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Last Updated: 17.07.19


What are the best drill presses for beginners in 2019?


Are you looking for a new hobby and have decided on taking on drilling? Then you are looking for the best entry level drill press. If you don’t have time to read our buyer’s guide, then find out that we recommend the WEN 4214 as it is a reliable drill press that is both affordable and easy to use. It features a great number of convenient features that gained the appreciation of its users. It is a greatly versatile product that comes with variable speed which you can read on a LED readout, and it has the power to drill through metal or wood with ease. The materials used in its construction vary from cast iron used in its base and worktable to sturdy metal that can be found in the rest of its main components. If you don’t find this product in stock, then start looking for WEN 4208 as it is the best cheap drill press.


Buying guide


In today’s world, everything comes in a myriad of models and shapes, and drill presses don’t make an exception, unfortunately. If you feel that it’s very likely to become confused while browsing the internet for a drill press, then please give our comprehensive buying guide a read.





There are drill presses that can go as high as a few hundred dollars, and that can seem too much, especially if you’ve just started to get the hang of this hobby. If you are looking for an entry level drill press, then you might be discouraged by the pricier models. Don’t fret, because you can find a low-cost drill press that is dependable as well.



Construction and sizes


Consisted usually of 4 main parts: the base, column, table and head the drill press is one of the most versatile of power tools. It is essential that it should have the qualities and operating features that would permit it to be utilized at its full potential. The base supports the machine and can be fastened to the floor or bench with the help of pre-drilled holes. The column is generally made of steel and has the role of supporting the head and table while being connected to the base. Thanks to the column’s height you can differentiate between floor types and benchtop drill presses because, while the first ones come at something between 66 and 75 inches, the benchtop models range from 23 to 28 inches.



The table


This component is crucial to the versatility of the drill press. Most of the today’s products come with a tilting work table, a feature that can be used by loosening a nut under the table. Regarding floor drill presses they present the ability to adjust the height to fit the desired work. Thus, it’s very important that the table can be quickly set up for the drilling operation and in doing that a rack and pinion mechanism is desirable. Another characteristic that you might consider looking into is the table’s ability to swing around to the left or right for drilling alignment.



Our recommendations:


If you’re wondering which are some of the top choices available you can take a look below. Gaining the appreciation of many reviewers, these drill presses have become some of the most wanted products on the market.



WEN 4214


You can drill through wood or metal with ease thanks to a powerful 5 Amp ⅔ hp induction motor. It has a variable speed of 580-3200 rpm which you can read on a digital screen, meaning that it allows you to work on different kinds of materials while not being worried about adjusting pulleys.

Its spindle has a travel capacity of 3-⅛ inches and if you have to use it repeatedly, find out that it has an easy to read, locking linear depth stop for increased accuracy.

This product can be easily adjustable thanks to features provided by its worktable: rack & pinion height adjustment and 45-degrees left or right tilt capability. It is both durable and easy to use because it has an excellent build construction, made of metal and a large, stable base which you can bolt to a workbench.

The WEN 4214 offers great accuracy thanks to its X-pattern laser that clearly illuminates the drill area.

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WEN 4208


Regardless of its few inches, this 8-in drill press has a robust ⅓ hp motor that can power through a variety of materials, like wood, plastic or even metal. It is made of sturdy cast iron that allows a drilling capacity of a maximum ½ inch in 1-in thick cast iron.

This product enables you to perform flexible tasks because of its ability to power through thin pieces of metal along with pieces of wood which makes it a multipurpose drill press. Also, it comes with five different speed settings which allow you to use what kind of material you’d like, facilitating accuracy and quick drilling while delivering great performance.    

You might prefer this drill press to a handheld drill because it offers a more convenient and precise feel when in need of working on accurate and repeatable projects.

Thanks to its small size you can say that it is portable enough to carry on any job site you might see fit. The strong induction motor that powers this press is perfectly designed to offer clean and accurate drills and its extended lifespan is ensured by ball bearings.

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SE 97511MDP


This model is ideally designed to be used on desktops or cramped counters, and this also means that it’s portable enough to carry it with you when you need to work away from home.

Thanks to its petite appearance you can say that it’s relatively easy to control, making it perfect to work with delicate ornaments and miniatures.

It comes with adjustable speeds that are made possible through 3 settings: 5000, 6500 and 8000 rpm.

The slowest setting provide you with enough control to make precise and accurate holes, while the faster one makes it capable of finishing multiple pieces in only a few minutes, allowing you to meet a deadline.

This product is ideal for newcomers to this craft because it is so convenient to use that it lets you concentrate on the job and not on its maintenance. If you use the controls provided, you can easily adjust the speed, and you can adjust its height to maximize comfort.

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