Best cordless drill for the money

Last Updated: 14.10.19


What are the best cordless drills for the money in 2019?


Not many people have the time to read our buying guide and product suggestions so we offer this short paragraph to help them find the best cordless drill for the money with less effort. Based on what we have gathered from ratings and reviews, the Dewalt DCD771C2 offers good value and quality for a number of reasons. It has a compact and lightweight design that enables it to fit into confined spaces. This also means the tool is easy to carry and store in your toolbox. Delivering 300 unit watts out, the tool is outfitted with a high-performance motor. It offers the right power level for a range of applications. Thanks to the high-speed transmission, you enjoy two drilling speeds to suit the material and task. Because many people seem to like the Dewalt DCD771C2, it can run out of stock easily. However, the Makita FD02W makes a good second option.


Buying guide


If you don’t particularly like reading too many cordless drill reviews, then just let this handy buying guide help you find a suitable machine for your needs. These are the aspects to look at when making a choice for this type of tool.





To ensure you find a quality cordless drill, take a good, long look at its motor. This is what drives the drill to do its job. Unless this component is performance-driven, do not expect the tool to do really well in drilling.

Some units are outfitted with a highly capable, strong motor for completing a variety of applications. You can drill, fasten, or drive screws using such tools.

Although the machine might be a cordless unit, it has to be equipped with a rechargeable battery that has the capacity to drive the drill as it should. You cannot afford to be stuck with a machine that has a lousy battery. The fuel cell should hold a charge long even when not in use.





A single speed can be a hassle if you need to work on different types of materials and projects. It limits your productivity as well. If you are stuck with just one speed, the limited RPM only allows you to handle a few applications. You may not even be able to do more than just drill into wood.

On the other hand, a good cordless drill enables you to explore your creativity by giving you at least two transmission speeds. More speeds are better. This way, you can handle drilling and even fastening tasks or driving jobs.



Other features you might not even know you need


An ergonomically shaped drill ensures problem-free handling. You can hold it in your hand for long periods without getting hand fatigue. You will even be able to drill on high spots and it would probably be just your neck that will feel tired. An ergonomic design also lets you drill with uniform pressure every time.

Sometimes, lighting is not at optimum levels so a built-in LED light is useful. It shines a light on the spot so you can ensure precise drilling results at the exact spot. This also helps prevent wastage due to damaged materials.

Some drills for sale come with an entire package of accessories such as screws, drill bits, ratchets, and more. That’s real value for the money. Some units also come with a carrying case or bag for a problem-free transport and storage.



Our recommendations


While we cannot dictate what model or brand you should buy, we do have some product suggestions that should satisfy your needs. While a generic, cheap cordless drill might be a huge bargain, you ought to check out these models from some of the market’s popular power tool makers.



Dewalt DCD771C2


With its keyless chuck, the Dewalt DCD771C2 enables the manual insertion of the right drill bit and still ensures a secure hold for safety. It comes with a compact, lightweight design that enables easy handling. You can use it to drill upwards, into tight areas, and even small spots where precision is a must.

The high-performance motor delivers 300 unit watts out (UWO) of power to help you work on a wide range of applications. Thanks to the high-speed transmission, you get two speeds. Choose from 0 to 450 and 0 to 1,500 RPM to help you complete various drilling and fastening applications.

In addition, the ½-inch single-sleeve ratcheting chuck guarantees a tight gripping strength on the drill bit. Your safety is assured because of this. Comfort and control are provided by the ergonomic handle.

At just 3.6 pounds, this power tool is lightweight. It lets you do drilling without getting hand fatigue that easily. Because it is cordless, the machine prevents clutter in your workspace. It also allows you to drill without being tethered to an electric socket.

The package includes a durable contractor bag for easy storage and transport. The two supplied 20-volt Max compact Lithium ion battery packs enable you to work continuously. You can insert the charged one in the machine while the other juices up on the compact charger.

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Makita FD02W


With its variable two-speed motor, the Makita FD02W provides you a wide range of drilling and driving applications. Choose from either 0 to 350 RPM or 0 to 1,300 RPM to suit the task as well as the material. Get the exact drilling speed you need so you can do more projects with just one power tool.

Furthermore, you will appreciate the extra-compact design of the machine. It enables you to drill into tight spaces without being bothered by bulkiness. Weighing in at just 2.2 pounds, this power tool is easy on the hands. It won’t cause easy muscle fatigue and is also very easy to handle. You can drill and drive all day using this lightweight implement.

The built-in LED light is a nice bonus. It helps you work more easily during poor lighting conditions. The component illuminates the work area to prevent costly mistakes. You get 200 inch-pounds of maximum torque plus 120 inch-pounds of Peak Torque Initially (PTI) despite the small size of the machine.

Thanks to the ergonomic shape, the drill is easy to handle. You can apply consistent drilling pressure because of this factor. This model is suitable for use by repairmen, electricians, maintenance professionals, remodelers, cabinet installers, and general contractors who want a handy power tool that does the job.

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Black+Decker BDC120VA100




If you are looking for a versatile piece of equipment, the BLACK+DECKER BDC120VA100 will convince you of its abilities, as you can use it for metal, plastic, or wood with the same superior results.

The clutch is essential for any drill, and in this case, you will be pleased to hear that it has 24 positions so that you don’t have to apply additional torque and shorten the lifespan of your tool when the bit meets resistance.

You will get no fewer than 100 pieces in the kit that has this cordless drill as the primary tool; this means that there will be almost no home projects you cannot tackle.

The unit comes with variable speed that goes from 0 to 750 rpm, to enhance the versatility of the drill even further.

It is delivered with a 20V Max Li-ion battery and a charger, so you will not have to purchase such things separately.





Some buyers say that the unit is sort of slow for what they have in mind regarding DIY projects, but otherwise, they are pleased with their purchase.

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Main features explained


Even if you are just a regular DIY-er, you will still need a machine that can do a lot of things and can drill through almost anything. That is why this cordless drill has quite a devoted fan base, as it can go through metal, plastic, and wood without a problem. That gives you the possibility to use the drill for a wide variety of applications without the need to purchase an extra tool.

You will not have to worry about stripping or overdriving your bits, as the clutch is equipped with 24 positions especially to avoid such troubles. That means that you will not have to apply extra torque and you will just adjust your tool to the challenges of the project you are dealing with at the moment. In turn, your machine will enjoy a longer lifespan.

The number of accessories included with your purchase qualifies this model as a pretty good deal. You will get, along with the cordless drill, a 20V Li-ion battery, a charger, and 100 accessories. All these will make your work more comfortable, and you will be able to approach various applications and projects with great ease. You will also receive a good looking carrying bag that will help you take the drill with you wherever you want.


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