Porter Cable PCC650B

Last Updated: 17.07.19




An affordable but reliable product, primarily intended to meet the needs of the regular household user.

A high number of blade settings and features will make it perform well in a wide variety of applications. You will get three orbital settings for performing round cuts and the possibility to adjust bevel angles for wedge sections.

Trigger adjustable speed settings will further improve this product’s versatility, adapting it for both slow applications that involve metal sheets and fast ones on soft material like plywood.

Relatively good performance from a 20 V motor that can drive the blade to 2,500 SPM.





The blade has been found to be cantilevered too far from the shoe, and this might cause it to bend when going through hard material. This might affect its functionality if softer blades are used, but it shouldn’t be a problem with more rigid ones.

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Main features explained


Every DIYer worth his or her salt should already be familiar with Porter-Cable, one of the American companies that decided to corner the very lucrative market of household power tools with affordable products that can withstand well enough to irregular use while offering a similar level of function and performance to the premium models preferred by professional contractors.

That should tell you enough about the “character” of the Porter Cable PCC650B 20 V cordless jigsaw, but what about its features and performance? As it would be expected, you’ll get most of everything you need from it, like three orbital settings to adjust the forward motions of the blade for various cutting applications and a number of bevel angles, between 0 and 45 degrees.

The last function is needed for cutting wedge sections in relatively thick material such as wood and will prove invaluable for furniture makers. To set the blade for different speeds, as demanded by the application, you will only need to adjust the pressure on the trigger, which is both straightforward and convenient.

The maximum speed that the 20 V motor can imprint upon the blade is 2,500 SPM, which might not equal that of premium models but it’s still enough for all but the most demanding household applications.

The particular item we’ve looked at comes as a bare tool, which might be convenient for those who already own items from the company’s 20 V MAX “system” since these all use the same Li-Ion batteries.

Another point of convenience is that the T-shank blade this uses can be replaced without the use of any tools once it gets too dull for the job.


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