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Last Updated: 17.07.19
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13.1 Craftsman 12



This is the best drill press from Craftsman because of how the ½ HP motor enables it to provide great performance in the workshop.

The tool offers reliable adjustability and easy control.

This drill press comes with features that support your need for precision drilling and accuracy.

The machine boasts a solid construction for years of use.

The device ships with the needed components for out-of-the-box usage.





One of the Craftsman 12 inch drill press reviews says the belt changing directions can take a while to understand. Although both belts on the unit are the same, the letter element is for the left belt while the number is for the right. Without the belts on, using the tension lever to extend the motor far to the right causes it (the motor) to de-track itself.

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Mian features explained


  • Outfitted with a powerful 1/2 HP motor, the Craftsman drill press offers variable spin speeds between 355 and 3065 revolutions per minute. This remarkable tool powers through metal and rips through wood with awesome speed and accuracy. Featuring smooth turning capability even at high speed and high torque spindle settings, the Craftsman drill press is designed to deliver sharp and consistent results. The drill press with digital depth readout can be used for a variety of drilling applications, with ability to bore holes in plastics, wood, aluminum, steel and more.


  • This drill press is built with a swivel knob for problem-free control. It is perfect as a bench top or a portable jobsite device, with fast swapping depth adjustment plus both X and Y axes pinpoint positioning to deliver the level of performance you need for precision-hungry projects. Use this machine to cut slots for a mortise-and-tenon frame, twist out metal shavings during bolt hole drilling, just kick up saw dust or give a super smooth finish to a carving using a sanding drum.

13.2 Craftsman 12

  • Making a solid addition to any workshop, the Craftsman drill press features an adjustable LED to improve visibility. The built-in adjustable fence is designed with a stop to enable repetitive drilling. The device has a rack and pinion height adjustment so you can position the stock in the exact height. You can choose from 12 spin speeds to fit the task you need to do.


  • Constructed with a rigid frame and positioned on a robust steel post, the drill press is sure to give you years of use. The device is made of solid steel and heavy duty cast iron to ensure operation that is vibration-free. The cast iron table is geared with roller extensions so you can clamp in any size of stock and still be sure that it gets done according to project specifications.


  • The Craftsman drill press comes with the necessary drill press accessories to enable you to use it right out of the box. It ships with a 5/8-inch key and Allen wrenches so you can put everything together and use the device immediately. The drill press also comes with two owner’s manuals, one in English and the other in Spanish. The one-year limited warranty also comes in both languages, which serves as an assurance of quality craftsmanship and materials.



Shipped to you with all the needed components and a one-year limited warranty, the Craftsman 12-inch drill press features the ability to drill with precision and repeatable accuracy. It boasts a rugged and solid construction plus adjustable features that make it easy to use.


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