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Last Updated: 23.07.19


What are the best floor drill presses for the money in 2019?


If you don’t have time to go through our definitive buying guide but still want to find the best floor drill press for the money in 2019, this paragraph should give all the information you need. We have done extensive product research and comparison, which enabled us to find what we believe is the number one product in this category, the WEN 4225. This 15-inch floor drill press offers a 4-inch stroke that facilitates easy drilling through 4×4 boards to increase your productivity. You can adjust the drilling speed between 280 and 3300 RPM so you can work on different types of material for a variety of projects, increasing your productivity even more. The integrated work light and precision laser provide illumination on the work surface so you won’t miss the target. The ⅝-inch chuck accommodates smaller-size bits for increased versatility. The cast iron worktable provides a stable surface on which to place your stock for dependable drilling results. If the WEN 4225 is unavailable, you could get the second best option, the Delta 18-900L.



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A drill press or pillar drill enables more precise hole cutting through wood and tougher material like metal even with repetitive drilling compared to a handheld power drill. A premium quality drill press also spells the difference between successful projects and failed ones. What are the essential elements to look at when checking out the products in the best floor drill press reviews?



Capability for powered applications


When you have to drill larger or deeper holes through tough material, you will appreciate a machine with higher horsepower rating. Drilling through solid metal such as steel or iron will require lower speeds, as opposed to the higher speeds for boring holes through wood or plastic. You want a drilling speed range between 250 and 4000 RPMs, at least. You want a powerful motor to drive the machine to do that.

If you need to perform routine maintenance, you want a machine that makes the chore as quick and effortless as possible. Many drill presses come with easily replaceable parts across different models. However, others have to be serviced only by authorized personnel, so you have to be prepared to spend more on replacement parts.



Comes with premium quality construction and versatility


The best floor drill presses for metal and woodworking features a cast iron head, table, column and base for strength and stability to ensure years of use. The worktable should be easily lowered and raised to any height or even be removable to accommodate a variety of shapes and sizes of stock. You also want it to bevel easily to allow drilling at an angle when needed. A depth stop mechanism ensures consistent results in repeated drilling so you can bore a large number of holes at proper and consistent depths.

As a mechanical tool that employs centrifugal force to do its job, the drill press should be solidly constructed to ensure stability and little to no vibration especially when working at high speeds. The chuck should hold the drill bit securely in place so it does not ‘walk’ or slide off target when you start drilling.



Ships with the necessary accessories for reliable performance


To increase the functionality of this type of machine, manufacturers include a host of attachments or accessories that can be used with their products. Some models come with work clamps that hold the material securely in place while working. Some can be integrated with various types of mortising and sanding attachments, such as an accessory drill press table. Others ship with a sanding kit and sanding grit paper.


Our recommendations:


Finding the best floor drill press for woodworking and metal applications is not easy because of the huge variety of choices available, which complicates the entire buying process. We designed the buying guide above to provide information that can help consumers make easier buying decisions. We have also showcased the best products below for even more shopping assistance.



WEN 4225


1-wen-4225The WEN 4225 enables easy drilling even through 4×4 boards, letting you do more in your workshop.

The machine lets you handle a variety of materials with its variable speeds ranging from 280 to 3300 RPM. The 12-inch by 12-inch cast iron work table provides a stable surface on which to position the workpiece to ensure that it doesn’t move around when working.

The built-in work light and precision laser ensure accuracy for repetitive drilling, so you can do a large number of holes with consistently identical depths every time. The ⅝ inch chuck accommodates smaller drill bit sizes so you can be more versatile at work.

The onboard chuck key storage simplifies component care. The 12-inch by 12-inch cast iron work table provides a rigid and stable surface to hold the stock in place while drilling, ensuring a clean and smooth result every time.

The work table bevels in both directions at 45 degrees for applications that require entry of the stock at an angle. The 8.6-amp motor powers this 15-inch drill press to deliver precise and repeatable results.

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Delta 18-900L


2-delta-18-900lEquipped with an auto-tensioning belt drive system that allows fast and easy speed changes, the Delta 18-900L is able to maximize transmission efficiency, which ensures greater versatility in the workshop.

This machine provides a full 6-inch quill stroke to enable it to handle greater depth for a variety of drilling applications while delivering class-leading capacity. Its micro-adjustable depth stops work nicely with the independent depth scale to enable easy zeroing and setting up for repeatable drilling and simplified operations. To illuminate the work surface and ensure accurate cutting, this model is equipped with an adjustable Twin Laser that projects a bright red crosshair on the stock at the exact entry point for accuracy.

This model comes with 16 speeds that enable it to handle a variety of materials and applications. The height adjustment feature has a rack-and-pinion mechanism that enables effortless lowering and raising of the work table to accommodate various sizes and shapes of workpieces.

Thanks to the adjustable locking levers, you can easily make hassle-free angle adjustments to the worktable for precise entry at the exact point of the stock, with no wobbling or ‘walking’.

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JET 354170/JDP-20MF


3-jet-354170jdpCertainly a fantastic choice for avid DIYers and professionals, the JET 354170/JDP-20MF is a versatile machine with a substantial size to handle tougher types of stock.

Equipped to deliver 12 speeds from 150 to 4,200 RPM, this machine can be used to drill through metal, plastic, wood and other types of materials. The built-in work lamp illuminates the work surface adequately to ensure error-free results. The adjustable tension spindle return spring accommodates even smaller sizes of drill bits for more versatility.

The hinged metal belt and pulley cover provide easy access to the quick-adjustment motor while protecting the essential components of the machine. The included drill chuck and key facilitate out-of-the-box functionality. Outfitted with a strong 1.5-horsepower motor, this machine also comes with a rotating crank-operated worktable that tilts 45 degrees left and right to enable angled drilling.

The ½-inch diameter external positive depth stop delivers consistent drilling results with its three-nut locking feature. The worktable travels smoothly up and down at the turn of a crank so the workpiece is raised or lowered to the right height for smooth, clean results.

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