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Last Updated: 18.06.19


What are the best drill sharpeners in 2019?


If you are looking for the best drill sharpener but don’t know exactly which model to go for, then you’ve landed in the right place. We’ve looked at various models, checked specifications, materials, performance, and selected the ones that offer the best value for the price. After having analyzed and compared countless sharpeners, we decided to recommend the Drill Doctor 750X as the model you should consider. This product can help you keep all your drill bits sharp, it can work on bits of various shapes, sizes, and materials, and it also comes with sharpening wheels to give you several hundred sharpenings. In case you find that this product is sold out, you could also take a look at the Drill Doctor 350X.


Buying guide


In case you have dozens of dull drill bits lying around the garage and you don’t know what to do with them, then you should know that getting the best drill bit sharpener will allow you to bring them back to life. Rather than throwing them away, you can sharpen them and make them almost as good as when they were new.

However, picking the right drill sharpener can be quite challenging. Here are are a few things to keep in mind when shopping for one.



Restore your drill bits with a quality sharpener


By choosing a good drill sharpener, you can restore a lot of drill bits and ensure that you get smooth performance every time. With extremely sharp bits, you won’t risk damaging expensive materials, and neither will you spend hours just to drill a few holes.

Just make sure that you get a model for sale that features a solid construction. You also want a machine that’s precise and that can work with many bit sizes so you don’t need to buy more than one.



A high-grade sharpening wheel makes all the difference


You should read a few reviews of drill sharpeners and choose the model that comes with industrial-grade diamond sharpening wheels. These are able to sharpen bits that are made of strong materials and with coated tips.

A quality wheel should be able to sharpen between 200 and 400 drill bits. You should also ensure that the model you’re getting allows you to replace the sharpening wheel so that you get to use the machine for years and years while being able to keep all your drill bits in top shape.



Get a machine that’s easy to use


While you do want a drill sharpener that is precise and versatile, you also want to make sure that it is easy to use. Fortunately, there are some reputable brands that offer devices that are really easy to use. You only need to use the proper chuck and then rotate the bits inside the machine to sharpen them.

These machines have guides and other features that ensure you can only keep the bits at the correct angle so you can maintain the geometry of the bits.



Our recommendations


Because finding the right machine can take quite a lot of time, you should be glad to learn that we have prepared a list of the most popular drill sharpener reviews so you get to choose the one that offers the best performance for the price.



Drill Doctor 750X


The Drill Doctor 750X is a sharpening machine that can help you keep all your drill bits in top shape. This device can sharpen a wide range of bits from 3/32-inch to ¾-inch variants and ensure a precise cut so you get superb performance every time.

This machine comes with a special chuck that you can use to sharpen high-speed steel, cobalt, masonry, carbide, or TiN-coated bits with ease. You can sharpen the bits at any relief angle and extend their service life, or you can even create split point bits for various applications.

The 750X is made of quality components and cast aluminum parts which makes it extremely durable. It also comes with an industrial-grade diamond sharpening wheel to make sure that you can sharpen even the dullest bit.

The wheel should be able to provide you with at least 400 sharpenings. You also get a hard-shell carrying case to safely transport this machine.

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Drill Doctor 350X


If you’re looking for a quality machine that can sharpen your dull drill parts but don’t want to break the bank to get one, then the Drill Doctor 350X is just what you need. This device is made of durable materials and should provide you with years of precise sharpenings. This unit can sharpen various bits used for light materials such as wood or some metals.

This machine comes with an industrial-grade sharpening wheel that can restore dull or even broken drill bits to life. You get to save money by being able to sharpen bits of different sizes, from 3/32 to ½ inches. The provided chuck makes it easy to hold the bits at the right angle for a perfect sharpening.

The strong diamond sharpening wheel won’t change its shape even after prolonged use, and you can expect it to be able to sharpen at least 200 drill bits so you get to save a lot of money in the long run.

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Drill Doctor 500x


The Drill Doctor 500x is a drill sharpening device that comes with a professional design and a robust body. Made of high-quality materials and with an industrial-grade diamond sharpening wheel, this device can help you sharpen dull bits or restore to life broken bits you were thinking of throwing away.

You get to save money as well as improve the performance of your bits as long as they fall within the 3/32 to ½-inch size. You get a machine that provides cutting edges that are perfectly angled so the original geometry of the bit is maintained.

You can sharpen all sorts of bits such as cobalt, steel, carbide, masonry, and even split-point variants. This device is simple to use, you need to place the bit inside the provided chuck, place the chuck in the right position in the machine, and then turn the chuck at the right angle to obtain a finely sharpened edge.

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