure accuracy in drilling


If you are to ensure repetitive drilling of holes into various materials, the drill press stand should provide the solution to that need effortlessly. An integrated depth stop provides the necessary repeatability of hole drilling tasks, enabling you to cut multiple holes with the same sizes and depths for elaborate projects.

Clamping platforms or mounting holes deliver excellent stability.



Our recommendations


Not all drill press stands are created equal. To help you find a great one for your needs, we have reviewed some quality products in the following paragraphs.



Makita A-36712


The Makita A-36712 provides an innovative means of converting a portable drill to a convenient and more powerful drill press. Designed to fit any portable drill with up to a 43mm collar, this power tool holder lets you drill faster without getting your hands easily tired when you have to hold the power tool all the time.

This model accommodates any brand of rotary power tool to offer greater work efficiency and productivity along with versatility. It transforms your handheld drill into a compact drill press while taking up little room on your worktop. It holds the handheld drill steady during operations, for precision and clean cutting results.

The solid construction provides a good level of durability for years of service and functionality. This model features a spring-loaded platform to hold the power tool while allowing you to raise it to the exact level for precise drilling purposes.

This drill press stand offers easy height adjustments while keeping the drill in place. The cast iron base holds the stock in place while ensuring wobble-free use.of the drill.

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Milescraft 1097


With its sturdy metal head that is suitable for use with most Dremel style rotary tools, the Milescraft 1097 provides a dependable means of holding a handheld drill in place, which converts the power tool into a portable drill press.

This drill press stand features a spring-loaded metal rack-and-pinion gearing that allows the convenient lowering and raising of the power tool to the exact level to facilitate the drilling process. This element also facilitates a smooth, controlled drilling into the workpiece for neat results every time.

The scale has an integrated depth stop that enables the repeatability of drilling operations with remarkable precision, especially when you have to cut multiple holes of the same sizes and to the same depth. The broad, 36-inch metal base is built with a planed surface to provide a stable and supportive structure to the entire drill press stand as well as the handheld power tool.

You can easily lock your power tool in the horizontal position to operate it hands-free while ensuring a secure hold on the stock.

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AMYAMY 714973925276


Designed for both home and workshop use, the AMYAMY 714973925276 is a quality accessory that holds your portable drill to convert it to a drill press for hands-free operations. This drill press stand is a rotary tool work station that holds your power tool for precise hole cutting while effectively preventing the easy onset of hand fatigue.

The aluminum base makes the device lightweight yet durable, able to withstand corrosion for lasting use.

The solid column bar provides a stable, strong support to the power tool. It also promotes safety in the workshop by holding the power tool securely in a horizontal position for hassle-free drilling operations.

The sturdy base doubles as a work table on which you can position the stock to be drilled and to be held in place on a flat surface. The slots on the base allow you to install a machine vice for even more secure holding of the workpiece.

This is a plunge drill stand that holds the power tool steady during use for more accurate drilling results.

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