DeWalt DW1177

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The 20 bits in this best drill bit set for metal from Dewalt are coated with black oxide to ensure toughness.

You can expect greater bit strength thanks to the parabolic flute design of the bits.

The drill bits also boast a 135-degree split point design that provides drilling accuracy.

The tough case container ensures easy organization and storage of the pieces in the set.





One user acknowledges that the drill bits are quite thinner through the web, which refers to the twisted portion of the bits. Because of this, there tends to be quicker build up of heat at the cutting edge due to less mass that the heat can dissipate into. That being said, the consumer is assured that each bit is sharp and designed for drilling into plastic and wood along with metal.

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Main features explained


The set comprises 20 pieces of black oxide coated bits. The most inexpensive coating aside from being the most basic, black oxide imbues the high speed steel material of the bits with a higher level of heat resistance along with enhanced lubrication and better wear protection. The coating also protects each drill bit from corrosion and water damage for lasting use.


Your drill bits have greater strength due to the parabolic flute design, which makes them ideal for general purpose drilling in plastic, wood and light metal. What makes the parabolic flute design revolutionary is due to how it can produce faster spiral. This means for a given number of turns, the flute will have moved the chips further up to the helix because of the faster spiral. There is also more room in the flute to accommodate a greater amount of chips along with a good enough web on the tip that ensures more durability. You get a bright smooth surface that promotes effortless ejection of chips.


The 135-degree split point design offers improved starting and drilling accuracy, so the bits start drilling on contact. You can also control the straightness of the hole being drilled especially when boring deep holes in soft material. The design effectively prevents the tip from wandering away or slipping from the drill point, which is essential for repeatability of hole drilling.


The tough case container keeps the bits organized. The case has a sliding soft-grip lock that ensures it is closed securely so you won’t lose any piece in the set. The carrying case also provides a convenient way of transporting and storing all the pieces in one go, preventing misplaced bits while protecting each piece from damage.


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