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One of the most important traits of this unit comes from the curve control technology that enables users to adjust the saw orbit in one of the four customized settings.

The new and improved wire guard helps users by increasing the accuracy when cutting the wood or any other material.

The 5-amp motor that powers the jigsaw is not only efficient but also very powerful and can be used to cut a wide range of materials.

Thanks to the addition of the keyless blade clamp, the blades are very easy to change.





Buyers have reported that the trigger is very sensitive and that even the slightest touch can start the blade moving.

When cutting thick materials, it can be difficult to hold the jigsaw steady.

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Main features explained


The BLACK+DECKER BDEJS600C is a versatile and stable model that is designed with a curve control technology that will help users adjust the saw’s orbit into one of the four customizable settings. This will enable you to complete any project efficiently.

The same feature will also enable you to move the jigsaw in any direction as opposed to other models that are limited to only an up and down movement. Thus, your speed and precision will be increased, which will result in you becoming more efficient at work. The curve control technology is also quite useful when dealing with different materials.

Since the device is built with a 5-amp variable speed motor that can generate an impressive amount of 3000 SPM of cutting power when used at full capacity, you will get to enjoy increased performance and productivity. You will be able to cut wood quickly, efficiently, and accurately.

The power of the motor will also aid when working with hard materials, as even thicker types of wood will be cut easily. Since the motor switches to adequate strokes per minute depending on the workload, you will end up saving energy when compared to other models that have lesser amp variable power.

Safety is essential when operating any cutting tool and we were pleased to see that the BLACK+DECKER option comes with the new and improved guard technology that gives the user clear sight on the saw to ensure that the cut is straight and precise.

The wire guard will also help make it easier for users to position the blade without having to waste time checking if it hits the correct mark. This way, your work will be more convenient, and you will be able to save time since you will finish projects quicker.


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