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Last Updated: 17.07.19


What are the best rechargeable screwdrivers in 2019?


If you’re looking to buy the best rechargeable screwdriver out there but don’t have the inclination to go through pages upon pages of research material and would rather have a quick suggestion for a competent product then the following paragraph should prove helpful. After considering the feedback received from professional testers and customers alike, we concluded that the Dewalt DW920K-2 is the product most worthy of your attention from what’s currently available for sale. It offers a great mix of power, functionality, and handling, with a 7.2 Volt NiCAD battery that allows as much as 500 revolutions per minute at an 80 inch-pounds maximum torque in a relatively light and easy to use package. If you’re exclusively interested in a drill for light duty jobs around the house, then the WORK WX255L SD should prove more than adequate.  


Buying guide


There’s hardly a thing as a best electric screwdriver drill that would fit all purposes under any condition. That’s why the first thing to consider when choosing one is what exactly you would be using it for. A lot of casual users, for example, make the mistake of buying a heavy-duty model impressed by its specs only to end up with a four-pound over-priced drill to assemble furniture with. Once you established what purpose the item will be serving, take some of the following things into account.



Performance and where it matters


The clearest indication of a drill’s power output and class is the battery’s charge value. This is expressed in Volts and lets you know how much power the machine will deliver when fully charged. Smaller models under 5 V are mostly good for driving screws through pre-drilled holes and low-density material, 7-8 V would be enough for an intermediary unit, and so on.

The RPMs, or revolutions per minute value, lets you know the speed at which the chuck will be spinning. Higher values will make an electric screwdriver do its job faster and will make a drill go through low-density material easier. For our purposes, RPMs are inversely correlated with torque, which is needed for driving long screws and drilling through hard material.  





To ensure that they will be able to handle a wide variety of jobs, most mid-power models and above feature variable speed settings. This will enable the user to adjust it for low speed/high torque tasks as well as light duty ones that only require speed.

A reverse action function will change the spin direction for removing screws and a spindle lock will fix the chuck in place, allowing for the drill to be used as a regular screwdriver for precision tasks.





The best cordless screwdriver drill should fit naturally in the hand and allow for a good range of movement without tiring the operator. Some models feature adjustable handles to make them easier to use form a variety of positions and some have screw holders to facilitate one-handed use.

A battery that’s fast to charge or that holds a charge for long will be things to look for if you often need to have the drill ready at a moment’s notice. For extra endurance during long work sessions, an extra battery that’s also slow to drain will be the thing to have.



Our recommendations


To make the job of finding the right electric drill a little easier for you, we’ve looked through a number of rechargeable screwdriver reviews and featured the best-rated models below.  



DeWalt DW920K-2


This DeWalt is a highly versatile and well received intermediary model, fit for both light-duty casual use and a wide variety of tasks around a building site.

With 7.2 V of power, it can punch holes through most masonry material and fittings use in construction while the 80 Inch-Pounds of torque makes it suitable for heavy-duty fastening applications.

As you would expect from a drill with a high range of function, it features an adjustable speed setting which goes from 0 to 500 RPM and a reverse action function for driving out screws or pre-drilling holes.

Although a little bit heavier than a low power model, the adjustable handle makes it very comfortable to use with one hand in cramped corners that would otherwise require some wrist twisting.

To make it easier to change between whatever bits you might require, this product features a hex-shank ¼ inch chuck. Since it’s expected to see a lot of use, DeWalt ships it with two batteries to a pack, so you won’t have to stop working if one of them runs dry.  

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While an overall good quality model, ease of use seems to be the main focus behind the WX255L’s “semi-automatic” design. With an innovative revolver 6 spaces cylinder, it allows you to change bits on the fly, without needing to interrupt your work in order to find the right one.

This is a great time-saving function, that will expectedly spare you a lot of headaches, but the WX255L will also spare you the discomfort of having to manually keep the screw in place until it catches a solid grip because it has its own metal clips that will firmly fixate the screw on the bit.

This, coupled with the angled handle and light weight will make it especially comfortable to use with one hand, leaving the other one free, which will prove welcome when you’ll have to follow complicated assembly procedures.

The 4 V power output recommends it for light duty work, where convenience and handling are paramount. The charge is reported to last way beyond the time required for such tasks and the idle holding time is also impressive, at around 18 months.

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Black+Decker BDCS30C


Black+Decker is already famous for the great value and functionality its products provide. Little surprise that the 4 V electric screwdriver we’re looking at is one of the best sellers in its class on retail sites.

Coupled with a very light weight of only 1.1 pounds, the remarkably compact frame will make it very easy to use in hard to access spaces with only one hand and under a less than ideal angle — pretty much what you need from a household electrical screwdriver.

To help you around dark corners, the BDCS30 also comes with its own LED light and an in-line trigger to offer better control.

For extra convenience when not in use, the BDCS30 comes with an Ion battery, which doesn’t need a charge indicator because it automatically stops receiving current when fully loaded.

The battery doesn’t need its own adapter because it can connect to any USB and micro USB port, which can be found pretty much everywhere in this day and age.  

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