Best lightweight drill for women

Last Updated: 22.05.19


What are the best lightweight drills for a woman in 2019?


Because ladies who do craft work often do not have the time to read our buying guide and product suggestions, we designed this short paragraph to provide enough information that can help them find the best lightweight drill for a woman. We believe the BLACK+DECKER LDX120C provides a good option in its class because of how it utilizes Lithium Ion technology that provides lossless power while offering a longer life and a compact build. It comes with no memory so it enables you to set the proper speed every time. The 11-position clutch enables you to select a suitable drilling speed that matches the material or the project. Since the tendency for the BLACK+DECKER LDX120C to run out of stock is huge because of its popularity among consumers, we also suggest getting the second best one on the market, the Little Pink Tools 501150.



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DIY woodworkers are not all brawny as even ladies and those with small builds can also do projects using power tools. The problem there is, there are so many models and brands available that choosing a compact drill is not an easy task. You have to know what to consider in this kind of machine.



Ergonomic, lightweight design


Even those who have been working with heavy-duty power tools read the lightweight drill reviews to find a handy tool they can use to do quick repair or drilling work without having to take out a large power tool. This is where a machine with a lightweight, ergonomically design option makes a good alternative.

Thankfully, to support that need, most machines in this class now boast lithium ion technology, which means cordless functionality and a smaller, lighter motor. This means the machine can be held for a whole day of drilling without causing hand fatigue too easily. The small size also enables you to drill in tight spots.





A good lightweight drill also needs to offer flexibility in use. This comes in the form of variable speeds via a multi position clutch. With that component, you can use the appropriate speed that matches the application or the material to be drilled into.

You can’t possibly be stuck with just a single speed because different types of projects require different levels of bit rotation velocity. This also enables you to work on a wider range of projects to help you optimize your skills and creativity.

A multi-position clutch also lets you work on wood as well as metal and plastic stock. You can also handle screw-driving tasks without over or under-screwing, which can damage the material itself.

The chuck has to accommodate different drill bit sizes for added versatility.



Other helpful features


A cheap lightweight drill might not carry enough features that you can really optimize in your workshop. However, some moderately priced models feature a battery that can be used with other tools in their product lines, which use the same fuel cell for operations. That means you can enjoy expanded functionality from the battery, considering that it tends to come at a higher cost.

Unlike self-tightening chucks, a keyless chuck enables the manual tightening of the bits to give you total control from the get-go. A LED work light illuminates the drilling spot so you know exactly where to position the bit and start drilling. A power indicator light lets you know how much energy the battery still has. This prevents the premature cessation of operations just because you did not anticipate how much power the battery still holds.



Our recommendations


While we cannot point out the exact tool you should pick for your needs, we do have some ideas of our own about some of the popular products in this category. They have been given critical acclaim by users and can, therefore, enhance your workshop productivity.





Leveraging Lithium Ion technology. The LDX120C runs on a powerful battery that can be used on a variety of other tools in the BLACK+DECKER cordless tools line. This option comes with the iconic 20V MAX that powers a variety of machines from the brand so you need not worry about limited functionality.

Made lightweight and compact, the tool can be used effortlessly in tight spots so you can handle difficult projects with confidence. The lightweight and compact design of the tool also facilitates hassle-free carrying and storage. It won’t weigh your hand down so you can handle a whole lot of drilling without experiencing severe hand fatigue. This also enables you to drill holes upward with comfort.

Because the machine comes with no memory, you start safely at the lowest level. You will not be jerked by a high drilling speed at the onset when you switch it on. You also have a precise control when drilling into a variety of materials such as metal, wood, and plastic. What is even more impressive is how the machine enables you to use it for screw-driving tasks too.

For those who would like to explore what projects they can do, the variable speed is a nice feature. Aside from ensuring no damage to the material, the variable speed also lets you choose the right velocity of bit rotation to use for the application.

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Little Pink Tools 501150


Running on any one of the supplied pair of lithium ion batteries, this handy tool easily fits in the hand of a woman or even a kid learning how to use a power tool. The two supplied batteries enable you to use the tool with one while the other recharges. This means you always have backup power so you can do more drilling.

The fast charger juices up the batteries in just 1.5 hours. It also drives the two-speed motor to run at either 0 to 400 RPM or 0 to 1350 RPM to suit the needs of the project, material, or application. With 18 torque settings, this tool offers a wide array of drilling applications. The element also enables you to choose the perfect drilling speed to use to match the workpiece.

You will also love the variable speed forward and reverse trigger that prevents damage to the material.

It also enables you to take the drill bit out safely. The package comes with five drill bits and four screwdriver bits for versatility. It also means you won’t have to go to the store to buy those items. Just start drilling when you get the package and after charging the batteries.

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Ryobi HP108L


Easy to hold in the hand just like a handgun, the Ryobi HP108L lets you handle those drilling jobs with confidence and style. This handy power tool runs cordless on a lithium ion battery. There is less clutter from cables. It also enables you to work easily with no cord trailing behind you.

You can drill upwards or in tight spaces without worrying how the tool will fit. Thanks to the variable speed trigger, you can match the application with the proper drilling speed. No need to worry about damaging the material or ruining the project any longer. You can control the drilling speed according to the demands of the project.

Designed as a versatile tool, this option can also be used to drive into a variety of materials. It doesn’t limit you to basic hole drilling alone. The handle has an ergonomic design that ensures comfort. You can work long hours using the drill because of that.

The ⅜-inch chuck accommodates various sizes of drill bits no bigger than its capacity. This gives you expanded functionality to handle a variety of projects. Use the machine for plenty of household applications that include putting up curtains, cabinet making and remodeling, and other DIY tasks.

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