Makita XRH06ZB

Last Updated: 17.07.19





The brushless motor is capable of developing speeds up to 680 rpm, and its capacity as a hammer is also excellent, along with the impact energy delivered to help you drill fast.

Many DIY-ers appreciate the ergonomic design that makes it easy to carry around and use for various projects without any problems.

You will be impressed with how little this model weighs; at only 4.6 pounds, it is among the lightest available, and it’s a feature that contributes to your comfort during drilling operations.

One thing you may like to know is that the handle provides some vibration absorption capabilities, to ensure that you can use your tool without experiencing discomfort.

Your tool will adjust to the demands of your project so that you don’t have to use more energy than usual.





There is something that buyers should bear in mind: this tool is designed to be lightweight and compact, so it cannot develop enough power for heavy-duty applications.

It comes without a battery or charger, so these items must be purchased separately.

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Main features explained


You will appreciate having this rotary hammer as your companion when you need to work in cramped places. Due to its small size, and overall ergonomic design, this tool should be your choice when the areas where you’re supposed to carry your drilling tasks are not ideal for using bigger tools. The weight of the model, without the battery, is 4.6 pounds, but users report that even with the battery, the rotary hammer remains lightweight, compared to other models available.

It always matters what a tool can do. This one comes equipped with a brushless motor that prolongs battery life, and also ensures that the overall unit is durable and can withstand some wear and tear. The maximum speed it can reach is 680 rpm, while its hammering capabilities go as high as 800 bpm. It is capable of developing 1.2 joules of impact energy. That will help you drill at a fast pace, without fail.



Comfort is paramount when using power tools, and it is a great thing that this model offers some extras. For instance, the handle is designed to absorb vibrations when working. Because it moves independently from the rest of the unit, it supplies excellent comfort, and that is not something easy to overlook. Lightweight and cordless, it is a unit that you will use with ease.



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