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Last Updated: 23.07.19


What are the best 18V drills in 2019?


Few people really have the time to read our in-depth buying guide and product descriptions so we designed this short paragraph to carry enough information to help consumers find the best 18v drill. To accomplish our objective, we went over a number of popular products to compare them in value and quality. This has led us to a good choice, the Makita XFD10R. It should come as no surprise that this option has earned wide acceptance by consumers because of its robust 4-pole motor. This element provides 480 inch-pounds of maximum torque to drill strongly and swiftly. Thanks to the mechanical two-speed transmission, you can choose from 0 to 600 and 0 to 1,900 RPM. It will enable you to perform a variety of drilling and driving applications. You should not wonder if the Makita XFD10R runs out of stock repeatedly because of how it has become a widespread choice among DIYers like you. However, there’s still the Bosch DDB181-02 as a good second choice.


Buying guide


It is not quite easy to spot the top 18v drills on the market. You either have to know this kind of machine thoroughly or just take note of some features that are quite important like the ones outlined here.





Just like any regular power tool, a compact 18-volt drill should really offer the stamina and energy needed to complete the task without compromising on performance.

The motor is a critical element. Unless it is designed to drive the bit with more than enough power, holes will take forever to cut. You also want maximum torque from the motor so it will not take long to complete the task.

This will allow you to drill holes into different types of materials, which can include wood, plastic, and metal. Most top-rated options in the 18v drill reviews can even be used for screw  driving into different kinds of stock as well.

The bottom line is to choose a machine that can be used for daily drilling needs as well as the more difficult ones when needed.





A good 18v drill does not only provide a high torque and speed for drilling but it should also be suitable for fastening and screw-driving tasks.

If you have to drill into tight spots, the machine has to enable you to do so. That is how important a lightweight design is. It enables you to cut a hole or drive screws underneath or above. The lightweight build also lessens fatigue so you can do plenty of drilling without getting pain in the hands and arms.

Look for models that provide multiple speeds or at least a mechanical two-speed transmission. This allows you to select the exact drilling velocity needed for the application or the material.



Other great features


Sometimes, the workspace is not optimally illuminated. A LED work light provides the needed component to overcome the difficulty of working in such settings. Some models even provide a LED light with afterglow for easy space focusing.

A rubberized soft grip on an ergonomically designed handle enables you to hold the machine and control it easily with just one hand.

Some 18-volt drills for sale come with exclusive technology that ensures good water and dust resistance. This enables you to use them confidently in harsh conditions on the work site. It guarantees the tool won’t just die on you because the sensitive components are protected well from external elements.



Our recommendations


We have featured some of the market’s popular choices below. Unlike any cheap 18v drill, these options are made by top brands. This means you can enjoy lasting functionality and dependable performance from any one of the choices.



Makita XFD10R


What sets apart the Makita XFD10R from cheaper, generic drills is its high-quality components and craftsmanship. It is outfitted with a Makita-built, 4-pole motor that drives the chuck to deliver 480 inch-pounds of maximum torque. You get enough power to cut holes cleanly or drive screws easily.

You are also assured of 350 inch-pounds torque to get powerful fastening results. The tool runs at 1,300 RPM to facilitate speedy drilling. Optimize the two-speed transmission so you can use the proper bit rotation velocity to carry out drilling and screw driving. This tool is useful for putting up curtains or cabinet making.

Lightweight and compact, this implement offers easy handling in confined spaces. It also ensures less fatigue during daily usage. You can do drilling and fastening for extended periods of time without getting pain and soreness in your muscles or hands too quickly.

The LED light allows you to complete tasks in dark work spaces. Thanks to the mechanical two-speed transmission, you get optimal speed and torque for drilling and screw driving. You will surely appreciate the Extreme Protection Technology in this model. It has been engineered to be resistant to dust and water so it can be used even in difficult job conditions.

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Bosch DDB181-02


Offering an optimized performance, the Bosch DDB181-02 is ideal for everyday drilling and driving purposes. It is equipped with a two-speed transmission to enable you to do heavy-duty driving as well as high-speed drilling. The lightweight tool provides 350 inch-pounds of maximum torque that works with the motor brake to allow accurate and continuous screw driving.

Thanks to the 1,300 RPM, you are guaranteed fast drilling into a wide array of materials. Weighing just 3.0 pounds, the device makes a great tool for electricians and HVAC contractors who have to do plenty of overhead drilling and driving. You can expect ample power even for tough drilling and driving jobs.

If you have to work in dark spaces, there’s a LED light to illuminate the spot. This model is compact so it can be carried in a pouch and stored easily. The 7.1-inch head length provides easy control in tight corners as well.

Thanks to the ergonomic soft-grip handle, this tool provides a reliable solution to daily drilling and driving needs. The two 18-volt Slim Pack batteries do not add weight to the tool while contributing to the compact design. You can count on the 20+1 clutch settings to match the speed to the application.

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Black & Decker GCO18SB-2


The Black & Decker GCO18SB-2 offers cordless convenience for drilling and driving. The drill/driver can accommodate a variety of materials. It can be used for cutting holes into metal, plastic, and wood. It can also drive screws into those materials. Thanks to the variable speeds, you can select the perfect bit rotating speed to suit the task or the material.

Changing bits is effortless thanks to the keyless chuck. With the 24-position clutch, you have easy control of the task. Thus, you won’t have to worry about overdriving and stripping of screws. The kit includes two HPB18 Batteries batteries so you can enjoy continued operation. You can install one of the batteries while waiting for the other one to recharge.  Storage and transport are hassle-free because everything in the kit can be carried in the supplied storage bag.

Despite not being a heavy-duty model, this drill/driver can be used for making the occasional hole, doing odd jobs around the house, hanging a photo frame, and other light-duty tasks. Because it’s cordless, the tool eliminates the need to stay tethered to an electric socket. It also eliminates clutter in the workplace because there is no power cord trailing after you when working.

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