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Last Updated: 17.07.19


What are the best power drills for home in 2019?


We understand that in your search for the best power drill for home use, you do not have time to go over our buying guide and product suggestions. However, this short paragraph should provide the details you need to become more informed. After doing our own research and product comparison, we have concluded that the Bosch CLPK22-120 is a better option among others because of its compact and lightweight yet robust design. Since homeowners do not really do a lot of heavy-duty drilling tasks, this is just the right machine for their use. The tool ships not only with a driver but also an impact driver, two batteries, the 30-minute fast charger, and a handy carrying case. If your search for the Bosch CLPK22-120 is useless because it is always out of stock, do not worry. There’s still the PORTER-CABLE PCCK604L2 as a good second option.


Buying guide


You do not really have to read dozens of power drill reviews just to find the best machine for your needs. What you do need to remember is that this kind of power tool should come with some essential features that will ensure optimal functionality. Look at these aspects when buying this kind of tool.



Value for the money


Unless you are a contractor by profession, you won’t really need heavy-duty, industrial-grade power tools to carry out simple DIY tasks in the home. You need basic power tools that do the job well enough without breaking the bank. A two-tool combo kit should do nicely. Typically, options on this kind of package comprise a drill/driver and a good power drill.

Naturally, the kit should also include a charger kit to juice up the battery. Look for models that come with two batteries and not just one, which allows you to use the two power tools at the same time, or just to use one tool continuously. You can install one battery while the other is recharging.

A carry bag holds everything together so storage and transport are not a problem. A really good buy would be a kit with a utility knife, level, multi-piece nut driver, brad point drill bits, tape measure, and a number of driver bits in different sizes.



Dependable performance


You might think you scored a bargain when you bought that cheap power drill. However, if its performance is subpar, the tool is just a waste of money. What you want is quality, both in craftsmanship and materials.

The motor should drive the drill with enough power to do its job. You should get the exact RPM you need for the task. For the impact driver, you should get performance-driven impact mechanism, with ample blows-per-minute (BPM) and optimal torque for the job.

The battery should be able to hold a charge long, even when it is not used. This means less likelihood of the machine dying on you when you are performing extended drilling or driving.



Other helpful features


A lightweight and compact design simplifies drilling in confined spaces. It also enables you to drill or drive upwards. You can work with the tools for longer periods of time without getting hand fatigue quickly. With lithium-ion technology in its batteries, the tool offers cordless convenience. There is no clutter from cords. You also do not have to be tied to a power outlet when working.

The top power drill presses have variable speeds. A power drill for the home should have that as well. With variable speeds, you can work on a variety of projects and materials.

A multi-position clutch gives you precise control whether you are working on wood, metal, and plastic. It also enables you to handle screw driving tasks.

A LED light illuminates the work area. You want ergonomic handles for effortless handling. Some models even allow you to keep the bit handy via onboard storage.



Our recommendations


It is not easy to determine at the store whether a model for sale is really the best one for you. However, it helps to have an idea about the best brands and models. You might want to check out these products and why they have earned praises from customers.  



Bosch CLPK22-120


The Bosch CLPK22-120 is a combo option that includes two tools in one. It features a ⅜-inch drill/driver along with an impact driver. You get an entire starter package that provides cordless drilling and driving convenience.

Offering professional-level power, the  PS31 12-Volt Max 3/8-Inch Drill/Driver is designed with a lightweight design. Weighing in at just more than two pounds, the tool is engineered with strength despite its compact footprint. It also easily fits into tight spaces so you can do drilling easily and worry-free.

The handy, compact body makes the tool easy to pack when you have to work in narrow spots or challenging settings. The tool also makes a great option when you need to do continuous overhead drilling work.

On the other hand, the driver offers a maximum torque of 265-inch pounds. It delivers two speeds so you can select from 0 to 350 RPM and 0 to 1,300 RPM. You will also appreciate the nifty 20+1 clutch settings that enable you to choose specific torque adjustments. This will ensure precise drilling and screw driving using any of the two included power tools.

You can confidently handle drilling and driving applications into materials such as wood and drywall. The variable speed trigger provides effortless speed regulation. The integrated LED light ensures a better visibility of the work area.

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You will love the Porter-Cable 20-Volt Li-Ion Drill/Impact Driver Combo Kit for many different reasons. First, because it comes as a combo kit, you get not just one but two power tools in the package: a drill and an impact driver.

Compact at a mere 8.25 inches of length, the ½-inch, 2-speed drill/driver weighs in at just 3.5 pounds, making it easy to hold in the hand even for extended periods of time. You won’t easily get hand fatigue because of this.

Meanwhile, the ¼-inch impact driver, which is also compact at just 6 9/10 inches long, comes with a weight of just 3 ⅓ pounds. The ergonomic handle on both power tools allows you to hold them and use them for a long time without worrying about hand fatigue. Another thing you will love is the onboard bit storage, which prevents the loss of the drill or driver bit, keeping the element handy and within easy reach every time.

The LED lights provide illumination so you can clearly see the work area and ensure that results are as expected.

The drill/driver comes with a high-performance motor that delivers 1,500 RPM to provide driving and drilling at a precise speed to suit the material and the project.

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Black & Decker BDCD120VA


Equipped with Lithium Ion Technology, each power tool in the Black & Decker BDCD120VA is engineered with a lightweight design while being compact for easy use especially during tight drilling and driving situations. Because the tools have no memory, you always get the chance to set them to the proper levels at start up. This prevents jerky starts and also ensures full control.

You can also expect a longer tool life since the motor does not suffer much from abuse. Thanks to the 11-position clutch, precise control is obtained so you can drill into wood, plastic, metal, and various other materials. You can also handle screw driving tasks when needed.

Each tool in the kit is lightweight and compact, which enables you to drill or screw in tight spaces. There is less fatigue involved in operations because of the lightness of the power tools. Enjoy the benefits of the variable speeds from both the drill and impact driver. They allow you to obtain just the right drilling and driving rotational velocity to prevent damaging the material unnecessarily.

The variable speed also provides hassle-free countersinking. You can get a variety of DIY options because of the various tools and bits in the package.

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