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What are the best jewelry making drill presses in 2019?


If you don’t have the time to go through our buying guide and you just want to find the best drill press for jewelry making, this short paragraph is all you need to read. After extensive product research and comparison, we have found what we believe is the number one product on the market, the WEN 4208. This model stands out because it is actually engineered as a performance-driven power tool. Compact enough to be easily positioned on your work stand or bench, this model still packs sufficient stamina to bore through wood, plastics, metal and more. Outfitted with a fantastically powerful induction motor with ball bearing design, this machine provides years of use, with balanced and flawless performance across its range of speeds. Able to work with a variety of drill bits, this model is equipped with a ½ inch JT33 chuck that ensures versatility to handle a wide range of applications. If the WEN 4208 is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the SE 97511MDP.



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No handheld power drill can ever match the capability and functionality of a drill press. Drill presses have carved a niche all their own because of how they outclass and outperform handheld power tools with their versatility and superb features. That said, what distinguishes the best drill presses for jewelry making from more inferior models on the market?



When going over the various mini drill presses for sale, focus on the ones that are compact and easily portable


Working in a cluttered workshop or even just in a small area in your workspace necessitates the use of a machine that is small enough not to interfere with the normal operations of your office or man-den.

Who needs a large drill press when you can easily get a small and compact machine that you can position on a workbench or stand and then put away when not in use? Some award winning mini drill presses even come with a convenient onboard key storage system that ensures the chuck key is always handy when you need it. This prevents misplacement or loss especially if your desk is frequently busy.

A mini drill press is very easy to move from one location to another as well, so you can stay mobile, or even take out-of-town projects or work on the go when needed. You want to know another advantage of buying a small machine?

The shipping and handling fees are less than what you’d pay to get a larger model to your doorstep. If you don’t intend to drill through tougher types of material, a mini or small drill press will do just fine.



Look for models that offer a solid and dependable design


Because a small drill press is typically used for jewelry making, it will have a characteristically tight swing. Most mini drill presses come with an 8-inch swing. You won’t be working with large items, and a mini drill press will take up minimal space for task completion. Make sure the machine features reliable depth stops, considering the intricate pieces you will have to work on.

Despite its mini size, this type of machine should not be easy to tip over. The base, frame and head should be made of high-quality materials, with cast iron being used in the top rated models. The machine should be resilient against bumping, which can frequently happen when working within a small space. This means you won’t have to worry too much about clearance space around the machine.


The drill press should come with features that ensure versatility


A premium quality mini drill press comes with at least three variable speeds to accommodate the type of material you have to work with. The worktable should be the articulating type, since not all projects use regularly-shaped stock and can sometimes involve entry at an angle. The worktable should have a rack-and-pinion height adjustment system for easy raising and lowering. The chuck should be able to hold a variety of drill bit sizes to accommodate the various types of applications you will be working on.


10 Best Drill Presses for Jewelry Making (Reviews) in 2019


Working with a mini drill press is fun and offers plenty of possibilities. With the many models and brands on the market, it can be a challenge to the buyer to make a really good choice. The buying guide above and the products showcased below are designed to simplify your overall shopping experience.



1. WEN 4208 Drill Press


Undoubtedly a top rated product in the best drill press for jewelry making reviews, the WEN 4208 comes with a ½-inch keyed chuck, which supports various sizes of drill bits for versatility.

This model features a durable ⅓-horsepower induction motor that drives it to deliver ample power and torque and to provide five operating speeds varying from 740 RPM to 1100, 1530, 2100 and 3140 RPM, thus enabling you to work on a variety of applications.

This 8-inch model comes with a height-adjustable work table that swivels up to 45 degrees at both sides so you can bore holes through oddly-shaped material as well as a variety of material sizes.

The onboard key storage ensures that the key is always within easy access. The spindle travels up to 2 inches and is supplemented by the easily readable locking linear depth stops that ensure accurate and repeatable drilling applications.

During operations, the drill press ensures wobble-free, sturdy operations thanks to the cast iron base that features bolt holes for problem-free mounting to a bench or stand.

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2. SE 97511MDP Drill Press


Powered by a 110-volt, 80 Hz, 100-watt motor, the SE 97511MDP is inarguably the best SE drill press for jewelry making on the market today.

The work table comes with 6 9/16 inch by 6 9/16 inch dimensions to accommodate a variety of sizes of jewelry pieces for easy and effortless operations.

The 6 ⅝ by 6 ⅝-inch base provides stability for wobble-free performance while drilling, thus ensuring precise hole drilling. With its swing of 4 inches, this drill press enables hole drilling onto the middle of an 8-inch stock while ensuring precision and accuracy.

Offering a maximum drill height of 7.5 inches, this drill press offers three variable speeds to accommodate a variety of applications.

Choose from 5000, 6500 and 8000 RPM to suit your required material type and operation. Offering value for money, this model ships with three wrenches plus a 6mm chuck key.

You will love the compact design of this benchtop drill, which enables easy placement and mobility.

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3. EuroTool DRL-300.00 Drill Press


Quite easy to put together, this best Micro-Mark drill press has got a nice small size. The platform or base is just about the size of a mouse pad at 9 ½ inches by 6 ¾ inches. The machine’s overall height is just over 13 inches, which means that when it’s set up at its maximum height, you get nearly 8 inches between the work platform and the chuck.

The lowering lever provides 1 inch of travel for the Jacobs chuck, giving you plenty of room to work with, but if you need to get closer, just use the adjusting lever at the rear, which tightens the motor in place and also lowers the head as needed. This model provides 110 volt operations so you simply plug it into the wall socket.

The on-off switch also serves as the dial speed control. The three speed ranges can be adjusted manually. Beneath the plastic housing lid, you’ll find the two-pulley system. By simply moving the drive belt to different positions on the pulley system, you can change the speed range.

On the pulley system are three different set of pulleys, and each of those levels corresponds to a different speed range at which the onboard motor can operate, thereby giving you amazing versatility.

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4. TruePower Gino Development 01-0822 


The magnet motor this unit comes equipped with allows you to operate it even when you hold it upside down, which can be very useful depending on the kind of work you have in mind. There is another great advantage that this model presents, as it has variable speed control, an aspect that extends its versatility.

Any DIY-er worth his or her salt knows well that various projects can present challenges that are not always the same. For those situations, a drill press that lets you adjust its speed is a must-have. This drill press comes with such a useful trait, and it is no wonder that customers consider it a good find.

While some models allow you to choose from a limited array of options when it comes to speed control, you won’t face such limitations if you work with this model. There are three speed ranges, but, otherwise, the possibilities to adapt the speed to the task at hand are endless.

You will also want to know that this model can accommodate drill bits of various sizes. This way, there won’t be any project you cannot tackle. A chuck key is provided by the manufacturer with your purchase.

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5. WEN 4210 


A sturdy power tool is all you need for many projects that are home-based, and the WEN 4210 surely delivers. The package you will receive upon purchase contains the drill press, a laser, a keyed chuck, along with the tools for putting together the unit.

There are several reasons why many people love this tool so much. For instance, you can easily adjust the speed by picking from one of the five settings available. The speeds available go from 600rpm to 3,100rpm, which allows you to tackle different projects without breaking a sweat.

The model has spindle travel of 2-1/2 inches, and there is a depth stop that will come in handy when you want to drill consistent holes. For repeatable, great results, you will hardly find a better tool than this. Also, since it is made by a company well-known for the excellent products it makes, you will know that the WEN 4210 comes with quality guaranteed.

Adjusting the worktable is easy, as it comes with a rack and pinion system. Besides height adjustments, you can also make it bevel up to 45 degrees on both sides, so that angled drilling becomes a breeze. Powered by a 3.2-amp motor, this machine develops enough torque for more challenging projects.

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6. BUCKTOOL 10 inch 


Certain features are more useful than others in a drill press, and you will find the BUCKTOOL 10 inch to come equipped with all those extras that can make your work easier. For instance, the drill can be adjusted between 610rpm and 2,800rpm, and there are five available settings to pick from. This gives your tool plenty of versatility, something any DIY-er with limited space in his or her workshop needs.

A pleasant surprise is the built-in laser guide; it will allow you to drill holes in a precise manner that will not leave any room for guessing. You will be proud of your work, and it will look like it was performed by a professional.

There is also a work light included so that you can see clearly what you are working on. The beveling worktable is another great plus that will increase your productivity, as well as the array of projects you can undertake. The 45-degree beveling angle works on both sides and provides you with the means to perform angled drilling without a problem.

You will be impressed with the motor this unit comes equipped with, as well. The 6.2-amp motor is powerful and durable and completes the picture of an excellent product.

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7. WEN 4214 


Unlike other drill presses on the market that come with predefined speeds you can pick from, this model offers you the possibility to adjust the speed as you see fit. The range goes from 580rpm to 3,200rpm, which is enough to tackle projects that are either delicate or demanding. You will know exactly what speed is developed, as you can read it on the LED display.

With enough torque on your side to guarantee results, regardless of the project you need to work on, there is plenty of satisfaction to draw from this machine. However, the variable speed possibilities are not the only ones to do so. The spindle travel of 3-1/8 inches is convenient, and there is also a linear depth stop that gives your work accuracy and consistency.

You will get a 2/3HP induction motor with this model, and also, there is a laser feature that maximizes the quality of your work. You will feel like a pro when you have this powerful tool by your side.

Let’s not forget the cast iron worktable that can be adjusted in different ways. The rack and pinion system adjusts the height, while the table can bevel up to 45-degree angles.

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8. SKIL 3320-01 


Do you need a drill press that is straightforward and powerful? Pick the SKIL 3320-01, which is a great addition to any workshop that belongs to a home-based woodworker and not only. There is a keyed chuck included for your convenience, while the bump-off switch adds safety to this tool.

Pick the speed you need from the five available that go from 570rpm to 3,050rpm. As you can see, the array of possibilities is open to many projects, some that might include only light work and some that might be more demanding.

Angled drilling is a possibility, too, and that’s a great plus of this unit. The worktable can tilt up to 45 degrees, so you will find many projects much easier to tackle as a result. As for precision, you will be pleased to see that the depth stop available helps you achieve repeatable results. Also, this one is adjustable.

Hole alignment is an issue more often than not, even for experienced DIY-ers. In this case, this tool is made to help you out, as a laser guide is included. Actually, this is one of the main selling points for this unit, as the manufacturer advertises it as being one of its plus points.

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9. Genesis GDP1005A 


The Genesis GDP1005A comes equipped with a 4.1-amp induction motor, so you will find it quieter than others available on the market. Also, this type of motor ensures smooth performance, and many buyers are pleased with its overall ease of use.

There is a gearbox with five speeds, something desirable in a drill press that can be used for a vast range of projects. Another thing you will like about this model is the 5/8-inch chuck that allows you to fit the drill press with large bits without a problem.

You will like how customizable this tool is. For starters, the worktable can make a full rotation, and also tilts to accommodate angled drilling. In case you must adjust the height of the head, the only thing you need to do is to use the rack and pinion system available.

For less than ideal lighting conditions, the work light that comes with the unit does more than a fair job. With so much power and ability to adjust your tool by your side, you will feel like no project can be a match for you. If you need to work with different materials, this tool is sure to deliver.

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10. Rockwell ShopSeries RK7033 


Power is something that any drill press should have for handling more demanding tasks. In this case, the 6.2-amp motor stands as proof for the ability of this machine. You will find it easier to use for wood, metal, or plastic materials, so the array of projects you can tackle is outstanding. As a DIY-er, you won’t need anything else when it comes to drilling holes.

The quality of the materials used attests that this unit is built to last. Its worktable is made from cast iron, so that will not receive any severe damage even with prolonged use. And that is not all. The worktable can be tilted for the unit to perform angle drilling, up to 45 degrees on each side.

Bits that are used for metalworking and woodworking need a proper chuck, and, in this case, the ½-inch chuck is ideal for the purpose. Don’t forget that a good quality drill press needs an adequate array of speed settings to work with various materials.

Here, the five speeds available are enough to tackle most projects. They go from 620rpm to 3,100rpm, and picking the one you need is easy. There is a work light included in the construction of the unit so that you can work in various conditions without a glitch.

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