SE 97511MDP

Last Updated: 17.07.19


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1.SE 97511MDP




This small drill press features a versatile design that makes it ideal for use in a variety of applications.

With the ability to adjust the speeds you have complete control over the tool.

Even though this drill press is small it is still capable of providing you with plenty of power.

You will appreciate how easy and convenient it is to use, even when it comes to changing out the bits.




There has been a few mentions that the quill might not always provide a sensitive feed. If you need to feel the tension when you are working this minor issue can be easily resolved simply by filing the edges of the castings.

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Main features explained


  • When you are drilling holes in glass beads, stones and other small objects you need a drill press that is able to make delicate and precise cuts. This tool comes in a compact size that is perfect for use on desktops and cramped counters, and this also makes it extremely easy to take with you when you need to work away from the shop or home. It’s compact size also makes it easier to control, which is essential if you want to drill precise holes in ornaments and miniatures.


  • You will appreciate being able to adjust the speed of the tool according to the application. It features three speeds ranging from 5,000 to 6,5000 up to 8,500 rotations per minute. The slower speeds provide you with maximum control for precise and accurate holes, while the faster one makes it easy to finish multiple pieces in only a few minutes. Make delicate cuts when necessary on jewelry, ornaments and woodwork, and quickly punch holes in aluminum and other materials when you are working to meet a deadline.

3.SE 97511MDP

  • Don’t let the small size of this drill fool you into thinking it is not powerful enough to cut through hard stones. The 110v drill press comes with a powerful 100 watt motor that is compatible with diamond bits so you can cut holes in small rocks and sea glass. Capable of drilling holes up to 6 mm deep, this tool is ideal for hobbyists, jewelers and even some woodworkers.


  • This drill press lets you concentrate on the job and not on it. The tool is designed to be easy and convenient to use, even for beginners. The controls make it simple to adjust the speed and the height can even be raised up to 7-1/2 inches for maximum comfort when you are working. It also allows you to change the bits without having to stop and look for the necessary tools.




If you are a professional jeweler or simply a hobbyist, this mini drill press might be exactly what you need. It is capable of drilling accurate and precise holes up to 6mm deep in a variety of materials, and it is also designed to be easy to use. Cut holes and glass and semi precious stones or ornaments with this affordable mini drill press.


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