JET 354210

Last Updated: 17.07.19


1.JET 354210JDP-20EVS



The JET 354210 is one of the most compelling alternatives you might come across while deciding on a new floor drill press that manages to raise up to par every time, regardless of the material you plan on drilling through.

Performance is an innate characteristic of the model, seeing how it comes with a 2HP power unit and is a 230V alternative in itself.

Although it might be hard to believe, the JET 354210 doesn’t make a lot of noise while it is being operated, which is a net advantage for individuals who have their shops in the close proximity of their homes.

The machine is durable and sturdy and allows users to perform all the modifications they might feel like in order to use it appropriately and with great results.





Unfortunately, the JET 354210 is not intended for individuals who aren’t willing to pay a pretty penny for a highly capable tool that does the job wonderfully. We could not help noticing that, on most online retail websites, this unit costs over forty five hundred dollars, and this price point might be a tad off-putting for some people.

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Main features explained


  • The head of the JET 354210 is composed of fewer parts when compared to the one of various other competitors. This is the reason for which it’s generally considered to be low-maintenance and as such, it poses few difficulties to users, particularly to those who are well-acquainted with using a floor drill.


  • As is the case with other models in the same line, the JET 354210 features an adjustable spindle speed, which means that owners have the freedom to select whichever they feel the need to utilize at a given moment, as long as they stick between 65 and 2,000 rotations per minute.

3.JET 354210JDP-20EVS

  • This model features an LED spindle RPM readout that comes pre-mounted in the unit and that turns every drilling process into a super-accurate technique, regardless of whether you might have doubts about your personal abilities or not. Accuracy is one of the most important features of the JET alternative, seeing how every adjustment can be performed with ease.


  • What’s more, this model comes with a complete coolant system as well as an emergency stop button, thanks to which operation is considerably safer when compared to other units. It might be worth noting that the button is very large and can be pushed at any given moment, should you feel that you need to turn off the machine for one reason or the other.


  • Since the JET 354210 is an industrial tool, it works both with wood and metal pieces of various sizes and thicknesses. The unique thing about this option consists of the production table, which can be rotated thanks to a 5-inch bearing, but doing so is extremely user-friendly, as reported by the people who’ve bought and used the drill press. Besides, the table raiser and lower as well as the lock can be accessed from the front of the model, which seems to be a net advantage for most owners.


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