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Last Updated: 17.07.19


What are the best value drill presses in 2019?


If you are in need of a new drill press but don’t quite know how to run across all the different features, or a large number of possible choices has left you baffled we recommend the WEN 4214 12 in. This product gained the best value drill press reviews thanks to the numerous convenient features it offers. It is a 12-inch drill press with variable speed, which can be read on a digital LED readout, having the ability to power through a great variety of materials because it’s powered by a dependable, sturdy induction motor. Its worktable is made of cast iron and offers enough space for your projects, having enough versatility to accommodate your inventive imagination thanks to its adjustable height and angle. The WEN 4214 12 in can be your trustworthy companion for years to come, being constructed out of sturdy metal and you can also bolt it to your workbench, having a stable base. If this product is out of stock or if it simply doesn’t do it for you maybe you’d like to take a look at the WEN 4225 as it can be your best drill press for the money.


Buying guide


You might say that finding the quality drill press that you dream of has become quite a challenge and that’s because of the many available products that exist in today’s market. If your search for the holy grail has left you feeling dizzy, fear no more because we’ve gathered all the available info and we’ve come up with a comprehensive buying guide which you can read below.





First of all, you have to consider what you might use this drill press. There are drill presses that are made specifically for working with wood or metal, but there are also drill presses that possess versatility when it comes to the material with which they are compatible. Look at their horsepower, and that should indicate the machine’s capacity. The more horsepower it has the larger holes it will bore. The capacity ranges from ¼ hp to a full horsepower, depending on the motor.





A traditional drill press is made of four main components: the base, the column, the head, and table. The difference between a benchtop drill press and a floor drill press is made by the length of the column. Floor models have a height that ranges between 65 and 76 inches while the benchtop drill presses have a column that measures at something between 25 and 50 inches.





Usually, you can find drill presses with variable speed and if you haven’t found one, look harder because it provides an immense advantage. Why is that? Because it provides you with choices when it comes to what materials you can drill into. The more speed settings it has, the more versatile it is. Also, look for a machine that comes with depth blocks or a depth stop mechanism because it will allow its quill to stop at the level of penetration you selected.





Being that it will have a tough job while drilling into wood or metal, you need to make sure that you will acquire a sturdy and durable drill press. It must have a solid construction to keep its precision over the years. It is recommended to buy a model with a cast iron head because it will protect and support the intricate mechanism inside and the base and table have to be strong enough to ensure safety while working.



Our recommendations:


If you don’t have time to spend on browsing the internet to find the item you need, then take a look below because we’ve put together a top consisted of 3 drill presses that gathered the best reviews and features.



WEN 4214


The WEN 4214 is a drill press that provides high power and accuracy making it suitable for experienced woodworkers, although it can easily power through metal as well, having a maximum drill capacity of ⅝” in 1” thick cast iron. It comes with a variable speed setting that has a range of 580 to 3200 rpm which you can adjust mechanically by using a lever to deliver equal torque throughout the range. The exact speed is displayed on a digital LED readout.

This product is capable of using drill bits with sizes that run up to ⅝” and it has a chuck key which you can store easily when you don’t need to use it. You won’t waste materials by misusing this drill press because it has a laser X display that shows you precisely where the hole should be made. Also, you can select the precise depth you want in repeated drill thanks to a locking linear depth stop.

It has a powerful ⅔ hp induction motor that is reliable enough for most operations. The cast iron table can be adjusted in height by using its rack and pinion mechanism, and you can tilt it to the left or to the right up to 45 degrees allowing you to perform beveled drills. Because almost all the machine is made of cast iron the WEN 4124 is a durable drill press that can help your work for many years.

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WEN 4225


Besides being a beautiful piece of engineering, the WEN 4225 is a drill press that is easy to use and convenient to handle. Thanks to its 4-inch stroke it makes drilling through 4×4 boards feel like a breeze. You can adjust its speed anywhere you’d like between 280 and 3300 rpm which makes it one of the most powerful drill presses available.

The WEN 4225 comes with a work lamp that provides enough illumination to simplify your drilling in a low light environment. Also, your drilling precision will be increased thanks to a laser that guides you as you bore holes without missing your mark.

When it comes to adjustability, this unit fares well because it has a worktable that can be tilted 45 degrees to the left or to the right and because it measures 12 by 12 inches it provides plenty of room for your projects.

Its cast iron base is strong and stable enough to prevent slipping or wobbling during operations, and you can take extra measures to secure it because it provides bolt holes to connect it to the floor.

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WEN 4208


The WEN 4208 has proven to be a high-quality product that is capable of drilling materials in a quick and precise manner.

This product allows you to perform flexible tasks because it’s able to power through thin pieces of metal along with pieces of wood which makes it a multipurpose drill press.

Also, it comes with five different speed settings which allows you to use what kind of material you’d like, facilitating accuracy and quick drilling while delivering great performance.

It is run by a durable and dependable induction motor which has a capacity of ⅓ hp, delivering enough power to drill through a variety of materials. It can work at speeds that range between 740 and 3140 rpm, and it has the ability to run through tough situations without you worrying about malfunctions.

A nice feat that comes with the WEN 4208 is that its spindle travels up to 2” and you can use it accurately in repeatable drillings because it has easy to read locking linear depth stops.

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