Milwaukee 48-22-8732

Last Updated: 23.07.19




Customers have praised the durability offered by this option, with many claiming that their pair has managed to survive various jobs and heavy use for many years.

The unit is quite versatile since you can use it for a wide variety of activities, including light yard work and small repair projects.

Thanks to the self-adhesive straps closure, the gloves offer a secure fit so that even if you are wearing the gloves for extended periods, you won’t have to worry about them falling off your hands.

The smart swipe knuckles allow users to use touchscreen devices without having to remove the gloves or smearing the screen with dirty fingertips.

Comfort is achieved thanks to the breathable moisture-wicking lining that provides all-day comfort.





On warm summer days, using the gloves outdoors can be a bit tricky since even the breathable lining can’t handle the heat, making your hands feel a bit sweaty.

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Main features explained


When looking at demolition gloves, it cannot be denied that protection is the most critical aspect. We were glad to find out that the Milwaukee 48-22-8732 seems to have nailed this feature entirely. The unit is very tough, and it can handle a wide range of activities, from the lightest work to the most demanding ones while still managing to protect your hands from injuries on the job.

The molded knuckle TPR pads will protect your knuckles from impact and scrapes, while the Armotex reinforcement on the palms and fingertips will increase the grip so that you can hold objects effortlessly. Even if the object you are holding is wet, oily, or muddy, you’ll always be able to trust the grip offered by the Milwaukee option.

While looking at the customer reviews, we were very pleased to find that this product manages to satisfy the need for a dependable and durable model. Users have commented that their pair of Milwaukee gloves have lasted them for years and this is achieved thanks to the use of high-quality and durable materials.

It should come as no surprise that comfort is another critical feature that should be expected from this model seeing as it boasts a breathable lining that comes with moisture-wicking technology that will give you a comfortable fit for the entire day. Similarly, the gloves feature a customizable Velcro closure for a secure and cozy fit.


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