Powermatic PM2800B

Last Updated: 23.07.19

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9.1 Powermatic PM2800B



This best drill press from Powermatic is geared with a bigger base compared to the typical drill press base.

The upper and lower stops for the quill travel are easy to work with.

The tool offers mechanical variable speed.

The unit offers customized use plus accuracy and adjustability.

The Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press comes with the essential drill press accessories that make it a highly useful tool.





One of the Powermatic PM2800B drill press reviews online takes note of how there can be a good buildup of dust on the black belt after the machine runs for a short time only.

According to the same user, the belt can wear quite a bit without beveling, and adjusting the locking bolts on the fence can be tricky.

The machine may need to be allowed to run for some hours before the rattling or vibration that occurs at initial use completely goes away, according to the same buyer.

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Main features explained


  • The Powermatic PM2800B drill press is geared with a nice and sturdy oversize cast iron base that provides the stability you need to work with the unit most effectively. The T slots make it effortless to clamp things onto the table by utilizing them or the sides of the table. The replaceable square table insert has leveling screws that allow fastening flush with the top of the table. The fence system is adjustable to offer a perfect 90-degree relationship to the table, enabling effortless alignment of the stock.


  • You can optimize the six inches of quill travel with one complete revolution of the handle. The upper and lower stops are extremely quick to adjust, as you simply need to push a button and slide them up or down to the level you need them. This eliminates spinning early generation stops. This tool brings simplicity to the shop, with a level of elegance that only a Powermatic machine can offer. It pushes the boundaries on durability, innovation and design.

9.2 Powermatic PM2800B

  • Thanks to the built-in mechanical variable speed, you can maximize a full range of speeds with no belt changes. Enabling you to work more comfortably with the quill, the reversible handles can be mounted on either side of the Powermatic PM2800B drill press.


  • The material stop is designed to be adjustable, which makes repetitive actions quick and accurate. The laser guides give you an accurate indication for the tool point. The digital RPM display enables you to match the spindle speed to the particular application.


  • The keyless chuck makes changing of bits less challenging. The two independent LED work lights eliminate shadows while working, which gives you clear views of your work piece. The worktable can be rotated to a full 90-degree position, eliminating bothersome transfers. The safety key effectively prevents accidental starting.





With a fit and finish that speak of premium Powermatic quality, the PM2800B is the best 1 HP drill press you can get for the money. The drill press sits on a bigger base, which ensures you of stability. The machine ships with all the components you need to get started on your project. It is pretty easy to use, and is a woodworker’s dream machine. The Powermatic PM2800B 1792800B Drill Press is an ideal tool for household and office furniture makers, as well as commercial builders of infrastructural timber designs.


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