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Last Updated: 17.07.19


What are the best quality drill presses in 2019?


A drill press is a piece of machinery that provides power and accuracy that you couldn’t otherwise get with using a hand-drill. We gathered the best quality drill press reviews and have come to the conclusion that the WEN 4225 is a reliable drill press which allows you to work with a variety of materials. Besides being an affordable drill press, this product comes with features that might impress even the most experienced craftsman. First of all, it comes with a stroke that permits easy control over drilling 4×4 boards. It has adjustable speed which means that along with changing the rpm you can change the material on which you’d like to bore holes. Its work table can be pivoted up to 45 degrees in both directions and it offers plenty of space to work with. If you find that this product is unavailable, then we invite you to take a look at the WEN 4214 as it is a worthy alternative.


Buying guide


Nowadays there are so many options on the market that you can easily become confused while looking for the desired drill press. Don’t buckle under the pressure now because we’ve come to your help with a guide based on all the available information and reviews.



Construction and size


If you are looking for the best drill press for the money, you should look for one that has top-quality construction. Ideally, it will have its components made of durable cast iron or stainless steel, so it will allow you to enjoy it for as much time as possible. Along with variable construction materials comes variable sizes ranging from compact drill presses to floor models that can reach 76 inches. It all depends on the column’s height, a benchtop model having a shorter column while the floor models are a little bit taller.





You should make sure that the drill press you’ve chosen has variable speeds that would allow you to power through metal, wood, plastic or glass. There are plenty of models with a different number of available speeds ranging from a couple hundred up to 3500 rpm. Also, there are other features that might not impress but can certainly improve the drilling experience. Among those are depth gauges or precision laser sighting. Beyond that, you might want versatility when it comes with more than just drilling holes. Some drill presses can be fitted with tools like rotary sanding discs.



Durability and functionality


Usually comprised of a table, head, column and base, the ideal drill press has to endure difficult task for a long period of time while offering a great performance. Firstly, look for corrugated base and table which ensure rigidity and strength. The head is recommended to be made of cast iron to protect its components. The drilling capacity is ensured by the motor. With a higher number of horsepower, the drill press can produce a larger and deeper hole. Basic models with inexpensive prices come with maximum 0.5 hp, but if you look carefully, you may find ones that have one full horsepower.



Our recommendations:


Below you can find some of the top choices that can be found on the market. They proved to please most of their users so you might find your future drill press among these three following products. Check them out!



WEN 4225


Luring you in because it’s a beautiful piece of engineering, the WEN 4225 is a drill press that is easy to use and convenient to handle. Thanks to a 4-inch stroke it is capable of drilling through 4×4 boards making an otherwise difficult task feel like a breeze. You can adjust the speed to suit your plan, anywhere between 280 and 3300 rpm which makes it one of the most powerful drill presses available.

The WEN 4225 comes with a work lamp that provides enough illumination which helps to simplify your drilling in a low light environment, meaning that it can prevent accidents as well. Also, you can increase the precision of your drilling thanks to a laser that guides you as you bore holes without missing your mark. When it comes to adjustability, this unit fares well because it has a worktable that can be tilted 45 degrees to the left or to the right and because it measures 12 by 12 inches it provides plenty of room for your projects.

Its cast iron base is strong and stable enough to prevent slipping or wobbling during operations, and you can take extra measures to secure it because it provides bolt holes to connect it to the floor.

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WEN 4214


The WEN 4214 is a 12-inch drill press with variable speed, meaning that you won’t have to worry about messing with pulleys when you are looking to change the speed, which ranges from 580 to 3200 rpm. You will know how fast it drills because the exact speed is being displayed on a digital LED readout.

The 4214 can power through metal, wood, plastic or other materials, being able to even drill a ⅝ inch hole through heavy-duty cast iron. Speaking of heavy-duty, the ample torque and power are provided by a durable ⅔ hp induction motor. Its spindle has a travel capacity of 3-⅛ inches and if you have to use it repeatedly, find out that it has an easy to read, locking linear depth stop for increased accuracy.

The WEN 4214 offers a generous 9-½ x 9-½ inches cast iron worktable, meaning that it provides you plenty of space for large materials. Also, you can modify the table to your needs thanks to the rack & pinion height adjustment feature and make beveled drills will become easier with this drill press because the table can be tilted 45-degrees to the left or the right, after which, you can lock it in position.

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Klutch 13 in


The Klutch 13 in is a floor type of drill press that represents a suitable choice for drilling metal or wood. Its base can be mounted on the floor, and it features packed in power, versatility, and accuracy.

It runs with the help of a powerful ¾ hp electric motor, and it has 16 variable speeds that generate between 260 and 3410 rpm making this product one of the most powerful available on the market. Because of its speed versatility, it offers the possibility to work with a great variety of materials.

It comes with an included light that lets you see what you do and keeps away unwanted mishaps or accidents. Having a 13 in swing means that it adds versatility to its vertical stroke capabilities.

Thanks to the table’s ability to tilt up to 45 degrees to the left or to the right, this product guarantees a multitude of drilling angles that will help you finish your projects in style. It has the ability to depth lock with a ball knob handle to ensure precise adjustments for repeatable drillings.

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