Bosch 11255VSR

Last Updated: 17.07.19




You can use this rotary hammer for most heavy-duty applications, as its 7.5-amp motor will produce enough rotations per minute to get you through any task.

The tool is extremely versatile as its SDS-Plus system will allow you to change bits with ease, while the Vario Lock feature lets you pick from 36-bit positions.

You will appreciate the comfortable handle that lets you operate the rotary hammer without experiencing the usual strain associated with this type of tools.

The model comes with a patented cord turret that will let the cord pivot while you use the tool so that it does not get damaged with extended use.





Some users report some mild vibration when using this rotary hammer.

Others say that it tends to be a bit noisy, so, if this is something that could bother you, just bear it in mind.

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Main features explained


The right tool for heavy duty applications

The motor of a rotary hammer is extremely important. That is why a closer look at the motor on this Bosch model is needed. You will be pleased to find out that the 7.5-amp motor can deliver up to 1,300 RPM and up to 5,800 BPM, which means that you will be able to approach heavy-duty applications without a problem. The tool delivers two ft-lbs impact energy to ensure superior performance.

Bit changing system and Vario Lock

You will also like how easy it is to change bits while working with this tool. You will not need any unique tool, as the SDS-Plus system offers automatic locking. It also helps with keeping dust at bay and for transferring impact energy with maximum efficiency. You will also get the Vario Lock feature that offers maximum versatility when you need to choose the right chiseling angle; 36-bit positions are available.


Comfortable operation

While you need your rotary hammer to be powerful and efficient, you also need it to be comfortable. The D-handle on this model offers extra control and comfort, so you will find it easy to use in downward drilling operations.


Extended durability with cord turret feature

The patented turret design for the cord allows you to move around while the cord pivots. It does that without putting extra strain on itself, and it ensures that you will get to enjoy this excellent tool for a long time.


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