Best drill press under $150

Last Updated: 23.07.19


What are the best drill presses (under $150) in 2019?


If you are looking for a drill press and you are on a budget then allow us to help. We’ve gathered all the available information and the best drill press under 150 reviews and we’ve concluded that the WEN 4208 is the choice we recommend. This product has garnered quote a good deal of favorable reviews, and it also carries the number one bestseller title in stationary drills. What makes this item so popular is its flexible height, flexible program with a spindle travel of two inches, making easily repeatable drillings and its quality motor that is both strong and durable. It comes with a 5 pace change option that allows quick drills, and it’s capable of offering plenty of precision when used for repeated drill operations. This product is considered to be long lasting, regardless of eventual long usage. In the case of not finding this product available, we invite you to look for the SE-97511MDP as it also is a low-cost drill press.



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Buying guide


Nowadays there are a plethora of options to consider when looking for drill presses, but if you try to find the best inexpensive drill press, you can use this buyer’s guide that is made to come to your aid.




When it comes to new additions, it all boils down to the green essence, money. As you’ve probably found out, there are a lot of available products out there, and many of them have steep prices. Don’t feel discouraged because the most expensive item doesn’t guarantee the best results. You can find a cheap drill press that will definitely impress you with its performance. So, you should take the price into consideration but don’t follow it blindly.





Your drill press should be worthy of your hard earned money. That means that it should have a solid construction which leads to a longer lifespan. The base and table should be corrugated for ensuring durability and strength, and the table must also provide work safety through slats on either side. It would be ideally for the head to be made of cast iron because it’d mean that it’s capable of protection its significant interior parts – the quill, motor and pinion shaft.


Accessories and model variation


When you’re choosing for a drill press check to see what accessories it provides and what attachments it accepts. If you are just a beginner, you might not be so interested in this aspect, but believe us that after time passes and your skill level rises you’ll come to love added functions. So, look for things like fences that can be attached to the table to help position stock for repetitive holes; mortising attachments that attach to the quill for increased precision; sanding drums attach to the chuck for sanding irregular edges or patterns. Another thing that you might want to consider is choosing between the two basic models. Benchtop drill presses can be mounted directly on your workbench or on their own stands. Floor models are usually more powerful, they have more available attachments and accessories, and they are more capable of handling materials than the other ones.



Our recommendations:


Based on the numerous positive reviews we have compiled a top 3 drill presses that are under 150$. Check out what we’ve put together as they are the most suitable choices available when browsing on a budget.



WEN 4208


The WEN 4208 has proven to be a high-quality product that is capable of drilling materials in a quick and precise manner.

This product allows you to perform flexible tasks because it’s able to power through thin pieces of metal along with pieces of wood which makes it a multipurpose drill press. Also, it comes with five different speed settings which allows you to use what kind of material you’d like, facilitating accuracy and quick drilling while delivering great performance.

It is run by a durable and dependable induction motor which has a capacity of ⅓ hp, delivering enough power to drill through a variety of materials. It can work at speeds that range between 740 and 3140 rpm and it has the ability to run through tough situations without you worrying about malfunctions.

A nice feat that comes with the WEN 4208 is that its spindle travels up to 2” and you can use it accurately in repeatable drillings because it has easy to read locking linear depth stops.

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SE 97511MDP


This model is ideally designed to be used on desktops or cramped counters and this also means that it’s portable enough to carry it with you when you need to work away from home.

Thanks to its petite appearance you can say that it’s relatively easy to control, making it perfect to work with delicate ornaments and miniatures.

It comes with adjustable speeds that are made possible through 3 settings: 5000, 6500 and 8000 rpm. The slowest setting provide you with enough control to make precise and accurate holes, while the faster one makes it capable of finishing multiple pieces in only a few minutes, allowing you to meet a deadline.

This product is ideal for newcomers to this craft because it is so convenient to use that it lets you concentrate on the job and not on its maintenance. If you use the controls provided, you can easily adjust the speed, and you can adjust its height to maximize comfort.

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Black Bull DP5UL


The Black Bull DP5UL is an affordable drill press that features a laser centering device that allows you to drill holes with increased accuracy and in a more convenient fashion, unlike a handheld drill.

4This product is a benchtop model that has the power and versatility to drill through wood, metal or other materials. It provides accuracy and control thanks to its stationary bit that has a ½” chuck capacity.

It comes with a 6.25” worktable that raises and lowers easily up to 9 inches through a rack and pinion mechanism. Also, it is able to rotate 45 degrees to the left and 45 degrees to the right allowing you to perform drills at the preferred angle and consistent, repetitive holes.

You can use it at home for woodworking, metalworking or do-it-yourself projects. It features five quick change speed settings, having a minimum of 620 rpm and a maximum of 3100 rpm. You’ll be able to easily manipulate it even when wearing gloves because it has a large power button mounted in the front. You can bolt the base of this drill press to your workbench for increased safety and stability.

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