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Last Updated: 23.07.19


What are the best low cost drill presses in 2019?


Because we are aware that most people don’t have time to read our detailed buying guide and product reviews below, we designed this short paragraph to provide enough information to the consumer. We have studied products based on the ratings and reviews they have gotten in expert review sites for workshop tools for sale and compared them to what actual owner feedback says about the products. Based on our intensive research, the WEN 4210 is a clear consumer favorite because of how it allows the drilling of holes with exact precision using one of its five spindle speeds. This machine is suitable for a wide range of projects and materials thanks to the variable speeds as well as the ½-inch chuck that accommodates different drill bit sizes. The rigid frame construction comprises a cast iron base, head, column, and worktable for sturdiness and reliability. If the WEN 4210 is unavailable, you can opt for the second best choice, the Genesis GDP1005A.


Buying guide


A drill press wins hands down over a regular handheld drill in terms of precision and repeatable drilling accuracy. That said, not all drill presses are created equally. What does the top-rated yet cheap drill press have that others don’t?



A good drill press for DIY is made of quality materials and construction


Unless the machine is solidly built, you can’t expect plenty of mileage for the device to go the distance especially since it will be subjected to continuous vibration while drilling. Make sure that the head, column, base, and worktable are made of quality materials such as aluminum or cast iron.

A rigid frame construction delivers the support you need along with the necessary sturdiness and reliable performance from a genuine power tool. A powerful induction motor drives the machine to deliver the exact spindle speed needed to cut through a variety of materials. Some models have ball bearings in the motor for extra durability and a smooth and balanced performance.

A large-diameter quill and column provide firm support to the head and the entire machine as a whole.



The best low cost drill press offers versatile functionality


Not all types of stock can be drilled using the same speed. In the same manner, not all workpieces are made of the same kind of material and are of the same shape and size. Thankfully, most drill presses feature a beveling worktable that allows the raising and lowering of the stock to the ideal height for precise drilling. You can even perform angled drilling when needed.

You also want the chuck to hold a variety of drill bit sizes that suit the operations and the type of stock. In addition, various spindle speeds enable you to set the drill press to bore holes at a precise rotational setting so as not to waste your materials due to unwanted drilling mistakes.



Look for the products in the best affordable drill press reviews that ensure precise hole drilling


A power tool is engineered to simplify the tasks you have to do in the workshop. Making sure the hole is to a precise depth will be difficult with a regular handheld drill. This is not the case with a quality drill press.

A good drill press comes with linear depth stop and depth stop adjustment knobs, which are quite useful when you have to bore holes of the same size and levels when working on elaborate projects. Rack-and-pinion table height adjustments enable you to drill at the exact spot every time. Some models even come with a LED display for the speed plus a laser to pinpoint the exact drilling spot. A work light illuminates the area for drilling.



Our recommendations


There is a huge number of drill presses on the market. We hope the above buying guide has enlightened you about the essential aspects to consider in this kind of purchase. The best products are also featured below for even more shopping assistance.



WEN 4210


Drill with laser precision using the cutting-edge WEN 4210. This is a power tool engineered to be genuinely powerful. It even boasts advanced drill press features that very few, if any, products generally are outfitted with. This model features a ten-inch swing that enables it to cut a hole in the center of a ten-inch workpiece.

This model handles a variety of materials from wood, plastics, metal, to ceramics and more. It comes with five variable spindle speeds so you can handle various kinds of stock using the exact drilling velocity to avoid damaging the workpiece because of lousy results. Use the exact RPM to suit the application and the material.

The rigid frame construction consists of cast iron that delivers the necessary sturdiness and reliable support for all of the drill press components.

The robust induction motor powers the drill press to deliver the stamina you need for precise hole cutting. The motor is equipped with ball bearings that ensure lasting tool life while ensuring a smooth and balanced performance.

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Genesis GDP1005A


The Genesis GDP1005A is equipped with a strong 4.1-amp induction motor that drives the machine to provide sufficient torque and power to cut holes through a variety of stock. Enjoy a smooth and quiet performance from the five-speed gearbox that allows the machine to deliver different speeds to suit every drilling application or project.

The ⅝-inch chuck accommodates different sizes of drill bits specifically the larger ones, so you can cut through the most difficult materials with enough power and the right level of stamina to prevent burn outs on materials. This model is superbly easy to use with its easily adjustable work table that features a rack-and-pinion height adjustment to bring the stock close to the drill bit or lower it when needed.

The table rotates 360 degrees out of the way when not needed, and also 45 degrees left and right to enable angled drilling when working on sophisticated projects or on various sizes and shapes of stock.

This machine looks and feels sturdy thanks to its high-quality construction in addition to its dependable functionality.

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WEN 4208


The WEN 4208 provides a remarkably balanced and smooth drilling performance to satisfy the needs of the avid DIYer or shop worker. This is a device that is designed to be actually powerful like all power tools are supposed to be.

This drill press is made compact enough to use up only a small amount of space on your bench top so you have space for other essential workshop tools. Despite its compact dimensions, this device is still powerful enough to auger holes through different kinds of materials such as wood, metal, plastics, and others.

You can drill a hole as large as ½ inch into heavy-duty cast iron. The strong induction motor powers the drill to deliver five variable spindle speeds to prevent damage to the stock. You can drill using the exact speed to suit the material as well as the needs of the project.

The ½-inch JT33 chuck takes on different sizes of drill bits so you can work on different materials as well. The locking depth adjustment makes it possible to drill holes with the same size and depth.

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