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Last Updated: 19.10.19


What are the best drills for concrete in 2019?


Whether you’re an experienced handyman or just someone who needs to repair stuff every now and then, buying the best drill for concrete is one of the most sensible purchases you can make. With a powerful drill, you get to chip away at hard materials and drill holes with ease. However, how can you know which drill is the best for your needs, with so many models on the market? This is a question we’ve tried to find out. We have studied some of the most popular drills on the market and compared power, versatility, features, and price. Our top choice is the Bosch 11255VSR Xtreme. This drill can produce 1,300 rpm and 5,800 bpm, it comes with a versatile and safe SDS system, and it has an ergonomic design that makes it easy to work with. In case it is sold out, you might also want to consider the DEWALT DCH133B Brushless.



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Buying guide


If you need to get a trusted tool for various applications around the house or for construction work but don’t have enough time to read loads of drill for concrete reviews, then this short guide should help you find out what you need to look for in a drill so you can get the right one for your needs.


Choose a versatile drill with more functions


You should make sure that you get a versatile drill for sale that comes with different settings for drilling and hammering. You should look for a model that has 2 or 3 settings to get the job done. The most common modes are the rotary or drilling mode, hammer, and rotary hammer.

You can use the rotary mode for drilling holes through wood, metal, or other materials that are light. The hammer mode is useful for chipping away large chunks of concrete, masonry or other hard materials, while the rotary hammer enables you to drill holes through the toughest materials.



Design and ease of use


A good drill for concrete is also going to have a reliable design, with an SDS chuck that’s optimized for blasting through hardened concrete and masonry. The chuck should allow for safe locking so you don’t risk getting the bit stuck halfway through the drilling operation, or even breaking.

You should also look for a model that has a comfortable handle, and perhaps even an additional front handle for easy maneuvering. These can come in handy, especially when the drills are large and heavy, as the handles give you more flexibility and a better grip for overhead or downward drilling, reducing fatigue in your hands.



Make sure you have enough power


While you can get by with a less powerful drill for light applications, you surely need a capable motor to drill through concrete or even reinforced concrete. Get a powerful tool that’s able to deliver a high rate of bpm or beats per minute, as that’s the most important feature you’ll be using for drilling or blasting through hard materials.

A model should have at least a few thousand beats per minute, as well as over one thousand rotations per minute.



Our recommendations


Finding the most reliable drill can be a challenging prospect, especially considering the sheer amount of offers on the market. If you don’t have hours to spend on reading dozens of reviews of the best drills for concrete, then you can check our list which features some of the most appreciated tools available.



Bosch 11255VSR Xtreme


The Bosch Xtreme is a versatile drill that comes with the power and functions to help you complete any renovation project. This device comes with a powerful 7.5-amp motor that can produce up to 1,300 rpm. You also get up to 5,800 bpm with the hammer mode.

Thanks to the SDS-plus system you can use a wide range of bits for drilling holes or chipping away at materials. You also get an auto bit-locking system for extra safety. The Vario lock offers 36 possible bit positions so you get to work from the best angle for the job.

You get to choose between the rotary, hammer, or rotary hammer modes for the best results in every scenario. The large D handle offers a good grip and support for both downward and overhead operations so you get to work in comfort while also staying safe.

The cord turret has a 35-degree pivot so you don’t risk getting the cable cut off after prolonged use.

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DEWALT DCH133B Brushless



The optimized 2.6J mechanism ensures that this rotary hammer drill is faster than corded alternatives, as this is a cordless option.

Even when the applications for which it is used are demanding, the tool will maintain the same speed, which means that you will never feel that you are losing power.

You will love the fact that this is a compact model and you can use it for applications in cramped spaces without a problem.

The speed varies between 0 and 1,500 rpm, and the tool can deliver up to 5,550 bpm, which puts it in the same league with corded models without a glitch.

Ideally created for working with concrete, it can drill through 3/16 – 5/8 inches of concrete without looking like it’s working hard.



You must bear in mind that this is a bare tool, which means that it does not come with a battery included and you have to purchase that separately.

There is no tool hook included in the design, and that is said to be the only flaw by many of the people who have tried and tested this model.

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Main features explained


The model reviewed here is cordless, which means that you don’t have to worry about being close to an electrical outlet or using extension cords when you have this tool with you. While you may expect a cordless model to develop less power than a corded model, the company making this device employed expertise and innovation in its creation, to make it as powerful, and even faster.

You will notice, by perusing the specs, that this DEWALT tool comes equipped with electronics that guarantee its excellent performance. The same electronics let it maintain the same speed, no matter what applications are involved, and even when using large bits, you will not notice your tool losing speed or power.



One of the significant challenges for any DIY-er is the fact that many projects involve working in cramped places. Using a large tool for such situations is never an option, and this is where the DEWALT DCH133B comes in handy. Because of its portability and small size, you can use it for applications that require you to work in narrow spaces.

Another aspect that is appreciated by many buyers is that this model is made specifically for working with concrete. It can deal with 3/16-5/8 inch concrete without a glitch, which makes it the ideal tool for many DIY-ers that need to demolish concrete walls without having to call a professional team to do the work.

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The BOSTITCH BTE140K is a capable drill that’s powered by a powerful 7-Amp motor. You get to use the drill and hammer drill functions to suit even the toughest jobs, while the dual speed transmission will provide you with enough flexibility to get any job done.

You get 2 speeds of 0-1100 rpm and 0-3100 rpm for drilling through different materials, as well as a good support for heavy work, thanks to the side handle that also features a depth rod. The metal chuck uses a 1.2-inch key that will allow you to securely tighten all bits and drills for maximum safety as well as performance.

This reliable tool also comes with a metal gear housing which ensures proper protection for internal components and improves heat dissipation to allow the device to cool faster and thus extend its service life. The ergonomic handle is comfortable and gives you a good grip for any application while also reducing fatigue.

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DEWALT DCH133B Brushless


If you’re looking for an affordable drill to work with various materials and surfaces, then the DEWALT DCH133B is the tool you need. This powerful drill can deliver 1,500rpm and 5,550bpm so you can rely on it to get any type of job done. You get to use the rotary, hammer, and rotary hammer functions for increased flexibility.

This tool comes with a 2.6J mechanism that can work just as well as its corded counterparts. You get a portable device that makes it incredibly easy to work, especially at tough angles or on elevated surfaces since you won’t have any cord to stumble upon.

The DCH133B is powerful enough to drill through thick concrete without losing speed in the middle of the drilling operation. You get a chuck type SDS system to use with a wide range of bits for every kind of job possible. This drill is sold without batteries so don’t forget to buy a couple.

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