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What are the best demolition gloves in 2019?


If you’re too pressed for time to read our buying guide, and you want to discover the best demolition gloves, this short paragraph will make everything clear for you. According to the reviews written by users, sales figures, and social media reactions, the Ironclad KONG SDX2-06-XXL is the model you should pick first. Designed with superior metacarpal and knuckle protection for excellent impact absorption, these gloves are sure to keep your hands safe. Even your fingertips receive extra protection compared to other gloves on the market. Created with the help of the Oil & Gas Industry’s Safety Committee, they are made to offer top-notch protection. If these gloves are no longer available, you should go for the Milwaukee 48-22-8732, a model that is almost on par with them.



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Demolition projects require a lot of work with your hands, be it that you have to carry larger pieces of debris that can’t be transported otherwise, or you need to manipulate demolition equipment. For this reason, you need proper safety gloves to protect your hands. We’ll show you right away how your gloves should look like.


Even cheap demolition gloves should offer superior protection


When we’re talking about protection, and demolition gloves are the topic, we need to focus on the areas that are most exposed to injuries. That is why the gloves you should purchase must offer proper protection for the metacarpal and knuckle areas, as well as your fingers.

Manufacturers of such gloves talk about impact absorption. If the person wearing the gloves happens to get into an accident involving heavy objects landing on his or her hands, the gloves should be good enough to absorb the shock, and transfer little or none to the delicate bones beneath.

If your gloves have fingertip protection, as well, that’s for the better. The more protection you get, the safer your hands will be during various operations involved in demolition projects.



The palm material should be resistant to abrasion


While the back of your hands and your fingers might be more exposed to injuries, the palm must also benefit from protection. A resistant fabric should make the palms of the gloves, and offer you the ability to grab objects without risking hurting yourself.



Grip and other aspects


Furthermore, while looking at the various models available for sale, notice if the gloves provide excellent grip. As mentioned earlier, you will have to grab various items while working on a demolition project, and you certainly do not want the heavy objects you manipulate to slip from your hands.

Other aspects are also important. For instance, you will need your gloves to offer proper breathability. While working, the chances are that even your palms will sweat, and your gloves should make sure that they wick the extra moisture so that you don’t feel like the gloves begin to slide from your hands.

It doesn’t hurt to have comfortable gloves while working. Also, the overall durability is another factor that comes into play. If you choose to invest in this type of protective equipment, you surely need the gloves you purchase to resist a lot of wear and tear.


Our recommendations



With so many models available, you might experience a hard time trying to identify the right gloves for you. That is why we looked at what the market offers and selected those items that score the highest in DIY-ers’ reviews.



Ironclad KONG SDX2-06-XXL 


The first thing that must be said about these good demolition gloves is that they were developed in collaboration with the Oil & Gas Industry’s Safety Committee. This aspect, in itself, is enough to tell you the attention invested in this particular model of gloves.

The impact absorption is the central aspect of any demolition gloves. In this case, we can safely say that the manufacturer thought of everything. The metacarpal area has an 80% impact absorption capability, while the knuckles benefit from extra protection since the impact absorption is 90% for this area of the hand. Even the finger protection reaches 76.4% impact absorption, which tells you right away why these gloves are so popular.

Down to the sidewalls and fingertips, the gloves offer the excellent protection you are after. The palm is made from a material highly resistant to abrasion that also provides you excellent grip, no matter what you need to do. You will also like that the gloves are lightweight, provide exceptional breathability, and overall, are very comfortable.

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Milwaukee 48-22-8732 


There are no demolition gloves reviews that don’t mention the Milwaukee 48-22-8732 on top of their lists. The palms and the fingertips on these gloves are designed for durability, as they are reinforced with Armotex, a technical textile that provides superior strength, as well as abrasion protection. You will also love the excellent grip these gloves offer.

One nice touch of these gloves is the Smart Swipe knuckle design. When you have to touch the screen of a smartphone or any other similar device, you don’t need to remove your gloves or start dirtying the display. Using only the knuckles, you will manage to swipe left, right, up and down, as you want.

Comfort is paramount for anyone who is working all day long with the hands. That is why you will surely appreciate the overall comfort these gloves provide.

Equipped with breathable lining on the inside, the gloves ensure that all the sweat will be absorbed properly so that you don’t experience any discomfort. With the help of the molded knuckle design, you will receive excellent protection all around.

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Youngstown Glove 05-3080-70-L 


An interesting blend of materials makes the fabric used for these demolition gloves. The first thing that we should mention is that these gloves are lined with Kevlar fiber so that you can expect superior protection all around. That also means that the gloves are resistant to cuts and punctures, two often occurring troubles when you’re engaged in demolition projects, and you need to move all sorts of items around.

The palm, as well as the fingers and the thumb, are reinforced to ensure that the gloves provide an unparalleled grip. Beside Kevlar, the gloves are made from a combination of nylon, polyester, PVC, polyurethane, cotton, and rubber. This mix of strong elements ensures that the gloves are sturdy, too. These gloves are so robust that they have ANSI cut level 3, as well as ANSI puncture level 4 ratings.

As comfort is essential for workers, the gloves have something to offer in this department, too. Some terry cloth is sewn onto the thumb area to allow the wearers to wipe away debris that might get in their eyes.

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