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If you are looking for a versatile piece of equipment, the BLACK+DECKER BDC120VA100 will convince you of its abilities, as you can use it for metal, plastic, or wood with the same superior results.

The clutch is essential for any drill, and in this case, you will be pleased to hear that it has 24 positions so that you don’t have to apply additional torque and shorten the lifespan of your tool when the bit meets resistance.

You will get no fewer than 100 pieces in the kit that has this cordless drill as the primary tool; this means that there will be almost no home projects you cannot tackle.

The unit comes with variable speed that goes from 0 to 750 rpm, to enhance the versatility of the drill even further.

It is delivered with a 20V Max Li-ion battery and a charger, so you will not have to purchase such things separately.





Some buyers say that the unit is sort of slow for what they have in mind regarding DIY projects, but otherwise, they are pleased with their purchase.

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Main features explained


Even if you are just a regular DIY-er, you will still need a machine that can do a lot of things and can drill through almost anything. That is why this cordless drill has quite a devoted fan base, as it can go through metal, plastic, and wood without a problem. That gives you the possibility to use the drill for a wide variety of applications without the need to purchase an extra tool.

You will not have to worry about stripping or overdriving your bits, as the clutch is equipped with 24 positions especially to avoid such troubles. That means that you will not have to apply extra torque and you will just adjust your tool to the challenges of the project you are dealing with at the moment. In turn, your machine will enjoy a longer lifespan.

The number of accessories included with your purchase qualifies this model as a pretty good deal. You will get, along with the cordless drill, a 20V Li-ion battery, a charger, and 100 accessories. All these will make your work more comfortable, and you will be able to approach various applications and projects with great ease. You will also receive a good looking carrying bag that will help you take the drill with you wherever you want.


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