Makita HM1307CB

Last Updated: 17.07.19




You can use this demolition hammer for challenging tasks, as its 14.0-amp motor is equipped for providing superior performance.

One of the features most appreciated by DIYers is the constant speed control that allows you to sustain the same speed even when extra power is needed.

Users can also take full advantage of the variable speed feature that lets them adjust the speed depending on the application they need to perform.

Equipped with extended-life brushes, this demolition hammer will not need a lot of maintenance, and you will notice that it doesn’t need repairs too frequently.





If you need to work away from an electric outlet, you need to pay attention to the cord requirements. For this model, you should not use one longer than 50 feet, and that may be something that can have an impact on your work.

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Main features explained


There can be many different tasks that require the use of a demolition hammer, which is why it’s always a good idea to go with a model that can handle almost any type of construction. The 14.0-amp motor employed on this model is a guarantee that you will not go wrong with your choice. While the motor is powerful, the soft start feature ensures that the tool will not jerk in your hand when you turn it on.

Another thing about this demolition hammer that many people love is the constant speed control. Sometimes, your demolition hammer needs to work harder if the type of construction it has to dig through is made of harder materials. That is when this speed control comes in handy. You apply more power, but the speed remains constant, offering you consistent results.



Versatility is essential for a demolition hammer, as most people want to use it for a variety of tasks. You will be able to take full advantage of what this model has to offer, by using its variable speed control. Depending on what kind of task you need to perform, you can choose and adjust the required speed.

Expect this demolition hammer to last and perform well for a long time. Its extended-life brushes guarantee that you won’t need service on your tool. Also, since it comes with service and power lights, you will know precisely when a repair or maintenance is necessary. The automatic brush cut-off system also contributes to the long life of this particular model.



Buy from for ($1058)




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