Rex Multipurpose TD-33

Last Updated: 17.07.19



With no less than 33 daylight LEDs, this is one of the more powerful items of its type on the market right now, providing an adequate degree of illumination for all workshop related tasks.

LED light is considered the best for assisting in the workshop, as it is crisp, bright and keeps the user alert thanks to its low temperature.

This item is both cheap to run and affordable, making it just right for the potentially hazardous environment of a studio or machine shop.

Its magnetic base is reported to work particularly well and can effectively hold this lightweight lamp in any position, attached to a vibrating steel tool.





At only 7” in length, the gooseneck on this device isn’t the longest you’ll find on the market, but it might be argued that this makes it a bit sturdier than models that can extend longer.

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Main features explained


If you’re after a compact working light with a lot of power, then this Rex model might pique your interest, as it features no less than 33 LEDs for a total wattage of 1.5, as specified by the manufacturer. This might not seem like a lot to those unfamiliar with such devices, but an LED can get A LOT of brightness out of 1.5 W, and working lights are only supposed to illuminate small areas, preferably without glaring into the eyes of the operator.

The light quality is what you would expect from LEDs, namely bright and cold, with a tint of blue-ish to keep details in high contrast and the user alert. Many specialists consider that these characteristics make for the best lighting to have in a workshop.

This is not the only thing that recommends it for such uses, of course. The strong magnetic base will keep it attached to lockers or metallic tools in any position, either horizontally, vertically or upside down, even under heavy vibrations.

If some piece of hardware happens to fly into the lamp at high speed, there’s no need to worry, as this item is affordable enough to be expendable and is usually bought in bulk. Since it uses LEDs, the operating costs will be equally negligible, and you can keep a few of these things running throughout the night without worrying about the electricity bill.

What might bother some people is that the fully flexible gooseneck it uses is significantly shorter than on other similar models. At only 7 inches of total length, this might force you to place the magnetic base too close for comfort to the machine you are working with.


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