Bosch CLPK22 12-Volt 2-Tool Combo Kit

Last Updated: 23.07.19




This product is a very versatile bundle that should offer all the boring tools required for casual DYI applications, like fitting external wires or carpentry.

Both tools are light and easy to handle, well suited to be used for hours on end in confined spaces.

The snub-nosed PS41 impact driver is one of the shortest models of its kind.

Highly adaptable drill driver with 20+1 torque settings and 2-speed transmission so it can comfortably be used with bits of various sizes.

Like most Bosch products, both the drill and impact driver are well built and tough.





It’s very hard to find something wrong with these two. Some users complained that the power delivered is lower than expected, which has limited validity as a criticism considering the intent behind this kit.

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Main features explained


The CLPK22 toolkit from Bosch is aimed at meeting all the demands of a regular handyman but can also be useful to professionals who value ease of use over raw power. It contains the PS31 drill driver and the PS41 impact driver, both of them running on 2.0 Ah Li-Ion batteries that are included in the package alongside a charger and a holding bag.

The PS31 is an average sized drill driver with a ⅜-inch chuck and enough power to handle most domestic applications. It has a 2-speed transmission, from 0 to 350 RPM for optimum torque and up to 1,300 RPM for non-intensive tasks, like boring through any plastic material or driving screws into soft wood.

Its versatility is further supplemented by allowing for 20+1 clutch settings, with the +1 meaning reverse, and the speed can be adjusted from the regular nose dial as well as the trigger for added convenience. Needless to say, it’s very comfortable to use with one hand in any position, and it weights at just over 2 pounds so it won’t prove tiring either. The bits can be changed one-handed as well.

The snub-nosed PS41 impact driver is even smaller, so you can fit it anywhere and is well balanced enough to be comfortable used overhead. Well adapted to low visibility spaces, it has a 3 LED lights (instead of just one for the drill) placed in a circular position, so it’s easier to zero in when using long bits.

Its specifications will make it a good complement for the drill, with 930 in-lbs of torque and a maximum RPM of 2,600. The hammer function goes up to 3,100 beats per minute with no load, which should handle most backyard woodwork well.


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