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Last Updated: 17.07.19


What are the best drill presses under $300 in 2019?


If you don’t have the time to go through our buying guide and you just want to find the best drill press under 300, this short paragraph is all you need to read. After extensive product research and comparison, we have found what we believe is the number one product on the market, the WEN 4210. This model stands out because it’s a tool that is genuinely powerful. Offering five variable speeds, this device enables you to tackle a variety of applications and types of materials as it offers the right speed for any job. This drill press can drill through wood, metal, plastics and other types of material so you can expand your workshop’s capability and productivity. The rigid cast iron construction ensures reliability and sturdiness for dependable functionality many years down the road. The induction motor’s ball bearings contribute to long tool life and balanced performance across the entire speed range. If the WEN 4210 is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the WEN 4214.




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Probably one of the best power tools you can own, the drill press offers superior functionality and dependability that no handheld drill is designed to match. A drill press ensures accuracy most especially for elaborate projects that require repeated drilling of multiple holes with equal sizes and depths. To ensure you really have a great pick among the machines featured in the best drill press under 300 reviews, these are the things you should look for.


The best drill presses under 300 boast good construction to ensure long-term functionality


Let’s face it. If you are an avid DIYers, you are quite particular about what machines to get for every project, so any decision to invest money in a power tool will involve a lot of thinking and research. Fortunately, drill presses that are lauded by consumers typically have a solid construction. This ensures extended tool life. The fact that the machine is made of premium quality components gives you peace of mind that your projects will have that professional quality to them, which no cheap and inferior machine is engineered to deliver, much less be geared to even come close to. Cast iron machines have a head, table and base that are strong and stable, for wobble-free performance.

To support precision work, you want the table and base to be ribbed for effortless workpiece positioning. A large workpiece is easily held in place with a flat-surfaced base. A table that is ground flat ensures accuracy. You can clamp the workpiece easily on a slotted table supported by a slotted base, which should also accommodate fence attachments.



Even the best budget drill presses should offer versatility


A swiveling worktable enables you to work on challenging projects while being confident about accuracy. You may get projects that require entry into the stock at an angle, so a beveling table offers just the support you need. A rack-and-pinion adjustment mechanism for the worktable allows problem-free lowering and raising of the supported stock to accommodate large or irregularly shaped material. Most importantly, the drill press should be equipped with variable spindle speeds so you can work on metal, wood, plastics, ceramic and other materials using the proper speed to avoid workpiece wastage.



The best affordable drill press ensures consistently dependable performance


A machine outfitted with a high-horsepower motor is capable of drilling holes through tough material. You will want a machine with a motor of at least ¾ HP or greater. You want a depth stop or depth adjustment gauge to allow you to drill multiple holes of equal size and depth. The chuck should be able to accommodate various drill bit sizes so you can work on different applications with ease. Some machines feature onboard key storage to prevent the keyed chuck from being misplaced. Great drill press features include: a laser guidance system that reduces drilling errors and workpiece damage; a work light for illumination; a digital speed readout display that provides at-a-glance spindle speed checking while working.


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The market is filled with many brands and models of drill presses under 300. To make sure you can enjoy a smooth shopping experience, examine each product’s capabilities and shortcomings through buying guides like the one above. We have also highlighted the best models in the following paragraphs below for more buying guidance.




WEN 4210


Offering adequate power, consistent performance and accuracy as well as reliable functionality like any true power tool should, the WEN 4210 is equipped with a laser centering device that ensures easy sighting of the exact spot you are going to drill.

This model can drill through wood, metal and other materials effortlessly. Choose from any one of its five variable speeds to get the exact running level you need for the specific material you are working on. This drill press offers stable and balanced performance across its entire speed range. It also boasts a rigid cast iron build to provide years of durable functionality.

The ball bearings on the powerful ⅔ HP, 3.2-amp induction motor ensure smooth performance and long tool life with reduced maintenance issues. The ½-inch chuck, outfitted with a JT33 spindle taper provides versatility to accommodate a variety of drill bit sizes. You can drill confidently at an angle thanks to the adjustable work table that tilts 45 degrees left and right.

This feature also allows the machine to be used for drilling into oddly-shaped and large work pieces. The predrilled holes on the base facilitate mounting of the device on a work stand or bench. The functionality of this machine can be expanded with circle cutters, drum sanders and mortising attachments, among many others.

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WEN 4214


From the power tool maker that has ensured genuine power tool functionality comes the WEN 4214.

Designed for the serious do-it-yourselfer, this model is outfitted with a robust  5-amp induction motor that drives the machine to deliver spindle speeds from 580 to 3200 RPM to suit any project or type of material.

Use the lower speeds to work on tougher material like steel or heavy duty cast iron, and the higher speeds to handle less tough ones like wood. You can use the exact RPM to prevent damage to the stock for cost-efficient use of materials. When you’re busy working on your project, all it takes is a quick glance at the digital readout display for you to ascertain the machine is operating at your set speed, eliminating the guesswork.

This machine ensures smooth and consistent performance thanks to the ball bearings on its induction motor that provide the needed durability for long-term use.

You are also assured of strong and consistent drilling performance across the entire range of speeds. For those who aspire for greater creativity and versatility in the workshop, this machine comes with a ⅝-inch chuck supplemented by an MT2 spindle taper for use with various drill bit sizes, which also supports a variety of applications. The X-pattern laser allows you to bring the bit to the exact spot you need to commence drilling on.

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SKIL 3320-01


Helping you develop seasoned workshop skills, the SKIL 3320-01 offers dependable precision for the weekend woodworker who wants more professional quality in their projects. This machine offers a spindle travel of 2 ⅜ inches for easy control of the drill bit to prevent damage to the stock.

The ½-inch keyed chuck accommodates different drill bit sizes so you can work on a variety of projects and types of materials. This machine has a 3.2-amp, 60Hz, 120-volt motor that drives it to deliver a variety of spindle speeds so you can bore holes through different types of stock from wood to plastics and metal, among many others. Choose the exact spindle speed you want from 570 to 3,050 RPM to prevent damaging your workpiece, which translates to costly material wastage.

This drill press ensures accuracy in hole drilling with its adjustable depth stop that is highly useful when you have to drill equal-size holes to the same exact depth. Accepted a project that is elaborately designed and requires tricky drilling?

This machine ensures professional results for such applications with its 45-degree tilting worktable that allows angled entry into the drill point and also accommodates drilling into large or irregularly-shaped stock. The Laser X2 2-beam laser ensures precise drilling alignment.

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