Milescraft 1097

Last Updated: 18.09.19


1.Milescraft 1097



The Milescraft 1097 is compatible with a broad array of Dremel-style rotary tools as well as other accessories manufactured by various other brands.

The depth stop in this option makes it possible for users to have precise control over the task they are trying to accomplish with the help of this model.

The 36-inch base is made of metal and comes with a planed surface but the main advantage coming from this detail is that it can be clamped or mounted on many types of workbenches.

The model can be assembled and disassembled with ease and in a timely fashion.





Some plastic control parts might look a little flimsy, which is why several owners recommend rebuilding them out of sturdier materials.

The Milescraft 1097 has to be clamped or installed on a surface in order for the operation to be perfectly safe.

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Main features explained


  • In spite of the fact that the Milescraft 1097 is relatively small and lightweight, it is entirely capable of doing what it is supposed to do. Since the head is made of metal, it goes without saying that you needn’t worry about anything with regard to the durability of this option.

2.Milescraft 1097

  • Safety of operation is always something to take into account when working with drill presses. Fortunately, you will be able to set the unit up on your working table or workbench thanks to its mounting holes. In case you aren’t a big fan of using the holes to install the model forever on your workbench, you’re more than free to use the clamping platforms provided in the pack.


  • Seeing how this stand drill press for rotary tools costs less than fifty dollars, it appears that it offers good value for the price. Most of the owners have reported that the product has certain limits but it is very safe to use when it has been clamped or mounted on a working surface. What’s more, the depth control of this alternative allows users to perform precise drills.


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