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Due to its small size, strong magnetic base and flexible 12-inch gooseneck, this working lamp can be placed virtually anywhere, and it’s reported to maintain a good hold even in unfavorable circumstances.

20 LED lights offer the optimum amount of light for workshop tasks, both in intensity, temperature and clarity.

Simple to use, it doesn’t offer any additional features such as intensity settings that might over-complicate its design.

Very economical, it consumes very little power, and it’s also significantly cheaper than other similar items.





The quality of its construction might not be the best, with some users accusing factory defects (that don’t, however, affect the functionality of the item.) This might be forgiven given the overall low cost and intended purpose of this lamp, as few are willing to expose a premium model to workshop conditions.

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Main features explained


Highly adaptable and versatile, the 20 LED FAJ can serve as a task light for a variety of purposes, including DIY projects around the house as well as commercial construction work. What recommends it the best for heavy-duty applications around a machine shop and building site is the exceptional holding power of its magnetic base.

This is reported to keep it put on any metallic surface, even under heavy vibrations, or even when positioned vertically! This gives you a lot of freedom in placing the lamp, which will be further supplemented by the object’s small overall size and the long metallic gooseneck that allows for virtually unlimited articulation.

This is designed to offer directional light without dazzling the user, which exceptionally bright LEDs are prone to do. That’s why it doesn’t generate significantly more lumens than your average 10 W incandescent light bulb, with great care going into making this as economical as possible.

With 20 LEDs, it will consume something like ten times less the amount of electricity compared to a regular lightbulb, while staying cool enough for constant operation. Another advantage of using LEDs is that the light provided is especially cool and crisp, with a slight tint towards blue. This might not make the coziest reading lamp, but it’s clearly preferred for workshop projects, where the operator should be as alert as possible.

Something that might be considered both a minus and a plus, the FAJ doesn’t use batteries, but a sizeable electric cord. Some people might see this as an impediment since it somewhat reduces portability, but given how this is intended to be used around a shop, finding an outlet shouldn’t prove an impediment.


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