DeWalt DCS331B

Last Updated: 17.07.19




Very durable and reliable item, it’s been found to work well under extreme duress, and the whole of its front section is made of metal.

The lever-action blade attacher and the shoe bevel can both be operated without tools, which makes this very convenient as changing blades and blade angles are common procedures when employing a jigsaw.

It offers multiple orbital, bevel and speed settings in order to better adapt to any task.

The 20 V motor offers a significant degree of performance, driving the blade at a maximum of 3,000 SPM.





With so much of its construction employing metal, the DCS331B is not the lightest jigsaw out there, but between weight and durability, most people tend to prefer the latter.

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Main features explained


Made by DeWalt, the DCS331B stands at the top of the line when it comes to cordless jigsaws, excelling in both performance, functionality, and reliability. It’s one of the preferred choices for professional contractors, but it might very well justify its cost for a regular handyman thanks to the long working life it should offer.

Its entire front section, including the lever-action keyless blade chuck, the keyless shoe bevel and a significant section of the casing, is made of metal and gives an impression of sturdiness and reliability which seems to be confirmed by actual results, judging by the feedback this product received.

The blade attacher and the shoe being keyless means you won’t require any tools for changing the blade or making the necessary angle adjustments for bevel cuts. It is specified that the shoe allows for the blade to be tilted to 4 positions: at 0, 15, 30 and 45 degrees, but it might be that the product also allows for free adjustment.

Otherwise, the DCS331B can be set to cover a wide range of working regimes. There are four orbital positions that govern the travel and longitudinal motions of the blade and a number of different speed settings, adjustable via the trigger for better convenience.

The blower this uses for removing debris from the cut area can also be set to deliver various amounts of force fit for either sawdust, plastic flakes or metal splinters that might otherwise be thrown too forcefully into the air.

With one of the most powerful 20 V motors out there, the maximum speed its blade will achieve is 3.000 SPM, sufficient for all but the most demanding of applications.


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