L.F.Z 081

Last Updated: 23.07.19



The straight transmission, operated by a rotating knob, makes this product simple and reliable, while also allowing for an overall smoother action.

Small, lightweight and smooth, the LFZ 081 is very easy to use for a considerable amount of time without causing any tremendous levels of fatigue to the user.

Made from steel, aluminum alloy and rubber, this drill is especially durable and can be dropped from head height without affecting its operation.

Handy to have around for a wide range of activities, this product comes already packed with no less than ten drill bits, ranging in diameter from 0.3 to 3.2 mm so any DIY project can be tackled right away.





The LFZ 081 is too new to have received any complaints, but the system itself can be said to have some drawbacks, as it is naturally slower to operate than competing designs.

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Main features explained


This is a very small and handy knob drill which received a great degree of appreciation for its compact size and convenience. It is operated by turning on the knob at the end with your fingers, and its action is smooth enough to allow you to do this with little effort as it has a pinion transmission in the shaft.

While it might not work as fast as a crank operated model, this type of system offers a number of advantages due to its greater simplicity. It allows the tool to be smaller, making it easier to fit inside a toolbox or even a sizeable pocket for those who need to carry it around. Furthermore, it doesn’t have the cogs necessary for converting line motion into rotary motion, making it easier to operate and giving it fewer pieces to break.

Not that this little thing isn’t tough and durable, with an aluminum alloy construction for the body and presumably steel for the fully enclosed internal workings.

Its uses include carving, woodworking, electronic assembly, model making and other small arts & crafts projects. You can get to work as soon as this item arrives, since no less than ten drill bits of various sizes are included in the package, giving it a wide range of function.

These will prove easy to change with only one hand, especially as the model has a very narrow body, easy to grab by people with small hands. Its lightweight design means will allow you to use it for a long time without causing any significant amount of fatigue to your hands, even when working from awkward positions.


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