Big Horn 19535

Last Updated: 17.07.19


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3.Big Horn 19535



The Big Horn 19535 makes for an affordable option considering that it is a kit containing both the drums and the sleeves.

Based on the customer reviews we’ve come across, the model seems to offer the best value for the price.

Ease of use is an innate characteristic of this set, as most users have reported that they have not run into any issues with changing the drums or using them whatsoever.

Considering that the Big Horn 19535 is a set manufactured in the United States of America, it goes without saying that it’s high-quality and raises up to par when it comes to the expectations of buyers.




The set does not come with a box that can be used for storing the drum sanders and sanding discs.

The kit contains no instructions regarding cleaning and maintenance.

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Main features explained


  • The main difference between the Big Horn 19535 and most of its competitors is the fact that the set is composed both of four extra-long two-inch wide drums, as well as one fine and coarse grit sleeve per every drum size. The fact of the matter is that, regardless of the internet retailer you will choose for your purchase, you might reach the conclusion that it is usually more expensive to buy the sleeves and the drums separately. What’s more, the fact that these two are being offered by the manufacturer means that you won’t run into any problems regarding compatibility.

1.Big Horn 19535

  • Convenience is another feature you may want to consider if you’re looking for a sanding kit that’s worth every penny. In this case, you’ll find that using the Big Horn 19535 is very convenient, as it can be utilized for a wide variety of tasks, from sanding contours, edges, and holes, to sanding irregular shapes. Whether you intend to complete any of the formerly mentioned actions, you’re likely to be impressed with the performance of the model.


  • While the instructions are not necessarily very straightforward when it comes to offering data about the RPM you might want to use the drums with your drill press, most of the individuals who’ve bought the set seem to think that the course sleeves work with an RPM between 550 and 800.


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