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What are the best power drill presses in 2019?


If you don’t have time to browse through all the reviews and excellent buying advice prepared by our researchers, then this short paragraph should tell you everything you need to know about the best power drill presses. In determining the best products we have looked at user feedback, sales figures, reliability surveys and we have found that the Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B is the best because of its great features and functionalities. First of all, you will not need to change belts in expand the versatility of this product, since you can adjust the needed speed for performing different tasks, depending on the project you are on at the moment. You can use the digital readout for monitoring the speed all the time. The material stop is also adjustable, so you will be able to obtain the same results with repetitive drilling without a problem. Are you looking for outstanding accuracy? The laser guides offer you the edge for making your work look similar to that performed by a professional driller. If the Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B is temporarily unavailable, you should go for the SKIL 3320-01 as it is almost just as good.



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Upgrade your tool gear collection by getting the best drill press on the market. Unfortunately, with the variety of choices for this type of equipment, making a single choice can turn out to be a huge challenge. With a good drill press, you can cut a precise hole with amazing accuracy and repeatability. The machine is also able to bore through hard stocks at a precise angle to outperform any hand drill any time. You need to bag a good drill press in order to save on costs that arise from wasting materials due to mistakes in drilling tasks. With a good machine, you also increase your versatility as a woodworker.





Drill Press Types


When in the market for a drill press, you may have to read a lot of power drill press reviews to help you decide what type of machine to get.

A bench-top unit typically comes with a swing from 8 to 12 inches, and a stroke varying between 2 and 3 3/8 inches. A benchtop drill press is built for easy storage, aside from greater affordability compared to other models.

A floor-standing unit usually comes with a 13- to 20-inch swing and a stroke of 3 to 6 inches. Floor-standing drill presses come with more power and greater capacity, perfect for heavy-duty and regular drilling tasks or for professional use.

A magnetic unit has a swing between 4 to 8 inches. This type of machine can bore through steel work pieces that are more than four inches thick. It is easy to move from workshop to jobsite and vice versa.

A radial drill press comes with a huge swing of at least 24 inches. It can be built with exclusively designed equipment that enables angles drilling. Cutting through thick and broad stocks, sometimes as wide as 17 inches, is no problem with this type of machine.



Motor Rating/Cutting Depth


Motor size varies from ¼ HP to 1 HP. Machines with a high horsepower rating are able to bore larger holes through the toughest materials. It is important that you get a machine supported by the right Horsepower rating to ensure you can use it for your regular workshop tasks.

The cutting depth of a drill press is also called its quill travel. Ideally, a higher quill travel enables the machine to bore deeper holes. Find a machine with the perfect quill travel for the types of materials you plan to work on regularly. This ensures optimal performance and versatility for you, as well.



Variable Speed and Other Features


Most drill presses come with speeds varying between five to sixteen. This allows you to cut holes with different diameters. You can damage the stock and the drill bit if you don’t use the right spin speed to match the material you’re working on.

You also want a depth-stopping mechanism on the machine, which allows you to do repetitive drilling on multiple pieces while ensuring uniform results.

A rotatable table will prove to be useful for doing angled drilling. This element will also allow you to work with irregularly-shaped work pieces. Some models even come with a large worktable across which you can position your stock. Grooves on the table allow through-and-through drilling and fence attachment.



Our recommendations:



Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B


1.Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill PressBringing simplicity to the workshop, the Powermatic PM2800B represents the manufacturer’s commitment to pushing the limits of durability, innovation and design in the creation of reliably top performing machines.

Outperforming a cordless power drill any time, the Powermatic PM2800B is equipped with mechanical variable speed that offers a full range of work speeds without the need to do belt changes. This machine provides a six-inch quill travel with every turn of the handle. The digital RPM readout lets you optimize the spindle speed to the specific application.

With the Powermatic PM2800B, you can perform rapid alignment of stock thanks to the adjustability of the fence system to a perfect 90-degree orientation against the table. Repetitive drilling is always quick and accurate due to the adjustable material stop.

The laser guides provide precise alignment between the bit and the work piece for accurate drilling every time. Bit changes are easier with the keyless chuck.

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SKIL 3320-01


2.SKIL 3320-01 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill PressOutfitted with a hardworking 3.2-amp motor, the SKIL 3320-01 120-Volt 10-Inch Drill Press is an indispensable piece of equipment you should definitely have in your tool gear collection. The machine’s motor helps it power through a variety of materials and tasks with ease.

The onboard LaserX2 2-Beam Laser System provides accurate pinpointing of the entry point so you won’t have to tolerate uneven drilling results for multiple repetitive hole cutting projects. The depth adjustment system allows you to set the exact depth to be drilled in every work piece, and then do it again with other pieces.

The drill press comes with five speeds ranging from 570 to 3.050 RPM, which allows you to work at the level that matches the material of the stock.

The work table tilts from 0 to 45 degrees in both directions so you can do angled cutting most confidently. The grooves on the work table allow fence positioning for repeatable drilling accuracy.

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WEN 4210


From WEN, the brand with a solid reputation for producing credible power tools comes the WEN 4210. This machine powers through a variety of materials from wood, metal, plastics, glass, ceramic and many more, delivering versatility for your workshop.

Enabling you to do multitudes of projects using a single tool, this machine comes with a laser light that shows you the exact spot for the drill bit to start cutting through. Equipped to deliver five variable speeds, this model offers a range of cutting speeds from 600, 1100, 1700, 2400, to a high 3100 RPM. Choose the suitable speed to suit the material or the demands of your project.

This amazing device comes with a cast iron construction for dependable solidity and durability and years of use. Enjoy sturdy support as well as reliable performance with the robust build of this machine.

The powerful induction motor is equipped with ball bearings to deliver long tool life as well as balanced, error-free performance. The ½-inch chuck is outfitted with a JT33 spindle taper to accommodate a wide range of drill bits for flexibility. Tilting left and right at 45 degrees, the worktable facilitates operability through intricate operations that require accurate hole drilling at non-standard angles. The depth adjustment lever ensures fixed spindle travel for repeatable and precise hole cutting performance.

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Jiangsu Jinfeida Power Tools ZJ4116QC


4.JIANGSU JINFEIDA POWER TOOLS ZJ4116QC 10-Inch Drill PressThis ten-inch drill press allows you to execute repeated drilling tasks with accuracy and precision. The drill press is built with a laser to ensure reliable task completion. The front switch enables effortless operation while providing convenience and control during use.

The table measures 7 9/10 inches by 7 3/5 inches, to accommodate a variety of materials across the surface. The base is large and robust enough to provide support during drilling and to keep the machine from moving during operation. The 3.6-amp motor provides all the cutting power you need to optimize use of the drill press.

You have a choice of spindle speeds from 290 to 2,800 RPM, to suit the specific application every time.

The adjustable depth stops ensure uniform results so you can work on multiple identical pieces that look as if they were done at the same time. The chuck key keeps the drill bit locked in position, so drilling is always safe and repeatable.

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Unavailable products


Woodtek 109370


3.Woodtek 109370, Machinery, Drill Presses, 8 Bench Top Drill PressThis compact magnetic drill press offers the right level of accuracy you expect from this type of equipment. The machine is built with a ¼-HP motor that enables it to deliver exceptional drilling performance. The three-spoke wheel allows you to apply the right pressure to drill into the stock with ease, while giving you superb control of the drill bit. The cast iron table has resistance to corrosion while maintaining a secure support to any kind of material placed across the surface. The table bevels between 0 to 45 degrees, both left and right, so you can perform angled drilling when needed.

The locking height adjustments offer better mechanical advantage, so you can position the stock properly for accurate drilling results. The quiet V-belt drive motor powers through drilling tasks and enables easy belt changes. The 8 1/8 swing allows you to work on a variety of applications and materials.



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