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What are the best woodworking drill presses in 2019?


We can certainly understand if you do not have the time to read our carefully researched buying guide and product descriptions below but this short paragraph should have all you need to make a wise buying decision. We have gone through countless expert review sites for workshop equipment and compared the reviews and ratings in them with the actual user feedback for various products. According to consumer surveys, the WEN 4214 is a great choice for sale because of its infinitely variable spindle speeds varying between 580 and 3,200 RPM to handle different projects and types of material. Thanks to the mechanical variable speed, you get equal torque throughout the entire velocity range. The LED readout conveniently shows you the running speed. The locking linear depth stop offers an easy reading to ensure repeatable and precise drilling operations. Because of the high likelihood that the WEN 4214 would run out of stock due to how popular it is with customers, we recommend the second best option, the WEN 4208.


Buying guide


If you are exploring the joys of woodworking, you definitely need a good drill press to enable you to handle various projects more easily. A handheld drill does not offer the same level of accuracy and versatility as a woodworking drill press. To find a great machine for your needs, these are the aspects to look at.



The best drill press for wood projects boasts a superior construction


Plastic, flimsy parts won’t go the distance if you intend to use the drill press to provide years of service and functionality. You want every component and part of the drill press to be made of high-quality materials such as cast iron. The base, column, work table, and head should be constructed of quality materials for dependable mileage.

Every part of the drill press should offer smooth operations through premium-quality components that are rugged enough to withstand easy wear-and-tear considering the type of drilling applications and materials you will be working on. The entire machine should feel solid from top to bottom and not wobbly and unsteady on the benchtop.

The motor should offer a heavy-duty functionality, with at least ½ -HP, ¾-HP, or ⅔-HP to operate under demanding conditions when needed.



Choose a product featured in the best woodworking drill press reviews that boasts exceptional versatility


There will be times when you need to drill into other kinds of materials aside from wood. Fortunately, plenty of drill presses are able to bore holes into metal, plastic, and ceramic, along with regular wood. Furthermore, the machine should be able to cut holes into different shapes and sizes of stock if you are to make the most of your creativity and productivity in the workshop.

This is where an articulating worktable comes handy. If you have to drill holes at an angle or to work with irregularly-shaped or various sizes of stock, you will surely appreciate a beveling work table. In addition, the table should be raised or lowered to the exact height so as to avoid mistakes that only cause you to waste materials because of improper drilling results.

A ½-inch chuck size is useful for holding a variety of drill bit sizes to match the material you use. Plenty of drill presses come with variable spindle speeds so you can find the proper rotational velocity for cutting a neat, perfectly-sized hole into the stock.



Pick a product in the best drill press for woodworking reviews that delivers a good level of functionality and accuracy


With a large quill, you are assured of drilling accuracy because there is always a decent level of clearance when the drill bit digs into the stock at the precise spot. The spindle assembly should come with permanently lubed ball bearings that provide smooth operations along with durability.

A large column delivers reliably outstanding support for all the other components at the top. It also reduces any vibrations when the motor is running and when you do the drilling.

When you have to perform drilling of multiple holes when doing elaborate projects such as furniture-making and the like, you will appreciate locking depth stops on the machine. With one-handed belt tensioning, you can easily make changes to the speed.

The worktable should be large enough for a secure holding of the stock in place. An onboard chuck key storage keeps the chuck key handy at all times while preventing its loss or misplacement.

To complement a power switch, some models feature a paddle-style off-button for safe operations. A LED display and a LED work light contribute to greater precision.



Our recommendations


There is certainly a wealth of options on woodworking drill presses on the market. While we take efforts to be as impartial as possible, most consumers consider the following as good choices.



WEN 4214


Offering versatility and a dependable functionality, the WEN 4214 is a remarkable machine that provides a maximum swing of ten inches so it can drill a hole into the center of a 10-inch workpiece. The unit comes with a spindle travel of 3 ⅛ inches for effortless control and a dependable drilling performance.

The machine comes with infinitely variable speed ranging from 580 to 3,200 RPM so you can set it to the proper drilling level to suit the material and the application itself. You can expect equal torque throughout the entire velocity range thanks to the mechanical variable speed. Most importantly, there is no guesswork because of the LED readout display that shows you the operating speed at a glance.

Driven by a ½-HP induction motor, this machine runs with more than enough power and torque to plow through the material to the exact drilling depth so you won’t be wasting stock every time a mistake is made in the drilling. The table bevels to a maximum of 45 degrees left and right for drilling at an angle, or into variously sized and shaped materials.

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WEN 4208


Powered by a rugged ⅓-HP induction motor, the WEN 4208 is capable of drilling into different kinds of materials including wood, helping you work on a variety of projects to increase your workshop productivity. It comes with a number of remarkable features that work together to ensure a dependable functionality.

This reliable power tool runs at five different spindle speeds so you wouldn’t need to worry about using an improper spinning velocity of the chuck when using different types of materials. Choose from 740, 1100, 1530, 2100, and 3140 RPM to suit the workpiece as well as the drilling project. The ½-inch keyed chuck accommodates different sizes of drill bits to suit every application.

The two-inch spindle travel provides an easy control of the quill to bring it to the precise point for drilling. The locking linear depth stops are easy to read so you are assured of less effortful setting to the right drilling level to prevent costly operational mistakes. You can also do repetitive hole drilling because of the depth stops that enable you to cut holes to a uniform depth every time.

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Craftsman 12”


This Craftsman drill press provides the functionality you want in a workshop power tool. It offers consistent accuracy, a straightforward performance, and problem-free use for many years of service. It enables you to perform fast yet consistently accurate hole drilling using a variety of materials.

The adjustment of the drilling depth can be done quickly and effortlessly as well as both the X and Y axis positioning with pinpoint accuracy. This machine enables you to drill holes into wood, plastics, steel, aluminum, and many other types of materials with remarkable precision and ease.

You can count on many years of use because of the machine’s solid steel and cast iron build. This product provides vibration-free operation thanks to its heavy-duty, rugged construction that also speaks of high quality.

Driven by the tough ½-HP, 4.8-amp motor, this machine will handle nearly any drilling work you can think of using various materials. The laser guide and LED work light ensure drilling at the exact spot from the onset.

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