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Last Updated: 18.06.19


What are the best drills on the market in 2019?


If you’re after a quick suggestion for the best drill on the market to suit most needs without competing in price with a small car, then the following short paragraph should provide you with just that information. After looking through scores of drill reviews to form a clear idea of what’s available for sale, we’ve concluded that the DeWalt DCD771C2 might best fit the bill. First and foremost, it’s remarkably powerful, with a motor that puts out 300 UWO powered by a 20 V Li-Io battery that earned fame for how long it’s maximum charge will last. The DeWalt achieves this level of performance without trading in portability and ease of use since it was kept light and compact enough to be comfortably used at odd angles and in narrow spaces. If you want some hammer functionality added into the mix, then the Makita XPH102 is sure to deliver.


Buying guide


A good drill for general use must be powerful enough to handle any difficult task that it might be put to around the house or on a construction site, while still light and compact enough to be practical for mundane applications like assembling furniture or mounting picture frames. Durability and resilience are of course factors to consider, but these don’t weigh as heavily as they would in the case of professional products meant for daily use.



How to measure performance?


If we’re talking about cordless drills, the metric that puts it in a specific power class is the battery charge, measured in Volts. The lightest models might work with as low as 6-7 V before being considered electric screwdrivers, but if you want something that can really meet any challenge, the 18-20 V category is where you should look.  

Performance-wise, a high amount of torque (in/lb or ft/lb) will be needed in order to literally push dense material out of the way when fastening screws, while a high cyclical speed (RPM) will help when drilling through soft surfaces. The two are mutually exclusive, meaning you’ll usually get high torque at low RPM and vice-versa.

Some manufacturers, notably DeWalt prefer to merge both parameters into a single value, called the Unit Watts Out (UWO) which lets you know the “push” a motor will give regardless of speed.   



Function and versatility


There is, of course, a trade-off between power and weight/portability, but the newer heavy-duty models are closing the gap with electric screwdrivers when it comes to ease of handling by employing compact frames and lightweight materials, making the added functionality they offer all the more attractive.

Arguably the most popular drilling tool out there is the drill driver, thanks to its versatility. They almost always feature multiple gear settings to better adapt to tasks that require either high torque or high speed, as well as multiple clutch settings to prevent stripping and overdriving screws.

A powerful drill driver can be used for most masonry, but some manufacturers prefer to outfit their models with a hammer feature to add some percussive force behind the drill to make the operator’s job easier when dealing with brick or concrete.



The battery


Needless to say, this should be able to hold a charge for long and drain as slowly as possible. The Ah value will let you know how efficient a battery is, with values of around 3.0 Ah considered to be remarkably good.

A battery tends to put out less power as it is draining, which will diminish performance, but this doesn’t happen at the same rate with all models. Some can give peak output even while they are close to draining and this is definitely a feature to look for.



Our recommendations


Whether you’re looking for a good drill for the money or the most popular item out there, the following short list should help you out. We’ve checked out dozens of reviews of drills and picked out the top scorers.



DeWalt DCD771C2


Unsurprisingly for the legendary American firm, one of their most versatile and affordable products is a top seller on retail sites. It’s easy to see why so many people opt for the DCD771C2, since it offers some of the best characteristics out there, both in regards to performance and ease of use.

Its motor puts out 300 UWO, which is an impressive amount even by professional standards. This means you’ll be hard-pressed to find a job that this machine can’t tackle, from fixing up furniture around the house to mounting steel air shafts on a construction site.

Both the operator and the drill will be hard to tire, as this unit only weighs 3.6 pounds, together with a 20 V Li-Io battery that doesn’t significantly reduce the motor’s performance as it drains.

With 1.5 Ah it should give you a reasonably good runtime, but this doesn’t matter that much as there are two batteries included in the pack, so one of them can constantly be kept in the recharger.

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Makita XPH102


There’s hard to decide on what’s the nicest feature this Makita provides. The battery is top quality, in line with what we came to expect from the Japanese manufacturer.

It should hold for a fair while under use, at 3.0 Ah and re-charge very fast, in around 30 minutes, which is the time required for the operator to take some rest after hours of work.

The machine itself can handle a wide variety of tasks, driven by a 4-pole motor that offers a maximum speed of 1,900 RPM and 480 In/lbs of torque in the 0-600 RPM gear setting.

It also has a hammer function which makes it put out as much as 28,500 BPM, so it will be easy enough to drill through masonry and drive long screws that require a lot of pressure.

The engineers at Makita managed to keep it quite compact so it fits into tight places, and its weight is also pretty reasonable at 3.9 lbs.

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Black+Decker LDX120PK


If you’re more of a casual handyman and don’t want to spend your time hunting online for all the assorted bits and pieces needed for a task, then this pack from Black+Decker should make you as enthusiastic as it did its many online buyers.

It contains a Black+Decker cordless drill driver together with all the most common heads you will use and a number of essential tools to have around the house — a total of 68 of them, including a hammer, pliers, screwdrivers, even a torque wrench!

The drill driver is powered by a 20 V Li-Ion battery, which comes with its own charger and is reported to last for a substantially long time. This is somewhat unusual for such an affordable item, but Black+Decker has always surprised with the value it provides for the money.

Don’t really expect top quality, but the price is a lot lower than what you would pay if buying all these items separately and the drill offers the same functionality as any other product of its type out there.

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