Goplus Electric Mini 450

Last Updated: 23.07.19


1.1 Goplus® Electric 450W



The Go Plus Electric 450 is compact enough to fit in anyone’s workshop without raising any difficulty with regard to carrying the unit around.

This model is among the most reasonably priced ones you might come across while prospecting the market for a new drill press.

Holes that are both precise and accurate can be drilled with the help of this machine, given that it comes with a laser guiding system.

Adjustability is a core feature of the Goplus Electric 450 considering that it comes with twelve speeds that can be customized depending on the needs of the user.





While there are no negative customer reviews to speak of, we couldn’t help noticing that this model is indeed less recommended if what you have in mind is getting a unit capable of the best performance out there. The capabilities of this drill press bench are rather limited mostly because it is a compact alternative, which is why its maximum RPM number is 2900.

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Main features explained


  • The Goplus Electric 450 is a rather versatile machine that does the trick regardless of the material you want to drill through. Whether you plan to work with wood, plastic, stainless or steel of any kind, the Goplus can raise up to par. Besides, this model is lightweight and reasonably sized which is why it allows you to place it in your workshop wherever you may need its assistance. Since it is not a particularly bulky option, it can even be lent to a friend or fellow DIY-er, should he need the services of such a tool.

1.2 Goplus® Electric 450W

  • Every drill press owner knows that a certain level of customization is necessary in order to achieve the right results with the machine. That is why the manufacturing brand has made it possible for the buyers of this model to select among the twelve available speeds which may range from 300 to 2900 RPM, depending on what you have in mind.


  • Another reason to choose the Goplus Electric 450 over some of its competitors consists of the fact that it comes with a heavy-duty ball bearing motor. Plus, the worktable can be shifted and rotated in complete accordance with your tasks, so much so that its rotation angle can vary from 0 to 45 degrees.


  • If you are feeling unsure about whether you should purchase this portable alternative and maybe don’t need that much performance from your drill press after all, you are free to check out the 300W version offered by the same manufacturing brand. Keep in mind that the 300W option comes with just five adjustable speeds. Other than that, the model shares most of its characteristics with the 450W version, which is why it might be just the right choice for beginners and DIY-ers. Plus, it usually costs less than eighty dollars whereas the more efficient model has a price point under one hundred and twenty dollars, regardless of the online retailer of your choice.


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