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What are the best drill presses under $200 in 2019?


If you don’t have time to read the detailed buying guide created by our researchers about different products in this category, this short paragraph should provide enough information about the best drill press under 200 dollars on the market. Equipped with a durable 1/3 HP induction motor, the WEN 4208 is the best according to our intensive research and comparison. The tough motor drives the machine to work at five different speeds, making this model suitable for a variety of applications and materials including plastic, wood and more. You can do repeatable hole cutting operations thanks to the lockable linear depth stops that ensure accurate drilling results. The height adjustable work table accommodates various shapes and sizes of workpieces for versatility and easy use. If the WEN 4208 runs out of stock most likely because of its popularity, you could get the second best option, the Craftsman 10 inch.



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Initially designed for the metalworking industry, the drill press has evolved to become the most sought-after tool in the workshop because of its huge versatility when used with diverse cutting tools, attachments and jigs. Aside from metal drilling, the machine can also be used to bore holes into wood, in addition to sanding and mortising operations. Now what separates the best drill press in 2019 from more inferior products?



A strong, solid construction


When you look at the various products in the best drill press reviews, you’ll have to ensure that the one you buy has all of its three principal parts, the base, column, table and head, genuinely well constructed. The base should offer solid support to the entire machine, with pre-drilled holes that enable bench or floor securing. Most models have a cast iron base for durability and strength. Typically, drill presses have a steel column for strength and reliable support for the table and head. A floor model will have a column length between 66 and 75 inches while a benchtop unit has between 23 and 48 inches.

Fixed to the column is the work table, which can be moved to any point from the base to the head for handling different sizes and shapes of stock. There may be slots on the table for clamping fixtures or workpieces. Preferably, the table should be tiltable for angled drilling. You may even attach an auxiliary table to the component for specialized drilling applications. The quill should provide adjustable locking to give you the proper depth for drilling. The V-belt on the stepped cone pulley should not break easily.



Offers the right size/capacity for your needs


The size of drill presses is based on their capacity, which is the measure of the distance from the center of the chuck to the front of the column, expressed as diameter. Thus, a 10-inch drill press is able to drill a hole through the center of a workpiece measuring 10 inches diagonally. There is an actual distance of five inches between the center of the chuck and the front of the column. Models for workshop use typically come with capacities from 8 to 17 inches.



Comes with a perfect set of features for your needs


With higher horsepower, a drill press is more capable of drilling holes through tougher materials. You can select from ¼ to 1 HP models. With variable speeds, you can handle various diameter holes cut through a variety of materials without damaging the drill bits or stock. Thankfully, today’s drill presses come with five to twelve speed settings for versatility. For precise dowel holes and repetitive drilling, adjustable depth stops are great. With greater quill travel, deeper holes can be cut.


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There are many brands and models of drill presses on the market, so even a seasoned buyer can get overwhelmed with the sheer number of choices. We urge you to refer to the buying guide above for information. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



WEN 4208


1-wen-4208Operating at five different speeds, the WEN 4208 enables you to work on a variety of drilling applications and materials so your productivity at the workshop is greatly increased. Adjust the drilling speed from 740 to 3140 RPM according to the requirements of the material you are working on, whether metal, plastic, wood or any other type. Small at 8 inches capacity or swing yet reliably powerful, this machine is the bench drill press under $200. This drill press has a maximum drill capacity of ½ inch in 1-inch thick cast iron.

Creating accurate, repeatable holes, this model offers greater precision than a standard handheld drill. It ‘s built with a strong frame of cast iron. Equipped with a robust ⅓ HP induction motor that boasts long life thanks to its ball bearings, this machine delivers smooth, balanced functionality even when driven at high speeds. You can use a variety of bits thanks to the ½-inch chuck with 33 Jacobs Taper (JT) spindle taper. The tiltable slotted worktable bevels 45 degrees right and left to accommodate angled drilling. This model can be mounted to a work stand or bench because of its pre-drilled holes on the base.

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Craftsman 10 inch


2-craftsman-10Outfitted with a highly capable 6.0-amp motor, the Craftsman 10 inch delivers smooth, extended operation for sophisticated projects. The ½-inch keyed chuck is suitable for both wood and metal drill bits, as well as sanding drums that have up to ½-inch shanks, ensuring versatility in the workshop.

The five straightforward speed settings add to that further with a range from 620 to 3100 RPM to accommodate a variety of workpieces and materials. You can do effortless and instant spindle speed changes due to the quick belt tension and release mechanism. The rack and pinion table elevation system enables quick and easy table adjustments to handle different shapes and sizes of stock.

The scaled steel fence helps in the proper alignment, bracing and guidance of the workpiece and stop block so you can do repetitive drilling applications. You can expect smooth action from this machine, with its drill head being hefty enough to prevent the drill bit from wandering away from the target spot for superb accuracy. This compact and bench-friendly model has a heavy cast iron base and table for durability and stability.

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SKIL 3320-01


3-skil-3320-01The SKIL 3320-01 has earned an enviable CSA US Certification that indicates its reliable performance under rigid product standards. Better than a handheld drill, this machine is equipped with an X2 2-Beam Laser that helps ensure precise alignment of holes for drilling, so you can do repeatable hole boring with uniform results. The depth adjustment system enables uniform hole depths for your projects.

With its five variable speeds, this machine lets you bore holes cleanly through various types of materials including plastic, wood and metal, among others. The chuck accepts larger diameter bits for cutting and woodworking. You can tilt the work table from 0 to 45 degrees, perfect when you have to enter the material at a certain angle.

The robust motor drives the machine to cut at speeds from 750 to 3,050 RPM to suit the material or application. The straightforward and simple design ensures effortless assembly and relatively easy use.

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