JET J-2550

Last Updated: 17.07.19


1.JET J-2550



One of the reasons you might want to check the JET J-2550 out consists of the fact that it comes with twelve speeds, thus allowing you the freedom to customize the tool as you please.

What’s more, the machine does wonders when it comes to performing accurate drilling, considering that it comes with a large quill just for this specific purpose.

To make sure that owners will never be disappointed by the performance of the JET J-2550, the manufacturing brand has included a head casting that has a permanently lubricated ball bearing spindle assembly, which seems to have been designed for continuous use.

The table featured by this drill is tiltable.





This product is not the cheapest one you might find in today’s market. Some online retailers sell it for more than one thousand dollars, but we couldn’t help noticing that Amazon offers it for a much fairer price. If you are not prepared to make an investment and spend a pretty penny on a new floor drill, perhaps the JET alternative is not intended for your needs.

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Main features explained


  • Performance is at the core of the JET J-2550 as it meets and even exceeds the requirements and expectations of most users. This option is not a toy and it seems to have been designed specifically for completing deep hole applications, as it features a 3-⅜ in stroke. Virtually all the characteristics of this JET product make it one of the easiest to use floor drills that we’ve come across, which definitely counts for something as we’ve gone through over one thousand models.

2.JET J-2550

  • The T-slotted production work table is extraordinarily easy to handle even if you choose to tilt it up to forty-five degrees. While there have been some owners who’ve reported that the surface of the table might not have been the best when they received the unit at their home, they swiftly resolved the issue by smoothening the drilling surface.


  • In addition, the JET J-2550 is accurate and advances no technical problems to users, whether they are well-seasoned in mastering a floor drill press or not. The permanently lubricated ball bearing spindle assembly is one of the most esteemed details about this alternative, and the fact that the quill features 4 ball bearings gives a clue with regard to the durability of the item.


  • Finally, if you select this heavy-duty drill, you will not have any trouble performing your tasks to your heart’s content, considering that the model features a 1HP power unit. In short, the J-2550 manages to satisfy your needs without risking to be cumbersome or inaccurate. Besides, most of the owners who have chosen this machine have nothing but good things to say about it as they claim that it offers unparalleled value for the price. It’s a high chance that you want to spend your cents on something worth the while, so you best check the specs of this drill press.


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